When Four’s Not a Crowd

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Elise stands looking out over the balcony of their prestigious Gold Coast apartment.

It is early evening.

The street lights, she noticed, have come on automatically, as they tend to do at that time of the evening. The surrounding area is now a disarrayed cavalcade of brightly colored, neon, flashing lights.

Below, on the main street, the traffic had slowed to a crawl and a dozen or so heads are seen scurrying about, crossing from one side of the road to the other.

A loud screech, followed immediately by an even louder horn blast, distracts Elise for a moment.

She quickly steers her eyes downwards in search of the cause of the commotion; but the traffic is so dense, she can’t make out which car has been involved in the brief altercation.

Her thoughts return to Kyle: to the idea he has placed in her head; to the unbelievable request he has made of her; to the other men who would be in the room.

Could she really do this?

During the past two months, she had come to expect, even anticipate, her boyfriends’ unusual sexual requests: like the time he had wanted to fuck her from behind on the extremely overcrowded city to surf train.

Sex, with Kyle, always seemed to have an undeniable adventurousness about it: and up until now, she had always enjoyed it immensely; especially when she believed it to have an additional element of risk to it: but group sex, this was really going to be a stretch, even for her.

She placed her hands on the guard rail as she began to imagine, just for a minute, what it would be like to be fondled and fucked by three strangers.

Six hands, all caressing various parts of her body simultaneously.

A shiver runs over her.

Her breasts begin to tingle at the mere thought.

She runs one of her hands over her mid-drift, gently touching the warm, smooth skin under her hot pink, cashmere jumper; and then, detours up over her white satin bra to hug one of her full breasts in an attempt to capture a portion of what it would be like to feel such strong, masculine hands: hands, she knew would not belong to Kyle.

She groans inwardly.

Is she mad?

She swallows hard, feeling her body already respond to the idea.

The erotic vision is interrupted by the sound of a sliding glass door closing behind her.

“So, are we on for tonight?” he enquired teasingly, “you’re really going to love this, honey.”

“I hope so,” she replies, relaying to him some of the doubt which has lodged itself within her mind.

Fantasy was one thing: reality; well, that was something else again.

“You won’t leave me alone with them at anytime during the evening, will you?” she asked, as if wanting reassurance that he was going to be in control of what was happening to her at all times.

“No, I’ll be in the background: you needn’t worry though. These men are all professional escorts. They’ll have you so aroused; you won’t even care if I’m in the room, or not. You’ll be perfectly safe, sweetheart.” His reply comforted her slightly, but not enough to completely reassure her of her safety.

The air around her had turned cold and Elise begins to shiver: both inside and outside of her body.

She is becoming increasingly nervous and Kyle, thinking she might back out, takes her by the hand and brings her inside, back into the warmth of the apartment.

“Here, I’ll get you some Champagne to drink. That should settle you down a bit,” he states whilst leading her towards the kitchen.

Elise takes hold of the offering and gulps it down. She then stands up, refills the flute and drinks the second glass of champagne bakırköy escort with equal speed.

“Wow: Elise. Take it easy! Champagne is supposed to be sipped not sculled, you know.”

Elise turns to Kyle, square on, and asks “Will you be disappointed with me if I can’t go through with this.” Adding with a tremor to her voice, “Kyle, I really don’t think I will be able do this.”

“Angel, give it a few minutes.”

He comes around behind her and begins to gently rub her shoulders and whispers in her ear, “It’ll be alright.”

She feels his lips sweep the base of her neck and she slowly turns her head, and raises her shoulder slightly to acknowledge his affectionate gesture.

A loud knock at the door fractures the intimate contact between them.

Kyle moved away from Elise, walks towards the door, opens it, and for the first time Elise comes face to face with Surrealism.

A powerful emotion rises within her as she looks towards the door: trepidation; excitement; lust: she can’t tell.

She walks over to where Kyle is standing; takes hold of his arm, grasping it as if it were some kind of lifeline device: then smiles weakly, almost self consciously, at the strangers.

