First Night in Vegas

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As our plane landed in Las Vegas the anticipation was killing me. It had been some time since the wife and I have been away together and the state of Nevada had always been fertile ground for some hot and dirty sex. My mind raced with the possibilities of what we might get into once we were in the seclusion of our hotel room. The baggage took a painfully long time to arrive, the cab seemed to hit all the red lights, but finally we arrived at our favorite hotel.

As we checked in and walked up to our room, there was an undeniable sexual tension between the two of us. We had taken this kind of trip many times before, but as we entered the room there was always there was a level of nervousness. We both knew what was in store for us that afternoon, but how do we actually get started? What exactly was going to happen? Was the trip going to live up to our expectations?

All of those feelings quickly went away once we are in our room. Before I had even put our bags down, my wife began to get undressed.

“I’m going to take a shower and then slip into that big bathtub. You should probably unpack and join me.” She said as she walked past me naked.

My cock began to twitch as I watched her voluptuous naked body disappear into the bathroom. Seeing my wife naked always makes my heart skip a beat. She has perfect smooth light golden brown skin. While she only stands about 5 feet tall but has curves in all the right places and spectacular large tits. Her firm ass is amazing and always loves attention.

I heard the shower turn on and I quickly unpacked our bags, making sure that the baby oil, lube and her vibrator on the bedside table. I undressed and went to the bathroom hoping to catch her still in the shower. I knew she would need some help washing her tits.

“Sorry, you took a bit too long. Don’t worry, I cleaned up really good for you, even without your help” she chuckled as she stepped out of the shower and into the soaking tub.

I got in the shower and cleaned up as quickly as possible. Getting out of shower I enjoyed the view of my wife soaking the in the tub. Her big double D breasts were floating at the top of the water. Her large nipples were poking out just begging to be sucked. I moved across the room to get into the tub with her.

“Don’t you need to shave? I don’t want any beard burn.” She held up her hand stopping me.

This was her code for letting me know that I’d be spending a lot of time with my face between her legs. I relented and began to shave in front of the mirror. It was difficult to concentrate on the task at hand. Out of the corner of my eye I could see her rubbing her tits in the bath. She would squeeze them together, pushing them just out of the water slightly. Then she would pinch both of her large nipples, causing them to become erect. I did managed to finish my shave without drawing any blood and moved over to the bath.

“I think I just need to borrow your hand” she stopped me from getting into the bath with her again.

Grabbing my hand she moved it into the water placing it over her pussy. I began to move my fingers into the folds of her smooth pussy lips as she began to slowly rock her hips back and forth. I was pleased to find that her clit was already swollen and her pussy was already wet. I began to rub her swollen clit with my finger and her hips started their familiar rocking in time with my rubbing. I started to probe the opening of her pussy with my finger when she grabbed my hand.

“Let’s move the bed, if you don’t mind” she pushed my hand away and got up some the tub.

She wrapped a towel around herself and walking into the bedroom. I followed behind like a puppy hoping to get a treat from my owner. She dropped the towel and grabbed her bottle of baby oil from the bedside table. Standing in front of the bed she proceeded to apply oil to her entire body. She seemed to take extra making sure her tits had plenty of oil, squeezing them together and pinching her nipples as she had done in the bath. I could tell that almanbahis şikayet she was really enjoying her tease performance, but it was almost too much for me to take. Just about when I was ready to beg her to stop, she closed the oil and climbed on the bed.

“I’m all yours now” she said.

She laid down on the bed and spread her legs wide, completely exposing her pink pussy to me. I leaped onto the bed and positioned myself between her legs. I couldn’t wait to feast on her sweet cunt. But I exercised a bit of restraint and paused to admire her. Her pussy was its usual light pink, but I couldn’t help but notice that she was incredibly wet already. Her sweet gash was leaking so much I could see the thick fluid oozing out of her tight hole and down her ass crack. I couldn’t waste any more time, I leaned in and scooped up as much of her precious liquid as I could with one big long lick. It tasted as sweet as honey and I couldn’t get enough as I gave her pussy a thorough tongue bath.

“I think you may have missed some” she said with a grin.

She pulled her knees up to her chest exposing her tiny pink asshole to my view. She was right, some of her pussy juice had leaked down onto her asshole. I obliged her request and eagerly lapped up the liquid. Once her asshole was clean I began to work the tip of my tongue into her tight hole. She wiggled and squirmed a bit making it difficult to work my tongue inside her as much as I wanted. She lowered her legs, and positioned her clit right in front of my mouth. I took the hint: foreplay was over, she needed to cum.

