Anne Working Overtime Ch. 06

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06 – Sit in service

She nearly jumped on her seat! The old, grey haired man sitting beside her looked at her with staring eyes. Anne had almost dozed off, and realized that she had been so deep into those sweet memories of her love session with Jean that she had actually moaned and whispered her name. Here in the bus! And probably licked her lips too!


It was a relief to finally get off and walk the driveway up to the centre. As the well- known sign came into view, her heart started pounding – again.

This was it! Finally! The lecture that even could make the love session with Jean fade. The ultimate test of submission. If she could do this, she could do anything! Anything!!

When she knocked and entered into Jean’s office, she was a little surprised to find that she was not alone. She was sitting behind her desk, with another lady opposite to her. They both appeared to be chatting lightly over a cup of coffee, wearing those familiar white coats over their dresses.

The unknown woman jumped to her feet with a big smile and in three long steps came over to hug and kiss her. She was as good looking as the rest of the seniors that Anne had gotten to know at the centre. Dark, almost totally black sleek hair tied in a tight, voluminous knot in the neck, big glasses with a dark red frame. Extraordinary nice smelling perfume. Very light rogue on her cheek- bones and a touch of glossy eyelid green.

Again Anne was totally overwhelmed by powerful femininity, a body and a personality passing on an all- consuming mental strength and sensualism, glowing brown eyes framed by pointy eyelashes and carefully picked black eyebrows. A round, very elegant face, displaying fresh maturity rather than any sign of age.

“Carol, this is Anne, Anne – Carol Copland”, Jean’s voice reached them from behind the desk.

Ms. Copland leaned back slightly, holding the young girl’s arms at the elbows for a short, intense moment as those huge, smiling eyes scanned over her. Then she let go and motioned for her to sit down on a chair beside her own.

Jean had been sitting behind her desk the whole time, and as Anne slumped down into her chair it didn’t take long for her to recognise why. From the slightly heavy and dimmed eyelids and the way her breathing went, she immediately understood that Deb, her junior assistant and secretary – “her first business associate”, as Jean had called her – was in position on her knees under the desk, dutifully servicing that insatiable pussy.

“Yes!”, Jean just smiled at her, nodding and as usual reading her mind like an open book as she took another sip of her coffee. “Yes…. she is!”

The two ladies laughed at Anne’ s amazed expression, thinking it was because of what went on under that desk. What they didn’t know was that Anne’s amazement first of all came from the fact that she had counted at least twelve powerful orgasms the night she and Jean had been together. And that was just tree days ago! Anne really had the impression that she would need some time to recover after that workout. Seems like she was still grossly underestimating the stamina of this lady!

She again felt a small sting of jealousy that she could sit down and use Deb’s services just like that after their heavenly love session, but then again she had to remind herself what the girl actually was there for. And besides, Jean would be teaching most of the time this evening, and would not have much time to have her own desires looked after. And Anne would be studying…. Studying hard!

“Now”, Jean started, clearing her throat and sliding a little bit further down in her chair, “Carol has been out of town for quite a while to investigate the possibilities of a few projects we’ve had in mind for some months now. That’s why you haven’t met her before. Actually she, me and Pamela make the main “board” of our little business. Up until now Mary had to sit… sorry, fill in the classes. Now she’s back though!” Her smile broadened as she looked over at her friend; “and I suppose little Heather hardly knew what hit her when you met again?!”

Another round of casual laughter.

“Well, she worked hard all evening and most of the night, if that’s what you mean!”

“Yeah, that’s what I mean!”

New giggling, almost girlish. Then Jean straightened a little and looked over at Anne again;

“Carol came back a little earlier than expected, but it won’t influence the plans for today very much.

You’ll be going through today’s lecture with Jennifer. She’s about two months ahead of you in the program – that normally would mean way ahead. But you’ve caught up with her already. You definitely have! She’s positive, but a little reluctant, so we’ve had to work a little more gently with her. But now she’s coming along quite nicely!

