White Couple seeks Hung BBC Blacken

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White Couple seeks Hung BBC Blacken
Shannon was the love of my life. We dated for several years and had married right out of college. I was three years older than her and while I was her first, she was definitely not mine. I had been very experienced with other woman and I felt that she should experiment with other men to gain pleasurable experiences. But that is where I pushed it too far.

Shannon had long dark straight hair that she usually wore down or curled when we went out. She was tall, thin and had a body to die for; 34-24-34. We made love frequently while married but I had this need to experiment and try different things. Now that isn’t a bad thing but I pushed her into doing things that unleashed a desire in her that broke us up and drove us out of control.

I had read many stories about men wanting their wives to have sex with other men and it turned me on big time! I also loved reading stories about black men fucking white married women. I worked for more than a year to get Shannon interested in the same things. I plied her with magazines, books and eventually videos of interracial sex. She at first said “no way” but later became interested in reading and viewing my pornographic materials. She always told me that I was the only man she needed and I told her that sex was different than love and she needed to expand her horizons. She eventually capitulated and thus began her descent into depravity. Though at this point I had no idea what she had done.

“Okay, okay, Jason, if you want me to, for you I will have sex with a black guy.” Shannon said to me as got up from our marital bed and walked into the adjoining bathroom.

We had just finished making love and as we coupled I had talked non stop about the joys she would feel with a big black cock in her pussy. She had had a major orgasm which I felt was due to my hot talk. Afterwards I had continued to discuss the idea of her having to just try it once and if she didn’t want to do it ever again she did not have to do it again. She had finally had heard enough from me and this led to her outburst.

“Where am I going to find a black man to have sex with Jason? We want to be discrete about this.” She reminded me.

I eventually ran an advertisement on a swinger’s website that read like this.

Young married white couple seeks a well hung black man to show wife sensual pleasure. She is 23, 5’7″, 120 pounds. We are amateurs and need guidance and direction. Pictures will get the same. Discretion required and assured.

I included a picture of Shannon in her bikini that did not reveal her face. We received hundreds and I mean hundreds of replies. Most of them were totally inappropriate. Some of them appeared good on the surface but did not pan out upon screening. Finally, I narrowed it down to five black men that sounded great through the web. I called them and I finally narrowed it down to one man, William Rogers, or Silky as we later learned.

The three of us had agreed to meet at a restaurant, outside our town for a drink and a “meet and greet.” Shannon was extremely nervous on the 30 minute drive to the small town where the restaurant was located. Shannon was dressed in a classy but revealing skirt, silk blouse that buttoned down the front, thigh high stockings, lacy bra and panties, and medium-heeled shoes. I wanted hotter, she wanted more reserved and this was a nice compromise. Shannon looked fantastic and I had second thoughts about this meeting as she was so hot I wanted her to myself. She however called my bluff and we made the date.

We had agreed with William that if things went well we would have dinner together then Shannon would accompany him to his house for the rest of the evening. If things didn’t work out, we would just call it good and part company. We walked into the restaurant and asked the hostess for a reservation in William name. She took us to his table where our adventure began.

The black man seated at the secluded corner booth appeared to be a little older than we were but athletic and handsome. He had a full head of dark black hair and was extremely well dressed. As he saw us approaching the booth behind the hostess be must have recognized Shannon as he rose to his feet and broke into a very welcoming smile. He gently shook Shannon outstretched hand and guided her into the booth. He shook my hand and said.

“Well hello Shannon, you are even more beautiful in person than you were on the web. Your pictures just do not do you justice. And you must be Jason. Hello, please have a seat.”

William was so friendly he just was totally disarming. We ordered drinks and began chatting with him. Soon, it was like we were conversing with an old friend. We laughed and joked and he had Shannon eating out of his hand in no time. I have to admit I was completely taken with his wit and warmth almost immediately. The drinks and conversation went so well that we agreed to have dinner together.

