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I just got back from the most incredible birthday party I ever had. It was just me and two of my best friends (both women) and the gifts they gave me were amazing. It all began with Linda, my ex-lover. She’s 45 and divorced. I’m 26 and single. We were together a few years after her marriage ended and we stayed friends after we broke up. We are really close and our sexual connection never faded. Sometimes when we are between relationships, we make love and it’s always hot.

Linda knows what I like, and for my birthday she knew I’d broken up with my girlfriend and hadn’t had any loving for two months. It felt like a lifetime. I was complaining about it one night while drinking at a bar with her. She asked me what I would REALLY enjoy if I could have anything I wanted. I was buzzed enough to tell her my wildest, horniest fantasy.

Linda upped it with Julie, her close friend since college. Julie, who’s in her late 40s. is also divorced and dating, but not committed. I knew her pretty well from my years with Linda and we all got along really well. So I was happy when I arrived at Linda’s apartment for my birthday dinner and found her there. The place was decorated with balloons and streamers and a big sign, and I had to smile when I saw them.

I never dreamed they’d do for me what they did. We’d always engaged in a lot of playful sexual banter and the ladies had obviously had a few glasses of wine by the time I arrived. I got a very warm greeting. They handed me a beer and put on some music and we talked and laughed while Linda finished cooking a nice pasta and salad dinner. By the time it was over, they were very tipsy and I had a nice buzz, but no idea what was in store.

“Are you ready for your presents?” Linda asked, glancing at Julie, who smiled sheepishly.

“Sure,” I replied, and they stood up, walked out and left me alone. Ten minutes later, as I wondered what they were up to, they came back wearing ribbons around their hips.

“So what is this?” I asked. “Shhh,” Linda said, “Don’t ruin the surprise…”

They walked to the sofa and kneeled on it with their backs to me. Each woman had a big colored bow on her ass — Linda red, Julie pink — and they looked over their shoulders at me and wiggled their butts. “Come open your presents,” Linda said.

I was confused. “Where are they?” I asked.

“Here!” said Linda, slapping her wide, full ass. “I told Julie what you like to eat most.”

My heart started pounding when I realized what she was getting at.

“We’re giving you a two layer cake,” Linda said, winking over her shoulder. “Vanilla with hot bittersweet chocolate. Your favorite flavor. I hope you don’t mind that I told….”

“I uh…” I said, stunned.

“And I told Julie almanbahis not to shower…” she said with a wink.

“You are such a pervert,” Julie laughed, “but I’ll let you lick my ass because it’s your birthday and you’re so hard up…”

I couldn’t believe it. Linda has always been into me eating out her ass and she really gets off on it. There’s nothing better than the scent of a woman’s anal musk and the erotic intimacy of the taste as you slide your tongue into her asshole while the plush warmth of her butt surrounds your face. She knew it was my biggest turn-on, and now two older women were offering me their hot sexy fannies to taste…

“Come open your presents!’ Linda said, parting her cheeks to reveal the dark slit of her pink, delicately wrinkled asshole.

Most comfortable with Linda, I went to her first and kissed her neck in appreciation. She’s a red-haired, big-hipped woman — both have the wide hips, soft bellies, full lush thighs and round asses I adore — and I reached around her and unfastened her jeans. Sliding the zipper down, I opened the top and she gave her hips a little shrug as I slid her pants off.

Linda wasn’t wearing underwear. Her wide, creamy ass looked and smelled delicious. I savored her musk and gave her warm, moist anus a kiss. She stood up to step out of her jeans and left them on the floor. Julie giggled and Linda mugged, putting her hands on her hips and sticking her big bare ass in Julie’s direction before kneeling on the sofa again.

Then I moved over to Julie, my heart pounding with lust. She has long, thick dark hair and an olive complexion. She laughed as I fumbled with the clasp of her black jeans, but I finally got them open. Tugging them down, I was treated to their sight of her ample round ass. “Wow,” was all I could say. Julie is the heaviest of the two and has the biggest ass, so beautifully firm. My hands trembled as I slid her thong down.

Julie reached back with both hands and I gazed with intense lust at the sexy brown circle of her anus, it’s sharply musky scent so different than Linda’s.

“You ladies are amazing,” I said, just looking at them, nude from the waist down and kneeling on the sofa in such a way that their cheeks parted. I’ve never been so turned on and nervous in my life.

“Time to eat your cake,” Linda said. I knelt behind her, my left hand palming Julie’s smooth bare ass. Linda parted her cheeks wide. She hadn’t showered, knowing I’d get off on the scent and taste of a day’s worth of her sweaty, denim-clad funk. It makes her feel really sexy and desirable to know I get turned on by her body’s dirtiest place.

