Witches Brew Ch. 04

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This is the forth installment of my series Witches Brew. For those new to the series, several characters in the story are endowed with a trait that gives them super natural powers.

There was an incessant tapping on George’s forehead. Samantha was trying to wake him. She thought that she heard someone on the first floor. George grabbed her hand and was about to speak but she put her hand over his mouth. She leaned in and whispered, “I think that there is someone down on the first floor.”

George indicated that he understood and they both got out of bed. He hastily pulled on the pants that he wore earlier and started to walk downstairs. Samantha followed with her pistol. George saw a figure from the landing and recognized the intruder as the security guard from the Corcoran family. Not wanting to wait George raised his hand and an energy bolt touched the intruder and he slumped to the floor. George hit him again for good measure. He was about to hit him again when Samantha grabbed his wrist “Enough.”

“I am pissed,” said George.

“You have been holding out on me George, where did that come from?”

Samantha pulled her phone from her pant’s pocket and dialed the emergency number and gave the dispatcher the address.

“I hate bullies and he has bullied me since our first encounter. Now what do we do with him?” said George.

There was a shimmering like the transporter effect on the old Star Trek TV Show. Three people materialized and gathered around the prostrate form. The person in charge walked over to George and showed his ring.

“We will take him, we have been waiting for this for awhile,” said the man.

Samantha spoke before the leader finished, “Hold it fellows I am inclined to have the local Law enforcement handle this. I am a reserve deputy and he might be the key to some burglaries that we have had in the development.”

The leader of the society law enforcement reluctantly backed off and they departed the same way they arrived. In the distance there was a siren. A car pulled up and two deputies got out and approached the front entrance. George opened the door and led them to Billy Corcoran who was still out on the floor.

“What did you hit him with?” asked one of the deputies.

“I know a technique that renders people unconscious,” said George.

Corcoran was coming around and one of the deputies put handcuffs on him and helped him stand.

“Arrest that man he assaulted me,” said Corcoran.

“What the hell were you doing in my house at this hour, I sure as hell did not invite you in. And if I hadn’t gotten to you first, my friend would have shot you,” said George.

“I will be filing a complaint I think that this man and his wife have been stealing from residence of the development. People have reported that small expensive things have gone missing,” said Samantha.

“You got no evidence bitch,” said Corcoran.

George raised his hand as if to give Corcoran another sample of his power; but he held off.

“Nothing direct but many of my friends have reported that stuff was missing after your wife cleaned their houses,” replied Samantha.

The deputies took Corcoran and put him in the patrol car and took a statement from George. He and Samantha were alone after the two deputies left.

“You never told me that you were a reserve deputy?’ said George.

They were looking for volunteers and since I had the firearms training, I signed up,” she replied.

“Remind me not to do anything illegal, when you’re around,” said George.

A buzzing sound and a flittering light bounced around the pair and George didn’t wait. He went down stairs followed by Samantha and were soon transported to the Society headquarters.

They were sitting in the conference room when the Prefect walked in.

“You’ve had some excitement I hear,” said the Prefect

“One of the Corcoran boys decided to break in to George’s home; he may have used an unlocking spell, or a transportation spell. George demonstrated more power than I have seen him use before. He used a stunning spell on Billy Corcoran. The local sheriff’s deputies took him into custody,” said Samantha.

“You didn’t let the society law enforcement take over?” asked the Prefect.

“No sir there would have been a lot of explaining to do if he suddenly came up missing. Besides we need to gather evidence of his wife’s involvement which I think that I will get Carol to work on,” she replied.

The meeting went on for another fifteen minutes and George and Samantha were back in the house’s basement. George took Samantha’s hand and led her to the elevator and pushed the third floor.

“Do you have something in mind?” asked Samantha, who was pulling on George’s cock.

They arrived at the third floor and George and Samantha raced to see who could get naked. George stopped and admired Samantha’s tanned body. He marveled at her taught breasts, and lovely pussy. He embraced her and kissed her. Going to his knees he spread her legs and began to suck on her cunt. He encircled her in his arms and kept her pussy close.