Dinner went well and Shannon and William appeared to get along very nicely. He often had his hand below the table and it looked as though he was touching Shannon’s legs or thighs. She smiled a lot at him and seemed to hang on his every work when he spoke to her. I felt almost left out of the conversation but William often included me in his comments. There was a tremendous amount of flirting going between those two and I felt like the third wheel. He told a few off-color jokes of a sexual nature and Shannon laughed right along with him. I was almost feeling jealous, if it hadn’t been my idea for the dinner, I would have demanded that we leave.

At one point, after an elaborate dinner that was topped off with wine and after-dinner drinks, I excused myself from the table leaving the two of them alone together. I had a difficult time urinating as I had a hard-on but it subsided enough after a few minutes that I could complete my task. I looked in the mirror as I washing up and I noticed that I was quite red-faced. I figured it was either from the wine or the excitement of what we were doing. I wondered just what we were doing getting involved in this type of activity. I washed my face and hands and made my way back towards the table.

I tried to stay out of sight so that I could observe Shannon and William at the table. I caught a glimpse of them talking and from the look on Shannon’s face he appeared to be whispering romantically into her ear. William’s hand was under the table and Shannon’s legs appeared to be parted to give him access to her inner thigh region. It could have been my imagination but she appeared to have her hand in his lap as well. I noticed this as I approached the table and William got up from it to allow Shannon to get out from the booth. His hand patted her ass as her skirt fell into place. Shannon turned around to look at him but William simply nodded at her and she turned and strolled toward the lady’s room. Shannon’s hips appeared to sway a little more sexily than usual as we both watched her wiggling butt until she was out of sight.

“Now that is a lovely sight.” William mused to me after Shannon was gone.

“How are you doing with all of this?” He asked me with a warm smile.

“I fine with things. How about you?” I inquired as I took a sip of my wine.

“Hey, great man. What about Shannon?” He asked with a grin as he too took a sip of the warm red wine.

“I don’t know but things appear okay.” I responded honestly. After a few minutes of conversation, I looked up to notice, Shannon returning from the lady’s room. My heart was beating rapidly and I was having a difficult time swallowing the large lump that had formed in my throat from the anticipation of what might soon be occurring. Shannon’s face appeared flushed and she looked nervous as she smiled at us and entered the booth as William had slid out at her approach.

Shannon sat beside William for a few minutes and then she leaned over to him and kissed him on the cheek. That had been our prearranged signal that she wanted to proceed with the date. I nodded at her and told William that I would take care of the check.

“Jason, I have taken care of the bill and the tip. I will have Shannon home by 1:00am. Why don’t you kiss her and then follow us out.” William wasn’t asking, he was telling.

I stood up, William stood up, and Shannon slid out of the booth. I walked over and approached bursa escort her and gave her a hug and a peck on the cheek. She appeared different, submissive perhaps from the events at the table. I moved to let Shannon and William walk past me and I noticed that he had his hand on her hip. He was patting her butt in front of me as they walked out together. This caused my cheeks to burn in embarrassment and excitement. I was surprised that she allowed him this liberty in a public place such as this one. We walked out into the early evening air. They walked with his hand patting and rubbing Shannon’s butt cheek to William’s yellow Mercedes Benz SL 530, which appeared to be either brand new or in immaculate condition. He held the door for her and she slid in. I got into my Blazer and started up the motor to begin the long slow drive home, alone.

It was a long dreadfully slow evening and I found it difficult to keep my mind occupied for very long without thinking about Shannon and her evening with William. I tried to watch T.V., I tried to read a book, and finally I fixed myself a drink and went to bed. After tossing and turning many times I glanced at the bedside clock, 11:30. Damn! After another hour or so I slipped into a fitful sleep; awakening at the mere sound of anything, hoping it was Shannon.

I heard a car pull into our driveway at the same time as the lights flashed into our house. The driver turned off the headlights and I listened to the car idle in the driveway. I looked at the clock again, 1:33 a.m.

