Undercover Agent

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A dark story inspired by sad newspapers stories of teenagers stabbed in London I read the last time I was there.


– Good morning, ladies and gentlemen. May I present you our new colleague, Mistress Kira Chowdhury? She had just been transferred from the Foreign Affairs Ministry. Please help her as much as you can to discover the intricacies of her new job.

The three men and six women in the group nodded in polite salutations. Kira smiled shyly in response. As usual with new faces, everyone watched her very closely. The men were assessing the new recruit to decide whether she was worth courting. The women, at least those who were still engaged in seduction games within the office were wondering if their lovers or suitors would defect to her.

To the delight of some and the dismay of others, this Kira was pleasant to look at. She was not a young girl, maybe forty or a few years less. She was thin and slender with graceful hands and feet. Her breasts looked heavy but still firm. It was difficult to determine whether it was a gift of nature or the result of extensive surgery but the effect was gorgeous. She had a long, elegant neck. Her face was a poem to the beauty of Indian and other oriental women : oval shape with high cheekbones, intelligent looking forehead, pulpous lips that were painted with a rich glossy lipstick, eyes perfectly done with mascara, eye shadow, Kohl and so on. The details were simply staggering. She must have spent more than one hour that morning to apply such a superb make up.

She was wearing a simple brown light kameez with yellow churidar, a matching yellow shawl and brown short heel shoes. It was a rather conservative outfit that made it quite clear that Kira was pretty and wanted it known and appreciated but also that she was not actively trying to seduce the men around her. Nevertheless, the males in the group received clearly a quite different subliminal message : I am pretty, I am quite worth being seduced, I am not adverse to it but you will have to work hard for it. If finally you reach your ultimate goal, the rewards for you will be surely very gratifying.

There was something puzzling with the details the boss had given in his presentation : Kira was transferred from the foreign affairs ministry. Usually the transfers were in the opposite direction. It’s always more interesting to work in these high spheres rather than discuss with foreign businessmen about their new ventures in India, not very glamorous nor lucrative. Maybe this Kira had been demoted. It has been known to happen to girls who had a protector, some top brass, who had to quit suddenly his job, retire or have a health problem. Usually, such girls under protection were sitting ducks when the protection was over.

The mood in the department was not very good, there had been leaks and a big contract with a brand new US company had been suddenly cancelled without warning by the top brass and offered to their traditional contractor. Most certainly some bribery or basic corruption, the kind the government desperately wanted to eradicate but that was so difficult in most developing countries. India at the moment had a very fast growing industry. The US company had filed a complaint presenting a testimony of a member of the team. A group of inspectors had come to investigate the case but had found no evidence of wrongdoing. The witness had disappeared and could not be found. Kira had been hired to fill the vacancy.

As usual, the newbie was given all the tedious chores anyone wanted to shun. Kira managed coolly and swiftly with no fuss. She was efficient and never complained. Her notes and mails were deemed concise and clear, a not so frequent quality. In two weeks, she had become an active member of the team and her colleagues began to relax with her. They came more and more often to chat during their coffee breaks, some of them taking the opportunity to court her more and more directly. Kira was always ready to chat a few minutes when she was idle.

A senior office manager, Mukerjee Bindhri, was among her most frequent visitors. He was clearly trying his best to seduce her. She had heard discussion between some male office members where he was bragging to have fucked all the women in the group. He was handsome but quite ruthless and would not back away from blackmailing or even raping a woman who would resist him. He explained it quite straightforwardly to Kira :

– Hello, pretty! You should not let me wait too long. I have here sufficient influence to have you sacked and blacklisted if you disappoint me.

– You wouldn’t do that! You aren’t that powerful!

– I can do much worse! If you reject once more my offer of a dinner with my buddies, I’ll arrange you to be fired next week!

– But my husband?

– To hell with your husband! I want to get into your pants and if you are good enough, I will let my friends enjoy you. Understood, cunt?

– Y. . . Yes! Don’t hurt me, sir!

– You may call me Master. I am from a high caste with royal ancestors. You should casino siteleri show me utmost respect. You are pretty, otherwise I would never have cast an eye down on you. With some beautiful garments, I’m pretty sure that you could be really fuckable. Stand up!

