Glory Be

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The timing of this couldn’t be better thought Derek as he watched his parents drive off. He was finally old enough in their eyes that they were willing to leave him on his own while they got away for a weekend. Additionally, they had entrusted him with keys to his mother’s car, and while it wasn’t much to look at, a beater was better than no car at all. That would come in handy for him later, and even he was a bit surprised at this sudden level of responsibility they thought him capable of. After all, they hadn’t always been so trusting of him, even a few years back they had insisted he spend a weekend with an aunt instead of on his own when they went away. But, he was over eighteen now, if just barely, and his license still had ‘Under 21’ stamped all over it in bold red letters. He guessed that was one reason he was now deemed trustworthy, and as the exhaust fumes from their car finally cleared, he headed back into the house.

In years past, ‘house party’ would have been all that was on his mind, but as soon as he discovered that he’d be on his own, Derek had made some calls. Unfortunately, most of his friends had gone off on their own this weekend, and there weren’t enough to make a party worthwhile. Besides, one of his friends had pulled off such a stunt and they weren’t able to repair the damage caused before they were found out. Derek wasn’t interested in getting into that kind of fix. So he figured he’d be able to stay up late, drive around a bit and do all those things his parents didn’t really approve of. As long as they didn’t find out, then there would be no problems for him later. He made his way back in the house, musing that if he at least had a girlfriend, he could have her over and really have some fun, but alas he had broken up with his sweetie from high school, or she had broken up with him. Well, she had been fun while she lasted, and despite the fun they had together, there was something that just didn’t feel right when he had been her.

Those thoughts lingered with him through the night, leaving Derek completely frustrated by the next morning. Like it or not, he was still in his teens, and his hormones were raging whether he had an outlet for them or not. It had been only a few weeks since he had turned eighteen, and typical of most boys, Derek had completely forgotten that there was something he could do about his situation. It wouldn’t occur to him until later that day, but when it did it sprang Derek into action. He was cautious about what he was about to do though, and more than a little nervous. So while the idea had come to him that afternoon, it was well into the night before Derek made up his mind to do something about it.

Even after he was behind the wheel of his mother’s ancient Buick, Derek was still apprehensive about what he was going to do. His mind was made up though, and he easily made his first stop at an ATM machine. He wasn’t sure how much to withdraw, but upon realizing that this was his entertainment for the night, Derek pushed the appropriate buttons. Cash in hand, he was back in the car and made his way towards town. That wasn’t his ultimate destination though, and while the bright lights of the mall beckoned, Derek drove on. It had always been his hangout, but now he was old enough to try something a little different. For the past few years he’d tried to sneak glances at the place he was driving to whenever he had been past it, and he always made sure he wasn’t too obvious. There was no way he could ask his parents if he could go there, he knew better than to do something that stupid, and with them out of town he realized that he could do what he would. That included finally venturing into the adult bookstore on the far side of town, and nothing could distract Derek from his final destination.

It was a fairly long drive as Derek picked his way through traffic in town and found the lonely highway that would take him where he wanted to go. His surroundings changed from the business district to some low rent housing, and finally an industrialized section. The Buick sped on down the road, passing warehouses and junkyards until Derek could see the faded sign that announced he had arrived.

With great trepidation, Derek pulled around behind the dilapidated structure and picked his way through the crushed stone and gravel that served as a parking lot. When he finally got his car to a stop, he peered at the place through the windshield. From the highway it hadn’t looked quite so run down, but up close was a different matter. It appeared as if the junkyard next door would burst over the fence separating the two lots at any second, and if it were to happen, the end result might be an improvement. The faded paint and crumbling exterior of the place almost led Derek to abandon his quest and leave, but somehow he worked up the courage to step from his mother’s car and make for the door. When he got there, he looked back at the car one last time, as if it might be the last time he’d ever see it, and considering the neighborhood, it might. But there were several other cars parked beside the faded brick building, and most were nicer than his mother’s beater. He turned to enter, making sure that the warning sign posted on the door said ‘No casino şirketleri one under 18′ and not ‘No one under 21’ before giving it a tentative shove.

