A Marine’s Loving Family

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Robbie was still a bit dazed and a little bit shocked at what his mother had told him about his family history last night. It was the last night of his leave on “Incest Island” with his mother, her new husband Don and his extended island family. He was leaving for the mainland this morning to catch his flight back to Pendleton. He still had two weeks of leave coming but after what his mom had told him yesterday, he had decided to return to camp early and save that leave time to follow up on the mysterious and wonderful things she had told him.

He couldn’t imagine anything more wonderful than the week he has spent with Sherri, his mom, and Don on their honeymoon. They had fucked and sucked each other in every combination conceivable by three very horny and versatile people. There was no longer any doubt in the young Marine’s mind; he was definitely bi-sexual and had absolutely no qualms about his newly recognized orientation. ‘Course, it did pose a problem for the him, what with the military’s “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy. He had no doubt that the policy would include any form of sexual activity between persons of the same gender – whether they thought of themselves as “Gay” or not. So he was going to have to be damn careful when he got back to his outfit.

Robbie was proud of his uniform, and he was damn proud to be a Marine. He had learned from his mother the night before that, among other things, he came from a strong and proud military family. Both his father and his grandfather, as well as his uncle, had been Marine officers before him. But what had really blown his mind, and what was contributing to his present state of shock was that he had also learned that his father and his grandfather were one and the same. His mother told him that she had gotten pregnant by her father shortly before he had died in a tragic car accident. His uncle Jerry had secretly married his mother and had accepted Robbie as his own son, which he very well could have been since his mother and uncle had had a sexual relationship even longer than the one the siblings had had with their father. But Jerry, too, had been killed when his F-18 Hornet had slammed into the ground in a devastating training accident. He had been just a baby then and had never known until last night that his “father” had also been his uncle and that the grandfather he had never known was really his biological father…

Until he had made love to his beautiful mother in the wedding chapel immediately after the marriage ceremony, he had never given much thought to the idea of incest. “Oh, yeah!” he had “lusted” for his mother ever since he was old enough to get a real hard on and jerk off thinking about her. But the concept of incest had never really entered his mind before. But now, he was immersed in it, and try as he might, he could think of no logical reason why his new relationship with his mother and those of his other relatives should be considered by outsiders as “wrong, deviant, immoral, illegal and repugnant”. They were all adults weren’t they? Why was it anybody else’s business who they slept with and had sex with? Who was being hurt by it? Nobody that he could tell.

And he felt the same way about occasionally having sex with another guy. Who the hell did it hurt? Nobody, as far as he knew. Damn it, it felt good to get it on with another man sometimes and it was just plain FUN! He knew that he much preferred women, particularly in an emotional and romantic sense. But playing with another guy just added more “spice” and variety to his sexual repertoire and he could see absolutely nothing wrong with it – No matter WHAT the majority of our culture decreed.

“Ah, shit!” he thought. “Enough of this fucking with my mind. I am who I am and if the world doesn’t like it, fuck ’em! I know I’m a damn good Marine and from what everybody tells me, I’m a pretty decent guy to boot. And there hasn’t been anybody, male or female, who have complained about my “fucking” abilities,” he laughed to himself. That thought immediately brought vivid memories of the past week’s “fun and frivolity” flooding back into his mind.

The morning after Sherri, Don and Robbie’s “honeymoon” night, Don had announced that there would be a big party that night to celebrate the marriage. He had invited most of the islanders, almost all of whom were relatives of one sort or another, to the house for the biggest orgy the island had ever seen. He had hired a band and a caterer and made all the arrangements long before they had arrived on the island and his cousin Carl was bringing them all over on the launch that evening.

Sherri and Don had encouraged him to wear his dress blue uniform with his “butter bar” 2nd klasbahis güvenilirmi Lieutenant’s insignia to the party. “You’ll be the center of attraction,” they laughed. “Everybody’ll want a ‘piece’ of you, my young stud.”

“Yeah, but Mom should be the center of attention,” he protested. “She’s the bride, for Christ’s sake. I’m just the side show.”