– Yes, Master.

– You have a lovely oval face with a very clear complexion. Your tits are big, just the right size to my taste. You have long silky dark hair down to your shoulders. I forbid you to cut it from now on. I want it longer to your waist. In addition, you have a gorgeous bottom, the kind I would love to split open with my cock. I will make a lot of money selling your ass when you will be on the market.

– But. . . I don’t want to be a whore. And I never . . . in my bottom, even my husband!

– Oh a virgin ass! Great! I will auction it to the highest bidder!

– But you cannot force me!

– Oh yes, I can! I can rape you this afternoon on my desk. You may scream or try to fight me as much and as long as you want. No one in this office will come to your help. If they attempted anything, they perfectly know that photographs, video recordings and copies of their previous misdeeds would be forwarded to their wives, colleagues, associates or simply to the police. I will film your rape and if you misbehave, a copy will be sent to your fucking husband. He will throw you out of his house immediately from what you have told me about him.

– The wrath of Ganesh will be on you!

– The only god I care for is goddess Kali and. . . money, for sure.

– Don’t blaspheme, I beg you!

Kira looked flustered but not as abated as she could have been. Her face was tense and it enhanced her particular beauty. She should have chosen a career as a tragedian actress. She finally dropped down her head with tears in her eyes.

– What do you want I wear, Master?

Mukerjee was overjoyed she had surrendered so easily. He had expected to be forced to rape her before she let him have his way with her. He had a closer look at her figure.

– From now on, you will wear only sarees. It’s sexier. I will explain you how to put it on if you are not used to it. We will go out to buy one during noon break.

Mukerjee found quite easily what he was looking for. He insisted that she put it on immediately and Kira complied. It was a pastel yellow saree with a bright red border. The choli was also yellow with a red edge band. She was looking simply gorgeous and focalized attention when they went back into the office. Mukerjee smiled when he saw that Kira was so clumsy wearing a saree, letting her pallu fall down and trying to cover herself as completely as she could.

Mukerjee led Kira to the conference room where he had already placed a camera manned by one of his associates as he named them. Accomplices would have been more accurate. When he locked the door behind them, he looked at her. She was looking real hot with her saree. Her tummy was on display, not as sexy as he would have liked but not bad for a novice. Her hair, carefully oiled, was shyly braided to the middle of her back.

– You have given me a lot of trouble, Kira, to make you join me here in this quiet place.

Kira stood and faced Mukerjee. Her pose was defying, still arrogant even though she was facing two men in this locked room. He grabbed her shoulders and pulled her toward him. She tried to wriggle free of his grasp to no avail.

– Let me free, you scum! Don’t dare even to touch me!

Without bothering to reply to such futile pleas, Mukerjee took a tit in his hands and squeezed it fiercely. Kira screamed as he was hurting her deliberately. He kissed her where he could on her face or her neck as she was fighting on. He grabbed the top of her braid and gripped it in his fist, drawing a cry of hurt despair. He held her face still at last. He looked her straight in the eyes with a triumphant grin, just to show her who the master was and pressed his mouth on hers.

– If you even try to bite me, I swear I will throw you through the window. Remember that we are at the eighth floor!

Kira calmed somewhat and let the man enjoy her lips. They tasted delicious and it was funny to smear her red watershine lipstick all around her mouth. He pushed her toward a table and pinned her there by straddling her flat. He grabbed her right wrist and rummaged under the table to find a rope already attached to a table leg. In less than a minute, her right wrist was secured and the left one was done even faster. He stood up and would have been seriously injured if her right foot had touched her target. He had to secure both her ankles to the legs of the table, taking care to let her spread eagle on the table with her cunt easily available, just protected by her somewhat bunched up saree, her petticoat and her panties.