The door swung open, and Derek was greeted with a blast of stale cigarette smoke, and worse. Bravely, he stepped into the dark interior, and was greeted with a harsh voice. “Let me see some ID” spoke a man to Derek’s left. He turned to see an older man scowling at him with his hand stretched out. Without a word, Derek produced his wallet and fished out his driver’s license. He turned to the man and offered it, only to have it snatched from his grasp. The man studied the picture intently, matching the face on the plastic to the figure before him. It was a pretty close match, Derek’s sandy blonde hair hadn’t changed a lick since the photo was taken, and the only real difference was that he didn’t have ‘Under 21’ stamped over his forehead. Satisfied that Derek matched his ID photo, the man checked his date of birth, doing mental arithmetic until he was satisfied that Derek could enter. Once that little ritual was completed, he handed Derek back his license and told him that if he needed change, to come see him or use the machines scattered through the building. Derek replied that he didn’t need any yet, for he wanted to look around, and the man explained that if he made his way through the maze of video booths, live girls were available in the back. With that, he turned back to his newspaper, leaving Derek to his own devices.

He wandered around a bit, wary of watchful eyes in the dark around him. To be sure, Derek was a fine looking young man. All those years of running several miles a day had certainly paid off. He was fairly tall, and he kept his hair cut short. His blue eyes flashed as he took in the flickering lights of the video monitors as he strode through the maze of cubicles. It was evident that there had once been doors mounted on the roomy viewing booths, but they had long since been removed. Also gone were the place’s glory holes, as Derek peered into a booth to see what the video choices were, he noticed the crude patches covering them. Still, there were several booths clustered together where the occupants could easily watch each other, and more. These video booths were run by quarters, and when Derek finally decided to give one a try, he noticed another series of booths down a hallway.

He made his way towards them, and realized that this was what he was looking for. In each of the glass enclosed booths was a sultry looking woman, and while their looks left a little something to be desired, Derek made a beeline for them. There was another attendant here, and he gleefully sold Derek a handful of tokens to use in the live girl booths. He explained how the booths with the girls worked to Derek, but he was barely listening. By this time, Derek was so overwhelmed by the idea that he was finally going to get to talk to one of these whores, that he didn’t notice the other man’s eyes following him all the way back.

All that anticipation seemed to be for naught a few minutes later, as Derek hung up another scuffed phone receiver. The girls back here were not what he expected at all, and while he was willing to overlook their appearance, he couldn’t get past their attitudes. The first one he tried was somewhat older, but still retained a nice figure. She seemed bored out of her mind, and while Derek enjoyed seeing her stripping out of her already skimpy outfit, there just wasn’t a body there worth looking at. He passed on her and tried the girl in the next booth, who was younger than the first one, but she didn’t seem interested in talking to him at all. Besides, upon closer inspection she had seen some hard living. Still she managed to entice him to stay just a little longer than the first one, but Derek still stepped away from the booths feeling disappointed.

“Didn’t see anything you liked?” asked Howie from behind his counter. He was the one who initially sold Derek the tokens for the live girl booths, and was counting out his refund. Derek only shook his head in reply. He was just about done with the place, but Howie talked him into staying. “You know, the girls in the videos look a Hell of a lot better than those,” he gestured to the lineup behind Derek. “And since this was your first time here,” he continued, “I’ll give you credit for the tokens you did use too.” With that, he handed Derek a handful of quarters, and pointed him towards the video booths. “Why don’t you try the ones off to the left? It’s nice and quiet back there.” Derek heeded his advice and went down the darkened hallway.

True to Howie’s word, there was no one down this passageway, and even the smell of stale smoke and dried cum wasn’t nearly as bad. Even better, there weren’t any curious eyes following Derek’s progress. Soon he had found an empty booth off in a corner and plugged a few quarters in. Howie was right after all. The taped pornographic movies that were playing in these booths featured a very attractive cast that caught Derek’s eye. There were many channels to choose from, showing scenes covering just about every fantasy or fetish out there. He even took advantage of the opportunity to sneak a glance at a gay video, and there casino firmaları he stood, entranced by the shot of one man sucking another hard cock off. So enraptured was he in watching this that Derek was barely conscious of his own hand reaching for his stiff member and slowly starting to stroke.