I kissed Linda’s cool, bare cheeks and ran my tongue up the crack from her pussy to the small of her back. My almanbahis yeni giriş tongue lingered on her asshole, where her flavor was most intense. She wiggled her bare butt playfully as I eagerly licked, her scent filling me with raging lust, and she said, “Try the other flavor…”

I felt awkward and undecided for a few seconds before moving over to Julie. I palmed her wide, plump cheeks, kissing them and gently pulling them apart. I took my time running my tongue over her buns and down the warm, moist valley between them while she wiggled her ass in my face. I was fighting not to come in my jeans.

After slowly licking and hearing her breath quicken, I pushed the tip of my tongue into her anus. She tasted spicy, like bitter cinnamon. The walls of her tight hole were smooth like rubber and the warmth of her creamy butt cheeks surrounded my face as I pressed deeper. She smelled so good and my tongue tingled. I went deeper for more, and sucked her funky hole, leaving it slick with my saliva as I massaged and squeezed her glorious plump buns.

I deeply tongue-fucked Julie’s delicious asshole for a few more minutes as she cooed contentedly. I was so horny it was unbelievable, and the ladies were turned on, too. I had their pussy juices on my chin as I knelt behind Julie. Her clit was swollen, her pussy lips parted with a glistening wetness that she rubbed with her red-nailed middle finger. As I slowly swirled my tongue around and inside her fudge hole she sighed, “Ooooh, he’s good.”

I pressed the tip deep into her anus again and sucked. My cock was hard and aching, throbbing and leaking in my jeans and I couldn’t believe how lucky I was. I never wanted this to end. I went back to Linda for a few more minutes, then Julie again, savoring the different flavors and scents and textures of each woman’s ass, working my tongue as far into them as it could go.

We were all crazy horny. Linda and Julie started kissing and feeling each other’s breasts as I licked and caressed and probed and tasted.

“I didn’t know you two were such good friends,” I said from behind Julie’s bare bottom. Her hole was wet and swollen with excitement, easily admitting my tongue into her satiny rectum. The scent of ass and pussy was in the air as she took off her top. She was now nude except for her sneakers and black knee socks. I slid my tongue into her again, deep and long, pressing my nose into her crack and my chin against her sopping cunt until she came and I could feel her anus clenching as she wriggled and moaned, her thick pussy honey soaking me.

Linda and Julie were still kissing and fingering each other’s cunt, so I knelt behind Linda again and slowly slid my middle finger into Julie’s asshole while I licked and sucked almanbahis giriş Linda’s. Both women came after a few minutes, moaning and whimpering. When they were through, I pulled my finger out of Julie’s ass and sucked it while they watched. It was slick and funky and bitter and salty and the taste made me want to come.

“Well,” said Linda breathlessly, peeling off her black top and bra so she, too, was completely nude in all her voluptuous glory, “now it’s our turn.”

As I stood, the ladies turned around and sat on the sofa facing me. Tucking their hair behind their ears, Linda unfastened my belt and opened my jeans as Julie watched.

Linda stroked me, sending a wave of horny pleasure through my fully erect cock. Then the soft warmth of her mouth surrounded the head and she sighed “Mmmmmm” as she sucked. Man, it felt so good. I was moaning. Linda really knows how to pleasure a penis and she took her time slowly swirling her tongue on the head while she glanced at her friend.

“Let me have some!” Julie said and I turned to her, placing my erection against her full lips while taking a deep breath to hold off my orgasm. She cupped my balls and gently stroked my cock, licking a big clear drop of precum while looking up at me. “You are horny aren’t you?”

“Uh huh,” was all I could say and I gasped when she took me deep in her mouth, sucking hard and moving her head slowly back and forth. I was really fighting to avoid unleashing a torrent of hot cream when Julie and Linda only added to my sweet torture by planting soft kisses on the glistening head and licking the shaft down to my balls and back up.

“Gonna cum,” I gasped and Julie took me again with a deep suck, unleashing the most intense orgasm I’ve ever had. I let out a loud moan and spurt after spurt of thick white cream shot over her tongue and lips. Linda leaned in and took some in her open mouth. “Mmmm,” they both purred appreciatively as Julie kept squeezing and stroking, urging me back to an almost unbearable peak of ecstasy. And just as I was breathlessly finishing, my cream everywhere, Linda gave me one last long suck as she squeezed my last drops out onto her tongue.

My head was spinning and I was catching my breath when these wonderful ladies gave my still throbbing cock a kiss and said, “Happy birthday!”

I was speechless. All I could do was moan, “Thanks.” And that was it. They stood up, dabbing white globs from their breasts and chins, and licking the warm, sticky cream off their fingers as they smiled devilishly at me.

We finished up with a few more drinks — the ladies put their tops back on but stayed bottomless the rest of the night so I could admire them — before it was time to go. The memory of what they did for me made me intensely horny again after I got home. I’ll be getting myself off forever just thinking about each sexy friend, each bittersweet, delicious ass I tasted and pleasured that night. That was a gift that will definitely keep on giving.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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