Mukerjee was angry. He had to break Kira in fast. Since the retirement of the former top boss, two years ago, he had been the master of the office. Even the new boss, a woman, had fallen under his spell. She would do anything to have him fucking her in her own canlı casino office, in the lift or in a hotel she would book under her own name and she would pay on her own account. She was actually his slave and not his boss as all the other women in the office. He grabbed the knot of Kira’s petticoat and undid it. He hastily pulled away the petticoat and bunched up completely her saree. She was now just in her panties and choli. He took out a dangerous looking knife and cut the straps of her bra. He pushed up her choli, not wanting to rip it off. Then he centered his attention on her panties. He cut them on her hips and pulled them away too. She was now nearly naked and totally at his mercy.

Her mouth with smeared lipstick all around was obscene. He bent over her face and covered her mouth with his again. She clenched her teeth and her lips to block the intrusion of his tongue. He laughed and slapped hard her cheeks twice. As she still tried to resist, his smile broadened into a wolfish grin. He pinched her nose hard, blocking her breath. After a minute, she was forced to open her mouth for some air. He took the opportunity to force his tongue in. She could have breathed through her clenched teeth but the idea never came to her mind. Raping the mouth of such a gorgeous woman was a pleasure to be enjoyed like a rare wine and a good prelude to the next step.

– Please, Master, let me free. I will obey you totally. I will not call the police.

– You are kidding, slut. Look at our friend Ashraf, he is filming you. With that material, he will produce a selection where you will appear fully consenting just for the eyes of your husband and relatives if you try to resist me. The full video will be sold on the underground market in the whole country and abroad. You are going to be a porn star!

– Please don’t rape me! My husband will divorce me!

Mukerjee didn’t bother to reply. He undid her hair and let it fall loose on her shoulders. Kira was trying once more to plead with her aggressor. She was weeping, sobbing with tears dropping from her eyes. He kissed her lips once more to make her feel he was her master. He could do anything to her. He intended to fuck her in a few minutes. He would enjoy her repeatedly during the coming weeks then he would offer her to his accomplices. When they had had her to their content, it would be time to offer her services as a whore. She wouldn’t have left at that time any self pride and would be ready to fuck anyone, ugly or beautiful, young or old, male or female, in private or in public as he ordered her to do. He would offer her to high rank brass and obtain through her very interesting and possibly lucrative tips on some industrial projects. Competitors would pay well for such informations.

This prospect made him crazy with lust. He had to fuck that slut. None of his parents had tried to instill in his brain any morale sense. For him, any woman except his own mother was in this world for his pleasure, to be fucked bu him, to prepare food or clean his apartment and any man was just a source of revenues through stolen information or direct cash from blackmail or fucking the other women of his harem. When he had been fourteen, he attacked wealthy men in Calcutta dark streets with a knife to take their money. The women, he pushed back into some even darker alleys and fucked them on the ground, not regarding whether they were young or old.

When he grabbed a tourist’s camera at sixteen, he thought of taking pictures of his victims. A woman pleaded to be given back the image of her own violation as she was about to marry. She became the first target for his blackmail and later the first whore working for him. When HIV made her too ill to work as a whore even in the seedy bars, he sold her to a brothel for Dalits. She must have died now for long. She had been replaced in a matter of days. Since then, Mukerjee had had a good life, driving a Lamborghini car, drinking French Champagne, eating the finest foods. One of his whores was the wife of a former Industry minister. She had obtained for him the place where he was : good wages, little work to do for the better as he had skipped school systematically since he was ten : the perfect thug. They were few crimes he hadn’t committed apart from drug smuggling and terrorist attacks : too risky for his taste!

Mukerjee diverted his thoughts onto his writhing victim tied to the table in front of him. He grabbed a breast and grabbed it as hard as he would have if he had intended to tear it off. Kira screamed in pain.

– Let me go, you bastard!

He was really enjoying torturing and making her scream as loud as she could. He let go of her breasts and grabbed her choli to tear it off. Then her bra was treated alike. Her nipples were big and dark. His cock was getting harder by the minutes. He was still holding her hair in his clenched wrists. He bent forward and kissed her lips. He pulled savagely her hair back and made her scream again. He took the opportunity to push his tongue into her wide open mouth. She was struggling to get free.

kaçak casino So, you fuckin’ bitch, you expected the men in this office would revel licking the soles of your shoes but you were wrong! Your cunt is gonna get the sound banging any fuckin’ slut should be given!