His cock was free of his pants and his eyes were locked on the screen as he felt his shaft sliding through his hands. Just as his pace quickened, Derek became aware of a set of eyes watching him, and he instinctively turned his back to the door of the booth to cover himself up. “You don’t have to worry about me,” said Howie as he plopped another quarter into the slot. “Besides, you were so busy there, you almost ran out of time, here, let me take care of that.” Derek didn’t argue with this, and he saw that Howie’s own cock was out and in his hand as well. “You don’t mind me joining you, do you?” he asked. “I mean, just us guys.”

Derek shook his head no and repeated “Just guys, no problem,” over and over again, but softly to himself. He was more than a little nervous about this, but Howie didn’t seem menacing at all. Just as Derek was doing, he was stroking his cock steadily while watching the action onscreen. Occasionally, Derek caught a glance of Howie eyeing up his cock, but he was too taken in by watching the studs on screen to care. Besides, Howie kept a steady feed of quarters going into the machine, and Derek figured letting him have a look was worth it. Besides, it was a bit of a turn on to have someone else watching him stroking his swollen cock. He kept up his own steady pace alongside of Howie, and he started to relax more and more as he continued. In truth, Derek really didn’t mind Howie being there, although he’d never seen another man’s cock up close, there was something mesmerizing about watching another guy jerking off just inches away from him. Oh, sure, he’d seen other guys naked in locker rooms and such, and occasionally would sneak a glance at a particularly well hung individual, but this was something completely different.

The minutes flashed by, and the breathing of the two men grew heavier and heavier. Howie had noticed Derek’s surreptitious glances and could see the younger man’s strokes getting faster and faster. He could feel his own cum getting ready to spurt out when he slowed up a bit, and turned towards Derek to say, “You know, a nice mouth would probably feel a lot better than your hand.” He left it at that, eyeing Derek up to gauge his response. Unfortunately, the shocked look on Derek’s face told him all he needed to know.

“I…I don’t think so,” stammered Derek as he shied away from his companion. Much to his relief, Howie didn’t make a move towards him, rather he kept stroking his dick.

“That’s fine, that’s fine. It’s OK if you’re a little nervous,” soothed Howie. Derek nodded in response, and he continued. “Like I said, just us guys, nothing to get worried about.” With that remark, Howie continued what he was doing, although he could see Derek was starting to lose interest. He wrote that off to nerves as his hand flew over his shaft, imagining it was Derek’s mouth on him, or even better yet, his mouth on Derek’s cock. Coupled with the man on man action he could see on screen, Howie gasped as his cock spewed forth its load of cum, splattering it across the lower part of the video monitor. “Oh yeah! Oh yeah!” he gasped as he finished stroking himself off. Derek had watched this intently, having never seen a real live cock cumming like that, but he jumped back when Howie reached out for him.

“I can’t, I can’t,” he mumbled in apology as he stuffed his unspent cock back into his pants. Howie watched as Derek struggled to zip himself back up, obviously shaken at what he had seen. He made no aggressive moves towards him, having a virgin watching him stroking himself off had been nearly as much fun a sucking him off, and the end result was just as satisfying. Howie casually replaced his own cock in his pants as Derek made a quick exit, muttering apologies at not finishing off as he did so. Howie was very understanding and receptive to all Derek had to say, and as he watched him leave, he had a feeling that Derek would be back.

That night, Derek thought long and hard about what had nearly happened, and while he was initially repulsed by Howie’s advances, there was still something intriguing about what he had done. Nerves had gotten the better of him initially, but as time went on, Derek rationalized that letting Howie suck him off wouldn’t have been all that bad, just a hot, wet mouth to suck in his cock and taste his cum. Furthermore, he attributed his nerves to the situation in general, and realized that it hadn’t felt all that different than the first time he’d been with a girl. Once he had gotten himself home, and had time to think about it, the entire affair seemed to be pretty intense to Derek, and he found himself wishing he had let Howie do what he had suggested. Instead, Derek was left home and alone, but he restrained himself from relieving himself, for he made up his mind to try this again the very next day.