“Don’t worry about me, Sweetie.” Sherri giggled. “From the way Carl was feeling me up every chance he got, I don’t think I’ll be neglected too much.”

“That’s right,” laughed Don. “Every guy and most of the women are going to be hot for your mom. Including my grandparents, and they’re almost into their 70’s. Not to mention all the aunts, uncles, cousins and assorted in-laws who will be here. It ought to be quite a party.”

And what a party it had been! Robbie’s cock still tingled from the memory of all the fucking and sucking that had gone on that night. And just as Don had predicted, “Grampa Jess” and “Gramma Sophie” had exercised their prerogative as the “island’s elders” to claim “first dibs” on both Sherri AND Robbie. There was a lot of whooping and hollering and good natured complaining when the “old folks” announced that they were going to get these island “virgins'” cherries that night. The rest of the family would just have to be satisfied with “sloppy seconds.”

Robbie hadn’t been at all sure he would be able to “perform” with these venerable, but obviously very lusty “senior citizens”. He had already fucked his mother twice that day and been good and royally fucked in the ass by his new step-dad as well. Hell, his dick was still a bit sore from all the sucking it had been subjected to the past couple of days.

“Don’t worry,” Sherri had assured him again. “You’ll be fine. Just relax and enjoy what ever comes up… Pun intended,” she quipped.

And Robbie had to admit, both “Grampa” and “Gramma” were damn fine looking people, despite their years. Life on the island had kept them both trim and youthful way beyond their ages. Sophie was a tiny woman but her breasts would be the envy of many women much bigger and much younger than she was. Her eyes, too, were large and sparkled with a vitality, humor and lust for life that could interest and excite anybody – man or woman. And Grampa Jess was her equal in every way. It was obvious from the way all the young women, and not just a few of the guys, flirted and snuggled up to him, that he was every bit as lusty as Sophie was.

“Listen up, everybody,” Don shouted over the din of his relatives. “Since Grampa and Gramma have elected to be first with my new bride and my new step-son tonight, our family “tradition” demands that the rest of us poor lechers have to wait our turn. But it is also the tradition that we get to WATCH. So let’s all gather around and give these beautiful folks our undivided attention.”

Don’s announcement was met with more lighthearted boos, cheers and cat-calls – particularly from his cousin Carl who kept insisting that HE had seen them first (after Don, of course) and should be entitled to at least share in the “initiation”. But he was soundly overruled by both Don and the grandparents and shouted down by the rest of the family members. Accepting his rebuke with grace and dignity, he promptly began feeling up the two women next to him – one of which was his sister and the other his niece who was attending her first orgy as an adult member of the family.

At a signal from Don, the two older folks held hands with Sherri and Robbie and guided them into the center of the room where a layer of soft rugs had been laid out. “Son,” said Grampa Jess to Rob, “I just love watching a mother getting fucked by her lusty son, so why don’t you…”

“Hell, you like watching anybody getting fucked, you old goat,” groused Sophie. “So just pipe down and see if you still got what it takes to handle that gorgeous, young bride there before I get MY hands on her. But right now, I think I’m just going to suck a big Marine cock, if it’s alright with this young man.” And with that, she began rubbing Robbie’s rapidly hardening cock through the fabric of his uniform trousers and then sliding his zipper down to reach her prize. Needless to say, Robbie didn’t object one damn bit.

As Sophie began licking and sucking the length of Robbie’s cock, Grampa Jess slipped the narrow straps of Sherri’s blouse down over her shoulders and began sucking first one of her swollen nipples then the other one. Running his hand up her beautifully tanned legs, he found her swollen and excited clitoris and began stroking her pussy lips and dipping into her eager cunt. Sherri was just as active and responsive as the klasbahis yeni giriş older man was and soon had him out of his clothes and rolled over on top of him and inserted his rock hard cock deep into her dripping love tunnel.

Robbie wasn’t wasting any time either as he pushed Gramma Sophie onto her back and mounted her with a single thrust of his prick sinking deep into her waiting cunt. He knew he wasn’t going to cum very quickly since he had already blown his nuts so many times earlier in the day. But Sophie apparently didn’t have that problem and she soon screamed out with the first of what was to be many orgasms that night.

