A Birthday to remember

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Our relationship continued to blossom months after our trip to Cabo. This weekend was my birthday and Morgan suggested that she had planned a special weekend to celebrate.

Part of the weekend was a motorcylce ride with the group we typically ride with. Morgan suggested that I get to her house by noon, which I did. She greeted me with a kiss and informed me that she was riding with me today, not taking her own bike. I was fine with that.

She was not quite ready, so I grabbed a seat on the couch while she ran back upstairs to finish. As usual, she looked amazing in a tight pair of jeans that clearly showed off her ass. I was beyond excited for the day.

In a matter of minutes, Morgan re-appeared. She plopped next to me on the couch and gave me a deep kiss. I stared deeply in her eyes realizing just how much I loved her. We kissed several times but she kept staring at me with this sheepish smile. Her eyes told me she was up to no good.

“I have a present for you” she announced.

My eyes lit up with excitement. She pulled something from behind her back. A gift, wrapped in paper with a bow. She tossed it on the coffee table in front of me. As I reached for it, she stopped me.

“Not now!” she shouted. “Later.”

I was speechless. What could it be? It was not a very big box. And I could tell when I picked it up it was not very heavy. My heart was racing with anticipation. I did not expect anything special, so what is it? My mind was all over the place considering the possibilities, except the box was so small. At most, it was 4 inches by 6 inches. I had no idea.

I picked it up a 2nd time, but she grabbed it and made me put it down. She climbed on top of me and kissed me again. She whispered in my ear “not now honey, later tonight!”

I could feel my cock throbbing as she straddled me on the couch.. We were kissing deeply and passionately like a couple of teenagers. I think she was getting as excited as I was. What was the surprise?

“C’mon, we are going to be late if we don’t get going.” she said as she climbed off.

And, with that we were out the door, my present perched perilously on the coffee table. Whatever she had planned, it was working. I spent the entire day working through what could possibly be in that box.

The ride was great as Morgan held on tightly to me. More than once, she let her hand grab my thigh. Sitting at a red light, she leaned in tightly and moved her hand to my cock. Wow. What had her so worked up? With one hand on the clutch and the other on the throttle, there was nothing I could do to respond.

After a great day with great friends, we got back to Morgan’s house around 8pm. We opened a bottle of wine and decided to relax. Before I knew it, Morgan presented me with my favorite desert – cheesecake. Another birthday surprise.

As I finished my last bite, I grabbed the gift as if to open it. She stopped me immediately.

“Did I say you can open that?’ she asked.

She pulled it out of my hands and immediately announced “I’m not ready!”

This was turning from pleasure into punishment with my mind full of curiousity. After an entire day I had no idea. And she knew it was driving me crazy. We opened the 2nd bottle of wine and I was asking questions to see if she would give me a hint. Every answer was either a yes or no. Nothing that would give me any insight.

As I refreshed her glass of wine, I kissed her as I handed it to her. “Please?”

She offered it to me with the instructions that I could not open it. Instead, I shook it and listened for every sound. I smelled it. It had a unique smell, but nothing that gave me a clue. We laughed, smiled, kissed, and she relished in my anticipation. I truly had no idea.

As we finished the 2nd bottle of wine she went to the bathroom. I took advantage of her absence and grabbed almanbahis the box again. Still no idea. As she returned, she gave me permission.

“Go ahead” she said. “I’ve kept you guessing long enough!”

I could not move fast enough tearing the wrapping paper open. As the paper came off, it revealed a box of condoms.

I stared at the box, speechless, wondering if it was some sort of joke. Neither of us had used any sort of birth control, so why start tonight. I never said a word. I looked directly at her and she had the biggest smile. It actually created an awkward silence between us.

Before I could say a word, she leaned in and whispered in my ear “I’ll explain it later. Are you ready to make love to me?”

We kissed deeply. She knew I was, and now I could see she was ready too. She grabbed my hand and led me up to the bedroom. I could not help but notice that she had the box of condoms in one hand, and mine in her other. Now what?

She led me through the bedroom door, me following. We stopped half way to the bed. She turned, hugged me tight, kissed me deeply and whispered “Happy Birthday!”

With that, she went back to the bedroom door, closed it tightly and locked it. I have no idea why because we were home alone, but I did not question her. She put her finger over her mouth as if to say “shhhh!”

