A Family Chronicle Ch. 04

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Pete woke up and smelled eggs and bacon. He stepped out of his bed, grabbed a towel and walked to the bathroom.

Still half asleep he opened the door and walked in. Inside he noticed his younger sister Christy was in the shower. He didn’t move and looked at her naked body. She certainly was a good looking 18 year old girl. She was petite, about 5’4″ with a cute butt and pert breasts. Pete guessed it was a B-cup. Her nipples were hard and between her legs he saw a small dark landing strip.

Then he looked at her face and noticed she was smiling. She was staring at his cock. Now he became aware that looking at his naked little sister gave him a huge hard on. In the past he had seen her naked more often. Though that was a while ago and he didn’t see her completely naked after she had blossomed into the gorgeous girl he was looking at right now. Christy giggled, “You like what you see?”

Pete smiled and looked her in the eyes. “Ow yeah… I certainly do! Just like you seem to like what you see.”

Now she laughed. “Like it? Hmmm.. I think I do. Though all that matters is, does a guy know how to use it.”

With a wicked grin she looked at him. “Now get out of here pervert. Looking at your naked baby sister and getting a hard on. You should be ashamed.”

Pete laughed. “I should be ashamed? My baby sister shouldn’t be talking like that, nor should she be looking at her brothers hard on.”

He softly slapped her butt and turned around. “Hurry babe, Mom is busy with our breakfast and I would like to take a shower first.”

“Hey bro?”

Pete looked over his shoulder. “Yes babe?”

“Do you?”


“Do you know how to use it?”

Pete pointed his finger in her direction. “You better be careful girl.”

“Why? Are you going to show me that you know how to use it?”

“You would like that, wouldn’t you? Naughty girl!”

Christy laughed loudly and she slowly moved her tongue over her lips. Then their mother Susan shouted. “Breakfast is ready, hurry up!”

Pete raised his eyebrows. “See what I mean? Breakfast first I guess.”

When he entered the kitchen Susan was taking the warm breads out of the oven. She was wearing a short robe and because she was bending forward, Pete had an unobstructed view on her legs and most of her behind. She was wearing panties, but these were very small and not able to hide her gorgeous shaped butt.

His memories went back to the night after the family party. The night that he slept in his parents bed, next to his mother because there was no other place to sleep. The night that his mother thought he was his father and he and his mom had great sex together.

A cough and a giggle brought him back to reality. His mom had turned around and had a big smile on her face. “My boy seems to like what he saw.”

Pete pretended not to understand what she meant. Then Susan stepped forward and with her finger she touched his hard on. “Put that away sweetie before your little sister comes in for breakfast.”

He noticed that looking at his mother’s sexy butt had made his cock hard again. His hard on was poking through his robe.

She kissed his lips and continued preparing breakfast. He sat down and when she put things on the table she glanced at his cock. “That big guy is still poking through your robe,” she smiled.

Pete chuckled. “Yes, I know. And your finger touching that big guy didn’t really help.”

She giggled. “I have memories of more than only touching with a finger.” “MOM! So do I. How am I supposed to sit here without a hard on with that spectacular night in my mind?”

“So you think this won’t help either? ” She said and opened her robe, flashing her beautiful big breasts.

Before Pete could say something, they heard Christy walking to the kitchen. Susan quickly closed her robe and Pete tried to hide his hard on. He was wondering what caused his mom to act like this. Since that terrific night there had been some hints, but basically what happened that night was kept unspoken.

When Christy took a chair and sat down, she whispered in his ear: “Is that still because of me or is mom also giving you a hard on?”

Susan heard the whispering and asked Christy: “What did you say? Did I hear you whisper about your brother having a hard on?”

Christy’s face colored red. “I’m sorry mom, but he is sitting right next to me with a huge hard on poking through his robe. I think he is getting turned on looking at us when we are naked.”

Susan looked surprised. “Well you and I are not naked sweetie.”

“Yes mom, I know, but when he entered the bathroom I was completely naked and I assure you that his cock liked it.”

Pete didn’t know how to react. “Come on you two, give me a break please. I could not help it that Christy was completely naked when I entered the bathroom. Neither could I help it that I saw your half naked behind and your naked breasts.”

Susan sighed. “You should have covered your naked body Christy. And you mister, you should turn around instead of getting turned esenyurt escort on by looking at your sister or your mother.”

Christy giggled. “Ow yeah mom, and you better wear something less revealing or else your big boy will get turned on and suddenly you will find yourself being fucked by your big boy.”

