Casey’s Recovery Ch. 09

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There she stood, Aunt Rena.

“Holy Shit!” said Casey.

“Aunt Rena, what are you doing here?” I asked.

“It looks like I didn’t come soon enough!” she said. “Just what the hell is going on here?”

“Again, Aunt Rena, what are you doing here?” I asked.

She stood there mouth agape her complexion pale and said again, “Are you going to just stand there buck naked?”

“Ok, first, yes I am just gonna stand here buck naked. You haven’t stopped looking at my dick since you got here, so what would be the point? Secondly, we run a nudist household here; Mom knows all about it; there is no reason to panic. Everybody’s seen me and mine and I’ve seen theirs and we’re still alive.”

She stood there for a moment looking like she was ready to bust, then she pointed her finger at us glaring saying, “I suppose you’re both fuckin’ and suckin’ committing incest like two dogs?”

Casey stared at me with big eyes and I decided against telling the complete truth instead, saying, “No, Aunt Rena, we’re all just naked together when we’re alone as a family.”

She continued staring at me incredulously, finally saying, “Your mother too?”

“Yes, mother too. Maybe you better take a deep breath and sit down, hmmm?”

I walked over and took her hand and guided her to the chair next to Casey and sat her down. I was careful to be sure that my cock and balls were exactly at eye level when she sat, “See something you like Aunt Rena?”

With that Casey gave out with a snort and a burst of laughter and I said, “When you’re in the mood, we’d be happy to explain how this came about and why we’ve come to enjoy it. Can I get you something to drink?”

As she sat her eyes searched the back yard and pool as though looking for spies. “Your mother never said anything about this being naked business why wouldn’t she tell me about it?”

I went into the kitchen to give her time to calm down and to give me a little time to develop some sort of plan to deal with her. I still could not figure out why she had decided to come to visit us. In our telephone conversation with Mom yesterday she made no mention of Aunt Rena … hmmm.

I slowly made Aunt Rena a Rum and Coke; a drink I knew she favored from other visits and carried it out to her. She took the drink from me automatically. Casey was saying, “Aunt Rena really we all love being naked around one another and you know Mom’s friend Lillian, when she is here she joins right in. Truly, it is really a nice way to be together and so natural. Have you ever tried it?”

With that, Aunt Rena snorted into her drink and said, “Heavens NO, I would never consider such behavior. I am a church going woman!”

Casey looked at me with that “help me” look and shrugged her shoulders as I pulled a chair over so that I could sit opposite Aunt Rena. I reached out, taking her hand in mine, and asked again, “Aunt Rena, why are you here? Did Mother ask you to come?”

“No, no she called me several days ago to let me know you two were on your own and just to be ready if there was a problem; she said that she instructed you to call me. She said she didn’t expect any problems but just wanted you guys to have a back-up. Of course she had been keeping me up to date on Casey’s accident and her recovery …” Her voice trailed off and she emptied her drink with a sigh.

I took the empty glass from her hand and went back into the house to make her another. I’d made the first drink with a double shot, so it seemed like a good idea to continue. As I walked back, to her, I could see that Casey had pulled herself up into a semi-sitting position and was busy assuring Aunt Rena that we really were just fine and that nothing inappropriate was or would be happening.

I handed Aunt Rena her drink and adjusted Casey’s lounger so that she could sit up easily. As I did so I could not help but notice how her pretty breasts jiggled as she moved her body into position and that when she did so she slipped her good leg slightly under her cast resulting in her pussy gaping open very slightly, resulting in my cock becoming semi-hard.

I watched Aunt Rena’s eyes as they saw everything I saw from Casey’s breasts, pussy and finally my growing cock. In the clear light around the pool I could easily see that her pupils were larger than normal and her breathing seemed somewhat faster. Could it be, I wondered, could we be turning dear old Aunt Rena on? Maybe, I couldn’t be sure.

“Aunt Rena would you like me to get the phone so that you could call Mom and talk with her about all this?” She looked at me sharply and shook her head no. “I’ll call her in a bit, I want to talk to her privately,” she said.

“No problem, you call any way you like. Do I take it that you will be staying with us for a while?” I asked. She nodded casino şirketleri her head yes and sat back quietly, sipping her drink.

