What are the Odds?

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Two days did not really seem long enough, and yet, it was Sunday already. Isabella and Ryan were scheduled to have dinner with Lindsey and Logan tonight after their frightfully amazing impulsive meeting on Friday.

Ryan had met Lindsey in an airport lounge, the two had hit it off, and because the state of both marriages was not good, the two had gone to a hotel together. Likewise, Isabella met Logan in the grocery store and he needed help choosing a wine. They ended up going to a wine bar and then to a hotel. It turned out to be the same hotel and the four, against all odds, ran into each other in the hallway. Still unbelievable to Isabella, they ended up in a foursome in one of the rooms. Lindsey wanted them to meet and do it again, but Isabella suggested they get together only for dinner just to get to know each other.

Tonight was that dinner.

Isabella was apprehensive, but then she decided it was only dinner. She could tell that Ryan was eager, although it was obvious he was also trying not to show it. She wasn’t sure exactly what that meant. She wasn’t even sure if she was eager to see Logan again. The sex Friday night had been incredible both with Logan and with her own husband. It sort of reignited their marriage. They actually enjoyed being together yesterday and today. However, since their sex life had been waning for so long, they were not ready to risk attempting to do it again on Saturday.

Through texts, the four had agreed to a casual restaurant, one with a varied menu to accommodate everyone’s tastes, and to hopefully keep it a relaxed evening. That also made attire easier, except that Isabella couldn’t decide how sexy to dress, if at all. If her initial impressions of Lindsey were accurate, Isabella felt that the other woman would likely dress to impress—particularly Ryan—so she decided to do so also: casual short dress, low-cut enough to show some cleavage, but not look trashy.

* * *

Lindsey, on the other hand, was excited about the dinner. She looked forward to seeing Ryan again, and she wouldn’t mind even striking up a friendship with Isabella. The other woman seemed very nice and the sort she could be running buddies with—except that Isabella was a wine drinker while Lindsey favored beer.

The renewed interest that Friday night had brought to hers and Logan’s marriage was welcome; however, she wouldn’t mind another evening alone with Ryan. Even though tonight’s dinner was a precursor to another foursome, and before the four parted on Friday Lindsey had eagerly pressed for one, now, she wasn’t as certain. Her husband appeared to be in favor of both tonight and a repeat of Friday. Of course, Logan wouldn’t say since their marriage was supposed to be back on track, but Lindsey was sure he couldn’t wait to see Isabella again. And why not, the other woman was very attractive.

The couple briefly considered having sex Saturday night, but Lindsey wasn’t sure she was over Ryan, or that Logan was over Isabella, so Lindsey opted out by saying she was still sore from Friday night—which wasn’t far from the truth, considering the intense fucking she had received—and Logan did not press it. They’d try in a few days.

Lindsey wanted to look good for Ryan, so she selected a form-fitting short dress that showed off her shapely figure and was cut to reveal some cleavage and the tops of her rounded breasts.

* * *

Ryan found himself in a quandary. He was happy that Friday night had rejuvenated things with Isabella, even though they hadn’t consummated it yet. But he also couldn’t wait to see Lindsey again. There was just something exciting about her. If only he could make one woman out of the two of them, she would really be something.

He still had to pinch himself to believe that Friday night had occurred. To think that he’d engaged in conversation with a woman in an airport lounge and let it evolve into flirting, which in turn, led to revealing the poor state of his marriage, a situation she was also experiencing, and that brought them to a hotel room in which they had the most amazing sex, was all mind-blowing. The foursome afterward with his wife and her husband was the stuff of porno movies, and he couldn’t wait for that to happen again. Hopefully, tonight’s dinner was a prelude to such a gathering. He didn’t expect them to go that far tonight, but maybe they would set a date for the very near future.

He had a hard-on just thinking about it.

* * *

Of the four, Logan was probably the most eager for another foursome. Sex with Isabella had been outstanding, but to top it off, fucking her while watching another man fuck Lindsey had been unlike anything he had ever experienced in his life. Amazing didn’t even begin to describe it. So, naturally, he wanted it to happen again. Particularly, the watching Ryan fuck his wife part. He still couldn’t believe that watching Lindsey with another man was so exciting. Call him weird, perverted, whatever; that was his ultimate turn-on.

