We Go Christmas Caroling

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Every Christmas, sometimes two or three times during the season, a bunch of us get together and go caroling. We enjoy the Christmassy spirit, and the good fellowship. We enjoy the singing together of some of our old favorite Christmas songs. We enjoy sharing the coffee and cookies and brandy after the evening of singing. Most of all, we enjoy the sex orgy after we return home.

A few days ago, June, Melissa, Heidi, Frank, Susan, Steven, who is Susan’s brother, and I got together and serenaded some of the friendly people in this town. We aren’t very good, being more enthusiastic than talented, so we only sing for people who don’t have watchdogs. This has been our custom ever since Scrooge McGrinch sicced his German shepherd on us, which was totally uncalled for. As I said, we aren’t very good but we aren’t that bad either. Susan has a karaoke machine and she has copied some of the Christmas music from there onto tapes and she plays them in a boom box to accompany us. I had a thermos of sweet, hot coffee with plenty of cream and another of coffee and brandy. Personally, I stuck with the coffee that wasn’t spiked but some people like a little alcohol to go with their caroling and sex.

Usually, not a lot of sex happens during the caroling, just a little fingering and fondling, but we all knew there would be plenty after, and sometimes some of us get an early start. A few weeks earlier June had been the second woman that night, and the second in history to experience Steven’s cock, and she wanted to be the first one to do so after the caroling. She stood close to him all during the singing, and I noticed twice she was reaching into his pants, getting some early first hand experience, pun intended. June is a slender, dark-haired bisexual who describes herself as leaning more toward the lesbian side but around Steve and his big cock, the straight side definitely predominates.

Melissa, who is also bisexual, was standing between me and Frank and, during our rendition of “Silent Night” I saw her give a little jump, and I heard her miss some notes. When I looked at her back, there was activity there, with something moving up and down. Frank had his hand down the back of her pants and he was playing with her ass. I couldn’t blame him because Melissa has a really beautiful ass, and I hoped to be fondling her there later while I was eating her pussy.

After that, the caroling started evolving, some might say degenerating, into the sex part of the evening. Heidi was trying to sing but I was dry-humping her from behind, while Frank had moved his hands to under Susan’s jacket and Melissa had her hands down the front of June’s pants while June was versatilely fondling both Melissa and Steve. Fortunately, the people we were caroling to or at just then are deaf anyhow, because none of our group was paying much attention to the singing by that time.

“Okay, kids,” I announced. “The singing is over for the night. Let’s all head for my house, and you know what we’ll be doing there.”

We definitely all knew what we would be doing in my house so that’s where we all headed. Our route that evening had started from there and followed a circle so we didn’t have far to go to return, and everybody was anxious to get back so we could begin, or continue more discreetly, our favorite activities.

Except for Steven, everybody had been there before, and June hurriedly guided him through the darkened house after we had removed our shoes and hung up our jackets in the entry closet. My place is small, although big enough for me and I am very comfortable there. Before going out, I had turned on the furnace and the house was warm and cozy. The stereotypical view of carolers is a group of rosy cheeked men and women bundled up and standing in snowdrifts, during a blizzard. This town where we live never has weather like that but it does get chilly at night in December and I wanted a warm house because all of us would be naked shortly after we arrived.

My bedroom is not big enough for a group this size so I had earlier set up the living/dining room. This is the biggest room in the house, and is where I have my Christmas tree. Earlier I had put cookies and cider and condoms, including the XXL size that Steve would need, and Aqualube on the dining room table, which was pushed against the wall. I had also set up the coffee maker so that all I had to do was turn it on, and I had put the rest of the brandy and some cups and glasses and cream and sugar where they would be easily available. The floor was covered with quilts and comforters, and I had brought the mattress off my bed, covered it with a sheet and set it close to the tree so anybody could use it. A sofa was also available and the floor was littered with pillows. While I turned on the Christmas tree lights, lighted all the many safely placed candles and started the coffee maker, everybody else proceeded to match themselves up and get comfortable. The tree lights and the candles were enough to enable everybody avcılar rus escort to see who was doing what and with whom.