Casey and I sat quietly as well, each of us thinking our own thoughts. And again I heard the sound of ice in an empty glass … “Another Aunt Rena?”

“Yes, yes I would like another please,” she said.

In all the years we’d know Aunt Rena neither one of us had ever seen her have more than one drink; usually when visiting, she’d get her drink in a tall glass and nurse it throughout her visit. With mother making the drinks I was sure she’d only had one shot in her drink. Today we were up to two doubles. I hopped up and went into the kitchen and this time mixed a triple, maybe a little booze would make her easier to deal with; God knows what sort of trouble she could start.

As I handed her the new drink she didn’t bother not trying to stare at my cock and balls, she watched them wobble and bounce from the house to her chair. When I sat down across from her I made sure to sit in such a way that my balls hung over the edge of the lounge chair and spread my legs slightly making my cock very evident. Sure enough the process of showing off resulted in a big ol’ hard-on, looking over at Casey I could see her smirking and shaking her head a bit before closing her eyes to enjoy the sun.

With Aunt Rena here there was no afternoon sex and Miss Casey was missing out on at least two oral orgasms, a little something we’d both really come to enjoy. As Aunt Rena got about half through her drink I casually reached down and gave my swollen cock a friendly rub or two and smeared a little ooze around my cockhead with my thumb and then slipped my hips forward a bit dropping my head back in the chair appearing to snooze as my cock and balls wobbled and danced a bit in the late afternoon sunshine.

Several minutes later I heard the sound of ice in an empty glass and then the clink of her glass as Aunt Rena sat her glass on the pool deck. I stretched in my chair and stood up reaching for the sky which felt pretty good and gave me the added benefit of shaking my still swollen cock and balls in Aunt Rena’s face. It seemed that she liked my little show, never taking her eyes off me and licking her lips.

Just then, Casey said “Hey big brother, how about wheeling me into the house so that I can pee and then helping me into bed. The sun has made me sleepy and I’d like a little nap before evening exercises. Would that be Ok with you?”

“Sure, no problem; besides I need to figure out supper and get Aunt Rena settled-in so that should work out perfectly.” I moved her wheelchair into position, locked the wheels and then scooped her up and eased her into the chair. After a couple of hours of afternoon sun she smelled wonderful, all toasty and warm; her musky girl odor was pungent and sweet. If it were not for Aunt Rena, I would have been face first in that pretty girl — my cock was as hard as a rock.

Aunt Rena watched everything and as I pushed Casey toward the house she waived her drink glass at me. “Another drink for you Aunt Rena?” I asked.

“Suuurre,” she slurred quietly and turned to look at the pool.

Once inside and toileted, I eased Casey into her bed and began to spread the sheet over her when she reached over and grasped my cock firmly. “We don’t have a lot of time big brother, but if you’d like, I would love a mouthful of cum fresh from the spout?”

“Oh Lord yes,” I said and leaned over her face slipping my cock into her burning hot mouth, with one hand she stroked me and with the other she caressed my balls one at a time. With all the showing off and tension I was about to bust so it only took a couple of minutes for her sweet suckling mouth and hands to bring me to the point of no return — I felt my balls rise and the blast started deep in my gut and flew into her mouth and throat. I fired again and again; she noisily slurped and gulped taking every drop down into her belly. Finally she drained me, held my cock firmly and kissed my cock slit a nice wet kiss.

As she patted my butt she said, “I always sleep better on a full tummy and that was a lovely cum snack. Thank you big brother, I love you … just remember, my pussy is waiting equal treatment when Aunt Rena is asleep!”

“You got it, absolutely guaranteed sweet girl!”

With that I rushed into the kitchen, got a fresh glass and made another triple.

When I handed Aunt Rena her fourth drink she looked up at me and said, “Here sit down beside me.”

“Aunt Rena, are you alright?” I asked.

“Well I might be a little drunk; actually, I’m sure of it. I have not had this much to drink in many, many years. You kids really shook me up you know. Seeing you both sporting around buck naked, well that was a sight to see I’ll tell you … and little Casey, well she sure not so little no more you know.”

“Yes Mam, I think I understand” I said.

“You know her pussy looks just like your mother’s pussy, just like it, casino firmaları yep …”

Really, hmmm, this could get interesting. Now there was no doubt Aunt Rena was hammered … “How do you know what Mom’s pussy looks like Aunt Rena?”

