Two Sisters and the Monte Vista

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So one week-end, I found I had nothing really planned. I decided to head into Flagstaff, get a hotel room, and just have a good time and hit the night life for a couple days. Check out the towns collage bars and have a few beers.

As I pulled into town, I went straight to The Monte Vista Hotel, great place. It is a historic hotel that’s been around since the early 1900’s. I wanted to spurge a little, so I spent a little extra for the 2nd floor corner suite overlooking the also historic downtown area. The room was fantastic, refurbished antique furniture, with maroon carpet, and a red and brown Victorian comforter on a king size bed. Very elegant.

After showering and changing clothes, I went down stairs for a drink and then walked a couple of blocks to a popular collage club that I had been to before. In my twenty-something’s, I learned I didn’t really need a buddy to go to the bars with me. I rarely left the bar alone in those days. So I built tremendous self confidence in this area. Didn’t seem much has changed over the years, although, making sure I left the bar with a woman wasn’t quite as important anymore.

It was a lively bar, local décor, creating great regional atmosphere, long bar, booths, a small dance area, even these cool round tall tables you just kind of stood around. The crowd was just starting up, beautiful young people everywhere, dancing, talking and laughing and of course drinking. I had just ordered by beer and was chatting with the barkeep, when I saw some friendly faces come in the door. Jo Ellen and Cindy were sisters that lived in my home town. They were looking like it was ladies night out tonight.

Jo Ellen, the older of the two, at 33 had defiantly hit her hot MILF status with her sexy black hair and dazzling smile. Nice tan and good looks, she was looking very stunning tonight. She was around 5′ 5″ and had a very eye pleasing body. Her fantastic tits, were kind of bouncing as she walked. She was very blessed in that department.

Her sister Cindy, around 28 I think, was equally sexy, only more of 5’petite little thing with longer black hair. Her smile was just adorable with those big brown eyes. Her best feature was always that perfect little ass of hers. It had a nice round bubble cheeks, but it had a shape to where you could see through her inner thighs and dream about what little piece of sunshine were in her panties. Cindy saw me first and nudged her sister and pointed, we all three smiled at each other.

As they approached I said “Why, hello ladies, girls night out?”

“Well hello there, as a matter of fact, yes! How about you?” Jo Ellen aksaray escort replied.

“Had a free week-end, came to town to enjoy myself. Hey, let me get you ladies a couple of drinks.” I said coolly.

I got a couple more beers and we meandered towards one of the round standing tables. As we chatted a bit, I was wondering how many times I had actually jerked off to Jo Ellen in my fantasies. Her full lips were always driving me wild.

Although I was praying there would be a hook up of some kind, after awhile I had to say” Well, my lovely ladies, I’ll let you two go so you can do some stud hunting tonight.”

Jo Ellen just grinned and said “You know, I think I’m good right here.”

Cindy looked at her sister and then me, smiling and teasingly looking around the bar, she agreed,”Yeah, ya know, I’m not seeing anymore hotties in here, I think we’re all just fine right here.” “OK then.” I replied with smile.

We ended up dancing, drinking, and partying into the night having a great time. Lots of flirty dancing, even a couple surprise kisses, pecks on the lips really. Many times, all three of us went out on the dance floor. They ended up telling me they were planning on getting a hotel room themselves, but came straight to the bar first, and were going to worry about it later.

I told them I was staying at the Monte V a couple blocks down, and suggested they come back with me “They’re bound to have a room for you there.” Deep in the back of my mind, I hoped that would just fall through, and we’d just finish the party in my suite.

At that moment, I had no idea of the night we would eventually have.

Around 1 o’clock we had created one hell of a drunken buzz, and we headed out the door, laughing and joking all the way back to the Monte V.

We walked in the hotel, and I whispered in Cindy’s “I’m gonna get some booze from the bar, let’s go get high in my room.” I winked at her, as she giggled and whispered in her sister’s ear.

A couple moments later we were headed to my room. I figured I would get them high, and they might forget all about getting their own room. When we arrived at the room, we went inside and as they complemented on the room, I turned on some music, rock/ pop I think it was. We opened some beer and started getting high; they just kind of, strolled around the room checking it out.

Jo Ellen spun around and questioned in a sexy little voice” Now, what are you going to do with a big ol’ bed like that all by yourself?” I wasn’t sure exactly what was about to happen, but I knew I didn’t need a second anal yapan escort invite like that.

I walked over and ran my fingers into the back of her beautiful black hair and whispered “Share it of course.” I pressed my lips against hers, and slipped my tongue into her wanting, wet mouth.