“If you don’t çubuk escort watch out you will get a surprise George,” said Samantha, between breaths indicating that she was about to cum.

“That’s is the object of my exercise, madam Samantha.”

George felt her begin to loose her balance and maneuvered her to the bed but continued to tongue her pussy. Samantha went stiff and flooded George with her cum. He replaced his mouth with his cock and kissed her allowing Samantha to taste her spend.

“You have spoiled me, I have had one orgasm now I want more darling,” she said as she relaxed.

George moved his cock in and out of her cunt, pausing to lean down and kiss her lips. His hands were busy working her breasts over. He felt her shiver as another climax raged over her.

He continued to move his cock in and out. Then he felt a searing pain emanate from where her fingers were touching his back. It caused him to jerk and he felt his cock shoot a load of cum. After cumming he was unable to move. He was awake but had no feeling in his body. The sensation gradually left, as he was able to move his legs and arms. He rolled off of Samantha his cock was shining coated with their mutual spend.

Samantha climbed on top and kissed him.

“What did you do to me?” asked George.

“What are you talking about, I did not do anything to you.” Samantha replied

“Your fingers felt like they were jolting me with thousands of volts of electricity, all of my limbs became lifeless; I was amazed that I climaxed,” said George

“Might have uses a little to much spell, sorry darling. You were fabulous,” said Samantha.

She leaned down and kissed him again. She slid off and began to work on his cock. “George I think I need to clean this thing.”

George leaned over and kissed her breasts. Samantha got off the bed and grabbed his wrist. George followed her to the bathroom and waited while the shower ran hot. They both entered the shower and allowed the stream to wash over them Samantha soaped him down paying special attention to his cock. George washed her and using a wash pad he scrubbed her back and butt. After Samantha and George rinsed off, they exited and dried off. Samantha left and went to one of the bedrooms on the second floor leaving George to dress there.

George found her in the kitchen making coffee. She was dressed in skin-tight jeans, and boots with four inch heals. Her top was a western themed shirt with the breasts pockets and jeweled snap fasteners with an embroidered yoke.

“All you need is the hat,” said George.

“I have the hat but it is at home; I have to meet with a rancher and his wife who are interested in buying some paintings. He also has a guest house that I will try to see if we can use it as a meeting location,” said Samantha.

“I have always wanted to fuck a cowgirl,” George said.

“Put it in you pants for a while darling,” said Samantha.

She walked out the front door and the Bentley appeared. George watched as she drove down the driveway and turned on the road. “Now I can work,” he said to himself. Just as he was getting ready to close the door Carol’s van came down the driveway and pulled up to the front door. George left the door open and went to the second floor to work on his project..

In all honesty his heart was not in to it. He could code but he was out of practice and like anything you needed to practices to get good. He plugged away at it while Carol worked on cleaning up the down stairs area. He heard the elevator door open and Carol walked in with her cleaning equipment. She dusted around his desk and mopped the floor and then went to the bathroom. It was the one that Samantha used when she did not use the one on the third floor. It was stocked with the modern war paint that women used to enhance their beauty. “I need a lesson from Samantha,” said Carol.

“A lesson on what?” George responded.

“Looks like she knows how to make herself look good, I need a few pointers,” Carol clarified.

“I will mention it,” said George.

Carol finished the bathroom and walked in to the office. “You all caused quite a stir in the compound Mr. Rogers. The family can’t raise the bail money so Billy is still in jail.”

“That is the best place for him,” said George.

He turned around and found Samantha standing in front of him. The vision began to take her top off. As she started to unbutton the top George stood and stopped her from proceeding. Just as sudden as the vision of Samantha appeared; the woman became Carol.

“You looked lonely I thought it would help,” said Carol.

“How long have you been doing that?” asked George.

“How did you know that I wasn’t the real Samantha?”

George embraced the woman and kissed her “I am really only a one woman guy,” he said.

They parted and Carol picked up her tools and moved up to the third floor. George thought that the encounter was something other than chance. Carol finished the master bedroom and George took her down to the basement. Samantha gave him the code and he was able demetevler escort to open the “panic” room.

