A Wish Comes True

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A Wish Comes True

I had a meeting in your hometown and would be there over a weekend. In my e-mail I asked if you would be willing to meet me at my hotel.

You had some anxiety about seeing me for the first time but agreed to meet me Friday afternoon since you lived less than twenty miles away and was curious about the “live” me.

With some anxiety of my own I answered the timid knock on the door of my suite and was greeted the awe-inspiring countenance of your beauty. Though not quite as tall as I had imagined, the soft auburn hair, the hazel/green eyes, the inviting lips and beautiful smile were as I had envisioned. I could not speak – taking your hand I ushered you into the room. Without a word, I took your lovely face between my hands and gently kissed your full lips. Surprised, you hesitated for a moment before returning my kiss. I kissed your eyes, cheeks and nose before returning to your sensuous mouth.

This time the kiss was more passionate; I embraced your lush body, pulled you close and began to explore the sweetness of your mouth with an anxious tongue. Coaxing your own hot tongue into my mouth, I sucked it as I began to caress your beautiful body with trembling hands.

The feel of you beneath your clothes was exciting and I could hardly wait to feel the soft skin that lay beneath them. Your quick response was amazing to me as your hands, too, began to explore my hard body as you molded yourself to me. Your hands firmly gripped my ass and pulled me close. I could feel the softness of your beautiful breasts pressing against my chest as my cock, straining against my trousers, pressed into the soft flesh above, what I knew to be, your hot pussy.

The hot thrust of your sweet tongue in my mouth as you slipped a hand between us to first stroke and then firmly grasp my hard cock told me your need was as urgent as my own.

Turning slightly to the side, I tilted your head back and returned your hot kisses with fervor as my hand wandered to the magnificence of your full breasts. I massaged them gently at first before squeezing them harder. I could feel the firmness of your nipples through the fabric of your bra and thin blouse. My hand caressed your lower body coming to rest on your pubic mound. I gently pressed this soft hillock and with pulsating fingers, teasing that tender flesh.

Your eager response to my actions gave me encouragement to deftly unbutton your blouse, remove it and unfasten the four hooks of your bra. The glorious globes thereby released were breathtaking. Large dark aureoles topped by full firm nipples bahis firmaları were more than I had imagined. I could not wait longer and immediately sucked one of the succulent treasures into my mouth. I was rewarded by your soft moan.

You did not resist as I loosened the belt of your stylish slacks and kneeling pulled them to the floor, I removed your shoes and while kneeling observed the slight dampness on the crotch of your panties. It was with great restraint that I refrained from kissing that sweet spot; instead, with eager hands I began to pull your panties down exposing the soft reddish fur of your sweet pussy. At this point I could no longer resist the temptation, my hot tongue parted the soft puffy lips of your pussy and probed gently the flesh covering of your clit – urging it to come out and play.

Our positions were awkward and not as comfortable as I wished. I stood, took your hand and led you to one of the several arm less chairs in the room. Once you were seated, I kissed your soft lips before kneeling before you. You slipped forward as I spread the alabaster columns of your legs to feast my eyes on the beauty of your lightly furred pussy. With my thumbs, I spread the pouting lips and leaned forward to pay homage to the now erect clit peeping from its protective sheath. My tongue lightly caressed the tender nubbin and your gasp as my teeth scraped across it was all the encouragement needed for me to plunge my long tongue into the inferno of your leaking pussy and taste the delicious essence of you.

Cupping my chin in my palm, I inserted three fingers deeply inside your hot channel, curved them upward and began to play a tattoo on the ever-sensitive G-spot. Short gasps and soft moans escaped your lips as with both hands you pulled my face tight to your sweet pussy and rewarded me with copious amounts of your delicious cum.

As I felt the spasms of your climax begin to subside, I stood and you grasped the cheeks of my firm ass pulling my erect cock to your sweet mouth. With your pink tongue you deftly flicked a drop of precum from its eye and savored the taste of me. Sucking my hard cock into your mouth, you lathed my testicles with your tongue until I could bear no more. I had to fuck you.

I motioned you to stand. Now sitting on the chair, I urged you forward and hovering over my lap you guided my throbbing member to the glorious entry into your still pulsating pussy. The crown of my cock slipped past your hard clitoris and into the well lubricated depths of your steaming hot pussy. With my testicles firmly pressed against your perineum. kaçak iddaa You leaned forward and kissed me deeply, our tongues intertwined and I sucked your soft lips and gripped your lovely ass – pulling you ever tighter and grinding my pelvis into yours.

