Witches Rune Ch. 03

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Author’s note: While the stories in this series read best in order, they also stand alone. Just to make sure that you’ve got the basics, here is a very brief recap. I hope that you will read and enjoy them all! In Part 1, the girls cast a spell giving Nicole absolute power over men. In Part 2, Nicole seduced the pizza guy and he agreed to return after work.

* * * *

It was a quarter-to-twelve and the three girls where giggling about what had taken place hours earlier.

“I still can’t believe it worked!” Kelly was saying again. Nicole grabbed a fluffy pillow and smacked her in the face with it.

“When are you going to stop saying that?!” The blond girl had never done anything like casting a spell before, and she was still in awe. Her own spell had been to get better grades. “You know, I feel kinda bad for you two. You want in on the action?”

“What!?” Kelly and Samantha where shocked at the suggestion that Nicole was making.

“Sure, I can make him do anything right? I’ve never tried group sex but it sure looks fun from the movies I’ve seen.”

“I really don’t think my parents would approve,” Kelly said.

“Your parents aren’t here Kelly,” Nicole admonished. Besides, since you’ve started college, you’ve done all kinds of things they wouldn’t approve of, like join a coven for one. What do you want to do?”

“I’m not sure. I’ve never even thought about group sex.”

“Well, I’m in!” Samantha said enthusiastically.

Nicole laughed, “Sounds like you might have done this before, Sam!”

Samantha laughed too. “No, but I’ve always wanted to. And I’ve done tons of other stuff. I always swore if I ever got a chance to do it in a group that I’d jump at it.”

“Other stuff- like what?” Kelly asked, suddenly interested.

“Oh you know girls, bondage, anal, vibrators, strap-ons, flavored lotions, voyeurism, roll playing…”

“Wow!” Kelly gasped. “My head is spinning. I don’t even think I know what half of that stuff means.”

The other two girls giggled and Kelly blushed. “Don’t be embarrassed,” Samantha reassured her, “Your honesty is refreshing.”

“You where really with girls?” Kelly asked. “Are you a- um…”

“Lesbian? No, but I consider myself bi. It’s ok to ask about it, I can see you’re really curious.”

“Well, it just seems kinda, I don’t know, gross.”

Samantha laughed again. “No it’s not gross. Actually it feels really good.”

Just then they heard a knock on the door. “Quick-” Nicole demanded, “You guys want in or not?”

“Absolutely!” said Samantha full of enthusiasm.

“I’m still not sure- but ok, I’ll give it a try,” said Kelly.

“You won’t be sorry,” Samantha assured her as Nicole opened the door.

The cute pizza delivery guy, Rob stood in the doorway with a shy smile. She still wore his work clothes, including the hat which he had forgotten to take off. Nicole escorted him into the room. “Have a seat, Rob,” she said, pointing to the couch.

Rob sat dutifully while Nicole continued do stand. “Why don’t you come over here and sit next to him Kelly and you to Sam. You can sit on the other side of him.” The two girls obeyed, wondering momentarily if they where also under her spell or if it was just the power of her newfound confidence.

With Kelly and Samantha flanking her him, Nicole bent down in front of Rob. Leaning forward on her toes she spoke to him. “Rob, my friends really like you. You wouldn’t mind if they joined us would you?”

Rob had a silly grin as he looked from Kelly to Samantha and then back to Nicole. “Really? You wouldn’t be mad or anything?”

“Of course not Rob, we don’t own each other. Besides, it’s just a good time among friends, right?”

His smile got even wider, “Sure, Nic. Whatever you say!”

Now it was Nicole’s turn to smile. “That’s my boy. Now Kelly here has never kissed another girl, but Samantha has. Would you like for them to climb up on your lap and start kissing each other?”

Rob could hardly keep still in his seat. “Would I ever! That would be- that would be amazing!”

Nicole looked to her friend. “Samantha, why don’t you show Kelly what a girl on girl kiss feels like?”

“Sure,” Samantha said, crawling up on Rob’s lap. “Come here Kelly. I promise to be gentle.”

Kelly took her place on Rob’s other leg, looking somewhat shy and embarrassed. “I’m not really sure about this…”

Samantha gently reached out a hand and touched the blonde’s cheek. Kelly flinched a little but didn’t jump away. Samantha leaned in and pressed her lips to Kelly’s. Kelly’s lips parted involuntarily and Sam’s tongue found its way into her mouth. She drew the blond girl closer, as if she where devouring a sumptuous dinner, firmly gripping the back of her head. Then at last she released her, but the younger girl whimpered as if she wished it had not ended so quickly.