Kira began to resist to no avail, kicking hard and straining against the ropes that secured her. She begged him to release her, realizing he was about to rape her. He had torn off her choli, her bra, pushed aside her petticoat and cut out her knickers. He had bunched her saree around her waist. Her hands and ankles were tightly secured. There was nothing she could do to prevent that rape as nobody had seemed to take care of her screams for help. He calmly positioned his cock at her cunt entrance. He smiled broadly, his eyes fixed to hers as he shoved his cock into her. As he was ramming his long shaft quite hard, she sobbed and cried at his cock penetrated her. He was just surprised she didn’t scream louder. He had expected her to writhe and cry quite louder as most of his victims had done the first time.

Maybe, she was one of these, – how do you call them who love to be abused? Ahhh, yes : masochists!-, yes it was the explanation : she was enjoying the very idea of being raped bareback on a table at her office with her colleagues listening to the noises through the door. . . The idea just made him harder if possible. He was now humping her as fast as he could. He pummeled her a bit harder and felt his cum erupting for his cock. The feeling was mind blowing. Kali! If Kira was really one of these dumb masochists, she could be of immediate use. The director of the fair trade commission was investigating on some important bribery affair in a contract with the Industry ministry. If he could discover the name of the informant, he could ask for any price for the information. This director was a sadist and he had all but strangled the first girl Mukerjee had sent him. She was still comatose in the emergency department two weeks later. A pity as she was his best cum whore, a married woman, wife of a notorious MP who was not at all aware of her unusual activities. He had drugged her before fucking her the first time. The photographs had been clear enough to force the poor wife into submission. With the rape drug, she had been fully acquiescent and would never know who had drugged her.

The day after, he presented Kira with pictures of her own rape. The photographer was an artist and she seemed to really enjoy what Mukerjee was doing to her. Kira became quite obedient when she had seen the pictures. Of course, himself could never be identified there. Obviously, she was netted. Just to be sure of it, Mukerjee told Kira to come to his own apartment wearing a saree and a revealing choli but no undies beneath it. She came at the precise hour he had chosen. His photographer was also there. He helped her out of her clothes. When she was naked, he led her to the bedroom where Mukerjee was waiting.

Kira seemed totally tamed. When she was told to straddle him, she complied immediately and bore down on his upward pointing cock to impale herself on his hard shaft. When he was fully in, he took her in his arms as if he wanted to press her on his chest. That was no gentle treatment for her as he nodded to the photographer to proceed as he had been told. Mukerjee grabbed Kira by the waist to immobilize her. He took her ass cheeks in his hands and parted them as wide as he could to expose her cringing ass hole.

– Now! Fuck her ass! She cannot do anything!

Mukerjee had set up a trap to completely debase Kira in her own eyes : being double teamed is rather unusual for an Indian woman and only the lowliest whores can be expected to agree to such practices. For a common Indian wife, it would be the ultimate defilement and she wouldn’t have any pride left afterward. She screamed her opposition :

– No, No, please, Mukerjee, Master! Don’t let him fuck my arse. I don’t want!

Mukerjee didn’t even reply to her pleas. The photographer had freed his cock that was pointing obscenely forward. He aimed straight to her offered ass hole. He was not a patient man, so when his cock entered in contact with her puckered sphincter, he just continued to shove it in. It was slimy : he had probably greased it while Mukerjee was impaling Kira on his cock. He expected to meet a determined resistance and he was surprised to enter her back passage with great facility. Kira’s husband must be an adept of sodomizing his wife. He climbed a few steps in Mukerjee’s esteem. Perhaps he could offer him some job in one branch of his gang, preferably one that left him far from his wife : he may have some stupid ideas about the improper behavior of his wife!

Mukerjee and the photographer were accustomed to double team one of their preys as their movements soon got into harmony, one pulling back while the other one pushed forward until Kira had both cocks deeply sheathed in her holes then separating slowly until both their cocks were half disengaged, then they would plunge back to the hilt inside her. She was screaming each time they were deeply embedded into her orifices. It was so enjoyable for both of them that they could have decided to keep her for their own needs for months but Mukerjee really needed urgently the informations.

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