Truth or Dare, Roxy?

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“Truth or Dare?” I looked over at Matt rolling my eyes.

“Really? We’re stooping so low that we’re going to play this?” I leaned back and put my legs up on the chair in front of me. “I’m the only girl here; doesn’t that make it sort of lame to play a game like this?”

“No.” Tom smirked. “What do you think?”

“I think its fine. Besides we don’t even really count you as a girl anymore Rox.” Randy winked at me.

“Thanks. You know just what to say to turn a girl on.” I say sarcastically. “K, fine. Dare.” I looked over at Matt in time to catch him look at his friends before starting. That should have been the first sign of trouble; however I was a little too tipsy to really think about it. I had only had two shots of grey goose vodka, but what can I say? I’m a bit of a lightweight. At least I save money.

“I dare you…” he pretended to think about it, “to take off your bra.”

“…And leave my shirt on?” I asked, confused.

“Uh yah. Leave your shirt on.” Matt quickly replied.

“Wow dude. You suck at dares.” I leaned forward and unhooked my bra from underneath my t-shirt and pulled it down. “Strapless.” I giggled. “Classy I know. I was doing my wash.”

Randy rolled his eyes and took it away from me, tossing it behind him. “Ok, my turn. I choose truth.”

I scrunch up my face a little thinking about it. “K. Give me a sec.” I thought for a little bit, noticing that they were all kind of anxious. “Truthfully, what are you up to?”

Randy smiled and leaned forward, his hands on the table. “I’m not up to anything. It’s just a good game of truth or dare. And you just wasted your question.” He looked over at Tom. “Truth or Dare?”

Tom looked over at me for some reason before answering. “Dare.” Wait, hold on. Tom was the least likely person I knew that would pick dare. I mean, he hated not being able to back out of things. I thought about it for a minute but my thinking started to get fuzzy so I ignored it.

“I dare you to feel up Roxy through her shirt.” I laughed.

“God you guys are such a bunch of pussies. If you want him to feel a boob we didn’t have to go through this whole truth or dare pretext. This is just stupid.” I walk over and grab Tom’s hand. “You want to feel?” He looked down but nodded. I put it up against my breast. “There.” His head rose back up again. I realized then that his face was now eye level to my chest. I could see my nipples getting hard. I swear to god I could feel his breath against my nipple through my shirt. He grazed his fingertips over the entire breast slowly, before running one gently across my nipple, which made it even harder. I looked at him, breathing in sharply. “Uh, happy?” I asked, but he ran the tips of his nails along the outer curve of my breast, almost tracing it, before switching to the other one and repeating everything. Apparently he wasn’t happy yet. Then he lifted his other hand and really gently squeezed them both at the same time. I could feel my pussy getting wet. It must have been the alcohol. I smirked at him, and then pulled his hands off me and sat back down. Tom cleared his throat and then looked over at Matt.

“Truth bahis firmaları or Dare?” Tom asked.


“Did you wish that you had gotten dared to do that?” Tom asked, clearing his throat. That made me notice something. The basement had just gotten incredibly quiet. I looked around and all the guys were looking at me. Oh.

“Yes.” Matt whispered his voice catching just a little. He quickly looked back over at me. “Truth or Dare?”

I paused. I should call off the game. I should tell them all to go home… especially because it just became painfully obvious that something could definitely happen here. I mean yah, we were all over 20…. But stillll…… And we were home alone. But I should….

“Dare.” Nope, apparently my body was taking over for a bit. Two dares in a row that’s a new record for me.

“I dare you to take off your jeans.” I sat there for a second looking at all of them. This was the chance. I had to take it if I didn’t want to get taken advantage of. I had to stop them now before this got any —

My pants were off before my mind could finish that statement. I knew that I had pulled them down seductively. I had unbuttoned them, and while unzipping I pulled one side of the zipped portion away from the rest, showing just a little bit of skin. Then I had turned around, and slowly slid it off my ass, pushing my ass out a bit before pulling them down. No, I did not bend my knees. Wow, I had never felt like such a slut before. Nor had I ever been this turned on. I kicked my jeans off in a stripper fashion, though instead of wearing 6″ heels I was just in my purple and black converse. Randy once again confiscated my article of clothing and tossed it behind him.

I sat back down on the chair. I was only wearing my tight blue t-shirt, which I was sure by now wasn’t hiding much, and my red panties that had a very obvious wet stain on them. I crossed my legs to hide it. That was when I noticed my shoes. I quickly undid them and took them off. They just looked ridiculous on with no pants. I sighed that that mattered to me while I was practically half naked in front of three guys.

“Truth or Dare, Randy?”

“Truth.” He said. He seemed to be the only one whose voice remained intact. That bothered me for some reason. I felt like I wasn’t affecting him. If I was going to be massively turned on it was only fair that all of them were instead of just two out of three.

“How big is your cock?” I looked down at his dick through his jeans. I had always kind of wondered but that wasn’t something you just went around saying.

“Why do you want to know?” He asked, getting defensive.

“It’s not my turn for truth it’s yours.” I said sarcastically. Yes! A good comeback when I was tipsy was a rarity. I’m glad it happened today.

“I dunno, you wanna just see it?” He stood up, as if trying to intimidate me.

“Sure.” The look of surprise on his face was almost worth the fact that I had openly admitted I wanted to see his cock. He looked around at the other two before slowly undoing his jeans. He was less sexy about it than me, but I was turned on nonetheless. He pulled his cock out. kaçak iddaa It was hard and long. I licked my lips unconsciously. It twitched. I decided that even if this wasn’t the direction I thought this game was going to go I wasn’t going to regret this.