Below them, Rob was growing bigger and harder. A blond and a brunette making out on his lap was a dream come true for a quiet unobtrusive guy like him. Never in his wildest dreams had he imagined anything bakırköy masöz escort like this would really happen to him.

“Girls,” Nicole directed. “Show Rob how much you like him. At this the two girls began to kiss his cheeks and run their hands over his body, from his chest to his legs and finally his lap. They took turns kissing his mouth, and sucking his tongue into there’s while the other kissed his cheek or licked his ear. Samantha took off his hat and tossed it across the room. In all this time, they were working at the intricacies of his pants to free the wild trouser snake.

When his cock had been wrestled loose, Nicole who was already on her knees bent forward and took it lovingly into her mouth. For all the sophistication she seemed to represent, she sucked cock noisily and sloppily. She slurped gleefully, making a game of licking him, sucking on him and slobbering all over the pink mushroom head. She used her hands, working him steadily, providing the friction that she could not with her mouth. Pre-come oozed out and she caught it as quickly as possible, savoring every taste, every last lick.

Rob for his part was enjoying everything that was happening. There was nothing for him to do other than lean back and enjoy himself. He was surprised when Nicole ceased her slurping and rose to position herself on his lap so that she could lick Samantha’s face. She simply stuck out her tongue and slowly dragged it up the short-haired girl’s cheek. Then the two girls started kissing each other in a joyous display. They where frenetically pulling each others clothes off, but Kelly just sat watching, as awestruck as Rob. Absently he pushed the back of her head down, and she complied, performing her very first blow-job.

Kelly wasn’t exactly sure what to do. The swollen organ looked kind of funny to her, and startlingly huge. She couldn’t imagine putting that whole thing in her mouth. Instead, she bent at the waist, and flicked at it curiously with her tongue. She turned her legs around so that instead of being folded in half, she was on all fours on the couch. She was somewhat afraid to touch him, but she couldn’t keep it from flapping all over in her face, so she took hold with one hand and supported herself on the opposite elbow.

She was amazed somewhat by the detailing, as she had never seen a penis up close like this before. Even when she had made love in the past, she never touched the guy, or looked at him there. She had always been too embarrassed. But now, Rob was occupied with the other two girls, so she felt a little less self-conscious. She felt free to examine his manhood and she licked and nibbled in her delicate virginal way. If the other two girls had been paying attention, they would have laughed at her.

Instead, the girls continued to make out with each other for a while before turning to undress her. Pretty soon, everyone’s clothes lay on the ground next to the couch, and Rob and the girls had moved to the floor.

The girls stacked themselves on top of each other; Nicole on the bottom; Samantha in the middle and tiny Kelly on top. As Rob plunged into Kelly from behind, Samantha reached around to finger each other. The three girls where hot and wet and ready. Kelly’s tiny pussy squeezed around Rob’s hard cock, and he could hear her moans and soft grunts as he slapped into her. For such a virginal innocent, she sure had one juicy dripping cunt.

She moaned and writhed beneath him, wiggling around on top of the stacked bodies of her friends. Rob cupped her breasts, a perfect handful, and slid in and out of her hot wet pink. Kelly met his thrusts, squeezing his hard tool inside her snug pussy and rocking all the way back to fill herself completely with his cock. The blond was panting and bucking. Those good girls always surprise you, Rob thought as he fucked her beautiful snatch.

Rob looked at the other two beautiful pussies spread open before him, manicured fingers working them excitedly. He pulled out of Kelly and plunged into Samantha’s dripping whole. So warm and welcoming, he moaned in pleasure. It was harder now, for Kelly and Nicole to reach each other, so they turned instead to pleasuring themselves, a site which Rob also greatly enjoyed.

Rob had no idea how this had happened and couldn’t believe his luck. He wasn’t a bad looking guy, but so shy. Normally if a knockout like Nicole had answered the door, he’d have been tongue tied and made a complete ass of himself. But something about her just drew him in, put him at ease. Even though she was incredibly forward and fast, he hadn’t freaked as he normally would have. And now, to his great fortune he was fucking three hot babes who where stacked on top of each other and spread open wide just for him. I must have done something right in a past life he thought. If I’m sleeping, don’t wake me.

But he was awake, and he hungered for Nicole’s sweet pussy that he had fucked earlier in the evening. It was an experience he’d never forget, not because it was his first time, because it wasn’t, bakırköy otele gelen escort but because all his previous times had been awkward and clumsy and with her, it had been perfect, magical.

