Aching For My Sister

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Please be aware this is a story about consensual, adult brother and sister incest. If this is not your thing, please enjoy another story from the many talented writers on here.

All characters are at least 18 years of age.

Thank you for reading my story


“I’m not going to sleep on the wet spot.”

“Yes you are. You’re the girl.”

“That’s not fair!”

“I didn’t tell you to be born with a pussy.”

I didn’t have to remind Abby of that. Her pussy was screaming from my size and her clit was still on fire.

She slid her hand between her legs reflexively moaning at the touch. She was soaking and dripping all over the sheets.

She put two delicate fingers inside parting her lips into the overflowing, thick and creamy mixture of her juices and cum. Lots of cum.

“Do guys always cum so much?”

“Seriously?! You’re not close to being a virgin.”

“But I’ve never done it where the guy came inside me before. There’s so much of it.”

“Yeah, okay Abby, since you ask, yes, that was a huge load. A really huge load. That’s what happens when you fuck your 18 year old sister.”

Chapter 1:

I spun left, ran right and sank the pull-away jumper hitting nothing but the bottom of the net to tie the game.

Honestly, I wasn’t the tallest or fastest guy on the court, but the tens of thousands of hours of practice on my outside game especially my 3-point shot made me deadly. I guess I was an outlier. Just like Malcolm Gladwell wrote about in the book of the same name.

I heard the announcer booming out, “That’s Ryan Stevens from wa-a-a-y downtown. Time out, Wildcats.”

A long one, 75 seconds. I ran to the bench getting high fives and butt pats from my teammates, and sat down next to my best friend Jalen, the team’s starting center.

“Nice shot, bro.” We did our special handshake and talked a bit about the game. Jalen looked up.

“Whoa! Abby’s looking fine. Yes sir, mighty fine. You don’t mind if I tap that, do ya?”

“That’s my sister, asshole,” and punched Jalen’s shoulder then looked up at the stands on the other side of the court at Abby sitting there with her friends.

Have to admit, Jalen was right. My baby sister was all grown up. 18 now, a college freshman and on the junior varsity volleyball team.

I was happy that we picked the same school. We’ve always been close, more so after dad died a few years back. His death made us nearly inseparable with mom now having to support the family, and it fell on me, the older brother, to step up where I could, especially with Abby.

Abby had always been cute, and being a young woman now, she was beautiful.

Her blonde hair, great looks, height, and being a star athletic had me defending her honor and chasing the wolves away. I thought of dad and did the best I could. Having a best friend who is 7′ tall and built like a mixed martial arts champion helped me succeed.

Even though she did not always care for my interference. Telling me more than once that I wasn’t her father! I would simply give her a close hug and say to her sneer, “You’ll thank me later.”

“Yeah, that girl’s all grown now,” growled the best friend in wolves’ clothing. “Looking at her reminds me, remember that time we DPed that blonde cheerleader?”

“Will you shut the fuck up,” I spit out as the ref’s whistle blew. Running out I looked up across the court and suddenly noticed what Jalen was talking about.

Abby was sitting there in the stands wearing a short, pleated white skirt and as she rolled back in laughter at a girlfriend’s joke the pink lace thong between her luscious thighs was fully on display for everyone sitting courtside to see.

The thong was pulled so tightly into her crotch that even from courtside I could see that she shaved bare all of her short and curlies.

“Shit!” I said trotting out to the court as the first pass bounced hard into me.

Exiting the clubhouse with Jalen after the game, I saw Abby standing in the midst of the local reporters towering over many of them at 5′-11,” and pushed through them, to grab my sis, give her our usual hug and kiss on the cheek, and drag her away.

“Come on we’re going for burgers,” and waved off the questions from the reporters.

“Can Jeanie come? She and Brandon broke up today.”

“Yeah? Text her to meet us at Oscars.”

We made for an eye catching foursome waiting online in Oscar’s for their cooked to order burger and fries. A 5′-11″ blonde with a tight, college sweater over C-cup boobs, and a short, pleated, white skirt. A 6′-5″ white guy in a school tee, jeans and massive quads and calves chatting animatedly with a nearly 7′ tall, tattooed black dude large enough to kick start a 747, and a comparatively diminutive redhead at only 5′-6″ but her large tits more than made up for her height. Overflowing D-cups, ripe and luscious as low-hanging fruit from the “come and fuck me” tree.

“I can see red bra and some mi-tee fine titties down Jeanie’s blouse,” whispered Jalen.

“You’re bedava bahis such a fucking hound. It’s incredible,” I hissed, shaking my head as “Number 27, your order’s ready,” rang out.

