Exploring His Body

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(This section is part two of a two part series. Please look for part one if you choose to read in order. It is called ‘A Trip To The Store’ Each section is a story in of itself but each will not please everyone’s personal taste, so I chose to separate them.

Please let me know what you think. I enjoy reading all feedback. Also please don’t forget to vote for me. Jane)

The drive back to our hotel is swift. Again I was denied the pleasure of your cock while you drove. So we speak of work and family during the drive. I know our visit is only tonight but I try not to concentrate on how time is moving so quickly away from us.

We pull into the parking lot and although the car of the couple is there, there is no sign of them. I feel kind of let down. A part of me wanted to play in front of them again.

You take my hand and open the door. I walk in the room and I immediately remove my dress. This is what you expect and I do not disappoint you.

I walk to you and kiss your lips as I begin to remove your clothing.

“Thank you for taking me to dinner my master. I did so enjoy cumming for you. But I don’t think that waitress liked what we were doing!”

“No. I don’t think she did. But I noticed her replacement speaking to you. What did she say?”

“She was very nice. She also has a master and wanted me to know that I was lucky to have a kind as one as you.”

As I speak I lower myself to my knees and press my lips against the head of your shaft with a loving soft kiss. I have your cock lying on the palm of my hand when my tongue licks you from balls to head.

I pay special attention to the head. Tracing it, licking it and then finally pressing my lips down and around it.

“Did you enjoy my fucking you with my foot?”

“Oh yes! I was surprised at first but I let myself forget everyone around me and just feel the sensations.”

I take your cock back in my mouth and suck hard on the head. Your intake of air tells me you like that. I know conversation is over for awhile.

I love pleasing you with my mouth and body. Your pleasure with me makes me a whole woman. It is because of this that I can bear these long breaks in our physical relationship we must have. My sorrow overtakes me for a moment and a tear falls to your cock. You lift my chin and I try not to look at you.

“I am almanbahis here with you now my slut.”

You always seem to know what I am feeling without me saying the words.

My mouth softens and I begin to make love to your cock, as I never have before. My tongue lovingly licks your balls as my finger slides to your ass. It rims around your puckered hole and I feel you push back ever so slightly. I know sometimes you do not want my finger near your ass but today it seems is a yes day.

I remove my mouth from your cock and stand. Turning you around I push slightly and you lie on the bed. I turn you to your stomach. I begin at your feet, kissing and licking, moving slowly and sensually up your leg. My mouth pays special attention to your inner thighs. Your legs spread almost naturally.

I begin lick the crack of your ass. Paying special attention to that patch of sensitive skin between ass and balls. Your hips begin move with my tongue. After a few seconds I continue my tongue up the crack. The tip of my tongue rims the edge of your asshole.

This is new territory for me and I go bold and dip in ever so gently and shallow. It is not what I expected. I can still taste traces of the strawberry oils we used earlier. I go a little deeper. You are holding perfectly still. I worry about that until I realize that what you are doing is allowing me to explore.

My fingers are tracing the contours of your skin. From the curve of your ass cheeks to the joint of leg and ass. Your skin is so warm under my touch. My tongue withdraws a bit and then goes back in. Your body begins to move with it. I know now, you like what I am doing. Again it goes in just a bit deeper. It is all wet now and I remove it only to bring my finger to replace it. I use my pinkie finger, as I do not wish to hurt you.

My tongue finishes up the crack of your ass to your lower back. Kissing, licking and sucking my way to your neck. My finger gently enters your puckered hole. My lips are on your ear biting ever so gently. My breath is heavy against your ear.

“Am I hurting you my master?” I whisper gently into your ear.

“No my slut. Are you enjoying what you are making my body do?”

“Oh yes, my master. I love touching your body in anyway possible. May I continue?”

“Yes slut.”

