Brenda , Molly

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My freshman year of college held many adventures, and one of the best was a pair of young women named Brenda and Molly. Brenda was in my German class and Molly was her roommate. Brenda was homely and plump, in need of an orthodontist and a good aerobic workout plan, but she was a happy and good- natured girl. One bonus of larger women is usually a large rack, and Brenda did have nice big tits. She developed a crush on me fairly early and would stare at me in class. It is always nice to be admired.

We started up a friendship but I was reluctant to let it get much further. I don’t want to sound like a snob but I routinely dated women more attractive and more intelligent, so I saw absolutely no long-term future in a relationship with her. For this reason I ignored her obvious crush. I didn’t want to hurt her by taking her virginity when I knew I wouldn’t be in her life for long as a lover. Kindness or snobbery, you decide. I hung out with her and we worked on homework together, but it was almost to the point where I would need to make my position clear.

Her roommate was a lusty wench named Molly. Molly was also plump, more so than Brenda, but she was gorgeous. She was blonde and pretty and her excess weight had not hit her face. She was a sex junkie and liked to torture Brenda with tales of her exploits. She tried the same tactic on me a few times, and when Brenda was around I allowed it, but when Brenda stepped out of the room I shot back with my own tales of wanton lust and perversity. I know I got her hot once or twice, but again I had no intentions of starting anything there. Molly might have been a great lay, but she was in no way my type.

Early in the spring semester I caught a nasty flu bug. I don’t get sick often but when I do it takes me down hard. I skipped class on a Monday and called friends to take notes and collect assignments for me, and Brenda was the one I called for the German assignment. She made a big deal of how sorry she was for me and said she would bring me the assignment after class. I figured she would want to hang out but I really wasn’t in the mood.

Around 4:00 she and Molly showed up with a grocery bag full of stuff. They had brought me a package of goodies to ease the pain. It was very thoughtful of them and I invited them in to have a seat on the huge pillow that served as the sofa in my tiny dorm room. I sat cross from them in a chair, still wearing my bathrobe.

They went through the package, pulling out things and suggesting uses for some of the less obvious things. They had really gone overboard, with soup, candy bars, Tylenol, a card, a deck of playing cards, etc. They had bought a very large candy-cane, on clearance from the recently passed holiday, and made jokes about its size and girth and didn’t I wish I had one like that. I bit my tongue and kept quiet but the sexual innuendo did have a minor effect on my anatomy, especially when Molly performed a brief fellatio act with it. They had apparently been to the gag gift store as well, for they had a bottle of “hormone control” novelty pills. They made a big deal of forcing meto take them immediately, presumably to keep me from jumping their bones since I had them both alone. The last thing they held close for a moment and told me the story. Molly said she wanted to get me a Playgirl magazine but she was worried that in my weakened state I wouldn’t be strong enough to take the blow to my ego, so instead they got me a Playboy.

I popped open the magazine and checked out some of the naked ladies, and I must admit that I became slightly more aroused. I had taken a shower about an hour before and was still naked under the robe, so my free-flying parts were free to expand. Molly kept talking about Playgirls and Playboys and how fake those models were. In order to make the chubby girls feel better I agreed that the plastic casino şirketleri women in the girly magazine did little for me. Nice to look at, but no substance.

Molly, in a similar gesture, said something about how unrealistic the men in her magazine were, and at one point held her hands nearly a foot apart and said, “Guys just don’t get this big.”

I will never know if that was a subtle invitation or not, but that is how I took it. I had a fever still and the Playboy had me a little horny, so I did something I probably wouldn’t have done otherwise.

“Some of us are.” As I said that, I pulled aside the bathrobe and let my cock free in front of the girls.

Brenda’s hands flew to her face in shock, but Molly was better composed and simply raised an eyebrow. Both of them were staring at my dick, and well they might. I take full credit for my physique, a stout and muscular body that knows no fear, but I have to thank God and my ancestors for the generous lump of meat between my legs. I have a big straight dick that has rarely, in my experience, been received with anything less than enthusiasm.

“Is this as big as the guys in your magazine?” I asked as it swelled a little more in reaction to those hungry expressions.

“Uh, yeah. I think so,” Molly replied. Brenda had been quiet for most of the conversation about sex and nudity, but her expression at that point spoke volumes. Her beady eyes were wide open and staring at my prodigious appendage.

