An Afternoon in the Garden

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I met my wife Giulia about 2 years ago, we were both in our early 40s. At the time, I wouldn’t have thought of her as particularly naughty. Sure, we were having the most incredible sex right from the beginning. But with time, I became more and more aware of the naughtier sides of her past. When we met, she had been divorced for about 3 years and had a grown-up son who had already moved out. And as I came to learn, she had enjoyed these 3 years of being single and free quite a bit. While she focused on her professional career most of the time, she made sure to reserve enough play time. And let me tell you, her good looks, her sexy style and her playful mind have made a lot of things possible.

As she can be quite discreet about all this, it took me some time and persistence to get to hear the accounts of her little “adventures” as she likes to call them. And my god, do they make me horny. She knows that very well, so she developed the art of giving me the naughty bits piece by piece until it drives me crazy. Hearing the stories from her past actually makes me want her even more, especially as she always makes sure to put special attention on the parts that I like the most.

So, eventually, I got her to write down some of her wilder adventures and email them to me by whenever I am out of town on a business trip. This little habit has turned out to be incredibly arousing for both of us. And whenever I get back home, I get to enjoy my very own version of these little adventures.

Here is her latest account, sent by email, written in her unmistakable style that deliberately drives me nuts (comments in brackets are mine).


Hi my love,

Guess where I am right now? Well, you know me so it’s not too hard, I am lying right here in bed feeling a little naughty. You wanna know what got me so heated up? Well, the neighbors are having some landscaping work going on around the house. That made me start daydreaming about a little adventure I had from the time when both Lilly (= her best friend) and me happened to be single ladies at the same time. I had already been living my single life for a while back then, but Lilly’s divorce had been quite fresh.

The adventure started one Thursday evening when Lilly called me, totally excited, telling me about the gardener that did some work around her house that week. After her divorce, the house was all hers, so she did lots of changes and got rid of her ex-husband’s ugly design choices. She said they sent some guy to do the landscaping, and that he would be doing that for two days. And then she told me full of excitement:

“And guess what, he is so hot, I am dying here Giulia, you need to see him.”

Apparently, she had been watching him all afternoon working and sweating and doing his thing and she got all heated up. After he was done for the day, they were talking about what still had to be done the next day, and he was even a bit flirty. She vividly described him and got all crazy about it:

“You know, he is a total bad boy, tall and muscular and tattooed all over his body and everything. Gosh, he is a joy to look at, a work of art, a work of sex art,” she joked.

While they had been talking, she noticed he was constantly glancing at her legs and heels, so she was sure he must be a leg man.

“He is, I know it, I know a leg man when I see one,” she claimed enthusiastically.

We continued to discuss all the details of their conversation and his glances. We were both sipping our wines during the call and the longer we talked, the more heated up our discussion about this bad boy gardener became. Well, at the end, we agreed that I will have to come over the next day so we can adore him together while sipping champagne. I asked her if she was sure, or if she rather wanted to have him for herself, but she insisted, knowing how much fun we always had teasing the boys back in the days.

“We should give him some memories to jerk off to,” she joked. Being a little tipsy, we both giggled the whole time.

Well, after I hung up, I have to say I was a little aroused myself. The wine added to my excitement. So, I started thinking about my outfit for this occasion and pretty soon, ended up in bed with my vibrator, thinking about teasing that bad boy gardener.

The next day, I left the office a little earlier to reserve enough time for getting myself ready. After a long shower I slipped into the beautiful new lingerie that I had treated myself with a few days earlier: a lovely rose-pink lace thong that felt so sexy on my freshly shaved pussy, along with a matching bra. I had to admire myself in the mirror and almost got lost but I had to contain myself. Next came my favorite pair of nude sheer-to-waist pantyhose. I carefully rolled them up in my hands and slipped them on, one leg at a time, making sure not to rip them. I had always enjoyed the luxurious feel of these pantyhose, they always make me feel so sexy and give my legs that classy and silky-smooth appearance, just perfect for a little leg tease. I chose a lovely light red summer dress that ended perabet just above the knee. And of course, I went all in with the shoes with my nude colored Christian Louboutin pumps. I am so in love with the nude and red combo mixing, plus the nude heels make my legs appear even longer, it was just perfect!