Actually, as I told you this weekend, I was planning to bring along a third of our established pupils, named Sandra, but unfortunately she couldn’t make it this time. The idea is to start building casino siteleri a team that will specialise in your technique, the core of the “new” branch …. of our business”.

A short gasp interrupted the monologue; the first visible sign that her secretary’s service started to have some effect.

Anne noticed how this short display of arousal immediately made Carol a little uneasy on her chair, and she took a deep sip of her coffee.

“I didn’t manage to cancel the appointment with Mary though, so she will be her today too. I hope that’s Okay?!”

A big smile, not even pretending to be apologetic.

Anne nodded bravely. She knew that was nothing but an order. But it was already clear to her that she and this Jennifer would be in for a hard lecture with these tree voluptuous ladies as instructors. Some serious overtime!

“Mary is in the showers still, but she has heard what I’m going to say several times, so I think we’ll just get started”.

Jean opened a leaf folder she had in front of her. Carol got even more uneasy and Anne’s heart pounded wildly.

Several full letter size pictures were put side by side on the desk in front of her. The quality was surprisingly good even though it was clear that they were made at the institute, obviously for this purpose only.

It was all quite straight forward, to say the least. Simple, in fact.

The most intriguing one, obviously, was a close- up of a beautiful behind in and arched bent- over position, leaving extremely little to the fantasy. Anne wasn’t quite sure, but she thought it must have been Pam.

Then there was Debbie. And then there was…. the combination!

As the tree ladies got more and more flushed from excitement, Jean pointed out the finer sides of the art of face sitting, using the illustrations to underline details.

“Obviously”, Jean breathed, “being smothered this way in many cases might make it difficult to get air. And you simply cannot rely on your lady to remember to worry about this, especially not when ecstasy hits her! Not with her best intentions! It’s just not possible, and it would’ve ruined the whole concept. The lady must be 100% sure that she can enjoy the service fully without any concerns about safety. That’s one of the points where our innovative sides have been challenged. We most certainly don’t want any accidents!”

Jean moaned again, visibly enjoying the sensations crated from her own high-qualified service. She opened a drawer and picked up something that looked like a couple of small plastic pipes. She held them up swinging gently in front of Anne.

“Breathing tubes! Not too soft, not too stiff, with this soft rubber plug or whatever we should call it, to fit them in the nostrils. Minimised to let enough through while at the same time near unnoticeable to your lady.

Here, hold them!”

Anne reached out to hold them, almost a little frightened, as she tried to imagine it stuck up her nose. It definitely didn’t look very comfortable! The two ladies looked at her with glowing eyes. Eyes that clearly told her that what she was thinking was exactly what was in store for her!

Jean’s breathing got more irregular, although she tried hard to control herself. When Anne had examined the peculiar device a little while and reached out to give it back to her, her friend suddenly excused herself with a short gasp. Her jaws clamped tightly together as a powerful shudder went through her. The grey- green eyes locked with Anne’s as the orgasm spread out from her pussy all the way out into her toes and fingertips.

Beside this she managed to sit quite still, and got her breathing under control again even before she passed the peak. On top of that she even managed to grab the pipes and stiffly put them back into the drawer, all as her belly still convulsed, and cum squirts flooded the mouth pressed deep into her pussy. A display of strength and self control that made Anne extremely proud. She remembered how the lady totally lost control when the two of them were together the other night, and realised that her own service after all must have been much better than the one she received right now. Deb was well trained, enthusiastic and patient, but still she couldn’t measure up to Anne’s standard.

“Unnnnnggghhhh!!” Jean obviously just couldn’t help it. As she passed the peak, the groan just pressed itself out between gritting teeth. Her palms slid back and forth over the desk until she grasped the hand Carol reached out to her.

Another moment passed in silence as her body trembled one last time.

“You look beautiful”, Carol whispered.

Anne couldn’t agree more. There was nothing as beautiful as a lady having an intense orgasm. Especially a lady like Jean! She watched with shining eyes as it peaked, and then how the voluptuous body eventually relaxed, shoulders came down, the clenched jaws transformed into a satisfied smile and the tight grip around Carol’s hand gradually changed to loving caresses.

