Winning the Game

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Tiffany was a little anxious as she looked around the room. Roughly two dozen naked men and women sat around the expansive common room in the fraternity house. Almost everyone had a beer in hand. Her friend and senior sister, Jennifer, had assured her this game would be fun, and the booze had helped convince her. There were only a few rules, she had explained. A senior sister or brother would pick two or more people and challenge them to a sexual act. No orgasm challenges the first time a person was picked. That was pretty much it.

The game had been going on for a while, and Tiffany had not yet been picked. Despite her anxiety at being chosen, she could not deny that her pussy was soaking wet from watching all the challenges. She had watched Jennifer get finger fucked by a football player. Her pussy had to stretch wide to fit his three chunky fingers.

She had also seen her friend Amber take a pounding from two frat boys, one dick in her pussy, and another in her tight asshole. Both boys were disappointed beylikdüzü anal yapan escort when they were denied the satisfaction of giving her a double creampie. Right now, a hot young brother was pumping his cock hard into another sisters’ shaved pussy. Bent over on all fours, Hannah moaned loudly each time he thrust all the way inside her.

“Time!” Jennifer called, clicking a stopwatch. The frat boy reluctantly stopped fucking Hannah as she slumped to the floor, spent and panting. “Don’t go anywhere Rob,” Jennifer said, looking over at Tiffany. “You’re up Tiff. Go suck Rob off until he cums, and then swallow it all down. It shouldn’t take long, from the looks of it.”

Tiffany’s heart pounded as she hesitated. Jennifer knew Tiffany had never let a guy cum in her mouth, and she was apparently willing to exploit that knowledge.

“Come on Tiff, let’s go!” Jennifer egged her on, her large breasts bobbing slightly as she waved Tiffany toward the beylikdüzü balıketli escort middle of the room.

Tiffany slowly stood and walked over to where Rob stood waiting. She could see a bit of precum glistening on the end of his throbbing cock and thought Jennifer was right – this would not take long. Figuring she would just get it over with, Tiffany knelt down and took Rob’s cock in her hand. It was still wet from Hannah’s pussy juices. Another first for her, but she pushed that thought aside as she put the tip of the cock in her mouth. The mixed flavors of precum and pussy juice were slightly sour, but not unbearable.

She swished her tongue around the tip, before sucking gently and taking Rob’s length into her mouth. He had a large cock, and she felt it bump against the back of her throat. She suppressed a gag as she pulled her head back, sucking harder as she did. Rob moaned, eliciting a cheer and a clap from Jennifer.

Without realizing beylikdüzü bayan arkadaş it, Tiffany started rubbing her clit as she bobbed her head up and down on Rob’s cock. Despite what she was about to do, she was so horny she could not stop herself. Rob started moaning more and tensing up. She knew he was going to cum soon. The thought pushed her over the edge herself and her pussy pulsed with a strong orgasm. Seeing her cumming while sucking him off was too much for Rob.

Tiffany tasted the hot tangy cum from his load just a second before his cock started convulsing, pumping more and more of it into her mouth. His cum had a strange texture that clung to her tongue. Just as she thought he would never stop, Rob pulled his cock out of her mouth, breathing heavily.

Tiffany sat there with a mouth full of cum, uncertain if she could bring herself to swallow. With an expectant look from Jennifer, she tried not to think about it and threw her head back. She gagged a little on the thick fluid as it went down, but was glad to have the worst of the flavor gone. She opened her mouth wide, tongue out, to show Jennifer she had done it and the other girl smiled.

“Good job Tiff, but that got me way too wet. Now it’s my turn. You get to eat me out until I cum all over that pretty face.”

Tiffany grinned and felt her pussy tingle at the thought. That’s what she had been hoping for.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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