The only thing better bayan arkadaş was if it was going to happen after dinner, but Isabella had been clear that tonight was just to get to know one another. At best, they would choose a night, like as soon as next weekend, for their real get together.

At least in the meantime, life with his wife was tolerable again. Sex with her again wouldn’t be bad. It had just gotten a little stagnated. Feeding their sexual appetites with another couple would help bring back the zest. And maybe if Isabella was interested in meeting him occasionally on the side, what could be better than having two women to fuck?

* * *

When they actually met at the restaurant, Isabella didn’t know whether to be surprised when Lindsey embraced her. She couldn’t decide if it was genuine or just a rouse to be able to also press her body against Ryan’s. She further wondered if it had been orchestrated when Logan did the same, including making sure to rub his erection against her crotch. She was too late to notice if her husband had done the same to Lindsey.

Seeing her nemesis in the tight dress had Isabella wondering if she looked as good, but with Logan constantly stealing glances at her, she had to assume that she did—at least in his eyes. Ryan had yet to compliment her.

What was surprising was when they were shown to their table, it was a four-top booth that required two and two seating, as opposed to a square table where each person was separate. All four hesitated, and then Lindsey directed her husband and Isabella to sit together so she could sit beside Ryan. Isabella and Ryan stole glances at one another and he merely shrugged.

Isabella was amused that Lindsey had worn a very low-cut dress, but by her own seating arrangement, the former was sitting in a position to stare at cleavage. Although, it was obvious that Ryan did his best to unobtrusively keep it in his peripheral vision.

It was only dinner, Isabella reminded herself.

“So good to see you guys again,” Lindsey was quick to say.

But Isabella strangely had to agree. It was. Not only Logan, but there was actually something about her husband’s lover that she liked.

They ordered drinks. Logan asked Isabella to choose a wine. Lindsey and Ryan both had Stella Artois beers. Should that have told someone something?

It didn’t take long for Isabella to notice Lindsey’s hand periodically drop under the table, and the former slowly realized that the other woman was playing with her husband’s cock. The goofy look on Ryan’s face was a further indication. She wondered if Logan had discerned that, as well, and if he was waiting for or disappointed that Isabella wasn’t doing the some to him.

They made small talk about work while ordering their meals. Lindsey talked the most about her job in public relations, Logan was a loan officer at a local bank and didn’t have much to say about it, Isabella revealed that she was a research psychologist and didn’t want to bore anyone with more talk about that, and Ryan described his job in health insurance.

“Are there many sex related claims?” Logan asked with a chuckle.

“Sex related?” Ryan questioned.

“Yeah. I can’t think of an example, but I don’t know, things caused by sex.”

Thinking for a second, Ryan said, “There are a lot of emergency room visits. STDs, women getting things stuck in their vaginas, guys whose erections won’t subside because of taking Viagra, things like that.”

“Must be embarrassing to visit an ER for something like that,” Lindsey surmised.

“Also, quite a few heart attacks and even deaths from people having sex.”

“Yuck!” Logan commented. “What’s the worst thing you’ve come across.”

With a chuckle, Ryan told them, “A couple had to be taken to the ER on a stretcher together because they were having anal sex, and something became swollen. Don’t remember what, but he couldn’t remove his penis.”

They all laughed.

“Ouch! It’s funny, but it’s not,” Logan said.

Finally, dinner was served.

After they’d started eating, Lindsey asked, “So, when can we discuss the elephant . . . at the table?”

Isabella pretended to look around for the proverbial pachyderm. “What elephant?” she innocently asked.

Lindsey acknowledged with a forced smile.

Shaking his head, Logan said, “Well, I’ll pick up the ball and run with it. I, for one, am looking forward to another get together, but not for dinner.”

“Oh? Then what?” Isabella playfully asked, or to stall.

“Is that your way of saying you don’t want a repeat of Friday?” Logan pointedly asked.

Isabella shrugged. “It was fun, but I think in large part because it was impulsive, spontaneous, unplanned. It’s still almost hard to believe that we did that. Now, that I’ve had time to think about it . . .”

“Would you like us to just show up at your house unannounced one night?”