After an eternity, I heard Shannon quietly enter the house and put her stuff down on the dining room table. Her footsteps became louder as she approached the bedroom. She called out to me as she entered our bedroom.

“Jason? Are you awake sweetie?”

“Hi Shannon, How was your date?” I asked with lust dripping from each word. Shannon slipped off her skirt and blouse and hung them on a nearby chair. She climbed into bed and I noticed that her panties and bra were missing from her nude body. I held her to me and asked.

“Where are your panties?”

Shannon giggled and then put my hand on her crotch. I felt for the familiar wiry pubic hair that usually graced her pussy. It could not find it. Her pussy was shaved bare.

“Silky, kept them, my bra too. He also shaved my pussy. He likes his women baby smooth for his tongue.” She replied as she clung tightly to me.

“Silky? Who’s Silky?” I asked quite puzzled by the name.

“William told me to call him Silky.” Shannon replied without any additional comments. She felt good in my arms, warm and soft.

“Why Silky?” I asked as I held her buns in my hands. She seemed to like my hands on her ass, as they caused her to sigh as I held her.

“Because he fucks as smooth as silk.” Shannon replied with a bit of insolence in her voice. This immediately caused my cock to become hard and I knew she could feel it throbbing between us.

“Are you going to tell me about it? Or do I have to keep asking?” I teased as my left hand slipped between her legs.

“Okay Jason, but before I start I want you to know that I still love you very much and that this was your idea. I hope you will still love me after I tell you.” She said as she rolled off from me and on to her side facing me.

“Gosh Shannon you know I love you tons and tons. Now tell me everything.” I demanded as I reached over to caress her breasts.

“I hope so, so here goes. In the restaurant, Silky asked me to take off my panties and bra if I wanted to go back to his house with him to get better acquainted. I did so and it made me so excited to go into the bathroom and take them off and then walk back to give them to him.”

“Hold on a second, was he playing with you underneath the table at dinner?” I asked wanting to know every little detail.

“He started out touching my thigh at the table and the first few times I simply clasped his hand and held it for a while. But as soon as I released it he would try to rub my thigh again. He was talking to me so low and so romantically I felt myself becoming aroused by him. I then remembered why we were meeting him so I figured why not let him explore me a little.”

“Aroused? How aroused were you?” I interrupted her while leaning down to lick her nipple. She had the scent of another man on her and it was a masculine smell that lingered on her breasts.

“So aroused that my nipples were getting hard, just like now and my panties were becoming damp. Now do you want to listen or shall I stop? She appeared annoyed so I agreed to remain quiet during her telling of her evening.

“Silky, ran his fingertips up my thigh and tried to touch me between my legs. My legs were almost together so I parted them a little so he could continue to feel me up. He was talking to you and his fingers brushed against my panty covered pussy. It felt exciting so I opened up a little more and he began touching me all over through my panties. He ran his finger up and down my slit and I knew he could gauge my arousal due to the wetness there. It felt so naughty and I felt so wicked that I moaned a little as he touched me. I thought that you could hear my moan and it embarrassed me a little bit.

When I returned from the ladies’ room, I had removed both my panties and bra as he had told me to do for him. He then had me hand them to him underneath the table. No one could notice us but I wanted to crawl under the table at that point. The embarrassment turned to lust as I felt him start to take control of me right then. As we walked out of the restaurant he had his hand on my butt all the way to the car.

He opened the door for me to get into the car and as I slid onto the seat I gave him a shot of my thighs and as much leg as I could. Silky got in the car and as we drove away from you and the restaurant I suddenly felt very afraid. Here I was in a strange car, with a stranger, in a city where I didn’t know my way around. It was kind of exhilarating too. Silky really took control once you were out of sight.

“Call me Silky from now on.” He continued as he drove.

“Okay Silky.” I replied. I looked at this man and noticed that he had an a****l magnetism about him, how could I not agree to call him Silky.

“Now, I want you to open your blouse and show me your breasts.” He ordered. I hesitated for an instant trying to process what he had just said.