I locked my lips around her swollen clit and began to rhythmically flick my tongue over her magic button in time with her slowly rocking her hips. She pressed her pelvis slightly against my mouth, trying to get more pressure on her clit. The sweet fluid continued to gush from her hole, the tangy flavor was intoxicating. I began probing her hole with a finger, teasing a bit before sliding it inside.

“Please, I need your fingers inside me.” She begged.

I granted her request and began to slide my finger into her slippery wet hole. I slid right inside, but making sure not to remove by tongue from her clit. Her hips began to rock back and forth, pressing my mouth against her clit even more. I had never felt her pussy this wet before, my fingers were making sloshing noises as I work them in and out. Her vaginal muscles clamped down on my finger like a vise and I feel a new gush of wetness oozed out her. As the waves of her orgasm washed over her body, she bucked hips uncontrollably. I had to work hard keep my finger inside of her and my mouth on her clit. I did my best to prolong her orgasm as long I possible. Her body finally relaxed and she fell back against the bed completely spent.

I got up, wiped my mouth off and opened a beer. I took a seat on the couch which was underneath the window and enjoyed the view of my satisfied wife on the bed. I thought letting my wife take a few minutes to recover what a good idea, she had hardly moved after orgasm.

“Looks like you need some attention now,” she said sitting up on the bed after a couple of minutes.

I looked down at my throbbing hard cock, I noticed it was leaking pre-cum. She hopped up from the bed and took a position kneeling between my legs.

“Wouldn’t want to get the couch all messy,” she said.

She stuck her tongue out and licked up the pre-cum which was oozing from the head of my cock. She lowered her lips, fully engulfing my cockhead with her mouth. She started slowly sucking and flicking her tongue on the underside of my cock. She knows this always drives me wild, this time was no different. My cock was jumping out of control in her mouth, which forced her to tighten the grip with her lips.

She slowly started to inch her lips down my shaft, until my entire cock disappeared down her throat. Just as slowly as she went down, she backed her mouth off my cock, finally letting it slip from her lips. She had a big grin on her face as almanbahis canlı casino she watched my hard on bounce and twitch back and forth in front of her face.

“Impressed?” She queried.

“Most impressive, but I wonder if you can do that again?” I challenged her.

She grabbed the beer out of my hand, took long drink and positioned her mouth over my cock again. I took the beer from her and placed it on the windowsill behind me. Accepting my challenge, she licked her lips and plunged my hard-on into her mouth again. It wasn’t much a challenge for her as she easily was able to side her lips all the way down to my pubic hair. To prove me wrong she began to bob up and down on my cock, taking the entire length of my engorged member into her throat each time. She had gone up and down a dozen times when I could feel the cum in my balls begin bubble up. She must sensed the same thing, as she reluctantly released my cock from her lip lock and stood up.

“I think I win, you were about to cum only after 2 minutes.” She bragged.

She wiped the saliva that had escaped her lips around her mouth and leaned over me to grab the beer that was on the windowsill. She couldn’t quite reach the bottle, so she put one knee on the couch next to me. Her pussy just so happened to be directly above my cock, I could feel the slick wetness that was leaking out of her.

“Oh…look what happened there.” She smirked and started to rub her slick pussy against my cock.

She moved her other leg onto the couch, now she was straddling me, her pussy still just hovering above my cock. She took a drink of beer, put the bottle down and impaled herself on my cock with one thrust. Within seconds I was completely buried inside her ultra-wet cunt, I couldn’t believe how easily I slide inside, considering the tightness of her pussy. She wiggled around a bit to find the right spot and then she began to slowly rock back and forth, grinding her clit against me.

“If you are a good boy and don’t cum too fast, I’ll let you fuck my ass after.” She whispered seductively in my ear.

The reward my wife had just offered had the opposite effect she intended. My cock swelled even bigger at the thought if fucking her tight ass. I started to feel the urge to cum building as she began to slide her sung soaking pussy up and down on me.

“I’d like that very much, but you keep doing that, it’s not going to happen. Why don’t you let me help”. I scolded her.

Taking control of her movements, I grabbed both of her hips and forced her down fully onto my cock. She kept up the grinding motion, making sure to keep her clit pressed against my pelvic bone. Once she got into a good rhythm I moved my hands to her plump ass cheeks. I spread her ass wide, exposing her pink asshole. I moved my hand so that I could massage her asshole with a finger. I was pleased to find that her backdoor was already well lubricated with her own juices. That made it much easier to probe her tight hole as she rode my cock.