June knew exactly what she wanted to do and with whom and she had known it ever since seeing Steve in the group. She is aware how long and thick his cock is, and very much wanted to experience it again. “C’mon, Steve,” she told him. “My pussy really loved your cock and wants some more of it,” and she held onto his belt and led him over to the mattress, stopping to pick up an extra large condom along the way.

While Steven was removing his shirt, June unbuckled his belt, unfastened his pants, and pulled them down so he could step out of them. She left his underwear on for effect and his cock, which was fully stiff after the way June had been playing with it, was stretching out a huge bulge. When June pulled down Steven’s Jockey shorts, his cock emerged, bouncing like a diving board, and looking as big as one.

“Ladies,” she announced, “take a look at this. There’s enough for all of us but I get first dibs.” June was very happy with what she was going to be fucking in a few minutes, especially when she could just barely wrap her hand halfway around it.

The other women looked with a combination of lust and amazement at the erotic sight, backlit by the tree lights, of June holding Steven’s cock. Except for Susan, who blushed as she looked at her brother. This was probably the first time she had seen him naked since he was a little boy, and Susan didn’t know what to think of the way he was hung. Steve is well over six feet tall, with a blonde crew cut, blue eyes and a very athletic build. His sister looks much like him except for having long hair and being much shorter.

“Lie down on your back,” June told Steve. He had no difficulty taking directions from June because he knew about the enormous amount of pleasure that would result, so he lay on his back on the mattress as she had told him. June knelt between his legs, took the big cock in her hands and pretended to take it into her mouth. It was too big for her to insert more than the tip, as she already knew, so she settled for licking it all around. She did this because she enjoyed doing it and so his cock would be wet and she could get the condom safely on it. After the condom was in place, June stood up, stripped off her own pants, jersey and panties and stood on the mattress straddling Steve. Slowly, she began to lower herself by bending her knees while he held his cock to guide it into the wet pussy, where both of them wanted it to be. From fondling Steven’s cock and anticipating getting it into her pussy, June was lubricating so heavily that her juices were running down onto the cock that she would be fucking.

June wasn’t the only one to make up her mind quickly, of course. “Heidi” is a nickname, not a proper name, and the bearer of that nickname is a beautiful Hispanic woman in her early thirties, with dark hair and eyes, big, shapely breasts, a gorgeous ass and soft, smooth light brown skin. “You have a really beautiful body,” Melissa said to her. “I hope you are okay with a woman going down on you and eating your pussy.”

Although she is straight, Heidi nodded her head emphatically because she really loves having her pussy eaten and has no objection to a woman doing it, especially when the woman is as adept as she knew Melissa to be. Heidi had also noticed what a beauty she is, with her long, beautiful red hair, green eyes and clear, fair skin. Beautiful as she is, the candles and Christmas tree lighting were flattering to Melissa, showing her face to even better advantage and showing the highlights in her hair. She was very happy she would be going down on Heidi because Melissa has wonderful memories of performing oral sex on beautiful Hispanic women, and had been hoping to spend a lot of time with her mouth pleasuring Heidi and herself. Both women were very happy to get together.

Besides being shorter, the other difference between Steve and Susan is that, while he has an athletic swimmer’s build, she has a very female figure, with large, firm breasts and flaring, curvaceous hips and ass. Her waist is a bit too large for her to make it as a centerfold, but not too large for her to have a sexy body, just the kind that Frank adores. He really goes for bosomy women like Susan, especially when they have a little meat around their waists, and he told Susan that he really had the hots for her ever since first seeing her. Frank has blonde hair like the siblings but his eyes are green. The hair was attractive to Susan but much more attractive was the fact that Frank was known to be a horny young man, because Susan loves to get a nice, stiff cock in her mouth or anywhere else the man wants to put it. These two seemed to be just right for each other.

As the host, I could have taken my choice of any of the women, but things worked out just as I would have chosen. Although I love eating pussy and generally going avcılar türbanlı escort down on women, Melissa’s pussy is just about my favorite and I particularly like it when she is making love to another woman. Her pussy is just that much juicier and she has a nice trick she does with her nipples on the other woman’s clit. Melissa has often told me how great it is for her when I eat her out, so all of us were starting with the partner or partners we would have chosen.