After finishing my hair and make-up, I admired myself in the mirror one last time and have to admit, I got a little wet. I hadn’t had sex in weeks and had been incredibly horny, and Lilly’s whole bad boy gardener story made it even worse.

The eyes of the taxi driver nearly popped out when he saw me. He kept glancing at my legs while I pretended to check my lipstick in my pocket mirror. I have to say I enjoyed his greedy eyes quite a bit but didn’t want to be all too playful, after all he should bring me safely to Lilly’s place. But it was a nice confirmation that I was well prepared for our fun little afternoon in the garden.

The gardener’s pickup truck was already parked in the driveway as I walked up to Lilly’s house. Lilly opened the door and greeted me with a big hug.

“Perfect timing, he is already sweating,” she joked.

We both had to laugh about how we got all dressed up, clearly determined to tease the hell out of this poor young hottie. Lilly wore a short black dress with a lovely floral print. It was even shorter than mine, allowing her to show lots of leg. She added sheer black pantyhose and shiny black 1000$ Louboutin pumps. Gosh, these babies were absolutely adorable and worth every single penny – just saying 😉

We went out and made ourselves comfortable on Lilly’s nice little patio. She opened a bottle of champagne. Sitting there, we had a perfect view on our hot little bad boy gardener, who was hard at work, doing his landscaping. And hot he was. I took a moment to drink him in, a chiseled hunk of man. He wore jeans and a tight black t-shirt that emphasized his well-defined chest and biceps, broad shoulders and whole upper body. And those forearms, my god, they were so sexy. His big working-man hands firmly held a shovel full of moist soil, he operated it with ease, it was almost too cliché to be true. I let my gaze drift down over his firm butt. We joked that Lilly should have him as a permanent statue in her garden. My gosh, he was perfect.

“I’m sure he has a six pack,” said Lilly, interrupting my dreamy gaze only to realize that we were both staring like crazy teenagers – or better, horny cougars.

Our giggling made him turn his head towards us, nodding as I waved him a shy hello, before clearly checking out my crossed legs, I made sure he had an unobstructed view. His soft dark hair contrasted with his icy blue eyes, they drew me in immediately.

“See what I mean, leg men just can’t help but stare, they are the easiest,” Lilly joked.

We kept on talking and giggling and sipping champagne while he was working. Every once in a while, he made sure to glance in our direction, always taking an eyeful of your nylon-clad legs, we kept presenting them to him in various positions. Needless to say, we made every inch our dresses hiked up seem unintentional, just as we did in the old days of going out and turning heads. We loved it, and needless to say, it made us both quite horny.

“Gosh I wonder if he has a big dick,” Lilly said bluntly at some point.

I just started laughing.

“What? Don’t tell me you weren’t wondering.”

She was surely right.

“Don’t you think what I think? What we used to do with such bad boys?”

“My god, we are so bad,” I said with a naughty smile myself.

Of course, I knew what she was referring to, good old times where the two of us had been very playful. And my pussy was itching at the thought of being so naughty again.

Over time he worked his way closer and closer to us, making sure to get a better view. Whenever he thought we wouldn’t notice, he took his time to let his eyes wander across our legs. And as we became more and more tipsy, he became more and more daring, and we made sure to give him more to drool over. I clearly felt his gaze while he was pretending to trim a nearby bush, it seemed he just couldn’t help it. Of course, I played along, crossing and re-crossing my legs, I let my hand casually stroke my thigh and my heel dangle from my foot as my nylons shimmered in the sunlight. I played out all the tricks, and they all worked. He became nervous, completely unable to focus on his work, or even on being discrete. The whole game made me so wet.

Lilly was the same, it was a tight race for his attention. I mean, our conversation became so dull, we were totally focused on teasing him. I could clearly sense that she got all worked up herself as she let her dress hike up even more so that her crossed leg was in full view to him. And for sure he took the chance to take an eyeful. I could even see what had become a small bulge in his pants. Lilly saw it as well. Slowly but surely, he became overwhelmed by his desires.

That’s when we both realized that we could do whatever we wanted with that poor perabet giriş guy. Lilly gave me a naughty little look, just like back in the days, when we seduced man after man, and sometimes we even shared them, letting one lucky stud have his way with both of us. I just gave her a slight nod back and smiled, confirming our naughty little plan.

“Oh, say, do I have a run in my pantyhose?” Lilly asked in his direction, bringing our perverted little peeping tom back to reality.

