Friday Night Party

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As this is my first submission I am going to keep it short. Work into new things slowly is what I have always been told, although jumping in headfirst sometimes works too.

Friday night, as always, had me, along with many other people, out to Tom’s place. Tom is a buddy of mine who I went to High School with and we still hung out a lot cause we were both into four wheeling and snowmobiles and that sort of shit. Tom had himself a nice pad a few miles outside of town and after he got the place all fixed up it became the place to be on Friday nights.

Most of the time everyone just sat around drinking and bullshitting, which is typical of a bunch of small town hicks like us. Hell my dad used to tell everyone I had a BS degree, a bullshitter’s degree that is. Hell on any given night we can talk about trucks, cars, women, sex, beer, racing, etc, etc etc. You get the picture.

I had just cracked open another Bud from my cooler when Brandi pulled up in her truck. Brandi, also a classmate, was what most of us would say a 12 on a scale of 1 to 10. It wasn’t just that she was hot; she had a great personality, along with a badass side. A somewhat dark complexion along with dark eyes and long dark hair only added to the effect she had on people. Brandi only stood 5′ 4″ and couldn’t of weighed more the a buck and a quarter soaking wet. A great ass and a nice set of boobs rounded out the stats on her. Tonight she had chose to wear her brown cowboy boots, a pair of tight ass faded Wrangler jeans, and a white halter-top along with her white cowboy hat. Like I said she just screams HOT.

She jumped in the back and grabbed one of her own bottles of beer and jumped over to where I was sitting. She took a seat on top of my own cooler and cracked open her beer.

“Hey ‘Duster’, how’s it going tonight.”

“Doing dam good and yourself?” isveçbahis

“Ah shit can’t complain other than the truck is missing a bit, any chance you could take a look at it sometime.”

“Yeah I suppose I could, when do you want me to.”

“Hell lets do it tonight, unless you don’t wana, don’t matter to me”

“Ok hell lets head over to my place and get to it.”

I swung myself around the roll bar in my box and climbed into the cab, fired the truck up and backed out of the yard and onto the driveway. I shifted into first and took off with Brandi right behind me. I cranked up the stereo with a little bit of Garth Brooks that was in the CD player. Ain’t going down till the sun comes up was playing and I didn’t know how true it was going to be tonight. I looked in the rearview and seen Brandi’s old GMC staying right with me. God I loved the truck, I could remember when I had bought it when I was a senior in High School. It was just an older beat up ’77 step side with a 400 small block and full time 4×4. I sold it to her about a year later when I found another project truck to work on.

“Just leave it running.”

“Ok can do.”

I popped the hood and crawled up on the bumper and started looking around and listening trying to hear a miss in the engine or any other noise that shouldn’t be there. All of the sudden I felt a hand reach in between my legs and grab my crotch. Brandi let go and I jumped down to find that she had removed her top and all that was covering her breast was a white lace half-cup strapless bra.

“I said the truck was missing, not the motor. And what it’s missing is a good fuck session.”

“Hell I bet it’s had all sorts of good ones since I got rid of it.”

“Well, its been used but nothing really spectacular.”

“So what your saying is we need to get that back.”

“Yes, isveçbahis giriş my thoughts exactly.”

I wrapped her in my arms and slowly started sucking on her neck while my hands were busy undoing her bra. Once free of the bra her boobs jumped out like cannons and dam they were bigger than they looked under the top. I knelt down and took time to suck on each one to get the nipples all nice and hard then worked my way down to her jeans. As I undid them and slid them down I reveled her shinny silver g-string that she was wearing. I grabbed that and yanked it down to find one thing wrong with what I thought about this girl. She didn’t shave. Hell she had more hair on her snatch then I had on my head.

“Hey, I used to shave it but it grows back to fast so I said fuck it.”

“Yes I will.”

“Well quit talking bout it and get it out.”

I kicked off my boots and undid my jeans in one quick flash. Once I was naked from the waist down she got on her knees drew my cock into her mouth and grabbed my balls with one hand. She kept bobbing her head in and out till I was dam near ready to explode when she pulled off and stood up.

“I want you to bury your face in my jungle.”

I picked her up and carried her back to the tailgate and set her down. I spread her nice smooth legs and dove head first into her full bush. God dam she was just soaking wet. I hadn’t had hairy cunt in a while but it was a good reunion. She leaned all the way back arching her legs back and I took a few turns licking around her bunghole.

“Oh god, no one has ever done that to me before, DO IT AGAIN.”

I wasn’t about to protest and went right back to her shit hole and licked all the way around it along with probing my tongue in as far as I could. She was moaning and panting the whole time. I kept eating her till I decided fuck this; I want isveçbahis yeni giriş to fuck this slut.

“You better be ready for my cock cause your going to get it right now.”

“Give it to me, fuck me like a slut.” “Slam it in me!!”

I slid my cock into her went snatch and started slamming her like there was no tomorrow, hell at the rate we were going we would be dead my mid night. She sat back up and wrapped her arms around me and I picked her off of the tailgate and carried her over to the workbench, the whole time with my cock sashaying inside of her. Once to the bench I pulled out and flipped her over so I could take her from behind. She grabbed on to the bench vise and at the same time I took a finger, wet it from her cunt and slid it in her ass hole.

“Shit ya, finger fuck my ass.”

“You going to get more than that later.”

I continued fucking her till she started tensing up and I was so close to blowing my load. All at once she started bucking and screaming like mad and let loose with a mind-blowing orgasms. I pulled out and as she turned around I jerked off into her face hitting her with a huge glob of my own white cum. It smeared all over her face like she and dove into a pile of it and she quickly went to licking off what she could reach.

“Dam that was great can’t wait for round two.”

“Hell ya, I fully agree, you might just have to bring your truck over more often.”

She picked up her bra and put it back on and bent down to pick up the g-string and walked over towards me and bent down and started putting it up my legs. “What the hell you doing.”

“You just wear this to remember what we did tonight and if you have it on still tomorrow then we will for sure have round two.”

“Ok I suppose I can handle it”

I pulled my jeans up and tucked in my shirt and watched her get in the truck, back out of the drive way and leave. Hell I almost couldn’t even notice the g’string being on me. I thought as I closed the shop door, that women is something else, I wish I were that truck.

To be continued…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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