Will and Lynn Share the Friend

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Lynn awoke from her dream and began caressing her thighs and breasts. Their curtains were open, and she gazed at the bright white stars against the blackest sky she’d seen for years. In her dream, a friend of hers from school was here at the hotel, and she’d been lovingly and yet vigorously fellating him in his room.

He’d been moaning with pleasure, nearly crying, as she massaged and squeezed his leaking cock with her tongue, palate and throat. She could sense that he was straining to avoid being too rough with her as he cupped and pinched her breasts, and stroked and tugged at her hair. In her passion, she sought to take him over the edge of desire, to see what he was capable of doing to satisfy their lust for each other.

Her dream had ended before any sort of satisfying conclusion had been reached, and now, in the logic of her waking and lustful brain, she realized that she HAD to wake Will up for a very important fucking session.

Playing with Will’s body while he slept was one of Lynn’s devilish pleasures. She enjoyed that fact that he was “hers” to fondle and play with as she wished. Molest, even. In her near dreaming state, she stroked his naked thighs and buttocks as he lay sleeping on his side, then moved to his front and picked up where her dream had left off, loving the feeling that she’d brought two penises to erection in quick succession with her silky mouth.

Lagging well behind his penis, Will’s body slowly began to stir and Lynn stayed with him, straddling his legs, and reaching her fingers to sooth her swelling clitoris. She was torn between wanting to actually feel her beloved friend’s cock explode in her mouth, versus feeling it stretch and fill her yearning pussy. As the result of 100,000 years of natural selection, her pussy won the debate and Lynn authoritatively inserted Will’s rigid cock into herself and began riding it as deeply into her pelvis as possible, quickly satisfying herself, and Will as well.

Last to awaken, Will’s mind finally decided to try to regain a sense of dignity for the day. “There’s an interesting lecture today that you don’t have to be an autistic neuroscientist to enjoy, you should go with me. If nothing else, it will give you a chance to mentally molest the smartest Jewish men in the world,” he said.

“Mmmm. I love ogling men, especially Jewish men, except those Orthodox ones that don’t want me to wear shorts. P.S. I think they love it when I wear shorts,” said Lynn playfully. Will agreed while thinking about Lynn in her shorts and cupped her delicious ass with both innovia escort hands.

At the lecture, they sat with Gabe, Will’s longtime friend from college, whom Lynn had grown to love from interacting with him at the world tour of scientific meetings that she’d been on with Will. Afterwards, Will and Gabe remained in Science World, leaving Lynn feeling alone and frustrated in Fuck Me Now World. “Gentlemen, shall we adjourn ourselves to the secluded hot tub to continue this conversation,” intoned Lynn, doing an amazing impression of a man. “Capital idea,” returned Will.

In the tub with pina coladas in hand, Lynn allowed the boys to continue their discussion. She wasn’t against the intellectual aspect of their lives, she just preferred that they engage in it while sitting nearly naked with her in a hot tub that mimicked a secluded tropical mountain waterfall. Now that she had gotten her wish, she enjoyed talking with them about the issues raised in the lecture. The way Gabe and Will listened and reflected on what she was saying, rather than use her comments as a socially acceptable way to engage in their own monologues made her feel very aroused.

At one point, she moved directly in front of Gabe to look him in the eyes and support herself by holding onto his shoulders to help convey her ideas. Gabe smiled, uncomfortable despite his friendship wth Lynn. He looked at Will, but saw no signs of stress or displeasure with the situation. Feeling that she’d made not just her point, but a better friend of Gabe, Lynn sat down next to him and put her arm around him lovingly.

“I love you fellas,” concluded Lynn as she continued to nestle against Gabe’s side. “I think we should go back to our room and take showers and think about dinner.”

Gabe laughed nervously at this, but Lynn refused to act embarrassed. “I’m serious, Gabe, come back to our place, your room is on the other end of the hotel.”

“She’s right, Gabe, our room is right here,” reassured Will. Lynn wrapped her arms around both of her men as they walked on either side of her back to the room.

Lynn ran the water in the shower stall. It was huge, and had two shower heads on the wall, and a waterfall showerhead on the ceiling. Helping Gabe navigate this unique social situation, Lynn entered the shower with her swimsuit on, and invited Gabe and Will to join her.

As the shower warmed their chilled bodies, Lynn pulled down the top of her suit, revealing her seemingly gravity defying breasts. Uncomfortable, Gabe turned towards istanbul escort a showerhead, but undaunted, Lynn approached his back with a handful of shower gel, and began lathering and massaging his back. “Guys, I don’t know about this,” opined Gabe the scientist.