After she came down a bit from her shuddering orgasm, she whispered to Robbie, “Come on! Lets join your mom and that old fart of a husband of mine. Otherwise, he’ll just keep fucking her all night and I want a taste of that pussy myself.”

That seemed to be the signal for the rest of the family to join in and as Sophie slipped over and began licking and sucking Sherri’s well fucked pussy, Robbie was intercepted by the prettiest young girl he had seen in a long time. Wearing nothing but a big, sexy grin on her face and a devilish twinkle in her deep blue eyes, she said, “Hi there, Darlin’. I’m Kallia and I’m this year’s Birthday Girl.”

Before Robbie had the words, “Happy Birthday, Kallia” halfway out of his mouth, she had engulfed his still hard cock in those luscious lips of hers and was gently squeezing and rolling his balls in her hand. Removing his dick from her mouth momentarily, she looked up at him with a coquettish smile and that “twinkle” even more devilish than before, she said, “Did Uncle Don tell you the about the other tradition of the island’s annual orgy? No! I didn’t think so. He likes to keep that a surprise for the new members of the family.”

“He mentioned something about some traditions and customs of the Annual “party” but if he went into any details I didn’t listen too closely… I was too involved in the feelings I was having with him fucking my ass and jerking me off at the same time. Sorta screwed up my concentration – among other things,” laughed Robbie as he reached down and began playing with the girl’s small, but firm and beautifully sculpted breasts and tweaking her nipples between his fingers.

“Well,” said Kallia, “The tradition is that any year that a boy and/or a girl is born on the night of the Annual Orgy, he, she, or “they” are the ‘Birthday Girl’ or ‘Birthday Boy’ (as the case may be) in celebration of their eighteenth birthday and becoming a full fledged ‘Adult’ of the family, with all attendant ‘privileges’ that go with it. Not the least of those ‘privileges’ are that WE get second choice right after Grampa and Gramma. This year my twin brother, Josh and I are the “Birthday Kids” and I choose you!”

Having never stopped her stroking of his cock as she talked, Robbie was on the verge of shooting his load right then, but Kallia was an expert at her task and would stop him just before he would blast off.

“So you’re the ‘Birthday Girl’ and ‘Josh’ is the ‘Birthday Boy’? And you choose to fuck me? I’m honored,” said Robbie between gasps as Kallia continued to slowly lick the head of his cock and down the length of his shaft.

“No, it’s MY honor,” replied Kallia. “I’ve never fucked a Marine lieutenant before… In fact, I’ve never fucked anybody before. I’m still a virgin, and so is Josh. That, too, is part of the tradition. All the time they are growing up, the adults teach them everything there is to know about sex. All the kids are for that matter. But we were also taught and encouraged NOT to have intercourse until the night of our 18th birthday. And then we get to choose who we want to take our virginity.”

“Damn,” said Robbie. “That must have been a bitch growing up with everybody on the island fucking everybody else and you couldn’t do anything!” He just about didn’t get the sentence out though, because Kallia had began to gently probe his sensitive asshole with her long, slim fingers.

“I didn’t say ‘we couldn’t do anything!’ I said, ‘we were taught and encouraged not to have sexual intercourse.’ I didn’t say anything about any other sexual activities. We could and did do just about everything sexual you can imagine with just about anybody we wanted to. I even learned this at a very tender age,” she smiled. At that she suddenly pushed two or three of those long fingers of hers as deeply into his anus as she could reach, and began to gently massage his prostate gland.

That was too much for Robbie, and he started cumming like it was the first time in years – instead of just minutes ago. But none of his cum was klasbahis giriş wasted because Kallia had simultaneously thrust his cock as deep into her mouth and throat as it would go and her pulsating tongue milked every drop out of his throbbing cock.

“Oh, shit!” sighed Robbie. “That was fucking fantastic. But I thought you wanted me to fuck you. After that blowjob, it’s going to be awhile before I’m gonna be much good for you.”