“Now!” He said so loudly that it seemed like a shout. I immediately unbuttoned my blouse and pulled it open to reveal myself to this man.

“Very nice Shannon.” He complemented me as he motioned for me to slide across the seat to sit closer to him. I slid over easily on the white leather seats, and I soon had my thigh right up against the consol. Silky reached out with his right hand and touched my boobs. He stroked both nipples before his hand returned to the steering wheel.

We drove along a quiet tree-lined street as Silky talked to me and told me how lovely he thought I was and how much you must be a fool to leave me alone with him. I told him that you were a fool for love and that you did this for me. He smiled and put his hand in my lap. As we drove along he explored between my legs with his hand. After a 15 minute drive we pulled into a long driveway. We drove up to his garage and the door opened as we approached it. We pulled into the garage and he shut down the lovely sports car.

Silky got out of the car and came around to my side to open my door to let me out. He gave me a long look as I straightened out my skirt and blouse to look presentable to him. His garage was clean and immaculate. It was occupied by several other luxury vehicles. Silky led me into his house.

It was obvious that Silky was a man of means and taste as his house was so nicely decorated it could have been in any number of magazines. He took me into his den as he called it and had me take a seat on a dark leather sofa. I sat down and was immediately impressed by the smell and feel of the soft cowhide.

“I am having a drink Shannon, can I offer you one?” Silky asked in his best host demeanor. I accepted a glass of Tangeray gin and tonic with a fresh cut lime. Silky had a Cognac ASOP.

“So Shannon, how have you enjoyed your evening so far?” Silky asked with a devilish smile.

“It has been interesting.” I replied as I took a long sip of my cool drink. Silky and I sat and talked about görükle escort bayan many things and I began to feel very comfortable with him. He had a very quick mind and told marvelous stories and had me laughing and at ease in no time. When we had finished our drinks he began his conquest of me anew.

“Shannon, I would like you to stand up and remove your clothes so that I can examine you.” Silky directed as he sat back in his leather chair. I felt startled after the half hour of light conversation but I stood on shaky legs and began to comply with his request.

I began by unbuttoning the silk blouse that I had worn special for this evening. My fingers fumbled with the buttons due to my nervousness of revealing myself to another man and also from the sexual excitement that I felt from the atmosphere and where I knew this act would lead me. After unbuttoning my blouse I slowly opened the front of it and pulled over my shoulders and removed it from my body, I now revealed my two perky breasts to Silky. He smiled an approving smile and said.

“Shannon, you have a beautiful set of small little titties girl. I like the way your nipples stick straight out momma.” Silky said admiringly. I continued my striptease show for Silky but I also noticed that I was becoming sexually aroused as my pussy was tingling with the thrill of this situation. I found the small button that held the skirt up and unhooked it. My fingers then located the zipper tab and unzipped the zipper all the way down. The sound seemed awful loud to me. The skirt was ready to drop so I let it fall to the floor. I now stood before my new black Adonis clad only in my thigh high stockings and heels. Once again Silky smiled and I felt good that he appeared to desire me.

“Come over here you and sit on my lap. Shannon you have one sexy body and I can’t wait to get me some of that pussy of yours.” Silky ordered as I slowly swayed over to his sitting form. His lap looked inviting and I noticed that his slacks were tenting in front from the large black serpent that was waiting to be freed no doubt.

I turned and daintily placed my cute white butt in his lap. Silky took me into his arms and began kissing me on the mouth. His mouth opened almost immediately and I felt his large pink tongue attempting to enter my mouth. I parted my lips so that I could experience his large French kiss. We kissed passionately for a long period of time and I slowly became aware that Silky was beginning to explore my body with his hands.

“Shannon, you are the sexiest white girl I have ever had sit her little pink ass on my lap.” Silky told me as his fingers found my breast and began squeezing and caressing it. I was beginning to warm up to this man and I felt myself becoming more and more excited.

