Unfinished Business Ch. 01

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Sept 2001.

“Oh God that feels good!” This was the extent of my sexual chatter then. Dave and I had gotten progressively closer over the past few months. He was very sweet, very cute and very protective of me. We were really just hanging out in my living room, watching a movie. I was so attracted to him, but I was beginning to think he was not attracted to me. I was almost two full years younger. On this particular night our normal nestling together had suddenly turned a bit more intense when I escalated his kiss by putting his hand in my shirt. The hint was well taken and within minutes I was mostly naked on the living room floor and Dave’s hands and lips were all over my body.

The sensations I was feeling were too much for me and we lost a little bit of control. His lips sucked my nipples and his hands and mouth had begun their exploration of my wetness. I didn’t know then what an orgasm would feel like, but I was having a hard time controlling my hips. Laying flat on my back, as he licked me I bucked my hips towards his mouth. Dave’s hard body was kneeling perpendicular to me at the time so while he brought me closer to what I thought would be my first orgasm I started to unbuckle his pants. Distracted by this, Dave sat upright to help me take his belt down. I released his pants and noticed a tremendous bulge in his boxers. I had not yet seen a cock before, but I’m sure this one was big.

My pulse raced as my hand grabbed him through his shorts. His low moan excited me so much that I can’t describe it fully even now. I knew I had to suck him. It was as my mouth started to approach his still clothed member that my parents decided to walk in. The look on their faces……………

August 2009

When I answered the knock at my door and saw him standing there I knew my life had again changed. I hadn’t heard from him in months and hadn’t seen him in person in over eight years. The shock of seeing him! Oh my, how hot he looked! He had grown taller than he had been and was beyond fit, his hair was shorter, and his features hard, but his eyes were still incredible. I invited him in of course, with more questions than answers, but as he walked past me and set down his backpack, I felt a familiar pang spreading in my thighs.

I remembered easily why I had developed an immediate crush on him back in high school. He was two years older and the most attractive boy I had ever seen. He was very serious about school and sports, but always found enough time to say hello and to bring me into his circle. He was about six inches taller than me and strong, but it was those eyes that would always stir in me emotions I had not yet experienced. His dark hair and eyes made me wet just thinking about him.

Serious and driven to succeed by some internal force, Dave had burned the midnight oil his entire academic career, graduating from high school on his seventeenth birthday – one full year early – and by the end of his first calendar year in college was on pace to graduate after just over two years. When Dave turned twenty, our trouble began. Our physical relationship hadn’t progressed particularly far, and was starting to look quite promising for me, but even at eightteen, my parents found the sight antalya escort of their little girl nearly naked and about to suck a cock a little unbearable.

My parents were just protecting me, I knew this even then, but things were said and tempers flared and our relationship after that was unsteady at best. I couldn’t tell where we were headed from there at that point. I had just started my senior year of high school and Dave was due to head off to college again for his bright future. That was September 7th, 2001. The events of the next week and months changed everything for us. Dave’s mother worked in Tower 1 and didn’t survive. Dave left school to join the Army. I was really hurt at first, had wanted to help him cope, but eventually I came to accept our separation, and our relationship changed.

Dave and I corresponded periodically, a lot at first and then less as the years wore on. We lived really different lives. Pictures were about all I had to remember him by, and those pictures showed his change throughout the years. My girlfriends eventually stopped asking about the hunk warrior in the frame. I went to and graduated from college and started and would soon finish a Master’s degree in the eight years Dave spent in the Army. For his part, amazingly enough he completed his undergrad degree while in Afghanistan and along the way accumulated enough credit to have the outline of a Masters degree himself.

When he showed up out of the blue, I have never felt more conflicted. This was going to be complicated. I realized I loved him still, at least in some way, although that word had never been used between us, but I had to explain that I was seeing someone. That avenue of conversation I think tipped my hand immediately. I was working on shock and stream of consciousness here.

“What…..how….I….oh come in!” I spluttered. We laughed and hugged and sat down to talk about our lives. Letters had been sent of course, but this was the first time seeing each other in years and the emotions were still there.

“Shelley, I didn’t come here to sweep you off your feet and take you away.” As always he was practical and solid and so him. “I can’t expect you to drop your life. I do want a small place in it if you have room for me.”

That was an offer I could not refuse, but I had a fine line to walk. Dave had enrolled at my school and was working to get in to a doctoral program. My apartment was close to school and my roommate moved out about one month after Dave came home. Dave had crashed at my place more than a few times as we got to know one another again, and moved into my apartment to take over my roommate’s spot. I soon found myself without a boyfriend due to this but not for any obvious reason. I shared my past with Nick and he fully expected and probably deserved better from me at the time, but I couldn’t say no to Dave, who could afford to share the rent and then some.

Nick usually wasn’t around when Dave crashed and although we never slept together while Nick and I were still dating, we did spend some time together watching movies and hanging out. With Nick out of the picture for the moment, those times increased.