Will stepped in to calm him. “Gabe, you deserve this, it’s OK. I’m the one who doesn’t deserve anything,” he joked. To Lynn, neuroticism was eroticism, and she was relishing the opportunity to provide some brief fucking-focused psychotherapy to her two friends.

Lynn aimed her mouth up to Gabe’s ear and said “Yes, sweetie, you DESERVE this. And I deserve this too. You’ve got a scrumptious body that is unfairly not currently touching mine,” cooed Lynn in her best teasing voice. Will’s cock ached and the sound of her words, and he could only imagine the effect they were having on Gabe. Actually, he didn’t need to imagine, as Gabe now had an uncomfortable appearing erection being restrained by his swimsuit.

Lynn gently and respectfully stretched and pulled Gabe’s swimsuit to untangle his penis, then let them drop with a splash to the floor. Rather than go right to his shaft, she began lathering his chest and arms. Gabe stretched his arms against the wall, closed his eyes, and let his head hang down.

“Sweetheart, I’ll be on the bed,” said Will as he left Lynn and Gabe in the shower.

Now Lynn brought her hands down to Gabe’s penis, which was swollen and dangling. She enjoyed the sensation of washing and weighing his testicles in her hands. She took him by the hand and led him directly under the waterfall showerhead. He bent his head under the force of the water, and to provide a means to breathe. Lynn kneeled in front of him, keeping her head down not only to breathe, but to afford her access to Gabe’s limp penis.

She lovingly started nuzzling the base of his shaft and his scrotum, squeezing with her fingers, staying away from his glans to give Gave some control over the situation. After a surprisingly short period of time, Gabe found the wherewithal to hold the back of Lynn’s head and push his erection into her mouth. “Good for him,” she thought as she began earnestly sucking on his cock to reassure him that he was Doing It Right.

After worrying that he was going to spill, Lynn stood and said: “This isn’t enough, my sweet, I need you in my pussy.” She oochied herself the rest of the way out of her swimsuit as Gabe’s gaze locked onto the mesmerizing display of her hips freeing themselves. “Good for him,” she thought again.

On kadıköy escort the bed, as if in a trance, Gabe began passionately kissing and hugging Lynn, his erection catching and bouncing on her body. Soon, he flattened Lynn onto her back, and she prepared to be penetrated by Gabe’s franticly thrusting cock. Instead, he began gently kissing and nuzzling the insides of her thighs, gently parting her legs. “VERY good for him,” though Lynn.

Lynn quickly began gasping and crying out in pleasure as Gabe both gently and relentlessly fucked her with his mouth and tongue. She began an obscene litany, which was music to Will’s ears as he enjoyed the way that Gabe sensitively and passionately made love to his lover.

Declaring herself to now be the most out of control person in the room, Lynn began panting, then demanded in a most unladylike way that Gabe penetrate her with his penis. Obediently, Gabe gently placed the leaking head of his cock within Lynn’s wide open pussy, and began to gently ease it within the silkiness of her sex.

Lynn began instantly squeezing his cock before it gained full possession of her, delaying the process, but adding to her pleasure as she felt herself being taken by only the second man in her life. Gabe’s penis was almost numb with pleasure, and he felt that he had reached a plateau that might allow him to service Lynn’s needs for some time.

Wild with pleasure, Lynn used her leg to roll Gabe to his side, turning her back to Will, who had been patiently watching while stroking his own erection. “Will, baby, fuck my little ass with your sweet cock, OK baby?” panted Lynn.

Not as devoid of reason as Lynn had become, Will’s scientific skepticism instantly identified a number of barriers to Lynn’s request, though as a gentleman, he did not give voice to them. Instead, he pressed his penis against Lynn’s gorgeous ass, the sight of which, along with her words, had caused his cock to become as rigid as he thought safely possible.

Lynn pushed back against him, now moaning and remarking on her satisfaction with the situation with increasing volume. Will pushed his glans against the ring of Lynn’s anus, causing her to scream “Oh yes! Don’t stop! I love it!”

At these words, it became clear that Gabe had finally exploded deep inside Lynn, but Lynn continued squeezing and thrusting against his cock. She now stopped her obscenity-laden stream of consciousness, appearing to be concentrating very hard on something. Will pushed harder on her anus, partially entering her, and Lynn screamed and shuddered as her orgasm consumed her, causing Will to ejaculate the small amount of semen that had managed to accumulate in the last few hours.

Will collapsed and closed his eyes, sensing that Gabe was motionless as well.

“What are you guys going to feed me?” asked Lynn perkily.

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