Then she gently pushed me to the bed. As I fell onto the bed, she said to me “get undressed while I’m in the bathroom” and with that she walked away. I could not help but notice she was still holding the box of condoms.

Minutes felt like an eternity, me naked on the bed, when I heard the bathroom door open. She was wearing her silk robe and carrying a towel. Little did I know what was under the towel. She layed it on the bed, dropped her robe and stood next to me, her nipples rock hard and her body looking amazing. I secretly thanked the good lord for what was about to happen as I stared deep into her eyes. She kissed me, and climbed on top to straddle me. We kissed passionately. She climbed off and reached for my cock. It was erect. Maybe as hard as I’ve ever been.

She locked her lips on my cock. I reached my arm behind her to massage her ass. As she bobbed up and down on my cock, my finger found her pussy lips. She was wet and definitely ready. Her mouth felt so good on my cock, and she moaned as I slipped a finger between her pussy lips. That vibrations in her mouth sent me to a new level. I could tell she was horny because she gently spread her legs, giving me full access to her pussy, while she tried to deep throat my dick. And then she stopped. She pulled away. Secretly I was relieved because I was not ready to cum, but now what?

“Are you ready to fuck me like never before?” she asked me.

I managed to utter “anything you want!”

With that, she climbed on top, but she turned to face the locked door. She straddled my cock and rubbed it on her pussy lips. She was really wet. With a flick of her hips, my dick parted her pussy lips and slipped inside of her. She moaned loudly. After a short pause, she started pulling my cock deep insider of her. My hands on her back. Her hips rocking back and forth milking my cock. And then she pulled off.

I could not help but wonder what was wrong with that position. It felt amazing. Clearly she had other ideas. She rolled to the other side of the bed and climbed to her knees next to me. She grabbed the towel and threw it on the floor giving me the first glimpse.

She paused long enough to reach her hand down to her pussy. She shoved two fingers deep inside of her, thrusting her neck back. It was becoming obvious that she had been dreaming of this night. She pulled her soaking wet fingers out and moved them to my mouth. I sucked them deeply. They tasted so good.

With her fingers clean, I watched as she grabbed almanbahis giriş a condom. She unwrapped it and placed it on my cock. I looked stunned. Why would I need a condom. I was hard as a rock so it went on easily. She stroked it to make sure I stayed that way.

She then grabbed a tube. I discovered it was lube. She put some on her fingers and greased up my cock. With that, she turned away from me and straddled my dick again. I felt my cock grazy her pussy as I was throbbing. Little did I know that was not her plan.

Instead, she reached under her crotch, grabbed my cock, and pointed it at her ass.

“Lay still” she whispered to me.

I did not budge. My cock was throbbing with excitement as I felt her position it where she wanted. I could feel the tip against her ass. I could feel her pushing. I could hear her breathing heavy. She was trying to relax, but we had never had anal sex. I don’t know if she ever had.

I lay still and let her be in control. She gently rocked, pressing her ass directly onto my dick. As she pushed, I could feel the pressure. I’m not sure she was ready to take my cock inside of her, until she gasped.

“Oh my fucking God!”

I felt the pressure of her asshole grabbing tightly on my dick. She slowly squatted even deeper onto my dick. She was on her knees, but she lowered herself even further letting my dick slide deep inside of her.

“Hold on!” she yelled, not knowing that I wasn’t doing anything. But gosh it felt good. She started fucking me writhing her hips to take my cock in and out of her ass. The electricity in my dick was soaring. She was so tight and every stroke felt better than the last. She was careful not to let me exit her asshole, but we moved rhythmically in and out fucking slowly, but passionately. This was new to her and she was enjoying every stroke.

With every stroke her breathing got more intense.

“Oh yeah!”

“Oh my God”

“Oh fuck me!”

I could barely move as she rode me cock. She felt so tight wrapped around my dick. I was trying to so hard not to come but the friction pulsing the head of my dick was growing the intensity with every stroke. And then she stopped.

I froze somewhat puzzled because it felt so good. Why stop now? But then I watched as she reached to her left. She grabbed something from the bed. She was sitting up tall, my dick still deep in her ass, but I could not see what she was doing. But then I felt her fingers. She was playing with her pussy which was very wet. I felt her fingers graze across my cock as she ran her finger through her pussy lips. She moaned pretty loudly. I could tell she was rubbing her clit. In a matter of seconds she was back to rocking her ass as she played with herself.