Samantha moaned in protest when he pulled out of her, but his angel’s sweet pussy was calling. Her cunt was spread open and waiting. Juices dripped from her pink lips, and her sweet mouth was whispering nasty things to him that he seemed to hear in the back of his mind. “Put it in me, Rob. Fuck my pussy hard.”

Rob spread Nicole’s ass cheeks, enjoying the view of her slippery pink folds welcoming him in. He positioned his cock over her pussy and slid in deep. “Ooooooohhhhhh!” she exclaimed as he hit the back of her cervix. He gripped her ass and thrust in and out of her, bringing her quickly to climax. He hadn’t even stopped when she was yelling, “Do it again, Rob. Keep fucking me, baby. Make me come again.”

Nicole was apparently multiorgasmic, because she came three times, hard. The squeezing of her pussy gave him the urge to cum as well, but her steady voice was telling him not to, and it was all he needed. Whatever Nicole wanted was exactly what he would do.

“I want you to fuck our asses, Rob. I want you to fuck them good. But first I think you better lick our wet pussies and get our asses sloppy wet too.”

Rob needed little encouragement and was soon slurping up three pussies and then back down. He buried his face in hot quim, darting his tongue in and out and wiggling his face from side to side. It was a paradise of pussy, and he couldn’t get enough. The three girls had neatly clipped pubic hair, each in the colors matching the hair on their heads. Three throbbing clits hung engorged and ready for his hungry waiting mouth. The girls squealed and panted, squirming all over on top of one another while he teased their sweet horny slits.

“Rim us baby! Lick our asses!” Nicole’s voice was encouraging him, egging him on. He was disappointed to abandon their pretty pink pussies, but he felt compelled to follow her directions. He licked her puckered pink hole first, much to her delight. The other two girls nearly lost their balance and came toppling down, but they managed to stay on top of one another.

He licked Samantha’s ass, then Kelly’s. The poor blond didn’t know what hit her. She began to howl with pleasure. The stimulation seemed to turn her nasty and cheap. “Oh god, lick my ass. Make me your little slut. Shove your tongue up my tight little whole. Slap me, slap me hard. Spank my little ass. I want to be your filthy little bitch!”

Everyone seemed taken by surprise when Kelly’s mouth got nasty, but there was little to do except play along. He rimmed her momentarily and then quickly got to the business of thrusting with his tongue. If she was this nasty already, he couldn’t wait to slide his boner into her tight little pucker.

He licked a finger and slid it up her anus. She went wild, yelling out profanities that would have sent him over the edge if it weren’t for Nicole’s gentle voice in the back of his scull, “Don’t come yet, I’ll tell you when.”

“Oh my god, she’s a closet slut,’ he heard Samantha exclaim.

“The very best kind,” Nicole replied.

He licked a finger from his other hand and poked it up Samantha’s ass. She too turned into a wanton woman. “Oh god, finger my ass. Make it rough. Oh god, oh, oh-rooaar!” He’d pretty much expected as much from her, she had that independent, in charge of my own sexuality vibe. Hot. But not as hot as innocent blond turned fuck-slut.

He fingered them both, and positioned his stiff dick over Nicole’s sweet rosebud. “Are you ready for it, babe?” he asked, realizing that he wasn’t exactly sure what their status was, but she was definitely his sex goddess. Worshiping her was his privilege, especially when all she seemed to want was for him to make her come over and over and over again.

“Take it slow, Rob. Gentle now. There will be plenty of time to go crazy when you get it. Careful. Steady. Whoa, back up a little, now try to rock, gentle, gentle.” He had stopped poking the blond and the brunette in there backdoor holes, holding his fingers steady, firmly buried in there anal chutes. Pressing past the hallowed gates to be received by Nicole’s ass was taking all of his concentration, especially calming himself down enough to go as slow as she needed him to. To grab her and just shove it in her roughly would have been his baser instinct, but Nicole was the object of his worship and adoration and he could not see himself hurting her in any way. Instead he did just as she asked and focused all of his concentration on her body language and her words.

His gentle rocking was gradually gaining him entrance. He could feel the outer ring of muscles surrounding her anus relaxing and letting his engorged member past. Just as he felt it was safe to plunge in he realized that a second ring of muscles stood guard to prevent his passage. Once again he was forced to slow down, rock gently, focus on bakırköy rus escort slowing his breath, keeping his cool. The wild beast in him was tightly reined. The soothing sound of Nicole’s voice again kept him under control.

Rob released a deep sigh as Nicole’s sphincter muscles welcomed him into her soft warm ass. He rocked back and forth and caressed her supple butt-cheeks as he buried his manhood deep inside. She moaned gratefully as he stroked her in and out. Rob moaned right along with her. “Oh baby, your ass is so hot.” It was trite, but Rob just wasn’t in the right frame of mind to think up something original.

