Working it Out Ch. 01

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I’d been watching him for weeks now. The first time I saw him I nearly swallowed my tongue and since I was had been running on the treadmill, I had to quickly watch my step for a real fear of tripping and completely humiliating myself. The man was the most amazing thing I’d ever seen, and really I honest to god couldn’t tell you why.

Here I was in a gym, surrounded by men and women in various stages of fitness, there were plenty of guys my own age that were buff and good looking. But this guy, he was older than me by maybe 15 years or more and I could tell he kept in shape, but he wasn’t all ropey muscles or bulging biceps, he was just perfect in my eyes. His short brown hair was showing a few threads of silver and he carried himself with a confidence that could only be from military training. But god I just wanted to lick him all over!

I moved from the weight machine I had been on to a treadmill closer to him. I chided myself as I didn’t even know his name and here I was practically stalking him. I just wanted to watch him I told myself, lecturing that I was being childish and stupid. Confident that he hadn’t noticed me, or was paying any attention to me, I started the machine and began a walk to warm up before my run.

He turned his head and looked at me. He looked right into my eyes and smiled at me. I know that I had reflexively smiled back, but my brain just completely shut down, froze, stopped dead. And so did my feet. Luckily for me, I recovered fast, but not before he caught my stumble. Ducking my head, I was afraid that he could still see my flaming red face and wished desperately that the ground would open up under me and I’d fall in, never to be seen again.

After several minutes of keeping my eyes firmly on the control panel in front of me, I risked another peek at him. He had turned his back to me, and was slowly and smoothly lifting weights on a machine toward the center of the room. Considering it safe, my gaze devoured him, taking in the thin gray tank top just beginning to turn dark with his sweat and the black athletic shorts that molded to his tight ass.

I felt the slow burn begin low in my gut. I didn’t know who this guy was or anything about him, but just looking at him made me feel things I’d never felt before. He had this ruggedness about his face that made him not so much handsome, as interesting. Chocolate brown eyes that made my insides turn all gooey with lust.

After high school, I’d gone to college where I’d fallen prey to the infamous “freshman fifteen” but ended up gaining quite a bit more. By the time I’d graduated, I’d blown up to embarrassing proportions. I’d spent the last few years working it off and keeping it off. My body was once again slim and trim; with small breasts and a petit frame and my thrice weekly workouts were going to make sure of it.

My mystery man started coming in almost a month ago. I’d watched him every time, mesmerized by him. He was always alone, hardly ever talked to anyone else here, just like me. I couldn’t define what it was that drew me to him; I just know that after every time I saw him I went home to hump my favorite dildo to find some relief.

I finished my run and after a cool down, stepped from the machine and went to my spot on the benches where I had stashed a towel and bottle of water. Wiping my face with the towel, I pushed back the tendrils of light brown hair that had escaped from my pony tail. Turning, I sat on the bench to catch my breath and take a drink.

Keeping a careful eye on my fantasy man, I took note of where he was in the room before heading over to the weight bench. Normally I kept the weights light and just did several repetitions. I wasn’t going for bulk, but wanted to be strong and fit. I can only blame my pre-occupation with Mr. Studly on the next bench for not carefully checking the weights.

Laying down on my back, I gripped the bar and after a few slow even breaths, carefully lifted it from the stand. Immediately I knew there was too much weight. But rather than put it back down and change them, I made a snap decision to go with it and simply do fewer reps than usual. And halfway through the first set, I knew that was a big mistake.

As sweat poured from my body, the weight of the bar began to take its toll. I knew I had to put this thing down before I hurt myself, or worse, embarrassed myself by dropping the damn thing on top of me. Extending out my arms with a puff of air, I lifted the bar and began to slowly edge it back toward the stand. My brain screamed out an “oh god it’s going over” just as I overbalanced and the bar started to drop.

Suddenly two tanned hands grabbed the bar beside my own, lifted it, and guided it back into place on the stand. My arms dropped with incredible relief and I looked up to see who had saved me from totally screwing up. As my eyes traveled past black gym shorts, I noticed that I could see right up the leg of the shorts. I had just managed to get my brain back into focus when I discovered polatlı escort that I was staring at one very nice package.

“You shouldn’t try to lift more than you can handle.” A deep rumbly voice slithered over my skin, causing me shiver.