“Well, you’re obviously in favor of it,” Isabella bayan partner noted. “Ryan and I haven’t really discussed it, but I feel safe in saying that he probably does.”

Ryan nodded.

“So, what about you, Lindsey? You brought it up.”

“I agree that the spontaneity of it lent much of the excitement to it. Now, that we’ve all had time to think about it, would the sex be as good the next time? Or is the erotic nature of it enough to maintain the thrill? I don’t know.” After a pause to sip her beer, Lindsey said, “I guess the only way to answer those questions is to try it again. But I have to say, I really like the two of you. Logan and I don’t have many friends and I’d like to have you as two. So, is it worth the risk of a new friendship? If we did it and it wasn’t good, could still be friends? Would we? On the other hand, if we do it and it is as good, what a friendship that would be! So, I guess I’m willing to take the gamble and give it a try.”

The men smiled victoriously.

And Isabella almost popped their bubble. “This isn’t a democracy. Just because it’s three to one doesn’t mean I have to do it.”

Their smiles quickly turned to frowns.

“But Lindsey makes some very good points, and since all of you want to, I’m willing to try also.” And with that, she topped off her wine glass, downed half of it, and wondered if she had just lost her mind.

Logan jumped in. “And I hate to sound eager—”

“But you are,” Isabella joked and they all laughed.

“But I am. So, when can we get together?”

“Is next Saturday too soon?” Isabella asked with a smirk, thinking she knew what his response would be.

“Not soon enough.”

And she was right.

“But I guess it would be better on the weekend,” Logan conceded.

“Why don’t the two of you come to our house?” Lindsey offered.

“Okay. Thanks,” a grateful Isabella said. That way she had an escape if it didn’t go well.

For the rest of the meal, the men talked about non-sexual things. Unfortunately, they had little in common, but agreed that if the friendship endured they would try each other’s hobbies. Ryan was a golfer, Logan enjoyed motor sports, which mostly meant watching races on TV. The women also chatted. Isabella liked bicycling while Lindsey favored baking. By the end of dinner, the four were fast friends and all said they looked forward to Saturday.

* * *

Seeing their one-time lovers again was a thrill for Logan and Lindsey, though neither admitted it to the other. Each took the other’s good mood as merely enjoyment of the company of their new friends. A simple gesture on their walk from the car to their house of Logan rubbing his wife’s back and patting her ass was the impetus for Lindsey to brush the back of her hand against her husband’s crotch.

She hadn’t expected him to be hard, so she asked, “Is that for me or Isabella?”

“It can be for you, if you want it.”

“I think I do.”

And with that, they made love. It was better than it had been between them over the last few years, but not the level of excitement as it had been with Ryan and Isabella, though neither saw any need to mention that. It was a start.

* * *

“So, what did you think?” Ryan asked during their drive home.

“They really are a nice couple,” Isabella said. “I think we could all be really good friends if we didn’t have the sex hanging over us.”

“You really don’t want to do Saturday, do you?”

Isabella grimaced, though he probably couldn’t see between the darkened car and driving. “I honestly don’t know, but I will give it another chance. I mean, I did go with Logan. And there are studies that suggest that engaging another couple can be good for a marriage, so we’ll see.”

“We haven’t really discussed this, but what did attract you to him?”

“It really was innocent. It was just about having a glass of wine with a nice guy who wanted to learn more about wines.”

“I guess alcohol is what got us both involved with someone else,” Ryan surmised.

“I wasn’t drunk.” Then she grinned. “Just maybe more receptive.”

“That’s a good explanation. Works for me, too.” Then Ryan volunteered, “Lindsey struck up a conversation with me. And you must know, I rarely talk to people in airport bars, particularly women.” He shrugged. “I guess it’s her public relations background, but she just had this pleasantry about her and, well, you can see—or maybe as a woman you can’t—but she is attractive.”

“She is.”

“And we both admitted that we needed fortification to go home, and one thing led to another and—”

“Has it gotten that bad that you don’t want to come home?”

“Truthfully, it wasn’t that I didn’t want to come home.” He shrugged. “It was more a question of what was I coming home to?”

“I’m sorry,” Isabella offered. “As a psychologist, I should have seen the signs.”

“I sense that you lost interest just as I had, and so, you probably weren’t looking bdsm escort for signs.”