“Thank canlı casino you!” she breathed, tilting her head and pouting her lips in a flash to throw her a kiss over the table.

She let herself fall back into the chair again and looked over at Anne as she waved her hand against her neck to cool down.

“There was something about a great life, wasn’t it?”

“Indeed” Anne responded, joining the two ladies in a giggle that again sounded almost girlish.

Jean relaxed a few minutes as her under table assistant carefully attended to her exhausted pussy with soft towels and kisses.

Carol used the opportunity to give more detailed instructions on how the tubes and other equipment should be used. She communicated in a warm and open way that further emphasized her intense erotic appearance, using elegant arm movements and eye mimic to underscore her important points. Her entire look with her hair pulled tightly back and the big glasses down on the tip of her nose made her look like some mixture of a head nurse and a schoolmistress.

This in one way was quite relaxing to Anne, who still struggled with the idea of having the thing stuck half way up into her head.

On the other hand the lady showed no signs of doubts about letting her go through with it, just like that, like she was telling her the latest celebrity gossip.

Hopefully it wasn’t all as bad as it looked….

Carol must have been born into the role she had in today’s lecture. When they once again entered studio 4 and met with Mary and Jennifer, she was the one who took charge and got everything settled. Her schoolmistress- appearance gained significance as it was clear that she in fact was set up to more or less run the whole show.

Jennifer was about the same age as Anne, a shy looking brunette with a well trained and slender body. She was dressed like her too, in wide shorts and t-shirt.

Mary was – almost as usual – fresh from the shower and draped in a white towel, just like the first time. They sat side by side on the familiar leather couch with a cup of coffee each. Even though she set up her most marvellous smile, Anne clearly noticed that she was a bit nervous this time too.

They all fond their places around the table and served themselves coffee and tea. Deb came in with a bucket of champagne on ice and placed it beside the sweet- scenting flower decoration.

Anne learned that Mary and Jen had been together on several occasions during lectures already, so everybody except the two youngsters had met before. Anne found it hard to catch the young girl’s eyes across the table. She assumed she was nervous or shy, and was glad she felt so relaxed and confident herself. She was excited, but from expectations rather than anxiety. Surely there would be time to get more acquainted later on tonight as well as in coming lectures. She looked adorable, and – most important of all – had and open and receptive appearance.

After some more light chatting, Carol cleared her throat and looked around the table.

“Now, we all now what the theme of today’s lecture is, so I think we can get directly to the point, Okay?”

Unison nods all around.

“There are basically two important aspects about the type of service that we will practise tonight; Discretion and pride! These are probably not the first things to spring to your mind, and me and Jean have spent quite a lot of time trying to lay out a kind of a philosophy behind these cues.

The discretion comes from the plain fact that you’re able to sit up in a totally natural position, without any visible signs to indicate the kind of service you’re receiving. And that again brings you directly to the second cue. You can sit straight and properly in a position that brings you in total control of any situation you might be in. Some of our clients in fact find it a bit degrading to be half lying on their back with their legs spread. One once told me she felt like a grade tree hooker. Another like she should undergo a gynaecological examination or something.”

Smiles and light chuckling.

“Our clients don’t have problems with this kind of classical service in the evening or at night. It’s perfect for evening relaxation in a comfortable chair or in bed. That’s a different mood and consequently an entirely different thing. But – as I referred – it’s not suitable for a modern, busy woman at daytime. For once you can hardly work efficiently, and anyway you don’t keep your edge up – or more correctly; you don’t feel like keeping your edge up laying on you back with your legs spread!”

Carol shrugged her shoulders and looked over the group of smiling faces.

“So, this hopefully explains the two important aspects of this training. By the way – since it’s basically more of a professional thing – we love to call it the sit in – service”.

More giggling. Carol joined in shortly, before she straightened herself and made an attempt to look serious.

“Any questions?”

None kaçak casino of them expected any response, and Carol looked a little surprised as Anne reluctantly raised her hand.

