A Mother’s Touch Ch. 02

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I wake up and some very erotic dream is slipping from my memory far too quickly. At first, I don’t notice the head on my shoulder or feel the breath on one of my breasts, but that changes quickly enough. My mind is a little foggy this morning and I’m a little startled when I realize there is someone sleeping in bed with me. The haze lifts quickly and I recall everything that happened yesterday, which brings a slight smile to my lips.

Lisa’s head is on my shoulder and she is snoring softly. One of my arms is pinned by her toned body and I can feel her tits press against my flesh. With my free hand I softly stroke her red hair and recall everything that was done and said before we drifted off to sleep together. I try to find some degree of guilt for what I did with my daughter, but there is none to be found. I should feel something negative about doing something that is considered one of the worst taboos there is, but I find only a pleasurable contentment flowing through my body.

My mind works through everything that was said and I find myself getting very nervous at the idea of truly giving her what she wants. It isn’t just the loss of all control she desires, which I have no problem with. However, it is the other part of this that I question my ability. I have never done anything like this before and don’t know if I can truly bring her pleasure. I know I told her I would do everything she desires, but I just don’t know if I can do those things to my daughter.

I am enjoying the sensation of her body pressed against mine and am greatly tempted to let her sleep, but I also have to pee quite badly. I am caught between wanting to enjoy the feeling of her breath on my flesh and the need to empty my painfully full bladder. Something jumps to the forefront of my mind, which must have been hidden in some unknown darkness within me. It has to be from the same dark region that lead me to action the previous day.

My hand moves from caressing her red hair to her shoulder and I start to shake gently, then loudly say, “Lisa.” She elicits a soft moan, but nothing more, so I shake a little harder and again say, “Lisa.”

She starts to come to as she mumbles, “What? I’m tired.”

I shake her hard again and say, “Damn it, Lisa. Wake up.”

I feel her breath change against my flesh and her head moves a little. She is every bit as groggy as I was just a short time ago and probably trying to figure out why she is not in her bed. Everything will come rushing to her, just as it did for me, but I cannot wait any longer. Waiting means stripping the bed and washing the piss from everything, which is something I really don’t want to do.

I shake her hard once again and say, “Get up, damn it. I have to pee and you’re on my arm.”

She slowly rolls over to release me and her green eyes try to focus on my face, then asks, “What?”

My voice is very demanding as I say, “I have to pee. So get your ass out of my bed.”

I search for some sign within me telling me to be less harsh with her, but it isn’t there. She starts to sit up and her eyes move from my face to my body. Everything that happened is starting to come back and the haziness of her mind is starting to clear. Her lips move to form a slight smile as it all comes flooding into her. She starts to get out of bed and grimaces a little as her calf muscle has pressure put on it for the first time since I massaged it.

I get out of bed and summon something dark within me, then command her, “Follow me into the fucking bathroom, Lisa.”

Apparently, the conversation we had has not come rushing back to her just yet, which leads her to say, “But I thought you said you have to pee.”

I say, “I do and you are going to watch. Now let’s go.”

She nods in confusion and I turn away from her. My feet carry me purposefully down the hall and into the other bathroom and can feel her walking closely behind. She emits no sound of discomfort as she puts more pressure on her calf with every other step, which means my massage must have done a damned good job. I reach the toilet and turn around so I can sit and relieve myself. As my ass makes contact with the seat I hold off and spread my legs widely.

I bakırköy escort summon the darkness a little easier as I command, “Get on your fucking knees between my legs.”

I can see something odd come over her as she does as I tell her. I wait until her eyes are focused on the right part of my body, then release my piss into the toilet. I don’t think she can see the actual release, but at least her eyes are staring hungrily at my pussy. I don’t completely empty my bladder, since I have something interesting in mind for the remainder of my release.

I move forward on the seat and say, “Clean the piss from my pussy with your fucking tongue.”

There is clear disgust on her face, but her green eyes show something very different. She sticks her tongue out and moves it quickly to my pussy with no sign of fight. I grab the back of her head and moan softly as she works diligently to find every drop. My moans encourage her to work very hard, especially with my clit. If she keeps this up I am going to have one hell of an orgasm, which is not what I want right now.

I pull her head back and command, “Lay down on your back.”

There is disappointment in her eyes from not being allowed to finish, but she shows not a single sign of ignoring my command. Once her back is on the hard surface, I stand over her tits and start to squat over them. From this position, I can just barely see her tits and know I am right on target. I release the last of my piss directly onto her and she gives off a strange, almost gutteral, sound as the hot liquid touches her skin.

