A Lady of the Night is Lil

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‘Lil! Are you decent can I come in?’

‘Yes! Come in Sarah!’

Sarah was one of the neighbours who lived with her boyfriend Clive who lived above me. She was nice, but she made me uneasy because of the way she talked, telling me she loved everybody and would not throw anyone, male or female out of her bed. She thought absolutely nothing of running round the place in her bra and panties. When I told her she could get raped! She laughed and said that was impossible, she liked sex too much to get raped.

I was supposed to be living with my boyfriend too until he ran out on me and left me to pay the rent. When the Landlord came I told him my boyfriend had gone and I had no money. He told me pay up or get out! He said I could stay if I could raise the cash and he would forget what I owed if I dropped my knickers for him there and then. I had no alternative, I stripped out of my clothes and he fucked me on my bed. Then he said that took care of one week and I owed him two. he told me to turn over onto my belly and he rubbed his wet slippery cock against my anus. I screamed, ‘No!’ He said please yourself. Get your kit and get out. I said no it would be okay. He buggered me. It hurt pretty badly at first, but the pain went away and I was soon pushing my asshole onto his hard cock. It was nice when I felt his ejaculate spurt into my rectum. He told me if I was going to make a living I would have to take it up the ass a lot. After he had gone I went to the loo and washed my ass and pussy out and used some Vaseline to take away the soreness. I was laying on my bed thinking of what had happened to me and that I would have to become a prostitute to survive.

I was just wearing my pink undies, caressing myself when the istanbul escort bedroom door suddenly opened and Sarah came in – she was in a white bra and panties.

Sarah was a honey, long blonde hair, blue eyes, easily 36d breasts, her mound was extremely prominent on top of her long sleek legs. Her feet were adorned in pink mules.

She came over to me and kissed me on my lips, which took me aback! I hadn’t expected it. I gently pushed her away.

‘Where’s Clive?’

‘I am here! What are you two sex-pots up to? I did not know you two pussies were that close?’

I turned to face him and felt Sarah’s hands move up my body and cup my breasts. My nipples were already hard, because I was excited and embarrassed at the same time. He was down to his T-shirt and boxers. The bulge in them was something again!

‘Nice! Can I join in?’

Suddenly he was close to me and I felt his hand cup my vagina. That gave me a hot flush! Sarah’s tongue rolling around the inside of my left ear did not help me to cool me down none. In fact it made me involuntarily thrust my pussy into Clive’s groping hand.

‘The Landlord told us about the position you were in, Shiela. We are sorry and happy at the same time. Clive was always telling me that he wanted to get his boner up your ass. We will pay your rent for the next two weeks if you give Clive and me what we want. Clive has had a hard-on since Jack told us that you took his cock up your ass.’

As she was talking, Clive had already found and was prodding a finger into my lubricated anus. I lay back and closed my eyes and allowed Sarah to glide her tongue avcılar escort into my mouth as she cupped my left breast. There were fingers in my pussy and my ass and I was getting very hot and very wet. I had not come fully back to normal since my bout with Jack the Landlord. I am very highly sexed and get turned on too easily. I was now 23 and had been fucked pretty regular by countless guys as I was never able to say no after I came out of a Girls College when I was eighteen.

I did it with other girls at the college because there were no boys for miles. While I was there I had had all kinds of things stuffed up my pussy, but nothing bigger than a banana in my ass. Now I had taken one prick and was about to get another one in just a few hours of my miserable life. I had to admit to myself it was a lot easier than grafting in an office. The pay was better too. No one had offered to pay me to fuck me before. I always gave myself free. Even when boys took me out, I paid my share of the expenses and still let the boy fuck me. One girl asked me if I masturbated and I told her no, I was too busy being fucked by boys to do that!

I was now on my back and my bra and panties united with the bedroom carpet because of a united effort by Clive and Sarah stripping them off me. Sarah was now naked and about to sit her hot wet pussy onto my mouth and a naked Clive was pushing a pillow underneath my ass to raise me up to get his cock into my rectum.

I left him to it and concentrated on Sarah’s very juicy pussy, although one minute I was licking it and the next her asshole because she kept shifting her hips backwards and forwards so that I was licking both her holes. She was gripping my şirinevler escort wrists, holding me down so I had no choice.

Amazingly, Clive was gentleman enough to use KY Jelly in my ass before he put his cock into me. It slipped in easier than I thought it would, there was just a little bit of discomfort as it passed through the half way mark, but then I felt his balls against my pussy and I knew he had it all up me. I sighed into Sarah’s cunt and was rewarded with a scoosh of copious juices spurting out of her pungent innards. I adore pussy juice so I went for it, suctioning like mad to get it all out of her. She was moaning like a banshee! At least I had made one of them cum.

I shifted my mind to concentrating on Clive’s pistoning cock. I moved my ass onto it, bouncing my hips to help him shoot his load. I even learned to clamp and unclamp my anal muscles around his thrusting cock which seemed to excite him more. He was now jerking my spine hard with each ramming thrust and I felt myself beginning to cum although no one had touched my pussy. I felt I wanted a prick in there too, as it was feeling like an empty box. He seemed to sense my need because he forced three of his fingers up my pussy and started to frig me vigorously! That did it! I moaned into Sarah’s cunt and humped my hips with so much vigour Clive had to hang on to me for dear life! I had never felt so hot in all my miserable existence. If that was bum-sex! I loved it and wanted a lot more of it.

When they had left, I lay there on my bed naked and oozing juices over the bedding. Thinking of cocks mainly. Neither jack’s or Clive’s cocks were all that big! I had taken bigger ones in my pussy. An old guy who had accosted me in the Park had had a real big one. It hurt my jaw when he put it into my mouth and when I took it in my pussy it really stretched me. What if he had put it in my ass?

Need to go, I am writing an advert advertising my massaging skills. Willing to make house calls. They won’t be able to resist me if I am nude when I massage them. Anybody got a price list I can use? I’m willing to give discounts!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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