A Trip On My Own

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Hi everyone. Well, I was driving from Virginia to Florida alone in Daddy’s convertable and really looking forward to the drive. It was Spring and I could ride with the top down I was hoping most of the way. I had several sundresses with spagettii straps and thongs if I decided to wear them. I did not bring along any bras since I planned on just riding along free of that restriction on my tits. My nipples were hard as soon as I let the early morning air (I left at 5 A. M.) hit me with the top down on the car. I tingled all over and enjoyed the sunrise going down I-95. The drive was uneventful until I got into North Carolina and was driving with not only the top down but decided to pull the top of my dress down to my waist. I had put lotion on my breasts and was working on a tan and showing off for the truckers and a few others that I passed and that passed me. I waved and they waved back and so it went for a while.I decided to pull in the get gas and grab a little to eat and pulled into a truck stop. I put away the girls and had pulled of my thong earlier and put the top up, lovked up and went into the store and went to the cafe and sat at a table alone. I odered while flirting with the waitress and she flirted back. The top of my dress was lower while she was there. I had the straps down off my shoulders and the fabric was just above my nipples that were hard. Jill came back with my order and talked some. “How long are you on duty?” I asked her. “Another hour” she said smiling then touched my shoulder, “Then I am free to do as I like.” A shiver ran all over my body and my pussy was leaking making a small puddle under me and soaking my bahis firmaları dress. Jill knew she had me and then added, “And I would like to do you.” she finished in a whisper. “That sound great.” I said and ate my food. I took my time and during that Jill must have been taking to some others there cause they were pointing and smiling. The hour was up and Jill came out with her long red hair down and on her shoulders. Her uniform top was unbuttoned below her bra and she came over and sat down. “are you ready?” she said. “Oh, very.” I said with a gasp because her hand was on my leg under the table. My legs parted and she found a nice juiced naked pussy quivering. Another woman sat down and smiled, “I sthis her?” she said and Jill said, “Oh yes, it is.” “Peggy” she said and we all got up and I went with them to their car and got in. They drove not far and parked in the apartments and we all went in.

Peggy had stripped me of my dress and Jill had me on my back spreading my legs and her mouth was on my soaking pussy and Peggy was sucking my tits. I moaned as my first orgasm sprayed Jill’s face and chest. Peggy kept kissing and sucking my tits as Jil was fingering me and biting my clit. Then suddenly Jill pushed hard and her hand popped into my pussy and she began pounding hard and deep and I began thrashing al over and meeting every thrust of her hand with an upward thrust of my hips. “Bite my tis, do the nipples harder.” I beged Peggy. She was biting harder and I grabbed her head pushing it into my tits and screamed “Bite them harder, harder. Make them bleed.” I was begging and son she did as I sprayed several orgasms all over Jill’s fist kaçak iddaa and soaking the bed. There was blood on Peggy’s face and mouth as if she were a vampire and she was licking the blood and then kissed Jill and Jill had a fit “Oh fuck, her blood tastes great.” Jill said and began sucking my tits and biting them making them bleed more. My hips were bucking against air and I beged Peggy to fuck me and she popped a fist into my pussy that devoured it. I kept having orgasms and they kept eating sucking and fisting me. Suddenly a man’s voice bellowed, “What the fuck is happening here.” and I looked out of eyes that half opened. A tall, husky man stood undressing and then his huge cock was in view.

He was hard and Peggy and Jill moved to the side of me and he laid between my legs and someone guided him to the entrance of my throbbing pussy and he rammed into me. I cried out loud and began moaning, “Oh yeah, fuck me, fuck me good.” and he did just that. It seemed that he still grew larger and as he did my pussy gripped his cock and tried to milk it of his cum but he just kept pounding away. Jill and Peggy were next to me kissing each other and then doing a sweet 69 and the guy kept fucking me. I did not know how long he took but he growled and shot a load into my pussy that overflowed and mixed with the puddle of my own juices on the bed. He moved out and turned me over and pulled my hips up and then plunged into my ass. I moaned and he began pounding hard moving in as deep and as hard as before. He filled my ass and then moved off talling the girls to make sure to get some food ready for the evening. THey both told him it would be ready kaçak bahis and maybe they had desert for the others that would be there. “Oh, she is going to be more than desert.” the guy said and we moved and got up all of us staying naked and going to the kitchen and began getting food ready. Another woman showed up and stripped and put a collar on her neck and then Jill and Peggy and then turned to me, “If you are staying you will wear a collar otherwise you will have to leave now.” I pulled my hair back and made my neck available to her and she kissed it and put on a collar. “Well girls, we have a lot to do.” she said and we all got to work. Soon men and women began arriving and looking at the new help and commenting. I smiled and was told I was not alowed to speak until someone spoke to me. “Just so I can open my mouth for other things.” I smiled at Jill and she said, “Oh it will.”

It took a wile but I found myself serving and the 10 or so men and women all tweeked my nipples as I passed with food and a couple grabbed my ass and all of them commented on the “new help”. One BBW grabbed my ass and said, “So, what are you here for dear?” I smiled and said, “To serve anyone anyway I can. I will do anything I am told to with anyone that tells me.” She smiled, “I have this one first.” she declared and slapped my ass hard leaving a red hand mark on the cheek. After supper she came to me and put a chain on my collar and took my to a wall that had loops om it about 7 feet off the floor. She secured me to it and tied my hands behind me and put a rod between my legs securing my ankles so that they were spread wide. “I will be back for you later Dear.” she said and kissed me and left.

Well, everyone, I will finish the story of the trip but it wil take a few writings I am afraid.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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