They rode for a few minutes in silence.

“So, the possibility of exciting sex aside,” Isabella resumed, “could that kind of friendship really strengthen our marriage?”

“Well, as you said, there are studies. On the other hand, we could just go to marriage counseling. But sex has the potential to be more fun. And if it doesn’t work, well, there’s still counseling.” He pulled into their driveway.

“Want to start with some sex of our own?”

Her question caused Ryan to step on the brakes harder than was necessary. They both jerked. “Uh, sorry. I wasn’t expecting that. Yes, I would.” On a big assumption, he leaned over and they kissed.

It was familiar, pleasant, but not quite passionate. Still, it was enough for them to hurry to their bedroom and tear off clothes. And that’s pretty much where the excitement fizzled. The sex wasn’t bad, but there was apprehension; as though they both desperately wanted it to be good, but neither wanted to risk anything outrageous to achieve it. So, they each let the other think it had been good.

* * *

Isabella and Ryan had sex a couple more times during the week, almost just to keep in practice. Neither characterized it as such to the other. Fortunately, it wasn’t any worse than Sunday night, and both wanted to believe it was better, although that was purely subjective. It also occurred to Isabella that being out of practice might have helped make last Friday so good. Desperation could be a good incentive.

More likely, the couple were becoming nervous about Saturday, and that feeling was only heightened as the weekend drew nearer. Yes, Isabella did have to talk herself out of canceling several times and as late as Saturday afternoon. If Ryan had any hesitation he did a good job of hiding it, but he was also careful not to seem too eager.

* * *

Logan almost couldn’t stand the excited anticipation he felt. There was almost a constant image of a naked Isabella in his mind, and the three more times he and Lindsey fucked during the week had him imagining it was the other woman, and so, for him, the sex was pretty good.

Lindsey had a suspicion that the aggressiveness with which Logan was fucking her—which he had not previously displayed—was due to some fantasy about Isabella. She knew her husband was too eager for Saturday night for it to be anything else. That should have bothered her and would have had she not been having similar thoughts about Ryan. Those thoughts had her becoming more and more excited about Saturday night, more so than she thought she would.

Fortunately, preparations for Saturday night—since it was going to be at their house—had she and Logan occupied during that day, which kept their anticipation in check. With no clue how the evening would transpire, they cleaned house, washed all the bed sheets and towels for both bedrooms and bathrooms so that if they wanted to breakout into couples there would be places. They also went to the grocery to stock up on beer and wine, and Lindsey even found time to bake some sweets and prepare some picking foods.

Attire became the next question on her mind. The theory that all her clothes would be coming off had her considering something light and sexy, but she also didn’t want to be too presumptuous, so she settled on a compromise: a light dress that could be easily removed, no bra and only panties.

It wasn’t until the doorbell rang that she became jittery.

* * *

Ryan had been pacing the house for nearly an hour before they were ready to depart. Isabella once again talked herself out of canceling, and still wasn’t sure she wanted to do this. She was too nervous to think about sex and didn’t even think she could be aroused enough to perform. She didn’t even dress as though she expected to undress. Before leaving home, she downed a glass of wine, and during the drive, she felt nauseous.

That feeling was heightened when they pressed the doorbell button. Lindsey and Logan were gracious, welcoming and warm as they greeted their guests. That provided Isabella with a small amount of comfort, as did the now anticipated hugs. However, with the intent of the evening in mind, the hosts each planted wet kisses on their opposite sex guests, and that only served to turn Isabella’s stomach more.

A bit of mixed emotions came when Logan escorted her in with his arm on her back, rubbing up and down, and even palming her butt. Upon reaching the sitting area, Isabella noticed a bottle of Orin Swift Machete, the red blend she introduced him to when they first got together. It made her smirk and she instantly poured herself some. She refrained from guzzling the entire glass, forcing herself to have just a sip.

“So glad you guys came,” Lindsey said, playing the dutiful hostess. “Help yourself to food and drink. I even made some sweets for later.”

“Oh, you didn’t have to go to all the trouble,” Isabella offered, as though it was the thing to say.

So, they talked and got caught up on the week and drank and ate and drank more.

And finally, after an hour, it started to become awkward. They all knew what they were waiting for, but no one knew how to get it started.

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