I am still dripping a little as I stand up to adjust and harshly command, “Rub my piss into your tits, Lisa.”

I watch her hands go to work with great diligence as she rubs my golden piss into her flesh. Once she starts to focus on her nipples I lower my pussy to her mouth. Her tongue goes to work with a passion as she searches for anything hidden on my pink flesh. I fight off the pleasure that is coursing through my body, since I want her to taste only my piss for the moment.

While her tongue starts to work its way from my flesh to my very wet hole, another dark idea comes to mind. I stand up quickly and move my legs so they are no longer straddling her body. Her face is again filled with disappointment at not being able to enjoy the taste of my pink hole, but I know her bladder must be very full.

I am kicking myself for not coming up with the idea a little earlier, as I bend over to get the empty bucket from under the sink. I have kept it there for years after learning a valuable lesson about the damage a leaking pipe can cause. I set the bucket on the floor and my daughter’s face is one of curiosity.

I yell loudly, “Get your fucking ass off the floor and onto bucket.”

I see the shock in her eyes from hearing the tone of my voice, but also a great deal of pleasure hidden deep within them. She gets up quickly and starts to sit on the bucket with her legs close together. I force them apart and almost cause her to fall back and she gets the hint.

I harshly demand, “Now piss in the fucking bucket.”

I release my grip on her legs and they remain spread very wide, then hear her bladder start to empty itself. There is something very intoxicating about the sound of her piss hitting the bottom of the bucket and find myself very curious about what it feels like to be at the receiving end of her golden stream. I place my hand between her legs and find the hot piss to be oddly pleasant. But conceal the smile trying to form on my lips. I only leave it there for a few seconds and quickly bring my dripping hand to her mouth. Her tongue starts to go to work without any need for command and she quickly removes any remnant of her piss.

I hear the stream slow to a drip and yell out, “Stand the fuck up and lean backwards over the tub.”

Lisa is reveling in my control over her and she is smiling widely in anticipation of where all of this is headed. Even though I did not tell her to do so, she has her legs spread wide and her pussy is very tempting right now. I hold off on my desire for only one reason. I don’t want the piss to cool before beşiktaş escort I use it on my daughter.

I pick up the bucket and am pleasantly surprised to find it is about a quarter of the way full. Then take it to her and slowly release her piss onto her face and hair. Her mouth is open and I slowly fill it, before moving the bucket further up. She closes her mouth and swallows without the slightest hint of discomfort and I find it oddly erotic. The bucket is almost empty when I let the last of her piss drip into her mouth and it is almost enough to fill it again. Her mouth closes and she swallows once again.

I set the bucket down and look at her pussy spread before me and know she is far from comfortable with her back pressed against the edge of the tub. I am torn between having her stay right where she is, or have her lye on her back. Now is the time to see if I can do what she most desires so I decide to leave her right where she is.

I take a deep breath and steady myself, then grip her clit hard in my fingers. She lets out a yelp, but does not pull away. I want to release her clit and stop bringing her pain, but know she does not want me to stop. Instead, I twist it with great force and she lets out a yell from the pain, but maintains her position. I twist hard the other way and her yell turns to a scream.

I release her clit and want to comfort her, but know she is maintaining her position to encourage me to continue. I bring my hand down hard on her spread pussy and the contact echoes against the walls, then bring my hand back up quickly to repeat the process several times. Each loud impact with my hand causes her to yell out, but I don’t stop. I know this is something that she wants and I can ignore the cries of pain escaping her lips.

I move to look into her watering eyes and see pleasure in them, then command, “Get out of the tub and onto your hands and knees.”

She moves quickly to give me access to her perfect cheeks and I wish she would show some sign of not wanting to continue. Once in position, I bring my hand down hard on one of her cheeks and pull away quickly. I can see my hand imprinted in red on her ass and she lets out a soft moan to go along with the yell of pain. I start to slap both of her perfect cheeks furiously and she again lets out her screams of painful pleasure.

I have no idea how many times my hands made contact, but both cheeks are very red as a result of my work. I decide to dig in at the base of her cheeks with my fingernails and pull her cheeks apart with great force. She howls out in pain as I draw a little blood from each cheek, but she also moans in pleasure. Her asshole opens a little, but it is not enough for me to really enjoy. I reposition my fingers and spread again. She releases some strange mix of a scream and a moan as her asshole opens much wider. I enjoy staring into her dark hole, but my fingers are starting to get very cramped.

I release her cheeks and harshly command, “Lay down on your fucking back, Lisa.”