Addressing the three figures at the door, Kyle brakes the ice by inviting them inside and subsequently goes on to introduce both he and Elise: the hired escorts follow suit.

Elise notices the differences between the men as each one identifies himself.

“Hi I’m Alex.”

Elise’s eyes go immediately to Alex’s face. He is the most handsome of the four. He has blond, wavy, short hair and the most astonishing blue eyes she’s ever seen. She guessed him to be about 38.

“Michael,” said the second man.

Michael had jet black hair, was young and very well dressed. He reminded Elise of a lawyer about to enter court.


“Well” she thought to herself, as she quickly glanced over David’s body, “he obviously spends a fair bit of time at the gym.”

Something made her look at his hands: he had enormous hands.

She remembered a myth she’d once heard about the correlation between the size of a man’s hands and his appendage.

Elise’s visual display of curiosity is not lost on David. He raises an eyebrow and grins at her, as if he knows what she has been thinking.

She blushes, averts her eyes and moves closer to Kyle, as if seeking safety.

Kyle gives her a warm, reassuring smile, whilst gently dislodging himself from her grasp.

Elise watches Kyle as he gives the other men a look: a type of non verbal signal; which to Elise, can only mean he is telling them she is all theirs’ now.

Michael moves first.

He takes her by her hand and leads her away from Kyle.

Turning her to face him, he takes hold of the hem of her jumper and begins to pull it up over her breasts, stopping just short of her neck, to take in the sight of her now heaving, sun kissed breasts.

Michael’s hands are still occupied holding her jumper up, when Elise feels a second pair of hands cup her breasts from behind and apply just enough pressure to make her moan involuntarily.

Hearing that cry, David increases the pressure and begins gently rubbing her breasts in circles, and then drags his fingernails across her nipples.

“God,” Elise cries out loudly through rasping breath.

Elise feels all her pelvic floor muscles contract simultaneously, and is hit with a sudden urge to clamp her thighs tighter together to ease the acute ache she has just experienced.

A third pair of hands: this time belonging to Alex, clasps bakırköy eve gelen escort her hands with his own and raises them both above her head.

Michael pulls the jumper up over her head and within seconds it is cast to the floor.

David, still standing behind her, presses his body into hers; and affords her the heady sensation of not only feeling the entire length of his aroused body against her own, but also leaves her in no doubt of the unmistakable physical response which was occurring within him at the very sight of her…and the knowledge of what was to come.

The invited guests now work together as a team both arousing and, at the same time, stripping Elise.

David unfastens her bra hooks and Michael pulls the bra off from the front. Michael dips his head and takes one of Elise’s dusky rose nipples in his mouth, extracting a cry of agonized ecstasy from somewhere deep within her.

Alex, already aroused wants to taste the sweet, thick nectar between her legs. He steps around Michael, kneels, and yanks her skirt down over her hips and pulls her lace panties down, accidentally tearing the strap in the process.

He tossed them to one side.

He then placed the pads of his thumbs just inside the lips of her swollen labia and pulled her lips apart. He brings his face to his thumbs and inserts his tongue, thrusting it back and forth between her legs, creating sensations within Elise which rock her to her very core.

Involuntarily, she rocked her hips quickly against Alex’s face three or four times, and immediately feels both excitement and alarm at her body’s treachery.

“You taste like vanilla marshmallows,” Alex remarks loudly, sounding surprised.

“She ought to,” Kyle’s voice resounds from the other side of the room. “She ate a whole bag of them last night.”

Shocked by her own wonton behavior, she tries to pull away from Alex, but, sensing the growing unease within her, Alex holds her tightly to him.

Elise turns her head in Kyle’s direction, locking eyes with him, begging him to intervene and looking for a way, any way, to put an end to this rapturous torture she is experiencing at the hands of these three men: at the same time as her eyes plead with Kyle, Alex inserts 2 fingers up inside of her and she damn nearly collapsed on the spot.

She now stands there before all four men: eyes closed, naked, trembling and wet. God, she is so wet.

Michael and David begin to strip off their clothing whilst watching Alex expertly evoke further passionate responses from Elise.

