Dreaming Ch. 02

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Another Dream

“What’s that?” You ask, handing me a mint as we walk down the path.

We stop and listen for a few seconds. Then we hear it again…above the sound of the wind in the trees, and the nearby sound of falling water…some kind of motor.

“It sounds like a tractor” I answer. Down in this hollow, it’s hard to tell which direction it’s coming from. Quickly realizing that someone was nearby and that we were both still nude, we hurry down the path toward the waterfall and our clothes.

“Hurry up and get into deeper water and I’ll grab the swimsuits” I urge. After a quick detour to the tree roots near the bank, I have our suits and I’m crouched down in the water next to you and listening. “It’s coming this way and it’s pretty close.” I say as you grab my hand and pull me toward the falls. I realize suddenly that the noise is coming from the other side of the river. I didn’t even think there was a road on that side…just a slight rise through the trees and then open farm land. “Don’t worry…sounds like a tractor. It’s probably just a farmer working in a field beyond the trees” I conclude.

Once underneath the falls, we’re virtually invisible to anyone on the outside. Standing in waist deep water behind the falls, we can’t hear the motor anymore but we feel safer knowing that we can put on our suits in privacy. I start to put my suit on when you grab my arms and pull me toward you. Oh, the wonderful warmth of your body against mine in the cold water. You’re rubbing the muscles on my back with your suit still in one hand. That feels good…I suppose I am a little sore.

A little while earlier, after a picnic and your wonderful “lip service”, we’d had quite a roll under the trees and my back muscles were still feeling the impression of the oak roots leftover from the ride you enjoyed. But watching you straddle my hips, taking me into you, and working your own magic on your clit while I toyed with those beautiful tits made me ignore any discomfort I might have been feeling. So…a little back rub feels really good.

You’ve started kissing my neck below my ear which gives me the shivers. Meanwhile my own hands have begun to wander up and down your back…sort of tickling and teasing. Occasionally dipping down to the cleavage of your butt cheeks. Then as one of my fingers reaches the top of the cleavage, you bite my earlobe and whisper into my ear: “Lower.” I freeze, not quite understanding, but you wriggle your ass and whisper a little more insistently, “Lower.” My finger starts to move again, meandering slowly southward as my heart races. You return to nibbling around my neck and ears while your own hands move between us to do a little exploring. You discover my newly awakened cock and giggle with delight. Twice already today, you’ve gifted me with orgasms that will linger in my memory forever, and now you’ve found that I’m ready to go again.

You begin to massage my rapidly enlarging member while I cautiously continue sliding a finger between your cheeks. But I’m not quite fast enough for you. We’ve been crouching down in the 4 foot deep water, when suddenly, releasing my cock, you rise up, and while holding onto my shoulders, you look down straight into my eyes and repeat: “lower.” I obey quickly and my finger finds the beautiful little rosebud that’s been haunting my dreams. You sigh and lean your body forward so that I can feast on your tits..my finger circling and massaging the long awaited prize. And what’s this?! It’s slick with some kind of lubrication. You’ve already lubed your ass for me. My heart leaps! My breath catches! I cannot believe how amazing you are. You know me. You know me so well I want to leap up and kiss you. …but I don’t.

Anxiously, I continue my exploration of this undiscovered country. I pause, only momentarily, to hand you the swim trunks from my other hand. This frees me to use both hands. Now I hear your breath catch as the fingers of my other hand find your clit and begin to tease it. Then just as I begin to sink the tip of my index finger into the warm, puckery depths of your behind, something behind you catches my eye through a small break in the falling water and I pull away eliciting a disappointed groan from you. Quickly, I point toward the opening and you turn to look.

What is it we see?

I move toward the 3 inch wide break in the screen of water and peer through. “What almanbahis şikayet is it?” you whisper. “Look!” I respond and move to one side to make room for you. After looking through for few seconds, you look back at me and shake your head. I move in close to you…my head slightly behind and above yours. Then I take my hands and position your head so that you can see what I’m looking at. I hear your intake of breath and realize that you see her too.

There, standing on the bank, hardly 20 yards away, is a woman. Not a girl. Dressed in an old pair of cut-offs, a dusty t-shirt and a baseball cap, she begins to sit down on a knot of tree roots. Reaching down, she removes her shoes, and dangles her feet in the cool water. While we watch, she reaches back and pulls out an old lunch box. It must be the farmer from the tractor we heard, stopping for lunch. She starts to unwrap a sandwich as we slowly ease back into the dark recesses behind the waterfall.

“Do you think she knows we’re here? Can she see your truck?” you ask quietly. I think about it a moment. “I doubt she could see the truck without wading almost to the other side of the river to look up the trail” I ponder. “I don’t think she knows we’re here.”