I notice now the quivering of your ass as my finger almanbahis yeni giriş slowly draws out and slides back in. I begin to wonder how I can do both, suck on your cock and play with your ass? Hmmmm

“Turn over for me my master. I wish you on your back,”

You turn over and I crawl between your legs. Your cock is so hard and massive in my face and I again draw you into my lips. My hands bend your knees. Your body responds to my touch and I relish in the fact you are allowing me the lead in this lovemaking. My dilemma is I still cannot quite touch your ass. How do I get that up?

I have it! I reach for a pillow, keeping my mouth on you. What an athletic feat that was! My mouth tightens on you and sucking hard I bring my upper body up. Your hips have no choice but to follow my mouth.

I slide the pillow under your hips. This lifts them off the bed. I smile. My problem is fixed. My eyes search out the lube. Our eyes meet when I see it in your hand.

You put some on my middle finger and I again rim your ass. As I suck hard and slide down on your cock, my finger slides in. I feel the muscle clamp around my finger. I now know exactly what you are feeling. That knowledge invades my inner thoughts but I push them aside. I have this hidden need to drive you completely over the edge.

My finger pushes forward as my mouth slides down deeper. I pass the second set of muscles in your ass and know to hold my hand still. I feel your muscles clenching and stretching and your breathing changes. When your ass begins to relax and your breathing starts to sound normal I begin to gently move.

I slide down on your cock so the head touches the back of my throat. When it closes around the head I try not to gag. I tip my head back just a bit. That feels better. I back off and do it again. Each time trying for that little bit more. Your hands are in my hair. Your hips begin to move. Pushing down on my finger, thrusting up in my mouth.

We begin to get a nice rhythm going and I can feel myself getting stimulated. My pussy is very wet and my nipples are so hard they begin to throb. They bounce against your balls as my mouth bobs on you. A fire is building in me.

My finger stops while deep in your ass and I slowly twist it around. I begin to stimulate your prostate and oh my god. The cock in my mouth that was almanbahis giriş so hard before suddenly gets rock hard and your moan is more like a growl. I know what you are feeling. I feel it every time your cock slides in my ass.

A pleasure that is so intense that you want to scream STOP! Your brain cannot appreciate the pure pleasure your body is experiencing. God! I know that feeling! The fury I feel radiating from you is pure lust.

I accept the consequences of my actions now and I stimulate the gland again. Your hands grab my head and you begin to thrust up into my mouth. I know I forced this on you and I allow you to take over and fuck my mouth.

You slam in so deep your balls hit my chin and I start to gag from your thrusts. Over and over you thrust in anger until suddenly you hold yourself so still. I hear that deep rumble that starts in your cock and rolls up until it explodes from your mouth the same time your seed explodes in my throat.


Your groan of release hits my ears the same time your love shoots free of your cock. Swallowing as fast as you pump. I am sucking and licking it all. Wanting more to make it last just that little longer.

My finger slips unnoticed from your body as you’re cum flows through my body.

I bring my finger to my clit. Rubbing it harder and faster until my orgasm overflows and my body begins to shake from the force of it. You gather me in your arms and draw me up to you and hold me close until my body shivers stop and I am once again able to think and speak.

“Did I do well my master?”

“Yes slut, It was Outstanding!”

Your words make me feel wonderful. I am so thrilled with myself that I was able to please you like I did. I reach up for a kiss but my mouth is rather sore from being brutally fucked. I detest having that done but this time I knew it was inevitable.

“I am sorry slut.” When you notice the redness around it. Your kisses are gentle and loving and the soreness is forgotten.

“Rest now. I have much I want to do to you and for you to enjoy. So sleep now my slut.”

My eyes try to focus on the ear of corn and tube of lube sitting on the table near the bed. But fatigue is overtaking me. I hear your words but it is through a fog. My eyes are already closing, cradled in your strong arms.

“I love you my master,” I mutter in my sleep. My last conscience thought is how tight your arms are embracing me.

The End June 9, 2003

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