She ran her hand all over her legs, pretending to check for runs.

“I’m sorry?” he said all frightened and busted.

“Never mind, they’re fine,” she continued. “Say, why don’t you take a little break and have a glass of champagne with us?”

“Thanks ma’am but ahm…, I think should get this done here,” he stumbled nervously.

“Come on, I insist, you’re working so hard, you deserve a little break,” she continued, smiling at him.

“Well, can’t really say no to two beautiful ladies, can I?” was his witty response, and for two needy cougars like us, it just hit the right spot.

There were only two chairs so he sat down on the nearby bench. This way, he had a clear view on our legs. He was quite confident and surprisingly charming and, well, quite flirty. Of course, Lilly and me happily played along. Whenever we caught him staring, we both made sure to smile back at him. We fooled around about how he got himself into a snake pit of two horny old single ladies that afternoon, and that he should be careful.

“Well I can surely handle that, I mean, I am the lucky one here with two beautiful ladies,” he responded.

“You are one charming little bastard. Here, have some more champagne,” Lilly joked while filling his glass back up.

“Say, do you have a girlfriend?” I asked, taking it a step further.

“Nope, I am enjoying my single life, that’s for sure.”

“Do you? Such a charming man like you must have a lot to enjoy,” I continued.

“Well, to be honest, I can’t complain,” he said.

“I am sure you are quite a player, aren’t you?” Lilly said seductively while re-crossing her legs to draw his attention to her.

In what was a short pause of just a few seconds, she seductively ran her hand over her nylon-clad thigh, parted her bright red lips a tiny bit and looked at him with that fuck-me expression, that she had perfected over the years.

“Well, what can I say, when there is game, you need to play,” he said.

Lilly smiled at me and I smiled back. He looked at me with those alluring blue eyes. He knew very well how to use them. I re-crossed my legs while looking at him. His plain obvious gaze was incredibly arousing. Sexual tension had built up to a wild level. I could clearly feel his lust, his pure desire for us. How this sexy young stud wanted me, wanted both of us. He knew that this was his once-in-a-lifetime chance, and he was confident enough to pull it off. And it made my pussy dripping wet.

“You know it became a little chilly here, why don’t the three of us go inside to finish our drink, hm?” was Lilly’s suggestion. She was ready to play, so was I.

“Just follow us, will you?” I told our horny young stud, putting on a naughty smile as he looked at me.

Without further ado, Lilly and me got up and walked back inside, our bad boy gardener right behind us. I could feel his eyes, his gaze locked on our legs and asses as we slowly walked up the few stairs back into the house. Only the clacking sounds of our high heels interrupted the naughty silence.

“Why don’t we all get comfy on the couch?” Lilly asked as we entered.

We took our boy toy between us and the moment we all sat down on the couch, Lilly took the first step and started making out with him. I took the chance to touch his muscular body and stroked his firm thigh. Soon he turned his head in my direction and I obediently gave in as he kissed me. That’s when he placed his big hand on my legs to feel up my thigh. I happily placed my leg over his, clearing the way for his hand to my inner thigh, closer to my crotch. Of course, he followed.

What followed was a wild three-way make out session where Lilly and me took turns French kissing our hot catch of the day. We helped him out of his t-shirt to unveil what was indeed a six pack, full of tattoos and well-tanned. We felt up that firm young body that was all ours. In turn, his hands were busy feeling up our pantyhose-clad thighs. Soon, Lilly was stroking the enormous bulge in his pants.

“That’s a snake pit indeed,” he said.

“What about your snake?” was Lilly’s bold answer.

Well, she didn’t wait for him to show her, she opened his pants herself to free up his rock-hard cock from its denim prison. My goodness, that was the most raging hard-on I had seen in years to be honest, the poor boy was hard as a rock. Lilly went for it straightaway. She bent down to wrap her lips around that beautiful hard cock and started sucking on it.

“Should I join her?” I asked. He could only nod.

We shared his cock and took turns to suck on it. perabet güvenilir mi Gosh, we were all crazy for that throbbing young meat. Based on the moaning sounds he made, our experienced mouths were giving him the kind of pleasures he had not known before. The poor boy got his first properly done blow-job. Well, Lilly and me know a thing or two about blow jobs, and that horny hunk of a man was the perfect opportunity to show off our skill set we acquired over the years. Well, I do know how you like it, don’t you? 😉 (I very much do, she gives amazing blow jobs)

We just giggled and French kissed right over his cock, just to tease him even more. The look on his pretty face was priceless.