It took quite a bit of last minute thinking for Derek to pull his car back into the parking lot of the peep show, in güvenilir casino fact he spent nearly half an hour driving around aimlessly while he calmed himself down. To himself, Derek rationalized that one man sucking another off wasn’t really that different than having a girl do it, at least if he was on the receiving end of things. Whether or not Howie would still be interested remained a mystery, but Derek finally steeled himself to go through with things and he soon found himself finding a suitable parking space. Activity at the peep show seemed to be at a higher level than it had the other night, and as he entered, Derek wondered if Howie would even be there, or busy. As luck would have it though, the older man was right there by the door as Derek made his way inside, and he greeted Derek with a hearty handshake. No other words were spoken between the two as Derek made his way back to their little corner of the place, and he didn’t need to glance behind him to see that Howie was following quite closely.

Like he had done the previous evening, Derek found his way to the dark, out of the way corner Howie had shown him, once there he stepped into the booth. A familiar voice asked “Ready?” and all Derek could do was nod. He was nervous, he was tense, but he was determined to go through with this. His cock strained against his pants as the first quarter dropped home, and the screen came to life. Howie nimbly flipped through the various offerings on screen, plunking in quarter after quarter as he watched Derek start masturbating. Soon his cock was free as well, and he was actually surprised to feel Derek’s hand giving him a few tentative caresses. He looked the other man straight in the eye and smiled, noticing the relief that was quite apparent on Derek’s face as he continued to stroke both his own cock and Howie’s. The sensation of another man’s cock in his hand was new to Derek, and he was surprised at how hot the round shaft felt as his hand glided over it, but at the same time he was grateful that Howie was letting him take this all at his own pace. At the same time, Derek didn’t neglect his own cock, and he stroked it as well. All the while, his eyes were locked forward onto the screen, where Howie had chosen a scene involving three guys fucking and sucking. He felt as if he was the one in the middle, the one taking a cock in his mouth and in his ass at the same time. Derek didn’t flinch as he watched the man on screen being used like a little bitch by the two other guys, and his grip and pace increased noticeably.

Through it all, Howie assisted him with soft words of encouragement, enjoying the feeling of Derek stroking his cock at last. It had been some time since he’d gotten to turn someone out, and the feeling of Derek’s tentative strokes growing faster and faster turned him on more than he could ever have imagined. Howie’s glances alternated between the action he could see on screen and the sight of Derek’s hands stroking off two cocks at once. He was doing a pretty good job of it, with movements that were lively, although a bit mechanical, and at not time did Derek let his fingers wander anywhere off of Howie’s cock. It felt pretty good to him to have another man’s hard dick in his hands, and he intensified his strokes as he grew more and more comfortable with the entire situation. The heat of another man’s cock in his hand was incredible, and it made Derek stroke both cocks faster and faster. Soon, it was as if he wasn’t paying attention to the on screen action at all, rather he was concentrating on stroking off both himself and Howie. His hand flew over both shafts faster and faster, and his breath grew more and more labored. Howie noticed this, and as Derek seemed about ready to reach his peak, the older man made his move.

In an instant, Howie stepped back, taking his cock out of Derek’s grasp, much to the boy’s surprise. Before Derek could react, Howie brushed his hand off his cock and lowered himself to a crouching position in front of him. All Derek could do was gasp as he felt Howie’s hot mouth wrapping itself around his rock hard shaft as the more experienced man began to suck. Like he had said before, a hot mouth was a lot better than a hand stroking his shaft, and it was obvious that Howie had done this before. He bobbed his head back and forth, taking Derek’s cock completely into his mouth as he sucked, and his hands caressed Derek’s swollen balls while he did so. Already sweet drops of Derek’s pre-cum were dissolving on Howie’s tongue, but he was after so much more. His tongue and lips worked magic over that rock hard shaft, and all Derek could do was gasp and moan in absolute delight. He was bracing himself by holding onto the sides of the booth, feeling Howie suck him harder and harder. Derek had been so near to cumming on his own before, and now with a wet mouth wrapped around his cock, sucking away, there was nothing he could do to stop it. His body shuddered as he let go, streaming his cum shot straight into Howie’s waiting mouth. The older man didn’t miss a beat, swallowing down all of Derek’s jizz as he continued to suck. It felt to Derek as if the cum was being sucked right out of his cock as he spurted it all into Howie’s mouth. Never had he been sucked off so well, and when he was finally finished cumming, Derek felt completely drained. He slouched over a little, returning Howie’s smile, and when the other man sat down on the bench, Derek knew what was expected of him.

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