Moments of your respite passed quickly and you lifted your body to let my glistening cock slide from your depths until only the fat crown rested inside its hot paradise. You again began a slow sinuous descent, encasing the full length of my throbbing cock in the hot, velvety glove of your hot pussy. The pace of your ride increased and your breathing became heavier as I was approaching climax and hoped I could hold out for you. I was not disappointed – at the last moment, I encircled your soft body with one arm and held you tight against my pulsating pumping cock grinding my pelvis into yours. The hot flow of your juices flooded my throbbing member as your arms encircled my neck and brought my mouth to the inflamed nipples of the resplendent mounds of your breasts.

We remained in that position for some minutes kissing, caressing, fondling, sucking and licking any exposed flesh. At last, I took your lovely face between my hands and kissed you deeply. Looking into the depths of your beautiful hazel/green eyes, I spoke my first words – ” God you are so beautiful I love the way you look, the way you smell, the taste of you and the way you suck my cock and the way you fuck, I could devour you, I could stay in your arms forever.

Retiring to the over sized king sized bed. We continued to embrace and exchange kisses – at first gentle then more urgent as I again became more aroused. My kisses became more ardent as I began again to explore your charms with my tongue and long fingers.

My head dipped to your pelvis where my hot tongue engaged your throbbing clit. My long slender index finger teased the tight ring of your sphincter before my sharp tongue replaced it.

Licking my way up across your soft lovely body and pausing only to suck the hard nipples of the golden globes that are your breasts, my mouth came to rest upon yours as my hard cock moved eagerly into the inflamed depths of your wet pussy. My long strokes into your hot channel were met with eager thrusts of your pelvis.

Looking into my eyes with your beautiful half closed green eyes you said in a hoarse lust filled voice “Fuck my ass”.

I could not believe my ears; I had not indulged in that pleasure since I was a youth and was unsure if I could please you. But was more than a little anxious to try.

My cock, glistening with kaçak bahis the wet juice of your pussy, was withdrawn from its hot nest as I rolled you onto your back. By placing a thick pillow under your buttocks, your beautiful rounded ass was elevated to a position that, with your legs wide spread and drawn toward your chest, gave full access to your sweet pussy and tight anus. With a hot tongue, I paid homage to the tight ring of your sphincter and probed gently before inserting the tip of a long finger. As that strong muscle relaxed, my finger moved deeper into your dark channel. You relaxed even further and allowed the insertion of two fingers, which began to stroke slowly in and out of your hot ass.

When I could wait no longer, I brought the crown of my throbbing cock to your wet pussy and thoroughly lubricated it with a long stroke into its depths.
After a hesitant withdrawal, I nervously rested the fat glans of my cock at the puckered entrance into the dark depths of your wanton ass. I pushed gently against the resistance of that tight entry and with ever increasing pressure probed your hot opening with greater vigor. Suddenly, the crown of my cock virtually popped thru the tight ring if your sphincter and three inches of my cock were buried in a hot velvety inferno – the likes of which I had never experienced. The heat of your lovely ass was the most intense I had ever known. The clutching throb of your sweet ass was an unimaginable delight.

After a second of recovery from the delightful surprise afforded by your hot, tight ass, I withdrew until only the crown of my cock remained inside you. With slow deliberation I began a slow descent in to the hot depths of your welcoming ass and began an earnest fucking of that exquisite palace of before unknown pleasures.

Not fully aware of the pleasure you were experiencing, I began to gently caress your clit with my thumb as my cock slid endlessly in and out of your hot ass, Your soft whimpers and the tremors of your beautiful body told me you were pleased and that you were nearing climax. As for myself the hot grasp and intense throb of your anal muscles were more than I could bear. With a final long stroke, I buried my cock as deeply as possible in your talented ass and pumped spurt after spurt of hot cum into its depths.

I reluctantly withdrew my leaking cock from the hot depths of your ass only to feast on the sweet nectar of your pussy now overflowing with the expenditure of your own climax.

I removed the pillow from beneath your rounded bottom and kissed/licked my way again to the sweetness of your mouth. As I looked into the beauty of your face, I could only say, “Thank you for your gift of unexpected and unparalleled pleasure and delight/”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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