You look me straight in the eyes and give a little giggle as you reach out for my cock. Using my now deflated handle, you pull me back over to you and attack my lips with yours. Do you have a bit of an exhibitionist fetish? My lips are melting as are my apprehensions. It’s only a matter of moments before my cock is as hard as the rocks beside us. One of my hands is soon busy again inbetween the lips of your heavenly, sweet pussy while the other is sliding inexorably down your spine.

The next few minutes are both fulfilling and frustrating at the same time. You’ve got me so very turned on and all I can think about is the lube you prepared “back there”. I wonder when you could have done it, then I remember that you were fumbling in your purse up in the front of the truck while I was putting away the picnic items in the back. You must have had something hidden in your purse besides the breath mints. Oh…what a little vixen you are!

Once again my finger is starting the journey down the crack of your lovely rear when I notice something and suddenly pull away a second time. This time you look at me a little annoyed. But I point again toward the space in the water.

She’s gone! Where is she? In half a second, we’re both peeking out between the veils of water searching for our visitor. We both find her at about the same time. She’s about 5 yards downstream from where she was sitting. She’s standing in the almost knee-deep water drinking what appears to be the last of her ice tea from a mason jar and looking up and down the river. Now that she’s out in the light we can see just how dusty she is. But through the dust we can also see that what looked like brown hair is actually auburn red. She tips up the jar and drinks the last of it in one big gulp. Then she reaches up and removes the worn baseball cap and tosses it up on the gravel bank. Bending over she rinses out the jar and fills it with water which she pours over her own head. As it runs down over her face, and as she rinses her face with her other hand, we begin to see that she isn’t really as tanned as we thought. In fact, she had been covered with a layer of reddish brown dust. The woman is actually fairly light skinned and very freckled. I also notice that she isn’t wearing a bra underneath her now wet t-shirt.

Next, she lazily wanders over to shore, deposits the jar in the gravel near her cap, and then ambles back out into the river until she is almost up to her knees. Looking once more up and down the river, she turns slightly away from us and in one swift motion lifts the shirt up over her head and off. Her back now to us, she bends over to rinse out the shirt, wrings it out, and hangs it around her neck.

For some reason, at this point I suddenly realize I’m standing right behind you, leaning over your back. And the way you’re bending over has placed my cock right against your warm behind, which it seems, is pushing back against me and undulating from side to side. The water is a bit cool but I think I’m sweating. I feel warm all over. I look down at the the ridges of your spine and bring my hands to the sides of your waist.

Looking out at the girl again, almanbahis canlı casino I watch enthralled as she reaches down and begins to wiggle out of her shorts. No underwear. Still facing away from us, when she bends over to remove them, we’re treated to a private viewing of her privates. And you bump back against me harder…my cock pressing between your cheeks. We even get a peek at her most private hole as she rinses her shorts in the flowing water.

Standing back up, she makes her way over and up the bank to hang her clothes on a low limb to dry. When she turns back to the river, we get our first full view of her breasts. Lovely. A few minutes before, she looked like a weary, tractor-driving, female farmer. Now she’s a slightly dusty, very full figured, auburn haired beauty. She wades out to deeper water and dives in, emerges and rubs her arms and face. Another dunk and she’s no longer dusty…just beauty.

I’ve been slowly rocking along with your motion, not really doing anything other than enjoying the view while rubbing my cock on your backside. Of course it’s worked it’s way in between your cheeks a bit and I’m starting to feel a rise in my excitement level. In other words, I’m about to need some kind of relief. Apparently, I didn’t realize that you were in the same boat and just as she rose up out of the water for the second time, you reach between your legs, grab my cock, pull it down and guide it into your warm, pulsing pussy. Immediately, I start pumping. You begin to work your clit in earnest and start moaning. In fact, I”m a bit worried that our bathing beauty will hear us.

Still peering through the veil, we watch her rinse her hair a bit, and then stand up, turn her back to us and head toward the sandy, gravelly bank. I can almost feel your disappointment. I definitely feel your fingers slow down. However, when she reaches the sand bar to the lee side of where she would have to climb out, she pauses, turns back to where she’s almost facing us, and sits down. I freeze, thinking she’ll spot us peeking through the 3 inch wide gap in the water, but she doesn’t even really look our way. After sitting for just a moment, she leans back and stretches out to sun bathe on the little, gravelly beach only 25 feet away. One arm behind her head, her toes pointed toward us. Your fingers resume their previous tempo.

I’m about to start pumping when you stop rubbing, grab my cock as I pull back and gasp slightly. The woman has spread her legs and lifted her knees, exposing her shaved, and I should add, slightly freckled pussy and ass to our pleasured eyes. In a moment her hand is between her legs and shes rubbing the top of her mound. You release me and go back to your own business so I plunge back in. An idea occurs to me. Taking one hand, I start tickling the back of your neck. You flinch a little and shiver. Slowly, I starting working my way down your spine, feeling you tense every now and then when I hit a sensitive spot. A minute or two later I’ve arrived at the cleft of your butt cheeks. You’ve been pumping back into me to meet my rhythm this whole time, but now you stop and hold still. Your fingers don’t, however, and neither do mine. They continue right down between those luscious cheeks.