“Not bad.” It was about 7″ I’d say. I could probably wrap my hand around it and have my thumb rest on my nails of my fingers. Rather impressive I’d have to say.

He shoved it back in his pants and I tried not to frown. He didn’t zip them back up I noted. “K , uh, Tom. Truth or Dare?”

“Truth.” That was more like the Tom I knew.

“Have you ever jacked off at someone else’s house besides your own?”

Tom looked to the side and then took a deep breath. “I’ve jacked off in the bathroom in the basement bathroom here a couple of times.” All the guys burst into laughter. I tried not to moan, imagining him stroking his cock… the facial expressions….

Tom looked over at Matt, quickly trying to get the attention off of himself. “Truth or Dare?”

“Dare, I guess.” Matt shrugged.

Tom thought for a bit and then devilishly smiled. “You’ve never touched a girl… down there, have you?”

“Hey this is a dare not a truth.” Matt defended.

“No he hasn’t.” Randy said matter-of-factly.

“I dare you to touch Roxy, underneath her panties.” Tom sat back smiling.

Matt got up and walked over to me. Oh my god, I could feel my pussy getting soaking wet. This was so weird. I sat back and looked at him.

“Do you want to take them off or just have me reach inside?” He asked, his voice kind of awkward, and he wasn’t making very much eye contact. I decided to hell with it, I was probably going to be dared to take it off next round anyway, so I slid off my slick panties. I heard a sharp intake of breath from the guys. Thank god I shave on a regular basis. Matt dropped to his knees in front of me and I cautiously opened my legs for him. He reached his hand forward and gently prodded the outer lips. I moaned. I couldn’t help it! I hadn’t had a guy touch me there… well ever. Not bare skinned at least. I was so excited I was soaking. He slid his finger inside a little and ran it up and down my slit, dipping a little into the hole and then coming back up and rubbing my clit in little circles. I was trying hard not to moan the entire time, but my breathing gave away how much I wanted it.

“Is this good?” He whispered.

“Yessss” I groaned through gritted teeth. “Put it inside me.”

He slid his finger back down and started to gently put it inside me. God I could feel it inching its way into my cunt. I wanted to push down and force it all in at once but the agonizing slow was actually so intoxicating I didn’t want it to stop. I felt his knuckle hit my outer lips and I groaned, now grinding my cunt against his hand. He pulled out right before I was about to cum and I almost screamed.

“Truth or dare, Roxy?” He whispered in my ear. I was panting so loud and humping the air.

“Dare. Dare. Dare.” I repeated frantically.

“Let us do what we want with you.” I looked into his eyes. His pupils were huge, I could hardly see the iris anymore. kaçak bahis I looked at all the other guys. They were staring at me with lust, pure lust.

“Yes.” That was it. Our stupid game was over. Matt picked me up and placed me on the floor before he dropped down and buried his head between my legs. Tom came over and ripped my shirt off sucking on my nipples and stroking whichever breast didn’t have his mouth at the time. Randy pulled his pants down and held his cock in front of my face. I didn’t hesitate. I slid it right into my mouth. He started humping my face, slowly at first and then more and more. I let him take over. My mouth was wrapped as tightly around his cock as it could be while still letting him have enough space to fuck it. Matt’s tongue was running up and down my slit, digging into my pussy every once in a while, and then going back up to tease my clit. The constant suction of Tom on my nipples and seduction of his fingertips on my breast made Matt’s job a lot more messy. I looked down at Matt.

“Fuck me.” That was all I needed to say. He stood up and slid his cock out, pressing the head against my cunt. He slid it inside slowly and I screamed in pleasure. He started to fuck me, and I lost myself. I was drifting somewhere in this state of pure utopia. Every part of my body was stimulated and horny. I was so wet it was pooling beneath me on the floor. Tom got up from sucking my tits and instead licked them until they were really wet and climbed on top of me, pushing them together and fucking them. I came right then. My pussy clenched around Matt and I felt my muscles tensing. Randy stopped long enough for me to scream on his cock and breathe before resuming course. Matt pulled his cock out and jacked off, shooting his load all over my stomach and legs. That was when they switched.

Tom got up and slid his cock into my mouth, Matt fucked my tits and Randy and his long cock fucked my pussy. Again I returned to utopia. I loved being used like this. I lost Roxy and all of her problems. All I felt was amazing, raw, hot pleasure. I came every two minutes and they switched once Randy had cum. He chose to shoot his load on my tits. Then he slid up and used his cum as lube to hump my tits with. Tom was next to fuck me. I was beginning to get tired. I felt him enter me. He was by far the thickest one. And I was grateful they saved the best for last. He made me cum a sum total of nine times before he jizzed. He shot his load all over my inner thighs. That was the last thing I remember.

I woke up a few hours later and it was dark outside. I was now lying on the couch still naked. I was a little sore. I opened my eyes slowly and saw my men. I was lying across all of their laps. Randy was gently stroking the inside of my legs, playing with my pussy as if it was the first he had ever seen. He was practically worshipping it with his hands. Matt was stroking my body, his fingertips running up and down my abdomen, breasts and sides. His soft touches were lulling me into a sense of security. I was safe with them. And Tom was massaging my neck, which I found very thoughtful seeing as I had probably strained it from sucking them all off. I opened my eyes wearily and smiled. I felt cum crusted on my lips from sucking them off. Randy looked over at me.

“Hey, Roxy. Truth or dare?” He winked and slid his fingers inside my sopping wet cunt.

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