“Brenda, you like what you see?”

She nodded her head but said nothing.

“I usually don’t let this guy out for nothing. He is a very popular fellow and likes to hang out with the ladies. Do you ladies know what to do with a cock this big?” Molly nodded quickly, a smile wide on her pretty face, but Brenda was slower to react.

“Um, I’ve never seen one up close before.”

“Then come over here and get closer. Maybe Molly can show you what to do with it.”

I knew Molly was up for anything and expected her to jump forward as she did, but I was a bit surprised at Brenda’s enthusiasm. Perhaps she felt that Molly was horning in on her territory. Whatever the reason, I quickly had these two women’s faces between my legs. My cock was approaching half-mast by now, jutting up out of my crotch and arcing down toward the girls.

“Show her, Molly.”

Molly was happy to oblige, taking my cock in her cool hand and slowly stroking it up and down. She really was a beautiful woman, and the lecherous look on her face was almost as nice as the feeling of her small hand jerking me off. Brenda sat there mesmerized and unsure what to do, her mouth hanging slightly open and her breathing becoming heavy.

I reached out and caressed Brenda’s face, breaking her cock-induced trance. Her eyes flew to my face, and the look she gave me was one of longing to be told what to do. As I said, I was still in a bit of a fever-induced haze, but that is what it looked like to me.

“Give me your hand.”

Brenda’s right hand came up to mine, and I gently guided it to my engorging member. I wrapped her hand around the shaft next to Molly’s and started her at the same pace. She got the idea instantly and I let my hand drop as I watched these girls slowly stroke me in tandem. I was soon completely erect and my large cock jutted up from my loins like a statue, like an idol, and the girls were its worshipers.

Molly took the next step. She leaned in close and brushed her cheek against the shaft, closing her eyes in mock ecstasy to give me a show. Brenda followed suit, but since Molly had turned her head away from Brenda she got a different idea. Brenda brought her little mouth in close and extended her tongue, brushing it up the side. She was hesitant and unsure, and her eyes looked to mine for reassurance. I smiled and nodded.

Molly casino firmaları was quick to bring her own tongue to bear, but instead of the meek brushing of Brenda, she mashed her tongue into the shaft and dragged it up, pressing into me and again making quite the production out of it. Their hands continued to move up and down at the base of my cock, leaving the rest for their tongues to roam. Brenda continued her light flickering, and I could barely feel it with Molly mauling me from the other side.

Molly finally noticed what Brenda was doing and then she took her order to teach the proper method. Molly touched Brenda’s shoulder to get her attention, then kept eye contact while she performed her next maneuver. Molly pulled my dick down a bit and put her mouth full on the shaft, brushing me with her teeth and pushing hard with her tongue. This woman knew her business. Brenda quickly mimicked her roommate and I had a collar of hot, wet mouth on me. They began to move together, nose to nose, down and back it’s length.

I was having a grand time. Only once before had I had 2 women suck me at one time, and they had both been far less experienced than Molly. Watching her pretty face gnaw on my bone was a sight to see. I’d like to say Brenda held up her end, but she was obviously outclassed and was struggling to stay in the game. She did pay attention, though, and when Molly did something Brenda copied it.

After the mouth collar, Molly turned my dick back up and gave it a few moments of quick jerking, sliding easily on the spit left on the shaft. After that, she took Brenda’s hand and placed it on the shaft, starting her off at a slow pace. Brenda was a quick study and worked me well as Molly went below for a ball.

She took my balls in her hand and licked them, pulling gently on my sack with her hand. I love it when a woman knows how to treat the twins, and Molly surely did. She took one into her mouth and rolled it around with her tongue, again pulling gently but this time with her lips. I had to spread my legs wide to give them both room. Brenda watched intently, still stroking me slowly.

Molly kept that up for a while and I enjoyed it thoroughly, but I was starting to get anxious for the next level. Molly, however, had another trick in store for me. Brenda, on a cue from Molly, let go of my cock and leaned back out of range, then went to her shirt and started to pull it over her head. Her dark sweater came off quickly, exposing the heavy tits I knew to be lurking within, held in by a serious bra. The bra quickly came off and her ponderous breasts hung low and free. Time and gravity would eventually to terrible things to this poor girl, but at 19 her tits were still very nice.