Once naked, the two men move into position, continuing the seduction, allowing Alex time to strip and rejoin them.

Kyle continues to watch as the men fondled Elise, with the exception that he now also is highly aroused by the scene being played out before him, and has pulled out his engorged purple rod and is stroking it feverishly.

Alex stands before Elise; his 6 inch, thick cock jutting out proudly. Aroused to a state beyond rational thought, she kneels before him, letting her tongue play with his testicles; trying to be creative she lifts them both up with her flattened out width of her tongue, only to have them slip off and bounce back against his leg.

She changed strategies and decided to hold the base of his cock and lick his entire length with the rigid blade of her tongue: first one side of his engorged member and then the other. When he grabbed his own dick and brings it to her lips, she gives him the access he needs to find his own relief.

He places his fingers on the back of her head, jerks bakırköy grup yapan escort his hips a number of times, delving deeper into her mouth and, when she tugs playfully on his balls, he rocks against her face fervently and cries out “Dear God in Heaven,” as the salty opaque fluid shoots down her throat.

David quickly moved behind Elise, raised her to her feet, lifted her up in his arms and carried her over to the futon, placing her down on it so she was lying on it face up. He pins her arms above her head, so that when Alex comes over to where she lie helpless and exposed, and struggling against the bondage David had instigated, he is able to easily cup her firm tanned breast and suck on the cylindrical, hard peak which still juts out, begging for his attention. Restrained the way she was, she can’t pull away from him, and he knows she really does not want to either.

He can do what ever the hell he wants to her.

He sucks greedily on her breasts, and forces legs apart with his knees: her soft pink flesh, opening before them all like the petals of a rosebud in partial bloom.

Michael now is sitting beside her. He places two fingers into her heated centre. She squirms. He begins to rotate his finger, sending shockwaves of electricity through out her whole body.

Alex continues to suck and tease her nipples with his tongue.

David continues to hold her body in place, so that Alex and Michael can find the best and most effective way possible to increase the sensual stimulation of her body.

Michael continues to play havoc with her central nervous system, inserting his finger in and out of her vagina, making her arch and buck against his hand. He uses his masculine expertise to bring her to the very edge of release, but stops just short of actually allowing her to completely satisfy that yearning deep inside of her.

He is going to make her want it: really want it.

Alex moves his oral ministrations from her breasts, down over her stomach to the apex of her thighs. When she feels the muscular slide of his tongue on her sensitive flesh and near to where Michael’s finger is lightly dancing around, she closes her eyes, spreads her legs further apart and groans a guttural, totally unfeminine sound.

“Fuck me. For God’s sake just fuck me, will you?” she cries out.

“In a minute: Patience, Elise.” comes Alex’s amused reply.

He wants to see her cum first. He wants to watch her face as each wave of ecstasy washes over her.

He delves back into her slick interior, using his tongue to incite the response he is after and feeling her tense her legs and push her pelvis forward, knows that response to be eminent.

Michael and David step back away from her and begin their own self pleasuring session, as they watch Alex take Elise over the edge.

Alex’s tongue thrusts became faster.

She is panting now.

He inserts his fingers inside her.

She arches her body. She groans his name.

“God, Alex. This is killing me. I need you inside me, now. NOW, damn it! David let go of my bloody arms. Come on guys!”

David ignores her demand and keeps her pinned to the futon.

Alex climbs over her spread eagled body and drives himself deep into her; hard and fast, impaling himself; feeling her convulsing, heated cavern grab his dick with every long thrust he delivers into her.

He feels her arch her back again, pushing into him, urging him to pump harder, faster.

And then, totally unselfconsciously, she comes apart before their eyes.

Afterward, Elise lay like a rag doll, totally spent.

She closes her eyes, momentarily: however, feeling totally drained, she drifts off into a deep sleep.

Kyle lets her sleep as the 3 men redressed themselves and upon receiving payment for a job well done, all three depart.

When she finally awakes, the first thing she sees is Kyle standing out on the balcony.

She looks at him and smiles. Hell of a night.

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