For a moment both Susan and Pete didn’t know how to react, there was a silence.

Christy’s eyes flashed from her mother to her brother. “Did I say something wrong?”

Again she looked at both of them and she grinned. “Noooooo… Did you…”

Susan recovered and interrupted her. “No dear, nothing is wrong. I just think you should not use that kind of language. It is a ridiculous thought and talking like that could cause a lot of problems.”

“Ok mom, I am sorry, but I can’t help it that his cock has its own mind,” she said. “Neither can I help it that his cock really looks nice. I’m sure you have seen that like I did.”

Susan looked stern at Christy. “It’s enough now young lady. Eat your breakfast!”


Pete came home late in the evening. In the house everything was dark. Quietly he walked upstairs to his room.

When he was about to open the door of his room, he heard some noise. He walked to the corner to see where the sound came from. Carefully he looked around the corner. In the dark he could see Christy standing at the door of their parents’ bedroom. He heard the sound again and he saw Christy. She was naked and she had her hand between her legs. This was interesting.

On his toes he got closer. The door of their parents’ bedroom was ajar. Christy was looking inside and was so concentrated that she didn’t notice Pete. She was playing with herself while she was looking inside the room. Pete could now see what she was looking at.

Their dad was sitting on the edge of the bed. On the floor between his legs he saw their mom sitting on her knees. Both were naked. Susan held Mark’s cock in her hands, slowly moving her fingers up and down. Her tongue licked over the head of his cock. Then she took him in her mouth and his cock completely disappeared.

Pete noticed that looking at naked mother giving his dad a blowjob, gave him a hard on. He heard Christy softly moaning and he saw her fingers probing her pussy.

His Dad moaned loudly. “Oh Susaaan, I will not hold it any longer.” Susan froze and stopped all movements. She let his cock slip out of her mouth and smiled seductively.

“My turn big stud,” she said and pushed him backwards. She climbed on top of him and sat on his face. “Go on, suck my soaking wet cunt… lick my clit.”

Mark placed his hands on het butt and started licking and sucking. Susan moaned loudly. “aaaargh… this is so goooood.”

Pete saw Christy moving her fingers faster. His cock felt uncomfortable in his tight jeans. He opened his jeans and released his hard cock. The scene made him so horny. Slowly he stroke his cock, hearing how his mom screamed loudly: “Ooow Mark… Yesss. Suck my clit, don’t stop… I’m cummiiing… ow yesss… ooow.” While she had her orgasm her body was shaking and her boobs swayed. Pete was hard as a rock… he really wanted to fuck his mom again.

Suddenly he noticed that Christy had disappeared. He looked at his left and at his right. Then he felt how she wrapped her arms around him, pressing her boobs against his back. Her hand moves from his chest to his stomach and then touches his naked cock. She wraps her hand around his cock and softly moves her hand back and forth. “Mmm… I was right… Mom is making you hard.”

Pete moaned. “Yes what I saw was making me hard, and it made you soaking wet, little slut. I am sure your pussy is dripping.”

She slowly stroked his cock and whispered: “Yes, what I saw mad me wet. Mom sucking Dad’s hard cock. You stroking your big cock.”

“Ow Christy, you little slut. What are you doing?

“I’m stroking my pervert brother’s cock.”

Pete grinned. “I am the pervert? It was you sneaking through the door. Getting wet and fingering your pussy by looking at your Dad’s hard cock being sucked by your Mom and Dad sucking Mom’s dripping pussy.”

Christy moaned and nibbled on his earlobe. “Yes, and it was hot to see you stroking your big hard cock. Mmm you cock feels so good.”

She moved her body and stood in front of him. She lowered her body and sitting on her knees she licked the head his cock, moving her tongue to the base and swirling back again.

She took him in her mouth and started sucking and licking, her head bobbing back and forth.

Pete loved what she did an he was fucking his little sister’s mouth. Then Susan screamed very loudly. He looked into the room and saw his Mom on all fours. Their Dad pushed his cock in their Mom’s pussy. “Ow Mark FUCK me! Harder! Deeper!



Pete and Susan’s eyes met.

For a moment Pete froze. Then he saw a smile appear on his mom’s face and she had a screaming orgasm. She was still avrupa yakası escort looking at him. “Ooow this is sooo fucking hot. I want you again, hard and deep. I want you to fuck my soaking wet cunt and I want you to cum in me!”