Blinking to tear my gaze away from the enticing view, I looked all the way up into melted chocolate eyes and I swear my heart stopped dead. Oh my god it’s him. I couldn’t breathe, I couldn’t think, I only stared.

“Are you okay? I know the bar didn’t hit you but you look a little out of it.” That smooth voice seemed to caress me.

Okay Erica, get a grip already! My brain screamed at me. Giving myself a mental small shake I finally managed to find my voice. “Um yes, thank you. I’m fine.” I sat up quickly trying to feel a little less vulnerable with him still standing over me.

“Sure you’re okay?”

“Yeah, yeah thanks for saving me there. I uh… normally I check the weight a little closer than that.” I pushed back the tendrils of hair around my face and tried to smile normally at him. I was dearly afraid that he could see my desire for him in my eyes. This was not how I wanted this to go.

He squatted down in front me as I sat on the bench. The muscles in his thighs bulging slightly with the movement. I felt drool puddle in my mouth. “It’s a good thing I was close by. You could have gotten hurt pretty bad. I’d hate for that to happen.”

“Yeah, thanks again for that.” I swallowed quickly and hoped there was no drool hanging off my chin. Taking a breath I looked into those incredible warm eyes and felt my pussy melt.

“Any time you need a spotter just let me know. I’d be happy to help.” He smiled.

I nearly slid off the bench into a pile of ooze at his feet. His smile was the most beautiful thing I’d ever seen. His lips were firm and I just wanted to lick them. Hell, I wanted to jump that sweet package I’d just caught a glimpse of. Since my voice once more seemed to have left me, I smiled and nodded.

With a pat to my knee, he rose to his feet and strode away. Sitting where I was on the bench, I looked at my knee. It was still there, but his touch had created a slow burn that traveled up my leg to settle in my crotch. I watched him walk away and thought, oh lord he’s pretty.

Deciding I was done for the day, I stood and headed for the showers. On the way, I passed the rarely used indoor pool and decided that was a better idea. I kept a suit in my locker and with a short detour in my plans, took a quick shower to get rid of the sweat and pulled on my black bikini. In less than five minutes I was swimming slow steady laps in the cool water of the pool my mind having reached a calm plateau from the simple workout.

After a bit I heard someone else enter the pool, but I was in the zone with my laps and didn’t pay any attention. Reaching the end of a lap, I reached up to the wall and encountered a hard firm body instead. With a small shriek of surprise, I jerked back, lost my footing and dropped under the water. A hand gripped mine and helped me to my feet.

Swiping the wet hair out of my face, I prepared to verbally execute whoever had gotten in my way. Once I could see through the water streaming down my face, I focused on the most beautiful chest I’d ever seen. Well defined muscles and light tanned skin covered in a sprinkling of dark hair stared back at me. Taking a deep breath to calm suddenly very jangly nerves, I took my gaze higher.

Yes, there again were the chocolate eyes, smiling down at me. Immediately my body flushed hot and my nipples popped out, showing clearly through the thin fabric of the swim top. I stood in the 4′ of water simply staring, unable to move, unable to speak.

“You’ve been staring at me for weeks.” God his voice was so smooth. My insides melted like warm butter.

I blinked my green eyes at him. It seemed all I was capable of.

“Did you want something?”

Of course I wanted something, I wanted him. Any way and every way I could get him. “You,” I whispered, barely making a sound.

“I’m sorry, what did you say?”

“You,” I said a little louder, still unable to believe this was really happening.

Strong warm hands wrapped around my small waist. With a jerk and a small splash of water, he had me plastered up against him. I had time for one quick intake of breath before his lips closed over mine. Fire shot through me, robbing me of air and thought.

His lips were soft and firm at the same time, rubbing over my mouth, encouraging me to open up. As soon as I did, his tongue flicked inside, just barely there and then gone again. He sucked my bottom lip into his mouth and gave a gentle nip before that same hot wet tongue soothed the tiny bite. He changed the angle of his head and then took the kiss deeper, his lips covering mine, his tongue dancing with mine.

It felt like a bomb had gone off in my body. Scattering my thoughts, taking my breath, I could only hold on, wrapping pursaklar escort my arms around him and hoping he didn’t let go suddenly as I was afraid I’d simply sink and drown in the pool. My fingers dug into the firm muscles of his back, as my senses returned I began to kiss him back. Pressing tightly against him, I could feel the iron hard ridge of his penis pressing into my tummy.