“Don’t you worry, Sugar,” she said. “Watch this!” And as she began to touch him in certain places in ways that he had never experienced before, he was amazed (and damned happy!) to see his cock instantly spring to full attention again.

“See, I told you,” Kallia smirked. “Now do you want to take my cherry.”

“Is the Pope Catholic?” snorted Robbie. But Kallia was already rubbing the head of his turgid cock up and down through her pussy lips and circling it around and over her swollen clit. Her juices were flowing freely and he was soon thoroughly lubricated.

Kallia rolled him on his back and straddled his legs, her moist and hungry cunt poised over his erect cock. Slowly she lowered her body down onto his shaft and pressed hard on the head of his prick, trying to force him through her tough and restricting hymen.

“Oh, no,” she cried. “It won’t go! It feels wonderful, but I can’t break through…”

“Just relax, Sis,” Josh whispered into her ear. “I’ll help.” He had come over to the young lovers without being noticed. Now, he too, straddled Robbie’s legs behind Kallia and put his arms around her. Taking her breasts in his hands he began to add his weight to hers and suddenly Kallia’s cherry split wide open and Robbie’s cock sank to his balls in her eager and grasping cunt. Robbie hadn’t felt anything this tight around his cock since the first virgin ass he had fucked.

Kallia let out a scream that shook the mirrored ceiling when her hymen broke, but it was more a scream of triumph than of pain. Soon she was moaning and whimpering as she pounded up and down on the hard, young Marine. Then she stiffened and began to tremble as a low rumble began to swell from deep in her throat and her first fucking orgasm hit her entire body and she all but exploded with the release.

As Robbie held the shaking girl tightly against his body, her brother, Josh, pressed himself along her back, still holding her breasts in his hands, the two horney young men sandwiched the satiated girl between them.

Neither Robbie nor Josh had cum with Kallia, however, and it was obvious that they were far from through. As he rolled Kallia over onto her back, Josh said, “Sis, I’ve waited 18 motherfucking years to sink my cock into your sweet pussy and I’m not waiting one damn minute longer.”

“You haven’t waited any longer than I have, baby brother,” gasped Kallia. “Robbie’s got me all nice and loosened up and I WANT that cock of yours – Right now!” (Robbie learned later that Kallia was born 10 whole minutes before Josh, so he was her “baby brother”)

Josh wasted no more time in talking and started fucking his equally turned on sister for all he was worth.

Robbie laid beside the incestuous twins and began to run his hands over the soft, smooth skin of Josh’s ass and down between his legs to squeeze and caress his balls and hard cock as it drove back and forth in his sister’s cunt. Raising himself up on his knees, he straddled Josh and Kallia’s legs and began to rub his stiff cock up and down through the young man’s ass cheeks.

“Oh, god! Yes, Robbie. Fuck my ass. Fuck me with that big Marine Corps cock. Fuck me while I’m fucking my sweet sister. Oh, Yes… Do it to me. Christ, Kallia. Your cunt’s even tighter than Cousin Sherri’s. Oh, shit! Robbie’s fucking my ass. Oh, fuck! I’m cumming…….” Robbie and Kallia exploded with their own orgasms at almost the same moment and it was quite a bit later before any of them were ready to take on the rest of the family.

As the three young lovers lay entwined and panting together on the soft rugs, Robbie said, ” So you fucked my mother too, huh?”

“Oh, man, did I!” sighed Josh. “What a way for a guy to loose his cherry. And Grampa and Gramma were taking turns rimming my ass and licking my balls at the same time. Awesome, dude… Just awesome. She is one gorgeous woman and you’re one lucky motherfucker.”

“Yeah, I am that,” laughed Robbie. I’ve had the hots for her every since I can remember, but I never thought I’d actually get to FUCK her even once – never mind sharing her honeymoon with Don. This has been an incredible fucking few days – literally!”

“Well, you two guys can lay here and talk about Sherri all night if you want to. I’m going over and get better acquainted with her myself,” giggled Kallia. And she slipped into the open and willing arms of Robbie’s lusty mother. The two women were soon eating each other’s pussies and ignoring for the moment all the eager cocks waiting their turn with the new bride and the “Birthday Girl”.

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