Silky was kissing me and feeling my ass and then he turned my around with my back facing him. Silky pushed my legs apart and with his other hand he traced a line down from my tummy downward towards my pussy. He slipped around my very wet labial lips and inched toward my pussy hole. He reached my pussy and he penetrated me with his thick black finger. It slipped right in with no resistance due to the lubrication my body had produced for him. He then turned my body so that I was sitting sideways on his lap. This allowed him deeper penetration of my pussy with his digits. One finger wasn’t enough for Silky so he slipped in a second one. He began sawing them in and out as he fucked me with his fingers.

Soon he began a slow massage of my erect clit with his thumb and I was so close to an orgasm that I gripped his shoulder tightly. With a little more movement he brought me to a loud quaking orgasm with his fingers. I squirmed and wriggled on his lap as he kept pushing me higher and high. After a few minutes he stopped his ministrations and pulled both of his fingers from my very wet and very satisfied pussy. He put them both of them into his mouth and appeared to be savoring my flavor from the look of satisfaction on his face. He removed them both and then placed them to my lips.

“Here Shannon, taste yourself.” I parted my lips and took both of his thick fingers into my mouth. I felt very nasty as I licked and sucked them like I wanted to do with his cock.

“Shannon you are a very nasty little slut. I am going to enjoy you.” Silky smiled as he held me tightly on his lap. He then had me get down onto my hands and knees and remove his trousers. I felt wicked as I unzipped and unfastened them. I slid them from his legs when he lifted his bottom up to give me access to them. He was clad in a pair of white silk boxers that appeared to hold a large mass inside of them.

“Shannon you may now take out my cock.” He said as I pulled the boxers from him. A large, thick black cock slapped me in the face as the boxers pulled free of them. He was huge and nicely built. I had never seen a black cock except for in magazines or videos and it was gorgeous.

“Silky, you are huge!” I exclaimed as I took his thick shaft into my hand just so I could touch and feel its massive strength. I began to kiss and rub his manhood against my lips and then across my face. I was in love with the look and feel of this creature.

“It’s okay Shannon, you may suck it.” He told me as I opened my mouth to allow him to enter my oral cavity. I licked and sucked the lovely mushroom-shaped head of his dark black spear. It felt warm and soft like leather in my mouth. I licked at the slit in the top of the head and a large clear drop of his pre-cum leaked from it. I lapped it up. It tasted sweet like a clear honey.

“Come Shannon; let’s go to the master’s bedroom.” He directed as he took me by the hand and led me down the hall to the master bedroom suite. My hand felt tiny in his large hand. The master suite was dominated by a large king-sized bed with a zebra print comforter on it. Silky threw back the comforter to reveal black silk sheets on the bed. He climbed into the center of the bed and pulled me down on top of him. I felt so wonderful to be lying in bed with this beautiful specimen of maleness. His large black penis stood straight up from his body and felt like a huge warm tube between us.

Well, Jason, he licked me and sucked me and gave me two more orgasms with his tongue and lips. I gave him one blow job but he was quite disappointed that I could not deep throat his large cock. He vowed that he would teach me how to take his entire length into my throat soon.

We then took a hot bath together and he had me shave his cock and balls completely smooth for him. After that he shaved my pussy bald and told me to keep it like that if I wanted him to ever lick my pussy again.

After our hot bath, Silky and I took turns drying each other off and then he led me back to his big but quite rumpled bed. He had me lay on my tummy and he massaged me with those strong hands of his on which he had poured scented oil. He started with my neck and then my shoulders. As he softly caressed me he talked quietly about how wonderful I looked and felt to him. He was such a smooth talker it was almost like hypnosis, that along with the warm oil.

He soon was rubbing my buns and this got me quite excited as it felt so good. He then took his oily finger and started running it around the outside of my anus. At first it startled me but his soothing words and gentle touches made me feel so good that I just allowed myself to relax to his manipulations and he soon had one of his large black fingers in my ass. At first I resisted a little but I gently pushed back at him and it slipped right into me. He pushed his entire large finger into my butt and started fucking my ass with it.