With burgers, fries, and drinks in tow we all sat down at a window seat.

“Congrats on the win, guys,” Jeanie said. “Glad someone had a better day than me.”

“Yeah, that sucks something big time, man. Sorry about that,” Jalen patted her hand.

I swallowed a bite, “It’s totally fucked, Jeannie. What happened?”

“The asshole didn’t even call. The fucker texted her. Texted her! The prick texted her to end a six month relationship,” barked Abby.

“What a dick!” said Jalen picking up his Coke in a toast. “I say onto better things. Good riddance Brandon. You classless asshole.”

We all joined in to the toast with a lot of “fucking asshole,” being shouted out then randomly chatted about the game, Brandon, and school until the burgers and fries were gone.

Jalen and I started to privately talk about game strategy and how he could get into Jeannie’s pants. I watched Abby — trying to keep her friend’s spirits up — lean in and whisper, “Did you notice the size of Jalen’s tennies!” nodding towards his size 13 dogs.

Jeannie looked down dropping her mouth slightly, “Do you think it’s true what they say about tall guys, big shoes, and the size of their cocks?”

“Well, you know what they say about guys with big feet,” Abby said with a knowing look.


“Big feet. Big shoes,” and Abby giggled.

“Fuck you and the horse you rode in on. OK?!” and the two of them broke down into giggles and shared secrets until Jalen said,

“Dudes, what’s next?”

“Well, Abby kicked my ass in ‘Call of Duty’ last weekend and I thought the two of us could book back to our place where I would show baby sis who’s boss.”

“Yeah! You and what army, asshole.”

“The one I’m going to kill you with as I’m kicking your butt.”

Jalen looked at Jeannie and said, “Hey, wanna go back too? Grab a couple of beers and chill out a bit with Netflix or somethin’? I’ll fess up. The game beat the shit out of me.”

“You pussy!” I shouted.

“Fuck you! I don’t see you carrying three guys up and down the court hanging on you, and your scrawny white boy body!”

And the two of us started seriously getting into good natured, best friend joshing heading out the door to the car.

“Sure! Sounds good,” the two shouted drowned by the boys as everyone headed out.

“So what happened between you and Brandon? If you don’t mind my asking,” said Jalen leaning towards the backseat at Jeannie who was in the back with Abby.

“I don’t know. I thought we would eventually get engaged and a couple of months ago, I guess, he fell out of love with me.”

“Sorry Jeannie, I know you feel lousy and I don’t mean to sound insensitive, but that’s total horseshit,” I said. “He’s a 19 year old guy. You’re a hot 18 years old college freshman. He didn’t fall out of love. He fell out of lust with you.”

“Hey! Wait a minute,” Abby attacked me defending her friend.

“Seriously, he wasn’t in love. He was in lust. Come on, he’s a guy! Don’t you know the old line about how there isn’t enough blood in the male body for both heads at the same time?!”

As the girls howled in objection, Jalen was chuckling next to me.

“No, he loved me. He told me he did,” pleaded Jeannie.

“You guys have been watching ‘Bridgerton’ and ‘The Notebook’ too much. Didn’t your dad or older brother tell you that guys say ‘I love you’ to get into your pants? I certainly warned Abby about that more than once.”

I looked in the mirror to see Abby slightly nodding yes.

“Maybe you’re right, but why then does it hurt so much?” said Jeannie

“Because love always fucks the whole thing up. It ruins everything. ‘Bridgerton’ lied to you. Love isn’t all roses, sweetness, and light with bells ringing. And you don’t get to marry a Duke! It’s raw, it tears you apart, it hurts, it fucks with you and make your head, your heart and you crotch fight with each other all of the time.”

“It’s like shooting junk. It fills your heart and then breaks it, and all the time leaves you brokenhearted but craving more. And that is why it hurts so much. It shows us we are not perfect. Because no one is. You’ve got to find someone who loves you for you. For you. Not someone who just wants to jump on your bones. Shit, I don’t know. I don’t mean to be a Donnie Downer, but maybe there really isn’t that perfect person for any of us. Maybe being in love never works. Never.”

“The simple fact is you’re better off without the guy.”

“Yeah I guess,” said Jeannie quietly.

“My brother, the philosopher,” floated out from the back as we turned into the garage and parked in our spot. “Let’s get our asses upstairs,” Jalen said.

Chapter 2:

We were in the kitchen grabbing beers and maybe a little vodka for me.

“What do you want to watch?” asked Jalen pulling bedava bonus on a giggling Jeannie as they headed off to his side of the house.