Molly stopped working my balls and moved out, motioning for Brenda to move in. Brenda didn’t quite understand and she moved her face down to my crotch to carry on as Molly had done, but that wasn’t the plan.

“Titty-fuck him. Put his dick between your tits, squeeze them together and bounce them up and down. Guys like that shit.” She turned her slutty glance at me again and I returned it.

Brenda understood and took position on her knees. She had to lift her tits to rest on my lap, but she quickly corralled them around my cock and started the process. Her floppy tits engulfed me in their soft embrace, and I must admit it was a nice sensation, but Brenda really didn’t have the talent to make it a truly amazing experience. It would be a few years before I met a girl with that kind of talent.

Molly leaned on my left leg, watching closely and giving Brenda pointers and ideas. Brenda was shedding her inhibitions now, though I think she was still flabbergasted that she was doing this. At Molly’s direction she began to lick the head of my dick, though she remained tentative and hesitant. She flicked her tongue against güvenilir casino the tip and around the head, but never put any serious contact on me. Molly would occasionally pull my dick towards her and give a similar flicker of tongue, but the nasty look on her face told me that she knew what I wanted. This was all well and good, but I was getting seriously anxious for the payoff.

“Molly, why don’t you show Brenda how to finish the process?”

“Gladly,” she replied. Brenda leaned back and let her heavy breasts flop away from my lap as Molly moved in to take her place. I motioned for Brenda to come around to my right and to put her big tits up on my leg so I could touch them. She cooed at my touch as my hands explored the expanse of her flesh and my fingers probed he sensitive nipples, but my attention was mostly on Molly.

Molly grabbed the base of my cock with both hands and aimed it right at her pretty face. She started to give that little flicker of the tongue again through her wicked smile, but I would have no more of that. I put my left hand on the back of her head and pushed her down on me, but I didn’t need to use any force. Molly acceded to my wishes and plunged down as far as she could go, enveloping the first few inches of my dick in her hot mouth. She tried to push her mouth further down but she couldn’t accommodate my girth. I knew Brenda’s little mouth would even less chance, but I figured Molly would be able to take it home.

Molly started bouncing her head up and down, pushing my cock to the back of her throat each time, while her hands gripped tightly and matched the pumping of her face. Her lips stayed sealed around the shaft and her tongue did a nice strong dance against the underside of the head. This was what I needed, a serious face fuck. My balls had started to ache terribly during Brenda’s titty-fuck, but Molly was about to make it all OK.

The entire length of my dick began to ache as my orgasm approached. My hips rose as my ass clenched, and my entire body started to go rigid in anticipation of the powerful rush I was about to have. My orgasms are often violent things and I didn’t want to hurt the girls, so I grabbed the chair arms and held tight as I felt Molly push me over the edge.

The first shot surprised Molly as it coated her tongue in salty sperm. My cock bucked in her hands but her grip kept it in line. She took that first shot and then the second, but popped me out of her mouth after that. She continued to jerk me off hard as she aimed my cock at Brenda’s waiting tits. My third contraction fired a line of milky spunk across Brenda’s right tit and into her cleavage, quickly dripping down between. I usually come heavy, so the next few shots continued to heave sticky trails on her big fat tits, until the contractions started to lessen and the jism trickled down to nothing.

Molly took my cock back into her still come-filled mouth and slopped it around, making quite the spectacle of our mingled fluids sliding across her teeth and along her tongue, lathering my cock with the mixture. Molly was a pure porn hound and knew not only how to make it feel great, but look great as well. She worked my slimy dick for a while and put on her show as Brenda and I watched. I slumped down in to the chair, unusually spent for a single orgasm. I attributed the exhaustion to the flu, but whatever the cause I was in need of some bed rest after that.

Molly and Brenda both sat back against the pillow and looked at me. Molly’s pretty face was smeared with my ejaculate, and Brenda’s huge tits were dripping with it. Brenda looked a little confused still, but there was a dawning realization that she had just done something really raunchy and hot, and I think she liked it. Molly was just as sassy and slutty as ever, still licking and smacking her lips. All thoughts of not getting physical with these two had completely left my mind, and all I could think of besides getting some sleep was the hope that I might get a second crack at these two together.

“You girls feel free to bring me a care package like that anytime.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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