All this time, our red headed friend has had busy fingers too. What started as a slow circular motion on the top of her mound has elongated into deep strokes dipping down at the bottom and circling near the top. She’s really going to do it. She’s going to cum right in front of us. But she doesn’t seem to be in any hurry. We continue to watch her fingers slide up and down as my own finger slides slowly down, down down to the hole you’ve lubricated for us. As I reach that center of pleasure, you start moving again…pressing against my finger and moving my cock in and out of your pussy again.

The next couple of minutes are a bit of a blur. Our friend’s tempo increases as does our own. Soon, she’s centered her finger in on her own clit the same way you’ve centered your finger on yours and I’ve centered my finger on your sweet rosebud. Every few strokes she reaches down to dip her fingers into her pussy for some more of her natural lube to bring back up. On one of her dips, my finger dips into your backside. You gasp and press back. The angle isn’t quite right so I pull my finger out eliciting a moan from you. But it’s O.K. I’m just almanbahis casino switching to my thumb. The very next time her finger dips, my thumb slides into you. Just the first inch or so but this time when you push back, it goes in the rest of the way.

I can’t believe what’s happening. I’m watching one beautiful woman masturbate as I fuck another beautiful woman who’s also pleasuring herself while I thumb fuck her ass. Is there a heaven? Yes!

The beauty is changing her technique now. It looks like she’s sliding her index and middle fingers into her pussy and using her thumb on her clit. Then I realize the advantage…this leaves two fingers free to rub her cute little butthole. She doesn’t waste any time on the outside. In they go. Pumping both holes, she’s breathing hard now. We can see her chest rise and fall rapidly.

Now I’m starting to get close and you must sense it for you reach back and grab the base of my cock, stopping me for a moment. What are you doing? I’m not going anywhere! Oh! Oh…apparently I am! Easing my cock back and up you guide me toward your other hole. My heart races. I’ve never… I remove my thumb, use my own hand to help you line up and…Ahhhhhh! The head slides in. You groan. I pause. I don’t move again until you do. First, your fingers re-establish their tattoo on your clit and then you start to lean back into me. I slide in another inch. Your fingers speed up. You pull away a bit, then push back again. One long, very slow push and I’m all the way inside your beautiful, beautiful bottom.

Slowly, I pull outwards just a little…testing the waters. I won’t last long. This is too much. Then as the red head begins raising and lowering her pelvis approaching her orgasm, I feel your muscles start to clench around my cock.

Suddenly you cum! The girl cums! I cum! Without moving another inch, I cum. And I let out a moan that might clue in our friend but she doesn’t seem to hear it or doesn’t notice. My head is swimming. I have to steady myself by holding on tightly to your waist. I want to stay right here forever. It’s better than I could ever have imagined.

Could I stay here forever? Could this even be real?

Real? Yes. Forever? No. But long enough to finally know the joy I’ve been missing all these years.

Slowly, carefully, I ease back and out…a sigh escaping both our lips as my softening cock leaves the warm, safe recesses of your beautiful behind. You hold perfectly still until we are two separate bodies again. Then you turn and reach out for me as I reach out for you. We hug and hold each other as the cool water around us and the sound of the rushing waterfall soothes our heated bodies and calms our rushing minds.

Glancing through the waters, I see that our new friend has stretched out her legs and seems to be sleeping. Her breasts rise and fall evenly. This naked beauty has been our inspiration for past few minutes. And what an inspiration! I lean back as you peek through to check on her also. You seem relieved that she’s still there, but suddenly I hear your breath catch slightly and then you sigh. Raising up to look over your head, I see that she’s getting up. She must be leaving. First she wades out into the water and dives under, rinsing the sand and gravel off. Standing again, she looks over at the bank where her clothes are and starts toward it. We watch her full, round buttocks undulate as she rises out of the water and walks toward the shore. But before she’s taken even three steps she stops and turns toward us again. She pauses, as if thinking, then starts directly toward the widest section of the falls, slightly to our left.

We watch her as long as we can but within a few moments she’s out of our line of sight. What’s she doing? Where did she go? Then a shadow approaches. We can see her outline through the falling water less than six feet away. She’ walking along in front of the waterfall. In a moment she’ll pass right in front of us. But she doesn’t. She stops about three feet to the left of the break in the water.

“Whoever you are, you can come out now.” we both flinch as she calls out. She knows we’re here! The realization makes my heart leap into my throat. If she knew, when did she find out? Before? During? After? Just now? There’s no reason to hide now. I duck through the falls and brush the water out of my eyes as I turn to look at our guest. She’s grinning at me. You’re still holding my hand on the other side of the falling water so I pull you through. Wiping the water away from your own eyes, you turn to look at her and I watch the look of surprise on your face turn into a grin to match hers. What’s going on here?

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