She paused for a minute, took a big drink and said, “Well Sir, when your dad first brought her home to meet the family, we went skinny dipping down at Rio Blanco Creek just east of the house. Mother and Dad were in town, it was hot and you dad dared us to go … so we did.”

She smiled to herself and sort of drifted off to that memory, after a moment I asked, “Anything else you noticed Aunt Rena?”

She shook herself lightly, turned and pointed her finger directly at my cock and said, “You’re dick is bigger than your dad’s … well maybe not any longer but bigger around. You boys both have darn nice dicks; yep, darn nice ones.”

“How did you come to know that Aunt Rena?” I asked.

“Oh that’s easy,” she said “your dad was always a kind of a show-off. He had a nice looking body from school sports and farm work; he liked to show it off to the girls. I was in community college the year he was a senior in high school and I would be in and out of the house at all hours. He had Grandma Claire’s old rocking chair in his room which was next to mine. Sometimes when I got home he’d be in his room naked as a jay bird sitting in that old rocker jacking-off and rocking.”

“The first time I saw him I was shocked, but truth is, I liked to watch and he liked to perform. I’d stand out there in the hallway in the shadows and he’d lean back just like you did a while ago and start to rub and pull his dick until after a while his hand would be flying and he’d squirt his juice way up into the air.”

Well, well, the old man liked to show off huh … I guess we may not be so different after all. “So, Aunt Rena did you ever go into his room to get a close up view?”

She took a long slow drink and sort of squinted-up her eyes at me saying, “I probably shouldn’t be telling you all this …”

“Aunt Rena, we’re all family and we keep our secrets to ourselves. You can trust me; I’m a grown-up now; besides you’ve been looking at me naked all afternoon, that should say something, right?”

“I guess you’re right. So one night I’m in the hall and I decide to go on in there, which I do. So I throw the door wide open and walk in and he starts grinning at me like a drunken ape and he says, “Welcome to my room, only naked people can stay!” It was summer and it was hot and I was sure hot so I stripped down without a word. I was no sooner naked than he stood up, his hand just’a flying on his dick and started shooting his juice all over me. He even got some on my face.”

She paused and took the last drink from her glass. Then she smiled a sad smile and said, “There I stood with his juice on me and the next thing I knew he was all over me. Kissing and licking and touching me everywhere — I never tried to stop him; it was like I was possessed. Then his dick was inside me and that was it; we fucked like rabbits all summer.”

“He’d go to the library in town and read about all kinds of sex and positions and such. When I’d get home at night Mom and Dad would be asleep and he would go over his sex notes and we’d do whatever he’d read about last.”

She stopped for a long while and I reached out and held her hand then she said, “We did everything he could think of that summer and a couple of things I’d never even dreamed of. Don’t get me wrong, I loved every minute of the sex. Your dad’s dick has been in every hole, fold and valley on my body and I’ve drunk a gallon of his juice. Then I got pregnant, the summer was over and your dad went off to USC. Turned out to be a tubal pregnancy, split the tube and ruined one ovary. I told Mom and Dad it was a boy at school, your dad sent me a get well card.”

“Does Mom know all this?” I asked.

“Nobody knows but your dad and me; well, now you too I guess. I know you guys have always thought I didn’t like you; not true, I just couldn’t be around your dad for a long time. See, I loved your dad, at least I thought I did; but he didn’t love me, I was just his practice body — ready, willing and able … and then discarded.”

My dad was never particularly warm and loving with Casey and me. He said he loved us and if we needed anything he was usually good for the money; but nothing at all like mom. As I listened to Aunt Rena it made more sense that we weren’t really all that upset when he went off with his new girl; he never touched our hearts like our mother.

“Aunt Rena, you’re safe with us. Mom, Casey and I, we love each other and we trust each other absolutely and if you’ll let us, we’ll love you too.” I said.

Her eyes were distant and misty; suddenly she looked very tired to me. “Look, Casey and I do her afternoon exercises in about 20 minutes and then it’ll take an hour or so to fix supper. Why don’t you lay down and take a good nap, get some rest — güvenilir casino I’m sure you’ll feel better — Ok?”

“I guess you’re right Jack; but I’m gonna’ need some help.” She said.