“See ya later, bro,” he threw at me as they walked into his room followed by a loud click.

I looked at Abby and said, “I guess they’re gone for the night.”

“Vodka?” asked Abby.

“Yeah. It’s Friday night, We won. I thought I’d be sophisticated and have a martini.”

“A martini, really Mr. Slick? Let’s see ya do that.”

I reached up grabbed the martini glass that we had, poured some vodka into a Mason jar over ice, a splash of dry vermouth from the fridge, shook the concoction, poured it out and said, “Go ahead. Take a sip”

Abby did, sputtering with her mouth on fire, “That’s fucking gasoline! How do you drink this shit?”

“It gets smoother later.”

I turned and started heading out. “What are you waiting for lazy bones? Chicken about getting your ass kicked?” Laughing I boogied towards my room martini in hand.

“Wait a minute, fucker,” and she ran after me clutching her beer.

We kicked out in front of the TV, controls in hand. Abby in her usual spot on her tummy on the throw pillows, eyes front, legs out.

I, as usual, took the high ground and got comfy on the couch.

“You’re on,” I grabbed my weapons and attachments, Abby did the same and we started going at it. We played for a while without talking, both concentrating on the game and beating the other person. After all, we’re both competitive athletes and I’ve got to admit, for a baby sis, Abby was kickin’ butt tonight. That called for more martini.

I slowed down in the field of play and watched Abby go at it for a while. She was mesmerized, head down, butt up and shimmying her legs on the throw pillows until her short, pleated skirt was starting to do its best impression of the basketball stands.

I know it was wrong, but I was looking right up the inside of her left thigh at my sister’s shaved vulva, and pussy lips and a bit of pink thong slid to the side.

I took another sip of martini getting a bit drunk and lost in the evening.

“Got ‘cha!” she yelped. “Hah! I’m creaming your ass tonight!”

We played for a bit then, “Ryan, did you really mean that stuff about love being fucked up, ruining everything and there never being the right one for each of us?”

The question shifted my attention. “Shit, I don’t know. Maybe I was just thinking about being dumped by Stephanie last month like Jeannie was tonight.”

“Yeah, that sucked,” she saved the game and looked back at me.

“I know it probably still hurts. I’m really sorry, Ryan. But you really do believe in love. Right?! You have to believe in love.”

“I don’t know, maybe.”

“Mom and dad loved each other.”

“Maybe they did. I don’t know. All I know is dad’s now gone and not with mom or us.”

“I mean you at least had someone love you. Well, at least for a while.”

Abby looked down and paused. When she looked up she was crying.

“No one has ever loved me.”

“That’s not true. Come up here.”

And she did, flashing me her totally shaved pussy and clit right at me as she swung around and landed next to me on the couch.

“You need a another beer and I need a refill,” I said while using my sleeves to dry her tears and eyes. I lovingly caressed her head. “Shall we?” and we went out to the kitchen where I got Abby another beer out of the fridge and made another martini.

“Want another sip?”

“Of that weasel piss? Okay, whatever, let me try it.” She took a sip this time not sputtering.

“No shit, it’s gasoline, but it does feel warm as it’s going down,” that made me smile.

Back on the couch snuggling close with drinks in hand, I said, “So alright. What’s with this ‘no one has ever loved me’ stuff?”

I continued stroking Abby’s hair in a calming, reassuring way.

“It’s true. I have never been loved. Boys only want me for my tits or to sleep with me and have me do stuff.”

“Abby you’re still a young woman. You haven’t met the right guy.”

“Guys don’t care about me. Do you know that I’ve never had an orgasm? They don’t care about my feelings or my desires because I’m unlovable,” and the waterworks started again.

I pulled her closer now caressing her back. “Come on. You’re very lovable. Look, dad loved you more than life. You know that.”

“Yeah, but he’s supposed to. He was my dad.”

“What about me? I love you. I think you are perfect.”

“You do?”

“Sure, look at you: you’re a smart, capable young woman who is model gorgeous with a body that won’t quit, funny, talented, mad athletic skills and you’re not even half-bad at gaming. What’s not to love?”

“Oh Ryan.”

“Open to me. It’s okay. You’re like fine spice and wine.”

“What does that mean?!”

“I have no idea. I heard it in a song. I thought it might sound cool and reassuring,” I shrugged. “But seriously, you can open up to me Ab. I really do love you.”

“I love you.”

“See! You are loved.”