As he fucked her backdoor, Nicole’s cool, in control façade began to crumble. She was panting and hissing the likes of which Rob had never heard before. It was clear from the way she pushed back with her ass that she was enjoying herself, and she soon found her voice enough to articulate a mumbled, “more, more, yes.”

Nicole wasn’t loud and nasty. It was more like her brain had just turned off. I’m fucking her stupid, Rob thought to himself continuing to thrust and grunt. Nicole made weird noises that indicated that she just couldn’t control herself; this ass fucking was just too intense. Now Rob was without her calming influence, he went wild too, but he still felt as though he couldn’t come without her permission.

“That’s it baby, come for me. I’m pounding your hot ass with my hard cock; finger your pussy, babe. I want to feel you gush. Come on Nicole, I want you to come so I can fuck your two friends her in the ass too. Squirt for me filthy slut, squirt.”

“Oh GOD! Oh! Oh! Oh!” Nicole’s orgasm exploded around her. The hard ass pounding coupled with her own middle finger quickly diddling her clit and Rob’s sudden dominant attitude combined to send her over the edge. Hot sticky liquid gushed forth over her thighs Rob continued to pound into her through her orgasm, enjoying the feeling of her ass walls squeezing against his hard-on.

When the last twitch of Nicole’s anus finally came to completion, he slid out of her used up opening and easily slid into Samantha’s quivering bud. Samantha’s opening took him easily, Rob guessed that she was quite used to being fucked up the ass, and took a gamble by immediately talking dirty too her.

“You’re just a nasty filthy cunt aren’t you. Your ass just swallowed my cock right up.”

“Oh god, yes,” Samantha wailed. “Talk dirty to me, use my ass, pound me good.”

“Little whore. You’ve had your ass stuffed with cock lots of times haven’t you, little tramp? I’d like to get a couple friends together and stuff all of your holes up at once. You’d like that wouldn’t you, nasty piece of trash?”

“Oh m…m…my god! Yes, treat me like a whore. Talk to me like a cheap piece of ass.”

“You know what I’d like to see? I’d like to see you suck my jizz out of Nicole’s ass and feed it to your innocent little friend up there with the dirty mouth while I pound her ass full of cock. How would you like that?”

“Yes, yes, shove my face into Nicky’s ass, I would love that!”

“Little bitch. Slut.” Rob gave her a final slam as she shuddered and came hard around his buried shaft. Just for good measure, he pulled out and gave her a rough slap on her left cheek, wondering what had gotten into him.

Now he was at the opening of sweet blond Kelly, sure to be tight. He doubted that she’d ever had anal sex before, and he’d have to be gentle once again. She would surely turn whore when he got his man meat inside of her, but first he would have to slow down again. He was so hot now, the urge to just take her was almost unbearable, and he wasn’t as gentle as he should have been.

With his hands on either side of her ass, he shoved against her puckered opening. Kelly let out a cry of discomfort followed by a plea. “No, I can’t do it that way. I’ve never…”

“I’m sorry, I got carried away,” Rob was about to plunge back into Kelly’s eager snatch when he heard Nicole’s voice, once again collected and in control.

“Just relax Kelly. The key is to take it slow. It won’t hurt I promise. Will you give it a try for me, Kelly?”

Kelly sniffled; it was clear she was afraid. “Ok, I’ll try. But be- be careful.”

Rob braced himself once again at her opening. “Ok, now push out, it’ll relax you and open you up.”

Kelly did as she was told, and Rob found himself sliding easily inside of her. She whimpered, but then gasped, as he hit the far wall of her back door. Her entire body seemed to convulse with pleasure.

What happened next, no one could have predicted. They had all surmised that Kelly was a closet slut; quiet and reserved most of the time but wild and nasty as soon as the clothes come off. But the effect of the girl getting Rob’s cock shoved up her anal passageway was to turn her into an absolute fuck beast.

“Ram me! Ram me! Fuck me hard!” She started shouting. Like a woman possessed, she spewed obscenities that coaxed him forward. If ever he’d had reservations about the innocent blond being able to take his tool, they where all gone now.

“Grab my hair!” she commanded. Rob took a handful in a high ponytail and jerked her head around. “Yank me around, fuck me hard! Make it rough dammit! Fuck me like a goddamned whore. Make me your filthy little bitch. I NEED to be your bitch! Order me to bark like the filthy little tramp I am! Please! Please! I wanna be your bitch.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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