One night after school I came home to find Dave lounging kepez escort on the floor. The movie on the television was a good one and I soon found myself on the floor cuddled in next to him. This was not unusual for us even now, but tonight was going to be different. My head lay on his chest and I listed to his heart pump as the movie progressed. It was a bit chilly, so I decided to grab a blanket for some warmth. Seeing this, Dave pulled me in a bit closer to warm me up. His hands also moved up and down my back and around my shoulders to take the chill off.

I was nervous and a bit flattered that he didn’t move past that at the moment, but the feel of his hand and the circular motion of his rubbing started to create an effect that I was not sure if I should allow to continue. As I moved away for a second to get up, Dave misinterpreted and began to apologize, but I cut him off.

“I’m just going to grab some wine and change. Want some?”

“I’d love some.” We both laughed off our double meaning, but I was fully aware of how erect my nipples were becoming and I know he could see their development.

Several minutes later I returned with the wine and a new more relaxed and I’ll admit an entirely accessible outfit, I noticed that he had changed too into cut off sweat shorts and a tee shirt. I started a conversation as we drank the wine and we both did our best to finish the sentences, but those damn eyes were right there and his body was now in full definition and I found myself getting as flirty as I had been since he moved in.

I put my wine glass down and said, “Now if I’m right, you were in the middle of a great back rub!”

“You are right, indeed.” His smile was so inviting and natural. I lay right into him again and he began exactly as he had left off. The movie was good and we laughed, but his hands never stopped their circles. After about a half an hour I could sense him becoming firmer in his motions and a bit bolder in his direction. The feel of his hands pressing into me was wonderful. I pressed harder into him and he took the hint to progress further down my back. On the outside of my shorts his circles made their way across my lower back and buttocks, and eventually to the bottom of my shorts and my upper legs.

This continued until I made a noise of approval and his hand slipped into my shorts to cup my left cheek, but returned to its normal pattern again shortly after. The next move was to move his circles into my shorts just below my waistband. The new sensation was very welcome and I let out a nice sigh of satisfaction. To show my appreciation, I rubbed over his abs and chest in a similar motion eventually underneath his shirt.

Dave’s body responded nicely to this and I could sense him adjust his legs slightly. His left hand then moved to feel my ass under my underwear and this new sensation added to our growing tension. Up and down our hands explored each other until he plunged his hand completely into my shorts and slipped a finger along my pussy. I bit my lip in expectation and moved myself closer to him so he could get better access. My shorts were clearly in the way and he and I slipped them down under my ass to grant him manavgat escort full motion.

I was in heaven. My hands continued their exploration of his torso as he fingered my now wet pussy with his middle finger. Finally, I decided that we had come far enough along. I realized we had yet to kiss and I turned my head up to meet his lips as my left hand rubbed along his shorts.

His hand continued its assault on my outer lips and my hand pushed his shorts and underwear away to reveal his cock to me. I have seen softer baseball bats. His erection stood straight up and the head or his cock nearly touched his belly button. I broke our kiss for a moment to announce my intentions:

“Eight years ago we were interrupted as I remember.”

“I seem to remember something about that.”

“You do? Well I wouldn’t want to forget that I owed you a debt.”

“No, Shell, that would be rude.”

My hand could almost close around the base of his shaft and as I slowly moved my hand up and down its hardness to the apple shaped head I realized how nice his cock was. Both of my hands could fit on it one on top of the other and still leave about two inches to the head. I later measure it to be just over eight inches long.

“This is a nice surprise.” I offered.

“Well, I aim to please.” He quipped as he moved his hips closer to my mouth.

The first taste of his cock was simply beautiful for me. It was cock to be sure, but his pre cum was tangy and the smell of him was great. My head sank about halfway down his shaft and back up again. He moved his right hand to my head as his left hand sent a finger deep inside me. I groaned at the shock of it and ground against his hand.

Our pace immediately shifted from slow to fast and then faster still. He added another finger and a twirling motion I had never felt and I started to come as his fingers hooked down to my clit and found my magic spot. I tried to keep him in my mouth but had to surrender to my orgasm. The best I could do was to moan against his cock and lick it occasionally as my shockwaves overtook me. The third finger shoved me right over the top.

As my pussy began to recover I shifted my ass away from his hand and motion for him to stand. I wanted to start over on his cock in the right position. I wanted to watch his face when he came in my mouth. As I attended to his shaft it became clear that he wasn’t going to last much longer. I concentrated on a full slide on his cock with a strong suck, he planted his legs firmly apart and flexed his thighs. All of his energy seemed directed at his cock.

My mouth slid up and down his shaft less than twenty times before he gasped. I quickly tasted his spunk on my tongue as he grabbed my face and exploded. The force of his orgasm was incredible and he sent at least five strong jets into my face. His head had tilted back to step into his ejaculation, but when his eyes met mine, with my mouth still sucking his last drops of semen; I knew that I had at last been reunited with my man.

As I let him pop out of my mouth, I slide back up to hug him. He moved his lips to mine and kissed me softly.

“So….what do you think of that?” I said a bit shyly for some reason. I know it was lame, but it was all I could find to say.

Dave was more than up to the task when he said: “Well, for one thing I think we should lock the door so your parents don’t find us now.”

We erupted in intimate laughter and fell to the floor again for round two.

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