She does so with no fear of putting pressure on her still very red ass. I spread my legs and squat over her face, then force my pussy to her mouth. Her tongue goes to work with no order given and I let out several moans as my clit is sending pleasant signals through my body. I reach down and feel her nipples between my fingers, then squeeze both of them with great force. Her scream is muffled greatly by my pussy and I feel myself getting closer to my desired release. I twist her nipples hard and force my pussy down to smother her, which causes her to scream out again. Only this time the scream is far less audible.

Her hands start to flail in desperation for air and I raise myself up just a little. She gasps for air, but finds it very difficult to come by as my pussy is still too close to her face. Just as I am on the very edge of ecstatic release, I release her nipples and grab her tits with tremendous force. The first wave crashes over me and I squeeze her tits with all my might. I feel her force her head into my pussy and it muffles her scream.

The first wave of pleasure subsides, but I know the next one is coming quickly. beylikdüzü escort I release her tits and bend over to ensure her clit is within my reach and pinch it between my fingers. I squeeze as tightly as I can, while my free hand forces several fingers into her pussy. My hands and fingers tighten when the next wave of pleasure hits and she is rewarded with choking on my release. She coughs and sputters, but does not stop working my clit with her tongue. Her muffled screams and moans continue throughout every action I take.

Once the waves subside, I start to roughly fuck her pussy with my fingers. Her moans intensify quickly and soon as I know she is right on the edge, I move my fingers from her wonderfully hot pussy to her asshole. There is no resistance, thanks to her having a very wet pussy, and I feel the wonderful sensation of her asshole pressing tightly against all three fingers buried deep inside of her. She must really love being smothered, since she keeps doing it to herself. Perhaps it has something to do with her wanting to muffle her screams and moans, but I don’t care about the reason. Her nose pressing into my pink hole feels really good.

I feel her asshole start to convulse tightly on my fingers and must say this feels even better. Her release is incredible as it starts to flow down to her asshole in great quantities and I use it to my advantage. I pull my fingers out of her spasming asshole and soak them in her powerful orgasm. Then force four fingers into her asshole right up to my knuckle. Her head slams into my pussy and she howls as her orgasm intensifies. Four fingers being crushed together feels far better than when I had only three, since I can get my hand a little deeper this way.

Her orgasm subsides and I remove my fingers from her asshole. I put one finger to my mouth and find the taste to be better when it is mixed with her orgasmic explosion. One by one, I clean my fingers thoroughly and wish her orgasm had gone on for just a little longer.

I get up and start to leave the room, then command, “Clean the fucking bathroom. It stinks in here. Then take a shower and come to my bedroom.”

I don’t wait for a response as I leave her lying on her back. Pain is not something I have ever had any interest in, on either the giving or receiving end. I don’t know why my daughter desires it, but judging by the moans she enjoyed everything I did to her. The one thing I know for certain is my hands hurt like hell.

After a quick shower, I lay down on the bed and wait patiently for her to join me. My bed is the only place she wants in the house to be safe. This is the only place she wants to be free to discuss anything, but still be under my control. Off the bed, she still wants to be under my complete control and feel as much pain as possible. She lays down next time and her fingers start to softly caress my nipples.

I say in a loving voice, “Sorry if I went to far, Lisa.”

She grins and says, “You didn’t. Hell, you didn’t go far enough. I know this is new to you. Actually receiving pain like that is new to me. Off this bed, don’t hold back. Right now, my body feels really good, but I want it to feel great. How many fingers did you have in my asshole?”

I smirk and say, “Four. And just so you know, my hand hurts like hell. Don’t know how the hell I can do more than that.”

Her grin widens and says, “Four fingers! No wonder my asshole feels like you tore it in two. Should have just shoved the whole hand inside. As for you hands, you have belts. Use one of them on me.”

I smile and say, “Wish I would have thought of it. Alright, from here on out, it’s the belt for you. Now that we have that settled, tongue fuck my asshole.”

Her grin turns very wicked and she works her way down as I bring my legs up. I reach down and pull my cheeks apart to give her access. I feel her tongue start to slowly press inside of me, then let out a moan of pleasure. Her tongue starts to dart in and out of my ass with ferocity and I reward her with more of my moans.

My hands and fingers still hurt, but the pleasure she is bringing me is doing a wonderful job of causing the pain to subside. This day may have started out with my uncertainty of being able to cause her pain of any kind, but that no longer exists within me. I now know I can cause her physical pain and a belt is going to get a lot of use on her body. I have no idea just how far we are going to take this, but it is going to be an interesting ride.

The End

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