This was too much. His eyes fixed on his Mom, his body was shaking and his cum gushed into Christy’s mouth. Christy moaned and swallowed every drop. Susan came again, harder, louder and wilder then before. At the same time Mark was cumming in her pussy.

Susan came again. “Ow yesss my stud… I want your cum… Give it to meeeeee…”

She winked at Pete, smiled and blew a kiss.

Christy let his cock slip out of her mouth., she stood up and she kissed him on the lips. Not a sisterly kiss at all. She took his hand and placed it between her legs. Pete could feel how wet she was. He bent forward, kissed her nipple and pushed his finger deep in her pussy.

Then there was some movement in the bedroom of their parents.

Christy whispered: “I want to be fucked and next time you will suck my pussy and you will not get away before you fuck me like dad fucked mom.” Pete squeezed her butt and grinned. “I’ll fuck you even better little slut.”

Christy chuckled, kissed his lips and on her toes she quickly ran to her room.

Pete walked to his room and went to bed.


After about an hour Pete was stroking his cock. He had images in his mind of his Mom being fucked doggy style. Her great tits bouncing with every thrust. He clearly remembered how great it was when he fucked her that night.

His doorknob turned and slowly the door was opened. He quickly pulled the sheets over his body and watched how his Mom entered his room. She was wearing a thin silk robe and sat down on the edge of his bed, placing her hand on his knee.

She smiled. “What was that all about? Getting excited when you see your parents fucking?”

Pete chuckled. “Well, I caught Christy being excited by watching you. And yes, looking at your gorgeous body is always exciting. Especially if Christy decides to stroke my cock and to give me a blowjob.”

Susan’s hand slowly moved, softly caressing his upper leg. “Pete… I have to confess that the last weeks the remembrance of our night together makes me desire to do it again stronger every day. Tonight when I noticed that you were watching us, while your little sister was sucking your cock, It gave me a shocking orgasm.”

She placed her hand on his hard cock and softly squeezed his meat. “Do you still think I am attractive?”

Pete grinned. “Attractive…? Mom, you are sexy and hot! I have that boner because I thought of your body and how it was when we fucked that night.” “Aww, that is sweet.” Susan bend forward and kissed his lips. Her fingers were playing with his hard cock. “Would you like to fuck your Mom again?” Pete opened her robe and caressed her breasts, softly playing with her nipples. “You want your son to fuck you again?”

“Wait,” she said and she removed the robe. She climbed on the bed and sat on his face, bending forward she licked his cock and wrapped her lips around his meat. Slowly she took her son’s cock in her mouth.

Pete moaned and let his tongue swirl through the soft and swollen lips of her wet pussy. He flicked his tongue over her clit and his hands were playing with her breasts.

Susan shivered and she let her tongue swirl from the top of his cock to the base, slowly the other way and then taking it in her mouth again. She softly squeezed his balls. “Turn around, I want to feel you inside.” She laid down on the bed and spread her legs and arms. “Come here stud, I am all yours. Fuck me!”

Pete crawled between her legs and placed his cock at the wet entrance of her pussy. He placed his hands on her breasts and looked into her eyes. Then he slowly pushed his cock inside.

Susan moaned. “Oow my sweet boy…get deeper and fuck your mommy… your hands on my tits and your cock in my wet cunt is so forbidden… so nasty… and it feels so good! Fuck me , you motherfucker!”

Pete started moving. “Mom this feels so good.”

Susan had her hands on his hips and pulled their bodies closer together. “I never thought that my big boy was such a great motherfucker.” Pete laughed. “And I never thought that my highly respected mother was such a hot slut.”

Susan blew a kiss. “Now you know your mother is a nasty slut, I don’t want to pretend to be a prude anymore. So you fuck me more often. My body, my tits, my cunt, my ass it is all yours!”

“I will Mom, I will!”

Pete increased his pace and Susan moaned louder. Pete squeezed her tits and pulled her nipples.

“Ooow yes, I love that… Fuck meee… Fuck your mother slut till you cum inside me!”

He pulled harder and Susan’s body started to shiver and to shudder. Her cunt cramped and was milking his cock. Pete could not hold it any longer and his cum spewed inside his Mom. “Aaaah Mommaaaaaa I’m cummiiiing!”

Susan anadolu yakası escort screamed. “Oow my love… yes… cum in your mother’s hot cunt.. sooo good!”

He kissed her nipples and her lips. They laid together and cuddled. After a while Susan asked: “You liked your little sister giving you a blowjob?”

Pete grinned. “Yes is was very nice. She learned a lot by watching you.”