“Oh Jesus! You feel so good inside of me!’

The more she played, the harder she rocked taking my cock deep inside her. I thought she was about to cum. But no. She stopped again. This time she looked back at me. She had this sheepish smile. I was laying completely still, my cock throbbing, but still inside of her.

She looked back at me and said “don’t stop!”

With that, she kicked her knees out and gently lowered herself so she was on top of me. I grabber her tits and squeezed her nipples. She almost lost it right then. But that is when I realized what was about to happen. You see, the object she grabbed was her favorite dildo.

With my dick buried deep in her ass, and me in a more comfortable position to fuck her properly, she took the dildo and split her pussy lips. She had to get it moist, which was not a problem. I could feel her reaching. Her breathing was heavy. I was moving slowly but rhythmically gently fucking her from behind.

“You feel so good inside me. Please don’t stop!”

And then she yelled “Oh God!” as she shoved the dildo in her pussy. It almanbahis yeni giriş slipped in with little to no effort. Her pussy was soaked and begging to be fucked. She pulled it out, then pushed it back in. She twisted it so she could feel the veins.

I could not see anything. And, I didn’t care. My mind could only wrap my head around three things. How good my dick felt fucking her so gently. How much I loved playing with her tits. And how excited she was with two dicks inside of her at once. Every breath told me how lost she was in total ecstasy.

She started pounding her pussy with the dildo. It was so tight that my dick could feel the ridges of the dildo through her vaginal wall. Her thrusting was pulsating to me. We ended up in a total rhythm with her fucking herself and me fucking her ass. It was electrifying.

I lost it first. There was no holding off, and no stopping the feeling. I was going to explode the largest load of my life into her ass. She knew it! As my breathing got shallow, she pounded her pussy harder and faster with longer strokes.

Just as I started to cum, she exploded. Her legs spasmed with an intense orgasm. She shook uncontrollably, her dildo deep in her pussy and her boyfriend deep in her ass shooting cum inside of her. Two people deeply in love engrossed in pleasing each other.

For the next 30 seconds we both were out of control. I don’t think either of us had cum this hard before. We both sort of collapsed totally spent. She did not move for probably a minute. The intensity washed out of our bodies as we lay motionless. I whispered to her.

“I love you, and I love what you do to me!”

With that, she pulled the dildo out and threw it on the bed. She gently slid off of my dick. She rolled over and kissed me. I got up and went to the bathroom were I removed the condom and washed up. I tiptoed out of the bathroom so I could see what Morgan was doing. She had her hand between her legs rubbing her clit. I started stroking my cock watching her.

I laid next to her on the bed. She kissed me deeply and whispered how much she enjoyed that. Her left hand moved straight to my dick. I think she was pleased that I was hard again. She slid down and locked her lips on my cock.

“”Oh that feels so good!” I said as she cupped my balls.

In a matter of minutes, she had put another condom on my cock and lubed up. It was time for round two and she was not going to be denied. This time, she was more in control. I was slightly more aggressive pounding her ass while she fucked herself with her dildo. The first few minutes were good, but then she turned on the vibrations. Her fake dick was buzzing sending crazy tingling sensations across her body, and my dick. I don’t even know how to describe what each of us was going through. It was the most intense sex I had ever experienced. Her orgasm was intense and seemed to last for minutes. In the middle, I shot my load deep inside of her. I don’t know how much semen I had left but I pumped endlessly responding to the tightness of her ass combined with the vibrations from her pussy. I almost passed out.

She lay on top of me totally spent. She turned off the vibrating and the dildo fell between our legs. I held her tightly, my hands cupping her tits. She reached down and rubbed her clit, milking the last bit of sensation from her pussy.

We spent the rest of the night fucking and sucking like school kids. I know we used at least one more condom, and we groped every inch of our bodies leading to multiple orgasms.

In the morning, the bed was empty. Morgan was downstairs making breakfast, but she had left a card. It said “Happy Birthday! Thank you for making my fantasy come true!”

I smiled. My dick got hard and I could not help but stroke my cock thinking about the night before. I wasn’t quite sure if double penetration with a dildo was the end of the fantasy or the start of a new adventure, but I knew Morgan was special. My dick is raw from fucking her endlessly, but I can’t wait to go downstairs. Morgan is so out of my league. How did I get so lucky? Thank you Harley.

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