My other hand I put on her hip and started moving it up to her tits. Holy shit I thought, I’m lip locked with Jo Ellen, is this really happening? While massaging her tit, I moved my lips down to her neck, kissing and sliding my tongue across it, her flesh tasted exquisite. She let out a heavy breath as her hands moved to my chest and the back of my head.

That’s when I felt a hand grope my cock, which was already getting hard at this point. I pulled my head back from Jo Ellen’s neck to see Cindy with a handful of my cock. Moving her other hand around my waist to feel up my ass, as she moved closer, I planted the same lustful kiss on her. I lowered my hand from Jo Ellen’s hair to fondle her heart shaped ass, and the other hand I moved over to Cindy’s hips, and then to her hot round little ass. As Cindy stroked my cock through my jeans, Jo Ellen started working on unbuttoning my shirt. They both had dressed on, Jo Ellen’s a long Southwestern styled frilly dress, and Cindy was wearing thigh length, thin modern skirt.

I moved both my hands to Jo Ellen’s dress and undid her belt, after that her dress seemed to just fall to the floor. I felt my pants come undone, and looked down to see Cindy pulling my jeans down. She continued to massage my cock through my underwear as I kicked my shoes aside. Jo Ellen had started to unbutton her blouse. I looked down to see that she was wearing a tiny, black lacey thong, revealing these gorgeous hips and tone legs, unblemished and sexy as hell. She had one of those clip in front bras on, I unclipped it to see two incredible 36C tits come free and into the open.

My mind was racing, I had had kind of a threesome in Jr. High School, but it was awkward, we didn’t even do it all together, I had sex with them one at a time. I was going to do this right. I may not ever get a chance like this again.

Kissing Jo Ellen, and massaging her spectacular tits, I felt Cindy standing up from my great cock massage she was giving me. I moved my attention to her seductive little frame. She wasn’t messing around, by the time I put my hands to her, she had dropped her skirt, showing her tight tanned legs, and her bright red thong. I felt Jo Ellen’s hand replace her sister’s on my cock, and started kissing my neck, as I undressed her sister.

atakent escort My God, sisters of all things, I was in heaven. While I took Cindy’s top off, I felt Jo Ellen’s hand slid into my underwear and wrap her fingers around my cock. Cindy removed her bra, to show me these tantalizing, perking tits, with perfect nipples that were sticking straight out. Cindy again squatted to pull my underwear away. My cock was a raging hard now, nothing earth shattering, about 7″ and fairly thick. I felt like my balls were completely full of cum already.

Cindy took my cock into her mouth while it was still her sister hand, mean while, Jo Ellen started to slowly stroke my shaft back and forth. She was softly sucking my cock, and getting her saliva all over it, giving me a fantastic wet blowjob. They swapped hands on my cock without missing a stroke. The image was mesmerizing, average sized cock looked so huge in her tiny soft hands. Her lips stretched wide to accommodate my thick head. Man it was a turn on, seeing my cock in her sweet mouth. I looked back at Jo Ellen and raised my hands to her cheeks, and continued to tongue that dreamy mouth of hers. She finished off the kiss, and backed up towards the bed and slid her panties off.

She had an absolutely delicious looking pussy, a nice landing strip cut, and her medium sized labia, was hanging just begging to be sucked. I get all worked up when I see a, visible labia on a pussy, I just want to suck them all night long. Staring at Jo Ellen with her sultry body completely naked, with that seductive grin on her face, I could tell she was custom built for fucking and I was going to exactly that tonight. Cindy stood up from my cock to move to the bed as well, leaving my cock dripping with her saliva. And Cindy, Christ, her pussy was clean shaven, and sparkling with her pussy juice building up on her small slit. With that incredibly tight firm body, I don’t think there was a body part I didn’t want to lick and suck on.

As Jo Ellen crawled on the bed on her hands and knees, exposing her delicious ass and pussy, I had an irresistibly naughty thought. I reached out and softly ran my hand up her ass cheek, subtly brushing my fingers across her succulent, wet pussy.

“Wait, I have a really naughty thought.”I said. “I know you are sisters but, would you getting, um, close together for me?” I questioned. Jo Ellen turned around on the bed and sat up and smiled. Cindy slid by me and sat on the bed right next to her sister, thighs touching, and put her arm around Jo Ellen’s lower back and with giggle said” Silly man, we’re only half sisters.” “We have different moms.” Jo Ellen added.

With that, Cindy and Jo Ellen began kissing softly, caressing each other’s bodies. My mind started racing with delightfully naughty thoughts! I couldn’t believe what I was seeing, I almost lost my wad right then and there, I thought it was going to explode all over them!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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