After the door closed they sat on couch and George prodded Carol for a report on her dealings with the Corcoran’s. He especially probed about sexual encounters with any of the men or women. Carol stated that she was not sexually active with that family.

“Dahlia has been teaching the teenager how to steal when they go to clean houses. I am naturally light fingered and I was able to steal the items that Dahlia lifted and replace them,” said Carol.

“So when you leave the pieces are back where she found them?” asked George.

“The pieces stay in the house but in a different location. If I put the pieces back where she took them she would find them,” said Carol.

Carol and George planned her next moves and they left the “Panic” room. Carol collected her equipment and left. George went back up to the office and wrote a memo covering his discussion with Carol. He tried to look at his project again and got a little further. He got the first page of the app to work, but there were other bugs in his code and it would not go further. He resolved to get some help and left it.

Samantha pulled into her garage and got out of the car. She had some success but could only sell one painting. When she got in the house she heard a small alarm bell and sat in front of her laptop. An older woman but still keeping her looks flashed on the screen.

“You’re finally there darling, I have been calling all day,” said the image on the screen.

“I have been working mother, I was seeing a client,” said Samantha.

“You know darling you don’t need to work,” said her mother.

“That is the difference between me and you, mother I enjoy my work,” said Samantha.

“OK. The reason for the call is Fredrick is taking me cruising the Greek islands on his yacht and my return is up in the air,” said her mother.

“Sounds nice mother I hope that you will have fun.”

“Are you having sex new neighbor?”

“Yes and he is very good. The best I have had in a while. Also the society has drafted him in the project. I can’t say much more.”

“Is his cock big enough for you darling?”

“Mother I have not gotten is vital statistics, but I am satisfied. Besides he brings me off several times when we fuck,” said Samantha.

“Well I will let you go you are looking good. There are some great looking and rich men around here should you want to try your luck,” said her mother

“I will think about it; call me when you get a chance,” said Samantha.

The screen blanked, and she closed the computer. On a whim she pulled her top off exposing her breasts and reopened the computer and dialed George’s number. It rang several times and then George’s face appeared.

“What a beautiful vision,” said George.

“I had a feeling that you would enjoy the view,” said Samantha.

“Do you want to do something this evening or are you too tired from riding the range?”

“I sat in a beautiful home and sipped martinis. No riding for me,” said Samantha.

“Well I have not contacted Paul in a while, so my larder is empty. Do you have any place you want to go?” asked George.

“We could go back to The Twin Oaks. If we get drunk we can check in to the hotel,” said Samantha.

“Good Idea. I will be ready in ten minutes.

“I will come over but you will need to drive unless you have been drinking also?” said Samantha.

“Nope stone cold sober.”

The screens went blank as they both quit the application. George found a pair of pants and a shirt and quickly dressed. He was slipping his shoes on as Samantha drove up to the front. She got out of the car as George came out of the door. He turned and mumbled the locking spell and turned and embraced Samantha.

“You do know how to drive?” asked Samantha.

“Yes I know how to drive,” said George.

George’s attention was drawn to another car coming up his drive. It pulled up to a stop and an older man got out, and walked toward them.

“You can stop right there Mr. Corcoran!” said George.

“Are you going to hit me like you hit my son?” said Corcoran,

“My friend and her Beretta might have something to say about that,” said George.

“I wanted to let you know that my family is watching you mister,” said Corcoran as he got back in his car and backed out. They watched the car move out of the driveway.

George slipped into the driver’s seat and Samantha explained the controls for the Prius. George slipped the car in gear and they were out of the development and on the road to The Twin Oaks. They passed the gun club and continued on toward the restaurant/hotel.

“I really think that you need to learn how to shoot if you make any more enemies George.”

George had no comment and continued driving until he pulled into the parking lot.

“I feel like a steak,” said Samantha as she got out of the car.

“Looks like we are buying two bottles of wine; because I am getting the trout,” replied George.

George and Samantha ankara escort were led to a table, “Order me a Manhattan,” said George as he stood and walked out of the dining room. He returned fifteen minutes later and sat down.

“You must have had a load if it took that long?” said Samantha.