“I deneme bonusu mean I love you,” she reached over and took a deep slug of my martini “I have always thought of you as my knight in shining armor. The only one to protect me from the dragons trying to get at me at school. Some of my friends, their brothers were always total dicks. Raggin’ on me, or making me feel small while showing off for their buddies. But not you. You were always there for me.”

“Gosh Ab, I had to. I mean I wanted to. Who else was going to do it with dad gone?”

“See! That’s what I mean. Anytime I needed you, you were always there for me.”

And she gave me a little kiss on the cheek.

“Abby, I’ll always be there for you.”

“How about now?”

I looked at her trying to search out her meaning.

“I saw you checking me out at the game.”

“I, I wasn’t doing that.”

“Okay, but what about you looking at my pussy right now while we were playing?”

“I wasn’t doing that!” I said adamantly.

“Really? I was flashing you on purpose.”

“Abby, that’s just not right!”

“Probably, but you were still looking. I caught you.”

“Well, maybe a bit, but that’s only normal. I’m not only a brother, I am a guy. Did you think I wouldn’t notice?”

“And that’s what I mean,” and Abby leaned up and kissed me on the lips.

“I’ve seen your cock.”


“Yep. In the shower. It’s big. How big is it when you’re hard? Is it a lot bigger? I’ve seen porn where the guy gets a whole bunch bigger.”

“Abby, I don’t think we should do this.”

“Really?” and she leaned back up, wrapped her arms around me and gave me a full on kiss shoving her tongue into my mouth forcing mine to engage with hers in a long, loving embrace.

“Ryan, you are the only one who has made me feel loved and safe. You asked me earlier. I am open to you.”

“That isn’t what I meant.”

“It is what I meant,” and she leaned in for another, longer kiss taking my hand and putting it on her breast.

“I want my white knight in shining armor to claim his damsel as a reward for saving her and keeping her safe. I want Sir Lancelot to take me.”

“Abby this is wrong. It is totally wrong. We shouldn’t, we can’t be doing this.”

“Yes we can, it happens all the time. We are both adults. I need you Ryan. Please shut up and kiss me,” and she grabbed me pulling me down onto the couch until I was laying next to her making out.

I was making out with my only sister! I pulled back startled. She put her hand around the back of my head, stroked it, and said, “It’s okay,” She pulled me back, and kissed me tenderly. The kiss got deeper, our tongues exploring each other rolling around in our mouths.

I didn’t know if it was kindness, feeling sorry for her, being a white knight, or I was just damn horny from not getting laid in a while, but fuck it! I wasn’t going to question the moment.

Abby’s lips were delicious. I never knew a kiss could be such a wonder. Once again, she grabbed my right arm and brought it up to her left breast.

My sister’s breast was ripe and luscious. My sister’s!! A large C-cup still in the first flush of womanhood. I could feel the firmness and weight in my hand as I found her nipple that was poking out at this point.

She wasn’t wearing a bra underneath.

She stopped me and shimmied out of her top.

I was looking down sexually at my sister’s breasts. They were perfection.

She had the breasts that a young woman can only have when she is 18. Voluptuous and eagerly bursting out. Large, well-rounded, sitting high on her chest like a movie star, with no sagging or drooping.

Her perky nipples with exquisitely small, starting to stand at attention surrounded by pink areolas that were excited and tightening up along with her nips.

Like a redhead, Abby had lighter skin that emerged from her shoulders in a gentle arc to her firm ripe tits with light freckles, from hours in the sun, dancing across them enhancing the curves and begging me to lick a trail down to her nipples to lick, suck and arouse.

I did.

I held the weight of her breasts in my hand, fondling them, caressing them as my mouth explored her areolas and then started to dart about and suck her now erect nipples.

I’m embarrassed to admit it, but my cock was erect and huge. It felt like a steel rod digging into me against my jeans and I’m sure Abby was feeling it too from the way she was grinding into me.

“Stop!” she said. Sanity suddenly alighted upon us.

“I’ve got to pee,” and she got up and went to the bathroom to take a leak.

I turned around to sit on the couch with my head in my heads. Shit!!! What was I doing?! My own sister. Thank God we stopped and we can get a grip and stop this nonsense before it goes to far. Who knows? In a few weeks we will be laughing about this and blaming it all on the martinis.

Abby came back out stark naked. I was right. Her pussy was shaved bare, and somewhere along the way she had picked up a belly button ring and a tattoo of a flaming volleyball above her crotch to the right side of her vulva.

“I can see that hard cock of yours trying to burst through you jeans. Wouldn’t you be a lot more comfortable with them off?” as she started to walk back to me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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