The fires raged hot and fast between us. My pussy was weeping and so hot I wondered if I would scorch my swim suit right off my body. Our breathing was fast and harsh, our bodies so hot it was a wonder that the pool water wasn’t steaming off of us. I was in total heaven, surrounded by the man I’d been lusting over for weeks, my hands all over his body.

His hands slid down and cupped my hips and gave a little tug. Understanding, I raised my legs and wrapped them around his waist, my arms curving around his neck. He lifted me easily in the water and held me while we kissed. I pressed tight up against him, relishing the feel of his hard body against mine.

He carried me effortlessly and slowly walked along the edge of the pool into deeper water. Our kisses were getting more frantic and hot with each passing second. My hips writhed against his seeking relief from the incredible pressure building inside me.

Once the water was lapping at our chests, he leaned back against the wall of the pool. Without breaking the connection of our mouths, he reached under me and jerked his swim shorts out of the way. Immediately I could feel his bulging rod pressing against the crotch of my suit. For a moment I felt a wave of panic at what we were doing, but as his fingers dug into my ass, that wave floated away and all I wanted was this strong wonderful man inside me.

Lifting me just a bit, I felt his fingers slid under the edge of my suit. I groaned as they encountered the hot wet mess of my pussy. He took a moment to slide those amazing fingers around, flicking my clit and dipping in my tight tunnel. My hips twitched with need and I bit his lip in an effort to convey the urgency I felt.

I felt his chuckle more than heard it and moved a hand around to tangle in his chest hair. Giving a slight tug of the hair made him groan and his fingers give a jerk that caused me to gasp. With a few deft maneuvers he had my bikini bottoms moved out of the way and the pulsing head of his cock poised for entry. He pulled his head back and looked into my eyes as he slowly slid home.

I tried to maintain the eye contact, but the delicious feelings flooding through me made it impossible. Moaning, I dropped my head to his shoulder as his large hard cock invaded my slick hot walls. He squeezed in tight, leaving me gasping for air and giving his own harsh groans.

“Fuck little girl you are tight,” he growled in my ear making me shiver.

“Just fuck me, fuck me now,” I whispered back, nearly beyond reason and care that we were in a public swimming pool.

With his hands back on my hips he proceeded to do just that. Being in the deeper water covered our movements some, but if anyone had looked close enough they’d have gotten an eyeful. Using strong smooth strokes, he pumped into my screaming pussy. It was hot and it was fast and my orgasm was building with incredible speed.

With a grunt the man gritted his teeth and pounded into my pussy as best he could with the cushion of the water between us. I muttered a few unintelligible mumbles, and holding on tightly to his shoulders, my world exploded into a million bright colors. Trying to keep my voice down, I tucked my face into his neck and gasped as my body shuddered in release.

And still he kept on going.

Once I’d calmed a bit, he turned around and faced the wall of the pool. Pulling from my body, he gently turned me to face the edge, and leaned down to bite and lick at my neck. When I began to get my second wind, he once more pushed inside me. Gasping, I arched my back and welcomed him in. Getting a good bracing hold on the side of the pool, I encouraged him to continue.

His strokes were hard and masterful as he worked my body. One hand slipping up my back and untying my top at the neck. When it dropped exposing my heaving breasts into the water, he then reached around and cupped them. I wasn’t overly large, only a small “B” cup, but it seemed to fit perfectly in his hands. Hands that were rough from hard work and felt amazing on my soft skin.

Tweaking my nipple made me gasp so he did it again. He continued to fuck me while exploring my breasts and finding little spots that made me moan. Then he moved to my clit and I felt my eyes roll back in my head. Just that fast he once again had me on the edge of an orgasm.

My moans increased and I began to use my arms to push back into his thrusts, meeting him head on. “That’s it little girl, fuck my cock. You gonna cum for me again?”

I could only squeal as his thumb rubbed over my clit. The pressure inside built blindingly ankara escort harsh. His cock slamming into my soft pussy combined with the wicked fingers manipulating my clit had me biting my lip as I once again came hard and fast. As my pussy spasmed around his cock, he gave a harsh moan and few last hard thrusts before I felt the hot streams of jizz coating my insides. Still, he plunged in me for several more minutes, prolonging my orgasm and causing my entire body to quake.

