Addie’s First

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Note: This story is short and sweet at around 2,000 words.

* * *

Addie heard Seth come down the stairs, and she looked toward the kitchen doorway, hoping to see his kind face and tender smile. Yet he didn’t appear in order to wish her a good morning the way he usually did when she arrived to clean his house every Saturday.

Sometimes Addie arrived early, when Seth was still upstairs getting dressed. He always left the front door unlocked for her so she could let herself inside. That was the case this morning, and she’d gotten to work straight away. Her transistor radio sat on the kitchen table, and she hummed along to “Kentucky Rain” while scrubbing the sink.

Addie had begun working for Seth months ago, not long after his wife had died in a car accident. He was a quiet man, broad-shouldered and bearded, and his hands were calloused from working at the sawmill. He was careful to stay out of Addie’s way while she tackled the household chores, and when she finished for the day, he always paid her more than they had originally agreed upon. Her protests did nothing to deter Seth. Truth be told, Addie didn’t protest too much. Now that she was eighteen, her mother was on her case about getting a job with more regular hours, since money was tight at home.

Addie turned off the radio and listened for any sound in the house. Only silence greeted her. She hesitated, then padded on bare feet out of the kitchen and down the hall. The living room was on the right, and she stopped to tighten the ponytail holding her auburn hair back from her face, and to smooth the front of her pale green dress. It was an old one she wore to clean, and she found herself wishing it didn’t look so shabby.

She started to enter the living room but froze when she saw Seth standing in front of the window, his back to her. His shirt was wrinkled and untucked. As Addie observed him, she noticed a tremor course through his shoulders, and a wave of sadness made her swallow hard when she realized the man was grieving.

She quickly moved to leave before Seth saw her, but he turned at that moment and spoke her name. Addie stopped and reluctantly met his stare, feeling as though she were intruding upon something private.

Seth’s pale eyes were red-rimmed, but his face was dry. “Forgive me for not saying hello to you this morning,” he said, his voice hoarse with unshed tears. “I… I didn’t sleep well last night.” He sighed and ran a hand through his dark hair, which was growing too long. “I kept thinking about how damn empty this house is without Jane here.”

“I’m sorry,” Addie murmured, wishing she knew the words to comfort him.

Seth smiled softly. “You’re a sweet girl, Addie. I appreciate you taking care of things so well around this place.” His gaze drifted from her face to her dress, and then down to her bare feet. mersin escort She always took off her shoes right after she entered any house she would be cleaning.

Addie shifted her weight from one foot to the other, suddenly self-conscious. “You’re certainly easy to clean up after. I’ve never met a neater man.”

Seth laughed, and Addie felt a rush of pleasure that she was the reason for it. Her happiness gave her the courage to take several more steps toward him so they were only inches apart. He towered over her, and she worked up the nerve to place her hand on his shoulder. His skin was warm through his shirt.

“It’s going to be okay,” she promised him with a resolve she hadn’t known she possessed.

Their eyes locked, and Seth opened his mouth to speak, but instead, he grasped her hand and kissed it. Addie’s eyes widened as she felt the coarseness of his beard against her fingers, and then the softness of his lips.

Her knees grew weak, and she closed her eyes as a sigh escaped her. In that moment, as they stood in the warmth of the sunshine streaming through the window, Addie allowed herself to admit the desire she felt for him. She thought back to the night she dared to touch herself while lying in bed, pretending he was lying beside her and that it was his hand working between her legs.

The memory made Addie moan, and when she opened her eyes, she saw Seth staring at her with a heat that stole her breath. She offered no resistance as he pulled her to him, his hold on her wrist firm.

His kiss was fierce, desperate and hungry. When his tongue met hers, Addie gasped. She had practically no experience, having never had a steady boyfriend. But Seth’s mouth coaxed hers, and as the kiss lengthened, Addie felt a surge of heat between her thighs, and her nipples hardened beneath the thin fabric of her dress.

Seth broke the kiss and took a shaky breath. “I’m sorry,” he began.

Addie pressed a finger to his lips. “Don’t be sorry,” she whispered. Her lust drove her to take his hand and lead him out of the room and toward the stairs.

In his bedroom, the windows were open, and the filmy curtains swayed in the breeze. Seth sat on the edge of the bed, looking somewhat dazed with disbelief as Addie stood before him and pulled her dress over her head. Standing in her plain cotton bra and panties, she hoped he found her attractive. Her breasts weren’t very large, and her hips were a bit too narrow, but when she pulled her hair from the ponytail and let the thick mane fall down her back, Seth hurriedly reached for her.

She stood between his legs, grinning as he eagerly tugged the straps of her bra from her shoulders. His hands trembled as he worked at the clasp in the front, and he seemed grateful when Addie took over the task. After she was free of her bra, Seth buried his face between her anamur escort breasts and moaned. She felt his lips on her skin, and she ran her fingers through his hair, her whole body quaking.