“Yes please…right there…that’s perfect.” She moaned in my ear.

Her movements increased and I could sense she was close to cumming. I slid my finger deeper inside her asshole, moving it in and out in time with her movements. I could feel the firmness of my own cock pressing against my finger, her two passages only separated by a thin wall of skin. Her pussy tightened its grip on me and her asshole opened up sucking almost my entire finger inside. As her orgasm ripped through her body, both her pussy and asshole began to spasm uncontrollably. I continued to finger her ass while she ground her clit into me, trying to prolong her ecstasy as long as possible. Her pussy had leaked its cum all over me, I could feel it dripping down my balls. She dropped her full weight onto me, completely spent.

“Did you come?” she whispered into my ear.

I really enjoyed that she wasn’t playing any attention to me at all. She was treating me as her fuck toy, using me for her pleasure. Luckily I had not cum, I hoped almanbahis casino she remembered the reward she had promised me. It was hard not to just continue to fuck her tight pussy and relieve the pressure that had been building all day.

“No I didn’t, not that it was easy. Do I get my reward now,” I said hopefully.

“Ummm…I don’t think so. All that made me pretty hungry, we should go downstairs for dinner first. What do you think?” She stood up sliding her incredibly still snug pussy off of my cock.

“Don’t look so sad, you can get into my ass later.” She smirked.

“You are going to leave me like this? I’m aching… my cock is so hard it hurts.” I pleaded with her.

“Well…you did do a good job, I came really hard a bunch of times. And your cock does look like it needs to come. I guess I should let you in my ass. I don’t want to do any damage down there. I’ll need that cock fully functional over the next 2 days.” She said lightly stroking me.

She moved over the bed, climbing up and laid face down on top of a pillow to prop her hips up a bit.

“The lube is over there” she motioned to the night stand.

I didn’t waste any time, I quickly grabbed the bottle of lube. I climbed on the bed and positioned myself straddling her legs, with my cock pressed against her ass. I squirt some lube on my cock, which was still glistening with her pussy juice, and began to rub my big sausage in between her brown buns.

“Ummm…that’s nice” she moaned as I worked my cock between her cheeks.

After a minute or two of that she reached back a spread her cheeks wide exposing her pink asshole. Her sphincter was still closed tightly, despite my earlier finger intrusion. I wondered if I was going to have the patience to work my big cock into that snug hole.

“More lube please” She requested.

I happily obliged and applied a generous amount to her tight opening. I positioned the head of my cock against her backdoor and slowly began pressing inside. I was a bit surprised when her hole opened up for me and the head of my dick slide into her ass fairly easily.

“Easy…You are huge” she warned me.

It took all my self-control not to push my dick deep inside her, but I eased up. I revered course and slowly pulled my cock out of her.

“Hmmm…yes” she moaned as her tight hole squeezed my cockhead out.

I began to get into a nice rhythm of playing peekaboo with the head of my cock and the rim of her asshole. Poking my cockhead inside, letting her get accustomed to the size, then slowing pulling it out. After 6 or 7 times she reached her hands back again, gripped her cheeks and spread them wide. This allowed me much better access and my cock plunged much deeper inside.

“ big. Was it worth the wait? Do you like fucking my tight little asshole?” she questioned.

“Yessss…yesss” was all I was able to muster in response.

I started to get into a nice rhythm as she continued to spread her ass wide while I skewered her butthole. I started to feel the cum begin to bubble up from my balls. One last time I pulled out of her ass, letting my hard-on rest for a second at her now slightly gaping hole. My cock began to spasm and twitch, signaling my now inevitable orgasm.

“Oh my…I can feel with twitching” she gasped.

I thought for a second that I shouldn’t have pulled out that last time, I worried that I would cum all over her ass and not inside her. Letting go of her ass cheeks, my wife grabbed both of my hands and pulled me into her deeper than I have ever been in her ass before. I was nearly buried to hilt when the cum started to explode in her rear passage. It felt like I was cumming for 5 mins as I spewed out rope after rope of cum into her hungry asshole.

“Yes, cum in my ass. Please fill me with your cum.” My wife encourage as I erupted inside of her.

I finally collapsed with exhaustion and let my still hard cock slip from her cum filled butthole. I spread her cheeks to see the evidence, hopping to see my cum dripping out of her gaping hole, I was again disappointed to see that it had almost immediately returned to form. I guess I need to work a lot more at stretching her out next time. We had just arrived in Vegas, there were 2 more days to work on that.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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