“That’s it Shannon relax baby. Your ass feels so tight; I can’t wait to have my large black snake deep in your gorgeous white ass. Now fuck my finger baby.” He softly crooned as he began pushing a second finger along side the first one.

It hurt a bit as his finger was so large but he soon had me relaxed and he had the second one all the way in my butt. He again began to fuck me with it and I soon was raising myself up to push it into me further. Silky liked this and soon had me on my knees with his two fat fingers in my ass and his other hand rubbing my clit and my very wet pussy lips. I started to orgasm from his actions and he allowed me my climax as his bursa escort bayan fingers worked their magic.

“That’s it Shannon baby cum for me, come on girl, there that’s it.”

Then Silky was behind me and he thrust his large black cock into my pussy as he pushed his thumb into my ass. He gripped me tightly around the waist and fucked me hard. My legs shook and he had to hold me up as I came again from his deep thrusts. He kept fucking me and with a loud bellow he came and I felt him deeply pumping his cum into my pussy. As he kept pumping I had a series of orgasms and I finally collapsed on the bed with Silky on top of me and his long cock deeply embedded in my well satisfied pussy.

When we finally came to Silky rolled off from me and allowed me to sleep for a while. He then dressed me sans my panties and bra and helped me into his car. I was still pretty dazed for most of the ride home but I was able to give him the directions to our house. Once in the driveway he had my suck his cock again until he was hard and then he had me give him a blow job. He came one more time in my mouth and had me show him his load of cum on my tongue by opening my mouth.

“Shannon, baby, don’t swallow that sugar yet. Open those pretty little lips and show me that treat I just gave you. There open your nasty mouth and show me, show me.”

I did as he told me and he was pleased with my actions and smiled widely. He then had me swallow it all and savory the taste.

“There baby that is just a sample of how your gonna be tasting me for the rest of the night. When your man goes to kiss you he will be tasting Silky’s cum in your mouth. He will know that this black man made his white wife suck his black cock and eat his cum.” With that he laughed heartily.

Silky then told me to go inside and dream of his black cock all night and every time that you fucked me. To think of how well his cock had satisfied me. I then kissed his cheek and promised to keep my pussy shaved for him from now on.

Well, that was just the beginning of Shannon’s relationship with Silky. I was either too hopped up on the entire scene or I was just too slow to react to it as Silky slowly dominated my Shannon and eventually took her away from me. I guess I missed the clues.

I should have noticed the signs because they dated for a couple of months before she left me. Shannon would go out with Silky on Wednesday nights and also every other weekend. Then one weekend he pushed the boundaries and suggested that Shannon see him every weekend too. I was agreeable the first time but when Shannon returned from the date I knew it was wrong for me to allow her to date him every weekend.

It was late Sunday evening when Shannon strolled through the door. She was wearing a skin-tight pair of the tiniest shorts I had ever seen. In fact her cute little butt cheeks hung out from them. She also wore a small tight crop-top that allowed the bottom of her breasts to show if she moved just right. On her feet was a pair of 5 inch stiletto heels. Her hair was all teased up and piled on her head in a very suggestive manner. Her make-up was so over done she looked like a parody of a hooker from a movie.

“Hey babe, you miss me?” She asked as she swayed over to me on the tall heels. I was stunned by her look and could not speak at first.

“Do you like my new outfit? Silky bought it for me.” She batted her long eyelashes at me to emphasize her question.

“God! What happened to you?” I asked when I could find my voice.

“Silky and I partied wit some of his friends this weekend and he got me these party clothes. You like?” She asked as she slowly spun around so I could view the full effect of her outfit.

I immediately felt my cock harden in my pants as I looked at the sexy woman in front of me. I pulled her to me for a kiss and a hug. She felt warm and inviting in my arms and I noticed the musky aroma that she gave off. I pulled her to me for a kiss and she opened her mouth wide as my tongue entered her mouth. I noticed that she tasted different than she ever had before. There was a strong taste of cum on her breath and also the hint of medicine. I wondered what she had been doing to give her that smell.