Like me, Melissa likes to start by licking her partner’s nipples so she unbuttoned Heidi’s blouse and reached around and unfastened her bra. When she removed and tossed aside the garments, she and I enjoyed the sight of Heidi’s luscious brown breasts. Melissa was anxious to start pleasuring herself and the owner of those breasts, so she urged Heidi to lie on the comforter that covered the floor. She knelt beside her and started licking one of the beautiful, dark brown nipples while gently fondling both of the firm globes. I was anxious to start doing the same to Melissa’s beautiful white breasts and pink nipples so I knelt beside her and started lifting up her sweater. She knew what I wanted so Melissa lifted her head from what she was doing and raised her arms so I could remove and toss aside her sweater.

“Help yourself,” she told me because she loves to have me eat her pussy almost as much as I love to eat it. Knowing I would have no problem removing her bra, she returned to licking Heidi’s adorable nipples. After the bra joined the sweater and Heidi’s clothing on the floor, I undressed, slid under Melissa, took her succulent breasts in my hands and started licking her nipples. Knowing that all of us would be spending a lot of time on the floor, I had placed numerous candles on small plates by all the walls. They would allow me to have a worms-eye view of Melissa and Heidi pleasuring each other, and everybody would be able to watch everybody else.

Melissa spent an unusually long time on Heidi’s breasts because they are so beautiful. After licking both nipples, she alternated taking the lovely globes into her mouth and sucking on them. While she sucked each one, her tongue caressed the nipple and areola. Much as Heidi was enjoying the attentions, she was wishing that Melissa would remove her pants and start eating her pussy because the crotch was already soaked through. I was hoping so too because my mouth was giving Melissa’s lovely breasts the same treatment as Heidi was getting and I could see and smell that Melissa’s pants were almost as wet.

“Melissa, I really love what you’re doing but my pussy needs you more.” Heidi emphasized her plea by gently pushing her partner in the direction she wanted her to go. Melissa did not resist but reached down and unbuttoned and unzipped Heidi’s pants. She apologized to me as she pulled free of my mouth, crept down between Heidi’s legs and removed her jeans and pulled off her panties. After Heidi was naked, Melissa took one of the pillows that were scattered around, slipped it under her beautiful ass and gazed at the delectable pussy she was about to start eating. The flickering light of the candles was easily enough for Melissa to see and enjoy the sight before she started savoring the fresh juices that Heidi’s pussy had produced. From my own experience, I know how delicious they are and I could tell that Melissa was really enjoying them also. Expecting me to remove them shortly, Melissa left her pants on when she started eating Heidi’s pussy.

June knew how great Steve’s cock would feel and she wanted to prolong the pleasure, beginning with the pleasure of penetration. With that in mind, she held her pussy lips open while she lowered herself until the first few inches of his cock were inside. She could already feel the thickness stretching the entrance to her pussy. June raised herself and fucked the first few inches of Steven’s cock for a few strokes before lowering herself until half the shaft was imbedded in her. She had the length of an ordinary cock in her pussy and twice the girth, and a lot more available. June was ecstatic.

She took her time enveloping Steve’s cock, reveling in every inch that entered, every time it entered her. After it was all the way in, with his pubic hair tickling her pussy lips, June started slowly fucking in the cowgirl position. This is her preferred position, especially with an inexperienced man like Steve, because she can control the speed of the strokes and the depth and, more important, the degree of contact between his cock and her clit. The last was important because she always wanted some contact, but if there was too much, they would both cum too soon and June wanted a long, slow fuck. She believed, correctly, that Steven felt the same way, so she took the responsibility of making it last. Leaning forward to minimize the contact, June slowly fucked her pussy up and down on his cock, while he thrust up to meet her down strokes. Occasionally, avcılar ucuz escort she enjoyed the higher quality stroke where she leaned back so cock and clit rubbed firmly together, but she tried to keep that kind to a minimum.