“So beautiful,” he murmured, planting kisses around her left nipple before taking the erect peak into his mouth. Addie let out a cry that would have embarrassed her if she weren’t gripped by such longing.

While Seth suckled her breast, his fingers stroked the front of her panties, as if asking for permission. “Yes,” she breathed. “Touch me.”

He slipped a hand inside and cupped her furred mound, then parted her outer lips and began massaging her clitoris with a single fingertip. Every nerve in Addie’s body responded to him, and when Seth looked up at her to watch her reaction, she dipped her head to kiss him, to take his lower lip between her teeth and give it a gentle bite. This elicited a growl from him, and he quickly pulled her onto the bed.

“Let me,” he begged. “Please, Addie, please…” He kissed her neck, ran his lips over her collarbone. She nodded yes, for it would have taken far more strength than she had to deny him. She wanted nothing more than to feel him inside her.

When he stood up to strip out of his clothes, she shimmied out of her underwear so that she was naked on the bed before him. The air was warm, but she shivered when he was completely naked as well. Her stare was riveted on his erection. It throbbed with his heartbeat, and his foreskin was retracted.

Seth followed her stare, then looked up at her again. “Are you sure?” he asked quietly.

Addie quickly nodded. “I haven’t done this before, but I want to,” she said. “I want you.”

He climbed onto the bed and eased the weight of his body upon hers. They shared a deep, tender kiss, and then he whispered, his breath hot against her ear, “I promise I’ll be gentle with you, sweetheart.”

Addie drew in a deep breath and watched as he took hold of his cock and moved the tip from her entrance to her clitoris, coating his skin with her juices. When Seth’s erection grazed the tender nub of flesh made so sensitive from his fingers before, Addie cried out, and her hips rocked upward. Her body seemed to have a will all its own, and it was eager to be taken.

She felt the tip at her opening, and she tried not to tense up in anticipation of the pain to come. Seth’s gaze locked with hers as he entered her. There was a searing heat, a stretching sensation that made her wince and swallow a cry. In that terrifying moment, it felt like he would divide her in two.

Seth’s face softened with something that looked like regret, and Addie feared he would stop. She wrapped her arms around him, her fingertips following the ridges of his spine, and then she dug her fingernails into his skin, spurring him on. He grunted erdemli escort at the sting of her scratches and gave a deep thrust until he was all the way inside.

Addie’s skin was already damp with sweat, and her face felt feverish. It was as if Seth had filled her completely until there was no room left for what she used to be. Bracing himself above her, he shuddered with the effort to hold still and allow her to grow used to his size.

“My God, you feel so good,” he groaned, and despite her pain, she smiled at the realization that she was bringing him such pleasure.

Seth began a slow rhythm, careful not to thrust too hard or too deep. Addie stared up at him, transfixed at the expression of bliss on his face. She couldn’t stop herself from lifting her head so she could watch him moving in and out of her.

When Addie’s eyes met Seth’s once more, she saw that he was surprised at her eagerness to witness their lovemaking, and she feared it made him think less of her. Then he grinned and looked down too, and the sight of him taking her made his groans even louder.

“Ah, I’m close, Addie!” Seth said through his teeth. “I can’t hold back much longer.” He was breathing hard and fast, and his hips moved with a newfound urgency. “Touch yourself for me,” he ordered.

Addie hesitated just a second before seeking out her clitoris and rubbing it with a fervency that matched Seth’s movements. Her wails were high-pitched, echoing off the walls.

It all suddenly became too much–their bodies connected, his wild stare as he watched her shamelessly pleasure herself. The orgasm descended upon her, and her body spasmed with a fierce contraction. A scream erupted from her throat, and then she fell silent with the strength of her climax.

Seth cried out as her muscles gripped his cock. Addie’s head was still swimming, her limbs tense, when he suddenly pulled out. Fisting his erection, Seth gasped and then ejaculated upon her belly, just above her pubic hair. She stared, wide-eyed with wonder, as his semen struck her skin in fitful spurts. The sight was enough to send another tremor of longing coursing through her.

He collapsed against her, and the sound of their heavy, exhausted breathing filled the room.

For a long time they lay in silence while Addie stroked Seth’s hair. With his arm draped over her stomach, he rested his cheek against her breast, and she wondered if he had fallen asleep. Then he lifted his head and smiled at her so tenderly that she almost had to look away.

“Thank you, Addie,” he said softly before bringing his mouth to hers. “I feel like the luckiest man alive, being your first.”

Addie bit her lip, suddenly shy. “You didn’t think I was too… eager, did you?”

Seth’s smile widened. “Not at all, baby. I love how easily you come. In fact…” He began leaving a trail of kisses between her breasts, along the curve of her hip. She shivered as he spread her legs and ran his tongue along the inside of her thigh. “I’m going to keep you in this bed and make you come again… and again… and again.”

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