Vacation Pt. 03: Home

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This story is 100% true. My girlfriend and I are in our mid-20’s and were at the time of the story. This is a continuation of Vacation Part 2.

We had finally arrived home and didn’t have to restrain ourselves. Our playtime in the car served as an appetizer. Now I wanted the main course.

I finished hauling the luggage upstairs, my muscles aching and my back sore from the long trip. I got to the top of the stairs and she was waiting for me at the bedroom door, completely naked except for her favorite “fuck me” heels.

She looked amazing. 5’8″” with her 6″ black and gold Diane von Furstenberg heels on. Legs toned and shapely, calves, quads, hamstrings and ass all tight from wearing her favorite shoes. A shaved pussy that no matter how many times or how hard I fucked it, remained unbelievably tight. Flat toned abs running up to her 32DD tits, around which fell her dark brown hair.

She looked at me devilishly with her brown eyes and said, “Well… are you going to fuck me or not?” She turned and retreated into the bedroom.

Her teasing put me over the edge. I followed quickly into the bedroom to find her on her back, legs spread, fingering herself. I struggled to restrain myself and enjoyed the view for a few moments.

“Make yourself cum,” I said.

“But I want you now!”

“You’re the one who started fingering yourself. Make yourself cum.”

She obeyed. With her left hand she roughly groped her tits, leaving red marks on the soft flesh. With her right she furiously worked her pussy, showing herself no mercy. I could tell that she was as desperate for a good fucking as I was to give her one.

With no one around to hear her, she finally let loose a scream that had been building all week we’d been away as she reached her climax. I didn’t give her time to recover. While she had been taking care of herself, I had stripped, my basketball player’s body tense with anticipation. london escorts I attacked her pussy with my tongue, giving her no time to recover from her self-induced orgasm. She screamed again, the sensitivity of her clit driving her over the edge once more.

I hadn’t had my dick down her throat in a week and I was ready to make up for lost time. I flipped around, positioning myself over her in a 69. I bent down and as I put my tongue to her pussy once more, I drove my cock between her waiting lips. I had almost forgotten how good she was at sucking me.

Her lips clamped down on my meat and her tongue swirled around me. She grabbed one ass cheek of mine with each of her hands and lifted herself, impaling her head on my cock and taking my dick deep down her throat. I moaned into her pussy and began giving her what she really wanted. I fucked her face, feeling her neck expand with each thrust and feeling her saliva leak out through the seal she had formed with her lips. She opened her mouth slightly as I continued to abuse her throat, letting me hear the gurgles and gags as she struggled for air. Mercifully, I pulled out and let her catch her breath before plunging back for more.

Her hands reached down to my chest and began teasing my nipples as I fucked her skull. I continued to work on her pussy. She came over and over again as I used her throat as a fucktoy. I could have cum right down her throat, but I stopped myself before I reached the point of no return. I was only cumming in one place this time.

I pulled out of her and turned around to see the mess I’d made of her. Her eyes were watering, her hair was disheveled and there was spit running down her chin. I kissed her on the forehead and said what I was thinking, “You are so fucking sexy. I love fucking that throat.”

She smiled and pulled me in for a deep kiss, exploring my mouth with her tongue. We made out on the bed as she pressed her Escort Girl Dubai tits into my chest. I rolled on top of her and with no warning, plunged balls deep into her. She gasped and immediately had an orgasm, her eyes rolling back in her head as she shook uncontrollably.

I took my cue and began fucking her in earnest with long, steady strokes. “Do you like feeling every inch baby? You like that big fucking cock in your little pussy?”

“Oh God yes,” she moaned. “Give it to me baby. Fuck me. I missed your dick. Fuck me!”

She came over and over as I pumped her with my cock. I began fucking her with reckless abandon, my only goal to make her scream louder than the last time. As I plunged deep into her and held my dick inside her, I felt her nails dig into my back as she had an enormously powerful orgasm.

I pulled out of her and flipped her over. She was too spent to even move on her own. She struggled to lift herself onto her knees and elbows. She looked back at me and begged, “Please baby, fuck me more. I need it in me.”

“Yes you do,” I replied. “But not in your pussy.”

I saw no trepidation on her face. She spit into her hand and smeared the slick substance on her asshole.

“Fuck my ass.”

We had been working up to full anal. She had never done it before. She had taken the head of my dick inside her butt, but had not taken it further due to her tiny size and the pain it caused when I stretched her. She was too horny to let a little pain stop her this time, though.

I was prepared and willing to move slowly, working my dick cautiously into her ass so she could adjust. I began to do so, but she stopped me. I worried I had hurt her. She looked at me over her shoulder, reached back, grabbed my dick, lined it up with her little butthole and plunged, impaling herself fully on my cock. She screamed in pain, but didn’t stop or pull away, she just stayed there, backed up onto independent escort dubai my dick, her ass full.

I looked at her in bewilderment and appreciation. I couldn’t believe what she’d just done. I didn’t have time to be impressed however – she started fucking herself in the ass, doggy style. She was truly fucking herself, simply using my cock as a sex toy for her own enjoyment. She rocked forward and hammered back onto me over and over again. I eventually snapped out of my stupor, grabbed her hips and started fucking her.

Her asshole stretched and distorted around my cock as I took her anal virginity. She moaned, she screamed and she clawed at the sheets as I pistoned in and out of her butthole. I grabbed a handful of her hair and pulled her up to me and whispered in her ear, “That’s my dirty girl. That’s what I like – fucking your little asshole. You like that big dick in your ass baby?”

I reached down to feel her pussy, searching for her clit. To my surprise, her pussy was leaking she was so turned on. “I love that dick in my butt baby. Oh my God. You feel so good.”

With one hand on her throat to keep her upright and one hand on her pussy, I played with her clit as I continued fucking her deep in her ass. I removed my fingers from her pussy and brought them to her mouth, making her taste her juices.

I suddenly felt her ass clamp down on my cock, making her little asshole the tightest space my dick had ever been in. She screamed as a huge orgasm overcame her. She was cumming from having a dick in her ass. This realization pushed me over the edge.

“I’m going to full your ass up, baby girl. Here it comes!”

I bit down on her shoulder and plunged deep into her bowels, growling as my dick spasmed and I exploded inside her, filling her ass with blast after blast of hot cum. I slowed my pumping, enjoying the new sensation of her cum-filled ass adding extra lubricant to our fucking.

I released her from my grip and she fell forward panting. I slowly removed myself from her, enjoying the view as my cum-covered cock slid from between her cheeks.

She didn’t say a word as I lay next to her on the bed. She only smiled and kissed me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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