June continued fucking herself on Steven’s cock, sometimes moving straight up and down and sometimes rocking from one side to the other. She was bathed in the lights from the tree behind her and looked like she was doing some strange exercise. June wanted to lean forward for most of her up and down strokes in order to prolong the pleasure but more and more she was leaning back to maximize the contact between her clit and the amazing cock that was bringing her closer and closer to ecstasy. In addition to maximizing the contact she was fucking faster and faster, even knowing it would last longer if she slowed down but enjoying Steven’s cock too much to do so. Steve just lay on his back, thrusting his cock into the wonderful, wet pussy that, with every stroke, was bringing him closer to cumming.

Finally, June gave herself entirely over to immediate pleasure and leaned back on every stroke, letting her clit rub as strongly as possible against the top of Steven’s cock. June and Steve were moaning ecstatically from the incredible pleasure they were receiving, and her juices were dribbling around the cock that was thoroughly filling her pussy and driving her toward her orgasm. June bounced rapidly up and down and Steve matched her strokes by thrusting up to meet her pussy. Although still young and inexperienced, he was enjoying some of the best fucking on the planet. Nothing Santa might have brought him could have given him more pleasure.

June knew what was going to happen, not immediately but very soon. Steve also knew that he was getting close to cumming but he wanted to hold off until June climaxed, as I had taught him, but he really needn’t have worried. He is young enough that his cock would stay hard enough to let June cum to a full climax even if he did cum first. She could feel Steve’s cock throbbing in her pussy and knew that both of them were close to cumming and getting closer with every speeded-up stroke of her pussy on his cock, whether it rubbed strongly on her clit or not.

“When I start to cum”, she told him, “hold onto my hips to keep me from falling off and keep fucking your great big cock into me, and don’t stop until you cum.” Steve nodded and kept fucking upward to meet the strokes of June’s pussy.

Frank and Susan quickly undressed each other and lay down together on the floor. Like Melissa and me, Susan likes to lick her way down her partner’s body, and she did so quickly until she reached Frank’s stiff and ready cock. Holding it gently in one hand, she moved until she was kneeling beside him, cupped his balls in the other hand and started licking them. One at a time, she took his balls between her lips and caressed them with her tongue while Frank’s cock bounced against her face. When she was through with his balls, Susan licked the shaft of his cock on all sides up to the ridge. After licking him there, she opened her mouth wide and slowly enveloped Frank’s cock, taking it all the way in, raising her head so only the tip was between her lips, and slowly lowering her head to encompass the entire length again.

She didn’t want to 69, but Susan changed position so Frank could fondle and caress her ass and pussy and decide where he wanted to put his cock next. The tree lights and the candles provided enough light so that Frank could see that both holes were delightful and that what he wanted was to fuck both of them, so he chose her pussy first.

Even before they had hooked up, Susan had made sure she had a condom and Aqualube ready and, after sucking Frank’s cock, she slipped the condom onto it and got into position on her hands and knees. For the time being, Frank didn’t need any Aqualube, because Susan’s natural lubricant was so plentiful it was running from her pussy and down her legs. He eased his cock into her and slowly stroked it in and out, while Susan fucked back to meet him. She was already moaning from the great pleasure she was getting from Frank’s cock and was close to cumming. She expected to cum quickly from what his cock and again from what he would be doing later. Susan hoped that “later” would involve using the Aqualube and that she would cum while he was fucking her ass, because Susan loves a variety of sex. Frank knew what the lubricant was meant for, of course, and also wanted to use it later, but for the time being, he kept his hands on her thighs and slowly plunged his cock in and out of Susan’s pussy.

“Frank, I’m ready to cum. Play with my clit.”

Frank reached around to play with Susan’s engorged love toy. Although there was contact between it and his cock, it wasn’t strong enough for her to cum. As he fondled her, he pushed the underside of her clit against his thrusting cock and that contact and his fingers on her love button quickly started Susan cumming.

“Oh! Yes! Yes! I’m cumming. Fuck me! Fuck me! I’m cumming!” she happily warbled, while her hips swiveled under him and her pussy slammed back to meet his strokes. Frank had started driving his cock in faster after Susan had announced she was ready to cum, and after she started, his strokes were faster than ever.

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