Aunt Rena was right she needed some help; a lot of help. After a couple of awkward moments trying to help her stand and walk, I just scooped her up and carried her up to mom’s bed. As I laid her down it she seemed dead to the world and I had a thought … I guess I’m going to hell for sure.

I carefully removed her clothing, every stitch. Hanging up everything but her utility underwear which I folded neatly and lay on mom’s bedside table. She is a darn good looking woman with a plain but elegant face. 50 or 51 years old, Tall, I’d guess 5’9″ or even 5’10” with dad’s light sandy blond hair flecked with grey.

A very nice complexion but two-toned with a light tan on her lower legs, arms and neck and face while all the rest is snowy white. Medium sized breasts with large brown areoles, I think they must be 3 inches across centered around little finger sized nipples. She’s still trim probably in the 150 pound range but the area between her legs is a sandy blond forest.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen that much hair on a pussy except on the internet. You know I like some hair down there, but this is the first time I can say without reservation that a really good trim would be the first thing on my list. Yeah, I know, I stripped her and looked her over without her permission; but it is our home and our rules. I covered her lightly with a sheet and laid out one of mom’s summer robes to see if she would give it a try.

Then it was down stairs to Miss Casey’s afternoon exercise. During the exercise session, I told Casey about putting Aunt Rena to bed and that she’d been pretty drunk. I did not tell her about our dad and her, it seemed that should be Aunt Rena’s decision. After exercise Casey got a quick sponge bath and I changed her bedding; I’ve always loved fresh bedding. Then together we plotted dinner.

Casey remembered that Aunt Rena loved fried chicken and pointed out that I should not be frying chicken lest I get hot grease on my tender parts. She offered to call the Chicken Shack and get a pile of chicken delivered perfectly cooked. I agreed to put together a big green salad and boil up some fresh corn on the cob from the freezer — once the salad was made and the corn on the boil, Casey called for delivery and I started to go wake Aunt Rena.

When I got to the stairs she was coming down. What a nice surprise, she was wearing the robe I’d laid out and barefooted. She smiled at me timidly, seeming quite vulnerable and shy asking, “Would it be alright if I went for a swim like this?”

“Absolutely, we do it all the time.” I said “You go right ahead and I’ll bring you a big towel and a couple of aspirin. We’ll have supper in about 30 minutes.”

As she walked out to the pool Casey watched her carefully giving her a big thumbs up and smiled at me saying, “Good job bro!”


Aunt Rena’s perspective

As she began to wake from her nap, Rena stretched, realizing she was naked, totally and completely. Looking around the room she thought to herself, “I must be in Leah’s bedroom. But how did I get naked? Shit, it must have been Jack. I need to get dressed and give that boy a piece of my mind …”

As she began to rise to anger she remembered telling him about her affair with Robert and a dread feeling of exposure and regret swept over her. She sat up slowly swinging her long legs over the edge of the bed and caught a good look at her naked body in Leah’s wall mirror. “Jesus, here I sit stark naked and exposed. No doubt looked over good by Jack; I wonder what he told Casey. I expect they think I am a freak, a crazy old lady. Oh hell, will Jack tell my story or will he be discreet? I don’t know what to do.”

With a sick, sinking feeling in the pit of her stomach and still more than a little influence from the drinks, Rena stood and walked unsteadily into the bathroom seating herself firmly on the toilet and listened to her piss splash into the bowl while holding her head in her hands. “Well,” she thought “nothing to do but face the music.”

As she picked up her panties to dress she thought, “Jack must want me naked and if he wants me naked that means Casey wants me naked. Those two are thick as two thieves what one wants the other wants; maybe I better talk to Leah first and see if she knows what’s going on here.”

Rena sat herself on the bed and picked up the house phone from the bed stand, dialing Leah’s cell phone from memory. After a few rings she heard Leah say, “Leah Thompson, may I help you?”

“Leah, this is Rena.”

“Hi Rena, is everything Ok?”

“To tell you the truth, I’m not sure. I am sitting in your bedroom with two naked children downstairs.” She said, “What do you know about that?”

“Alright Rena, just calm down; first of all Jack is 24 and Casey is 18, they are not children anymore. Secondly, they have my permission to be naked — not all over the world, just at home with family. In fact, if I were there now I’m sure I would be naked too!” said Leah.

“Now Rena, tell me … why are you at my house?” asked Leah.

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