“Excuse me miss, but you… you mean that this…. method is used only at daytime?”

“Well… yes! Or….. yes… basically. Well, I was actually coming to that. Thanks for reminding me!
Now, as I’m sure Jean has mentioned to you many times, many of our clients are working women, career women, women with drive and ambitions. These are the ones to ask for our sit in- services. Maybe it’s a little surprising, but many of these clients want our assistance during daytime. Some kind of extra secretary or staff function. Basically someone to help and support with different necessities during the day. The kind of support you cannot expect from an ordinary front desk secretary. But the support very soon focused on taking care mostly of one, fundamental necessity!

It all started with one of our client asking for this service. And when we came up with a solution similar to what you will try this evening, the word spread incredibly fast. And we never could imagine that such a service could be so popular!”

Carol interrupted her monologue with a deep breath that made her full breast bulge under her blouse.

“So, that’s why we’re here! I think we should clarify the things by getting down to business.

Jean, could you be a dear and roll the machines over here?”

Jean, who had been sitting discretely in the corner of the couch enjoying her coffee and her sexual afterglow, got up and disappeared behind the broad wall curtain. With experienced ease she rolled the first, and then the second of two heavy looking pieces of equipment that to Anne looked like ordinary exercise machines. They were swiftly parked with a heavy foot pedal in front of the section and locked in position.

When Carol slipped off her white coat and got up to start explaining their design, it was soon clear though that they were not ordinary at all.

“Now, these units we’ve actually had rebuilt from standard leg- extension machines. They’ll resemble the standard backup service chairs I’ll show you later on. You Jen have already seen them once, in a prep lecture with Linda and Liz, so you should know most of this already.

Anyway; as you can see, the chair will put the seated lady in a position quite similar to that of a standard office work situation. Basically a comfortable position for office work or attending meetings.”

Carol pointed to a leather- clad bench a level under the seat, extending forward across the support bars for the original leg curl- shaft. She adjusted the bench position a couple of times as she explained how it was used.

“The service- girl lies on her back, with the bench adjusted so she can find a reasonably comfortable position”.

She then proceeded with the lady seat.

“The seat is longitudinally split in tree sections, and as you can see, I can remove the central section. This leaves an open slot in the middle where the lady’s intimate body parts are positioned directly over the service girl’s upturned face. See?”

Anne again felt her pulse pumping harder and her cheeks getting red as she started to grasp the elegant simplicity of the design. The features of the chair alone were enough for her to breathe heavily. In addition Carol bent over with her skirt- clad behind stuck against her in a way that displayed its overwhelming richness and unbelievably voluptuous shape. Her skirt and jacket were greyish, with faintly visible stripes of lighter grey, and her sleek stockings had a matching, even lighter transparent grey colour. When she bent a little extra forward to demonstrate the different leg support settings, she was able to spot the even slightly lighter, almost white tops under the shadow of the edge. That also made the entire skirt tighten firmly over the two bulging globes, revealing a glimpse of a lacy white underskirt in the upper crack of the strained back split.

Anne got completely breathless. She suddenly realised that the physical attraction she felt to that body possibly could be as strong as that for Jean! Maybe stronger?! Surely her feelings were and would always be with Jean, but this woman was an animal, a real sheetah!! A classical Amazon. Someone to pleasure to the end of days!

She had to take som deep breaths to clear her mind.

She thought it quite unlikely that Jean would be entering one of the chairs herself. That’s probably why she used Deb’s services before the lecture. She obviously wanted to concentrate fully on the technical part tonight.

Anne realised that she intensely hoped Carol would be the one to introduce her to this kind of service. She had forgotten all about the slightly scary sides of the lectures ahead, and could hardly wait to serve the wonderful lady bending so seductively over right in front of her.

Carol completed her introduction by showing how the seat sections were independently adjusted sideways to allow for maximum comfort for the lady, and a fitting opening for the face of the service girl, and finally how the service girl’s head could be lifted up through the slot by a small manual pump fitted at the armrest.

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