Weekend in the Country

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Amanda puts the suitcase on the bed and begins packing the things needed for the trip to the country this weekend. She had convinced her fiancé Bill that a weekend away may be the very thing needed to put the magic back into their relationship and she smiled at the thought of it all as she packed the items carefully.

Bill arrived promptly at 5pm for the 2 hour trip to the secluded cabin nestled in the woods that is advertised as an adult getaway. The rooms have xxx movies, waterbeds, and mirrors on the ceilings. There are also hot tubs and whirlpools outside to sit naked in and have a drink while watching the star filled sky on those warm nights.

They arrive and get checked into their cabin shortly after 7pm. There is still about an hour of daylight left and Amanda convinces Bill to take a walk on one of the scenic trails before having the evening meal. They start down the narrow trail that is lined with pine trees and leads into deeper woods.

They have been walking for about 20 minutes when they hear some muffled noises just off the trail and slowly make their way towards the sounds. Peering through a bush they both smile when they see a couple naked and in the throws of passion making love on a blanket in a clearing just off the path. They watch enchanted as the man positions the shapely woman on her hands and knees and moves behind her and rubs his thick cock against her pussy as she moans ankara escort in delight.

Bill gasps when he feels Amanda place her hand against his cock and begin rubbing it through his jeans but can’t deny it is a total turn on as well. She rubs it some more then slowly unzips his jeans and begins moving her hand up and down the shaft as he gets more and more aroused.

Amanda then turns him towards her and jerks his jeans down to his knees and takes his hardened cock into her warm mouth and begins sucking it as the other couple make love with wild abandon. She sucks him until fully hard then lowers herself onto a bed of soft grass near the bushes and slides off her panties and spreads her legs pulling Bill to her and he slips inside her wet pussy and begins fucking her wildly.

Both are consumed with the incredible excitement of making love like this that they are totally unaware that they have acquired an audience until Bill empties his load into her and they both moan loudly; only to be horrified at the sound of clapping by two other couples that have stopped to watch the show.

They turn red faced and slowly put their clothes back on and head back to the room where they collapse on the bed laughing at their lust filled walk.

They bathe and head out to dinner and have a nice meal and are heading back to their room when the pass the hot tubs bubbling and they spy a couple taking off escort ankara their clothes to get inside.

They look at one another and grin as they decide to get in and they slowly begin undressing until they are both naked and they slip into the hot water and sigh at how good it feels. A waiter comes by and Bill orders them a drink and they sit back and look up into the night sky that is filled with a million twinkling starts and feel more relaxed than they have in quite sometime.

They are drinking their wine when an attractive couple come by and ask if they can join and they nod and smile. They look at each other a little nervous but yet excited as the other couple undress and they watch their naked bodies slip into the hot tub opposite of them and they introduce themselves.

As they begin talking they soon find out that they have many things in common and become very relaxed and comfortable with the other couple. Ted and Sally are a year younger than themselves and work in an upscale legal firm in the downtown area.

Amanda moves her shoulders and moans that she needs a good back rub and to her surprise Ted mentions that he took a course on massages and would be happy to give her one and she looks at Bill who shrugs his approval and soon Ted’s firm hands are on her shoulders working the muscles in her neck and upper back as she closes her eyes and savors the feeling of it.

As the evening ankara escort bayan progresses the two couples become more at ease and soon decide to play a game of truth or dare and have a great time with some of the questions. Ted then asks a question and Bill chooses a dare and Ted stuns them by announcing the dare is that they exchange lovers for the night and he looks at Amanda who is now smiling at the prospect.

Bill looks at the attractive Sally and decides to take them on it and they finish another drink and dress and Bill kisses Amanda and Ted kisses Sally and tell each other they will see them in the morning and each head to their respective bedrooms.

Inside Bill locks the door and Sally slowly walks to the bed and strips naked seductively and motions for him. Bill swallows and slowly removes his clothes and approaches her and soon they are lying naked on his bed. She turns him face up and straddles his body as she moves her pussy over his cock as it comes to life.

She reaches behind her and guides his cock into her warm wet pussy and begins riding him as he cups her breasts and begins sucking them lustfully as her nipples harden.

In the other room Ted has Amanda lying naked on the bed and takes some strips of nylon and ties her hands to the bedposts and slowly inches his huge cock into her and begins fucking her wildly as she moans from the thrill of it all.

Both couples make love all night long and sleep till late the next morning where they all meet for a noon brunch and make plans for that evening.

Back in their room Bill and Amanda share the night before with each other and fall deeper in love.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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