Home Alone

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She was home alone and horny so she decided to get undressed, slip into her robe and watch a porno movie, maybe even pleasure herself. The movie opened with a man coming to the door and after some conversation was invited inside. As porno movies go there was little dialogue before sex, they embraced and kissed, and then he began to undress her right there in the hallway. One scene caught her attention, when the man went to his knees and treated the woman’s pussy with his lips and tongue while she stood.

It reminded her of the telephone conversation with James, when he was talking dirty to her, he had described that very scene as what he wanted to do to her. She closed her eyes and slipped a hand under her robe to caress her breast. With the sounds of sex from the porno movie playing in the background, her imagination soon had her greeting James at her front door. Her breathing quickened as she experienced a combination of emotions ranging from self consciousness to acute sexual arousal.

In her imagination James took her in his arms, He held her tight and kissed her. While in reality asyabahis yeni giriş she slid a hand under her robe in response to her pussy’s yearning for attention and guided her fingers between her engorged lips to feel her pussy’s readiness.

In fantasy James unbuttoned her blouse and admired her breasts before lavishing them with kisses.

She pinched her nipple between her thumb and fore finger with one hand and rolled her clit under the fingers of her other.

He slithered down her body in her fantasy and tugged at her shorts and panties until they were lying around her ankles. He took her ankle and raised one foot then the other and slid her clothing across the floor.

She threw open her robe in an inexplicable need to expose her nakedness, and then she fondled her bare, hot flesh all over, as she would have him do if he were really there. The sounds of sex from the porno movie played on, as did the movie in her mind, James was now kneeling in front of her naked body, gently caressing her thighs with trembling hands and lightly kissing her pussy.

Meanwhile asyabahis güvenilirmi on her sofa she spread her legs as wide as she could and feverishly fingered her swollen clit.

She felt the warm moistness of his fantasy tongue searching for her love button; she bent her knees and pushed her mound forward to facilitate access to her craving crevice.

She had reached the point where she could come at will; her hard, erect nipples felt like they were ready to jump off her breasts. All her senses were primed for orgasm, she toyed with her aching pussy avoiding her clit and waiting for the perfect moment to unleash the pent up torrents of pleasure that were pending.

In her mind James’ hungry, lively tongue found her clit and licked at it vigorously; he dug his fingers into her buttocks and pulled her pussy tight to his mouth. She moaned loudly then placed her hand behind his head and instinctively heaved her hips, pushing her insatiable pussy up and down over his lips, his chin, his nose. At this point it didn’t matter; contact with her insistent, demanding asya bahis giriş clit was all she required, she was beyond wanting, now she had to get off.

This was the moment in reality that she was waiting for, with the sounds of passion from the porno movie reaching a fever pitch; her cream covered fingers opened the gates of pleasure from her swollen clit. As fantasy James expertly ate her succulent, spice box and the couple in the porno movie moaned and groaned, she, like them, came and came and came. She kept fingering her lusty pleasure provider and experienced several extensive, savory orgasms before her clit became too sensitive to touch.

Just then her husband came home; he didn’t see her because she was down stairs in the TV room. Her first impulse was to cover herself but the more she thought about letting him see her, sitting, or almost lying on the sofa with her robe and her legs wide open, the more excited she got. She began to finger her clit again and it felt good, she wanted more.

Again her heart beat faster as she heard his foot steps approach, her insecurity almost took over and nearly panicked her into covering up. She steeled herself and tried to look relaxed and sexy for him, she knew his eyes would automatically go to her fur lined pussy which was facing the doorway from between her wide open thighs. But that’s another story.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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