“I think I’m ready for a little ride,” Lilly said with a naughty smile before she got back up to kiss him once again. She grabbed his hand and moved it between her legs, placing it right on her wet crotch.

“Just rip them honey, don’t be shy,” she ordered.

He ripped a hole in her pantyhose and started fingering her. She pulled down her dress to free her boobs and give his mouth access to her hard nipples. All the while I let my tongue play with the tip of his cock. But Lilly needed his meat inside of her. She mounted his lap and lowered herself on his cock. Gosh, how she loved doing cowgirl, riding him like crazy while he worked on her tits.

She kept saying how she loved his cock. Watching her was so hot. I knelt down next to them to make out with Lilly, she got all wild and passionate. Our boy’s hand reached out to play with my pussy, but my pantyhose was blocking the way. I ripped them open myself and pulled my panties aside to let him finger my pussy. I firmly grabbed him by his strong forearm as he pushed two fingers inside of me with ease, all the time looking at me. Holy shit, the garden boy knew what he was doing, his fingers were driving me insane. Lilly and me engaged in a wild make out session until both of us came.

Then it was my turn. Lilly sat back down on the couch and I took over from her, mounting our boy toy’s lap. That rock-hard dick slid easily into my needy pussy. Gosh, it felt so good! His hands were all over me when I started riding him, feeling up my tits, my ass and my legs, all while he looked straight at me. Meanwhile Lilly got herself comfortable, she had kicked off her heels, spread her legs and fingered her pussy right next to us. Watching us made her even more naughty. She started teasing him with her foot.

“Put it in your mouth, suck on my toes,” she ordered and he followed eagerly, licking and sucking on her pantyhose clad foot, while she watched him. The poor boy was our puppet, it was driving us so wild. Watching how he sucked on Lilly’s toes while I fucked him was so naughty and hot. It didn’t take me long to ride myself to another intense orgasm.

After I got off, Lilly playfully wrapped her feet around his dick and massaged him.

“Is our pretty little gardener ready for another round?” she asked him while jerking his cock with her feet.

“Well I’m here at your service,” was his equally playful answer.

“Mhm right answer. Now get up and fuck me from behind sweetie, will you?”

Of course, he was happy to follow her orders. I had kicked off my heels and leaned back on the couch while Lilly positioned herself on all fours right in front of me, and he entered her doggy style. His big hands grabbed her by the hips and slammed her body against his. My goodness, the naughty girl was practically screaming in ecstasy as he pounded her like that.

“Oh yes, fuck me with that bad boy cock,” she moaned.

It was so hot to watch her getting a good fuck from that hot young stud. All the while she kept licking my clit. Well, she knew very well how to use her tongue down there, let’s just say we have a bit of a history with that. And while I enjoyed Lilly’s tongue, our hard-working fuck boy was looking straight at me. His blue eyes were incredibly alluring, impossible to resist. Of course, I flirted with him, teased him with a naughty little smile, let my foot rub over his strong forearm while he slammed his pelvis against Lilly’s. His look, Lilly’s tongue on my clit and her intense moaning as he fucked her senseless made me cum again. It didn’t take her long to follow.

After he pulled out, Lilly turned around and sucked her cum juices off his throbbing meat. He kept looking at me all the while, knowing very well that my need for his cock was not yet satisfied.

After Lilly released his cock, he immediately shoved it inside of me. I rested one leg on his shoulder, he grabbed my thigh and entered me all the way. My wet pussy eagerly absorbed every inch of his manhood. Thank god he knew what he was doing. Usually, I like to start slowly but that day I just needed it hard and fast, and the boy delivered, his hard thrusts hit the right spots. I watched him as he sucked on my toes, I loved that. Gosh, I didn’t even bother to remove my pantyhose, we both didn’t actually, just ripped them, like we did in our wild days, it was so hot. Actually, we were both fully clothed the whole time, except our heels that we had kicked off at some point. That made it all feel even more naughty. I know how guys love that, and he seemed to be quite into it as well. A bit like you, am I right? 😉 (well, what can I say, she is…)

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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