“I checked us in to the hotel. I did not want to do it drunk as I think that we will be soon,” said George sipping his cocktail.

“I ordered for us since you said you wanted fish.” Said Samantha.

“You have your friend with you?” asked George.

“You know I carry it every where, why do you ask?”

“Because I thought that I saw Corcoran in the parking lot.”

The waiter with the wine and appetizers arrived interrupting their conversation. They approved both wines and the waiter filled the four glasses in front of them.

“I don’t know if you need my friend. The power you displayed this morning makes me think that you can handle anything,” said Samantha.

“Thanks but I doubt the society would approve of me using our powers in public,” replied George.

An older man walked into the dining room and was shown to a table.

“I guess you were right old man Corcoran is following us,” said Samantha.

The waiter approached and cleared the appetizers and a colleague approached with their entrees. They ate their dinner trying not to look at the older man. They finished and while they were not as drunk as the last time they were here; they under the influence. George guided Samantha to their room. They took a circuitous route hoping that Corcoran was not following them.

They reached the room feeling like they had lost him. George’s cell phone started to vibrate in his pocket. Paul Moore’s name was on the display. George hit the keys to answer the call, and lifted the phone to his ear.

“Mr. Rogers I have been following old man Corcoran since he left your house. I got here and noticed that you were here also. You do know that Corcoran is at the Twin Oaks looking for you?” asked Paul.

“Yes we do. I saw him in the hotel dining room as we were eating,” said George.

“This might be a good time to teleport somewhere else if you think you can do it,” said Paul.

“I’ll talk to Samantha and see what she thinks. We will talk tomorrow at Samantha’s gallery,” said George.

George embraced Samantha and they kissed. “Paul thinks we need to teleport out of here to get away from the old man; what are your thoughts?”

The room started to dissolve around them and a whishing noise filled their ears. As soon as it started George and Samantha were standing in her den/kitchen still in the embrace from the hotel. George found a seat and sat down. Teleportation still made him a little sick.

“Your wish is my command; we left him the dust,” said Samantha.

Samantha started reaching for a light switch. “Don’t touch the lights the family may have someone watching,” said George.

Samantha walked over and grabbed his wrist and pulled him up. She marched him over to the house’s elevator and they both got inside. She pushed the second floor and embraced him sliding her hands down his backsides. “Your ass isn’t to bad either my friend. “

The doors opened and she directed them to the middle bedroom on the floor. Samantha forcibly sat George down on the bed, stepped back and lost her pants. She was still in panties when she approached George and waved her pussy at his face. “I bet you that smells real good,” said Samantha.

George reached up and pulled her panties down to her ankles. “There that is much better,” he said. Samantha shaking her pussy wafted her odor toward him.

He encircled his arms around her waist and began to suck on her vulva. His tongue explored her entrance, feeling around for her pleasure center. Samantha started to slap his back as she climaxed and found the bed. George straightened her out on the bed and stood dropped his pants and underwear. He opened her legs and brought his cock to the entrance of her pussy and pressed it forward slipping in. The heat of her pussy drove him to move it in and out. He leaned down and kissed her, slipping his hands up her top and massaged her breasts.

George encouraged Samantha to get on top and she jogged up and down on his cock. She leaned down and he was able to grab her top and pull it over her head. Samantha lay on top of him and he continued to move his cock in and out of her cunt.

“What’s wrong George?”

“Nothing why?” replied George.

“You don’t seem to be here,” said Samantha.

George moved back on top and began to move his cock with more force. On one of his strokes he felt his cock release.

A few minutes later when he recovered he kissed Samantha. “I think that Corcoran’s following us effected me. It’s like I was back in high school and the class bully was going after me. I feel I have to look over my shoulder all the time.”

“Or is it that you are no longer interested on our relationship?” said Samantha

George kissed her “My interest in you has not waned Samantha.”

George kissed her and moved down and began to suck her pussy. He got the familiar reaction as Samantha moved her cunt trying to dodge his tongue. He encircled her waist and held her cunt to his lips. Samantha began to massage her nipples while he was working over her clit. His mouth was flooded with her juice as she climaxed.

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