Two Birthday Gifts

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My boyfriend Rob likes to shave my pussy himself. He would regularly ask me to grow it out so that he could feel a real sense of accomplishment when soaping up and removing my heavy bush to see the thick lips of my bare cunt beneath. I enjoyed it too, especially as he would lick me to submission when I was all clean and fresh. When he asked me to let it grow a few weeks ago I wasn’t surprised. He promised me he had something special lined up for my birthday and I was to leave it until then. Well, yesterday was my birthday and I was sure surprised by what came next!

When I got home from work Rob had cooked me dinner and we enjoyed a romantic candle lit meal. He kept topping up my wine glass and massaging my shoulders as he passed me at the table. I was feeling very relaxed and decidedly horny by the time he took my hand and led me upstairs. He told me to get a shower and wash my hairy pussy nice and clean as he was ready to rid me of the growth. I jumped under the hot water and washed myself in my favourite perfumed soap, paying special attention to my pussy and ass. I had to resist the temptation to get myself off then and there but I knew it would be so much nicer with Robs fingers inside me instead of mine.

I wrapped my self in a thick white towel and dried off then moisturised my whole body with the matching scented cream to the soap. I smelled sexy to myself. When I entered our bedroom I saw that Rob had gotten the silk ties out and had placed a firm pillow in the middle of our bed. He stood to the side waiting for my reaction. Rob knows I like to be tied up but I have never had him tie me while he took a razor to my tender pussy lips. My body flushed at the slight danger this submission would provide. But I trusted him, so I lay on my back and lifted my arms above my head without a word. Rob tied my wrists loosely and connected the ties to each corner of the bed. They were very long and I had lots of room for movement. I found this unusual at the time as Rob likes to have me bound pretty tight usually.

He told me he’d bought me two gifts for my birthday. The first was a spreader bar. I’d never used one before but had often been excited by them when seeing them used on girls in the porn movies we watched together. casino şirketleri I was already getting wet as he attached the three foot bar to my ankles. He stood and surveyed me from the end of the bed. Bound and spread for his pleasure. I was anticipating his first move when the doorbell rang. Before I could say a word he left the room.

When he didn’t immediately return I started to get a little flustered. Surely he wouldn’t be chatting with the neighbours or listening to some door to door salesman while I was tied up just a floor above him? I waited what felt like an eternity before he appeared in the bedroom doorway.

“Your second gift has just arrived my love” he said.

He stepped aside and a young woman entered our bedroom. My breath caught and I could feel the blush sweeping through my whole body. I was butt naked before a stranger and I couldn’t even move to cover myself. I could smell my pussy juices but hoped that all she would smell was my lovely perfume. She didn’t speak. She just walked to the end of the bed between my spread legs and looked down at my pussy. She turned to Rob and smiled.

“This is Lindy. She’s a beautician. She’s here to wax you”

Lindy started to get various things out of a large holdall she’d brought with her. I recognised the paraphernalia of the wax pot and strips as she set them out on the sideboard. I couldn’t make my lips move to say anything. I just looked at Rob with my eyes huge and questioning. He walked towards me and whispered in my ear “Don’t worry honey, this is going to be the best wax you ever had and when you’re all smooth I will eat your pussy until you are begging me stop”.

Rob climbed onto the bed and wriggled underneath my arms so that he was sat up with his back against the head board and his legs either side of my body. He pulled me up the bed so that I was nestled against his chest. I understood now why he had left so much length on the ties. He told me to lift my arse and Lindy repositioned the pillow under me so it pushed my pussy up. She sat on the bed beside me.

“You are very wet. I cannot wax you this way. Your pussy juice is running down your thighs. I will need to clean you up first. She reached into her holdall and casino firmaları pulled out a pack of wipes. She gently began to swipe them around my pussy and across my inner thighs. Rob was gently stroking my upper arms and watching her intently. When she had finished with my thighs she moved her hands to my pussy lips and began to wipe them down. She touched everywhere but my clit.

“It’s no good. You are getting wetter and wetter as I clean you. I will have to stench the flow”.

From her bag of tricks she pulled out what appeared to be a giant tampon. “This is a cloth dildo. It will absorb the wetness and allow me to wax around you properly”.

Lindy spread my pussy lips wide and put the head of the dildo at my entrance. It must have been 8 inches long and as wide as Robs cock. As she pushed it inside my I could feel the fabric gripping my pussy walls. I gasped as she pushed it further and further in. “Use your pussy muscles to hold it inside or it will slide out you’re so wet”. I flexed my pelvic floor to hold it tight and could feel the beginnings of an orgasm building within me.

“I am going to apply the wax now. On the count of three you know what to do Rob” she said. I felt the warm wax being pasted on to my pussy lips.

“One, two, three” as she got to three I felt the stingy pain of the wax pulling on my bush at the exact time that Rob reached around and brutally pinched both my nipples. I screamed aloud. The mixture of sheer pleasure and pain sending shooting thrills directly to my clit. I could feel my wetness mounting and the dildo started to pop out my dripping pussy as she continued to wax and Rob continued to stretch and pull my sensitive nipples. I was panting as the feelings overwhelmed me and my orgasm was getting closer and closer.

Lindy reached down and grabbed the end of the fabric dildo. She started to fuck it in and out of my hole. My flesh was tingling around it from the hot wax and hair being pulled off. I could barely breathe as I started to come. My nipples were on fire as Rob continued his pinching.

“You dirty little girl” he whispered in my ear “You love that strange woman fucking your pussy and waxing you clean” this sent me over the edge and I cried out güvenilir casino as she rammed the dildo harder and harder.

As my orgasm subsided she wiped me down again with her cloths and brought out a new rubber dildo. She took the dirty one sodden in my juices and brought it up to my face.

“Open up” she said. I opened my mouth and she pushed the dildo in. “Suck that clean while I do your inner lips. You’re going to be bare down there”. Rob held the dildo and pushed it in and out of my mouth like a cock while she filled me with the new one. I swear it was bigger than the last one and I knew if I could see, that my pussy lips would be stretched grotesquely around it. I sucked the taste of myself from cloth as the smell of my own cunt wafted up to Robs nose.

Again, I felt the warm wax on my inner lips and steeled myself for the pain of her ripping the strips off. Rob shoved the sodden dildo deeper into my mouth and gagged me with it as his fingers returned to my delicate nipples. He pulled and pinched again as she whisked the stips off. I was moaning around the dildo in my mouth and clenching the big stick of rubber in my pussy as she did it.

“All done” she said. “Now for some soothing ointment”.

Into the holdall she went again and came out with a bottle of oil that she poured into her hands and warmed. She started to gently massage the lips of my pussy rubbing the oil deep into my sore skin. Rob removed the dildo from my mouth as I struggled for breath. I twisted my head to him and he kissed me deeply, tasting my juices in my mouth. He hands went back to my tortured nipples and began to gently stroke them. In my mind I was begging Lindy to touch my clit but I couldn’t get the words out. She avoided it completely but her hands went lower dipping into the crack of my ass and rubbing the outside of my little rosebud. I let out a deep sigh as one her fingers started to probe my anus as the other hand started to move the big rubber dildo in and out of my grasping cunt. She put another finger in my ass as Robs pulling became harder and harder on my nipples. I pulled against my bonds until I could stand it no longer.

“My clit, my clit, please touch my clit”

Lindy bent her head down and started to lap at my desperate little nubbin with her tongue. I screamed as I came all over her face and passed out.

When I finally came round, I was untied and wrapped up in our bed. The room was empty. Only my waxed smooth little pussy told me I hadn’t dreamt it.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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