Susan smiled. “Would you like to fuck her if you had the opportunity?”

“Mom she has a great body and she is hot, which she proved tonight.”

“You would not mind fucking your sister would you?”

Pete chuckled. “No I don’t mind fucking my sisters.”

The way he responded made Susan curious. “Sisters?” She asked.

Pete quickly thought of a way to escape. “Uuuh well yes, they are both very sexy and have a great body. Any guy would like to fuck them.”

Susan looked him in the eyes and her hand grabbed his balls and softly she squeezed. “Did you fuck Lisa?”

“Mom!” Pete said like he was hurt.

His mother smiled wickedly and squeezed harder. “You did fuck your sister, didn’t you? You horny stud!”

Pete smiled. “Yes, I did.”

Susan released his cock, bend over and kissed the head of his cock. “Nasty boy! Was it good?”

Pete grinned. “Was it good? Mom, we loved it.”

“When did that happen?” Susan asked.

“A few weeks ago, when I was there for the weekend.”

Susan crawled back and laid her head on his chest. “The neighborhood better be careful. No woman is safe anymore… not to mention the women in our family… you fuck them all if you get the opportunity.”

She noticed the grin on his face. “Why do you have that grin on your face?”

Pete chuckled now. “Nothing special Mom.”

“I know you. There is something.” Susan said. “Who else did you fuck?” “Mom, who said I did fuck anyone else?”

She seductively kissed his lips, let her tongue slip between his lips and her nipples brushed over his chest. “I know you did! Come on give me the names.”

Pete grabbed her tits, molded them and played with her hard nipples. “Okay, I did! Can I get off the hook now?”

“No! You are not off the hook now. Come on stud, tell me! Who are the sluts you fucked? In the neighborhood or other family members?”

“Mom, I don’t want to get upset.”

Susan laughed. “You fucked your mother twice, you fucked your married sister and your little sister sucked your cock! You will not upset your mother who had a huge orgasm when she saw you were watching how she was fucked by your Dad. And who afterwards stepped into her sons bed to be his slut. Come on now! Tell me!”

Pete grinned. “Okay, it’s your call, but you will be surprised. Though since you insist, I will tell you.”

Susan looked at him. Curiosity on her face.

“There was only one woman, besides those you already know.”

“Who is that slut?”

Pete’s smiled even more and said: “That slut as you call her, was Grandma Lucy.”

Susan’s eyes widened. “WHAT? Did you fuck your own grandmother, your dad’s mother? When did that happen?”

Now Pete started to laugh. “That happened the morning after you and I slept together, while you were making breakfast.”

“That’s really nasty,” she said and a wicked smile appeared on her face Pete placed his hand on her pussy. “You are soaking wet again. You like the idea of me fucking my sisters and my granny.”.

Susan looked guilty. “Yes, I confess, the idea really excites me. Even more if I think about you fucking your little sister, your aunts, cousins and even my mom.”

Pete pushed two fingers in her pussy and played with her. “At least it is clear now who I is nasty here. You are the one who is nasty, slut!”

Susan moaned. “Yes I am nasty and your slut… ooow this feels good. I am really sure now that no woman is safe anymore.”

Pete squeezed her clit and said: “May I remind you that none of you sluts complained and that you came to me for more.”

Susan laughed and moaned at the same time. “I will get more of that piece of art.” She kissed him passionately. “I need to go back now. Sweet dreams nasty motherfucking stud.”

While she stepped out of the bed, Pete softly hit her butt. “Night my nasty slut.”

At the door she blew him a kiss. “Love you sweetie.”

“Love you too Mom.”


The next day Pete decided to work on his condition. Not being in the Academy resulted in getting lazy. It was really warm so when he came back from his 5 mile run, he decided it was time for a dive in the swimming pool. He arrived at home and noticed that the cars of his parents were not there. He walked to the backyard and headed to the pool. There he saw Christy lying on a towel getting some tan. That was not unusual. Though the fact that she was completely naked was not what he was used to. He admired her sexy body and got closer to her.

Christy noticed his approach. She smiled at him but did not attempt to cover her naked body. “Hey stud,” she said.

“Hey sexy,” Pete replied. “Are we alone in the house?

“Yes,” Christy said. “Mom went to Aunt Grace and Dad had an appointment. Do you want to join me?”

“I will,” Pete said. I’ll be right back.”

Pete walked to the swimming pool, took of his clothes and naked as he was, he dove into the water. After swimming for a while he got out of the water and walked back to Christy.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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