We stayed there unmoving. I clung to the side of the pool, my head resting on my arms. He leaned over me, occasionally dropping little kisses on the back of my neck. Finally his cock softened enough for him to slip from me and I gave an involuntary moan at the loss. I heard him chuckle at my reaction, felt the movement of him against my back.

He reached down and gently straightened my bikini bottoms back into place before turning me to face him. With my top still dangling in the water, he gazed at my small breasts before cupping one and getting another feel. Finally with what seemed a look of regret, he lifted my top up into place and tied it carefully behind me, making sure not to catch my hair.

Realizing what was happening now and that I had no idea what would happen next, I wanted at least one good look at what just wrecked my world. Pushing him back a step I reached down and took his semi-hard penis in hand and gave it a few soft strokes. He was bigger than average, and I knew that he felt great from the inside and the urge to slip under water and have a taste was strong.

He seemed to read my mind and said, “Not this time.” Moving my hands away he pulled up his shorts and straightened them around his waist. Leaning down he kissed me again, this time tenderly and I wanted him again already. “Thank you. You’ve made an old man feel pretty damn good today.”

Frowning I looked up into those brown eyes I found so beautiful. “And is this a wham-bam-thank-you-mam thing? Is this it?”

He traced my face with his fingers, seeming to try to memorize it. “You’re young, you’re beautiful. You don’t need me. You should be chasing someone your own age.”

Tears stung my eyes. This couldn’t be happening. “You just gave me the best freaking orgasm I’ve ever had and now you’re just going to walk away. You shit!”

Regret filled his eyes and he cupped my face in his hands. Kissing me gently, he nuzzled my lips with his seeming to try to offer some comfort. “I can’t give you what you need,” he whispered against my mouth.

“Why?” I cried softly, a tear slipping free to trail down my face.

“Because I’m married.”

The words felt like he’d just punched me in the stomach. I’d never even thought, never even considered this. Oh god I was so stupid. I was filled with embarrassment and horror, followed by severe anger at him. What had we done? Shaking my head I pushed him away. “Then why?” I demanded, this at least I’d have.

He gave a rueful grin. “Girl you are the sexiest thing I’ve seen in years. Knowing you were watching me, well it turned me on like none other. I fell under your spell and I couldn’t break free. Seeing you here, I knew I couldn’t leave you alone. I’m sorry, I know you’re hurt. I did a really horrible thing, but I will always cherish it. You touched me in places that haven’t been touched in far too long. Believe it or not, I’ve never done this before, I just couldn’t get past you.” He slid a hand down my hair and over my shoulder leaving tingles of electricity behind.

Even learning that the man I’d lusted after for weeks was married and unable to ever be mine, he could still make me squirm with need. I couldn’t decide if I should be ashamed or not. His face was filled with regret and sadness, but I wasn’t sure if it was for me or for him.

As my mind worked through his words I came to realize that obviously something wasn’t right in his world for him to turn to me. My curiosity began to rise and I wanted to ask questions I knew I had no right to ask but I wanted to know anyway. Tilting my head to the side I considered the man before me.

“Are you going to continue to come here to work out?” I asked.

Surprise flashed in his eyes and I could tell this was not a question he had expected. “I hadn’t thought about it. This is the only gym in town.”

Nodding I stared into his eyes. I knew there were a couple of different ways to handle this. But I also knew my lust for him, now having been let off its leash, was only going to grow. I gave him a mischievous grin and a smacking kiss.

“So, this wife of yours, is she a real bitch?”

A sly look came into his eyes, “The worst kind. Total and utter bitch.”

I gave him a smack on the arm. “Watch it buddy, or I’ll make you cook supper.”

He leaned down and gathered me close. “How about I take my bitch of a wife out to dinner and a movie tonight. And if she’s a real good girl, maybe I won’t spank her later for messing around on me.”

There was a tingle low in my gut. “What if your bitch of a wife would prefer the spanking. What would she have to do to be naughty enough to get it?”

He gave me a sharp slap on my ass and was leaning in for another kiss when the pool room door opened and two women came in. “I think public sex would be very naughty.”

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