“Hey sugar let’s get up to bed so you can tap some of this ass.” She said as she broke free from my embrace and strutted down the hall and towards our bedroom as I trailed behind like a trained pup.

I watched her swaying buns as she walked in front of me. “Tap some of this ass?” I thought to myself where the hell did that come from. Shannon walked into the bedroom and in a very seductive manner laid down on our big queen size bed. She leaned up against the headboard and beckoned me to her with her arms and eyes.

She lay on the bed with her legs pulled up and her knees spread. Through the tight material I could see the outline of her sex. Her pussy almost appeared to be covered with a thin film rather than the cloth material of her shorts. I reached out my hand to touch and stroke her pussy but she grasped my wrist to stop me and said.

“No babe, I am really sore from Silky and his friends, they rode me hard until I was so raw I could not take anymore cock even for $1000.” She explained with a sultry little voice. She then turned over and pointed her cute little ass at me and said.

“Come on stud, tap this ass, it’s ready for you.” And with that she pulled the tight shorts down her legs revealed her cute little ass for me.

After she got her shorts down off her feet she spread her legs and then with her hands spread her ass cheeks for me. What she revealed then shocked me. Her tiny little brown rose bud was not a bud any longer. Shannon cute little ass now hung wide open and a string of cum ran down between her legs as she spread her butt. Her ass was about the size of a quarter and I could look right inside of her anal pore.

“Come on Jason, climb on.” She said with a smile.

I had my pants off in an instant and my now throbbingly erect cock was ready for anything. I climbed up on top of her in bed and placed my waiting cock at the opening of her ass. I pushed right into the wet and sloppy opening. I felt no resistance as my cock entered her easily right until my balls slapped up against her ass.

“Oh baby put it all the way in, fuck this slut’s ass.” She called as she began to gyrate her buns around on my cock.

“What happened to your ass?” I asked as I tried to establish a humping motion but I was unable to feel any resistance from her well worn hole.

“Oh, Silky and his friends had me pull a train this weekend, I was the party.” She giggled as she tried to pump me with her butt. I was enjoying the warm wet sloppiness of her ass but I knew I could not come without some resistance from the opening.

“Oh Shannon that is so hot, tell me what happened?” I asked as I continued to pump my slick cock in her ass. Shannon stared laughing and giggling at this point and finally began her tale.

“Just before I got home here Silky had me do a DP with my pussy and then he and Shark did me. Shark in my ass and Silky in my pussy. God it was intense. I came so hard I cried.” She said with a little grin as she looked back over her shoulder at me.

It was more than I could take and I began to spew my cum into the mixture within Shannon’s ass. I pumped hard and I was able to enjoy the hard cum her story caused me. I collapsed on to her back and laid there enjoy the feeling on my soft sexy wife. I must have dozed off because I lost track of time for a little bit. Shannon was snoring softly beneath me when I woke up. I felt a sticky wetness on my shriveled cock. I tried to get up without waking Shannon and it did not work. She woke with a start as I got off of her.

“Um, Jason, that was great baby, did you enjoy the ride on the Shannon train?” She asked as she turned over to face me.

“Oh, Shannon that was wonderful but aren’t you going to tell me about your weekend?” I asked as I looked down at my lovely wife.

“Sure babe, in just a second. I want to show you something first.” She replied with devilishness in her voice.

I looked down at Shannon and my eyes went to her pussy. At first it looked like she had a shadow of pubic hair above her clit. So I looked harder and it appeared to be a bruise. I got closer and I noticed that Shannon had a large black symbol above her clit. Then it hit me, she had a ace of spades above her slit.

“What? Oh my…Shannon!” I stuttered when I figured out what I was seeing.

“I knew it would get your attention.” She replied. “It’s a symbol that I am a black man’s slut. My pussy now belongs to Silky.”

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