Trippy Afternoon with April

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All the characters, events, places, and situations made up in this story are purely fictional- products of the author’s sick mind. This is intended an adult story, and should be treated as one. This story includes;

Drug use, anal intercourse, detailed foreplay, and language. Readers advised.

I was in my one-room condo when I invited April over for some LSD. She agreed and came over. April was a young girl (about 18, give or take), who had blondish-brown hair, she was about 5’4, ok tits, nice, curvy ass. she was medium build with a cute face. After investing the acid, she became slow (speech and thought wise, which I anticipated), a rare reaction indeed, but i had heard she had gotten that before from some other acid. I asked her to lie down with me. She was lying on her stomach, so her nice ass was in view, and right next to my arm, actually, as I was sitting up and we were facing the tv. She wore a loose t shirt and black yoga pants. I started to feel her posterior- getting a feel for it. Caressing her cheeks- much like I was exploring. She looked back, puzzled, and said

“W-what… Are… You….”

“Getting a feel for you,” I said.

She thought about it for a second, then turned to face the television again.

I again began caressing, but I finally I decided it was time to make my move. I began pulling the tights down her legs. She didn’t seem to notice though, as her bahis firmaları red panties came into view. She began laughing at something on the tv, making her ass bounce. I began pulling down the panties, exposing her pale, nice, white ass. I slowly spread her cheeks, revealing her small pink asshole, And the end of her pussy. Both holes were unshaven, but the hair was blonde, barely noticeable unless you run your tongue along the holes.

I ran my thumb down her cheek into her asshole, which was really warm and moist. I rubbed around the area a bit until she liked back at me.

“That’s…. hahaha really gross…”

“Is it? You don’t like it?”

“No, I do…… It’s just weird…”

“Did you know you can absorb acid through your anal canal?”

Her eyes widened significantly.she had asked me five minutes ago if it was time to take another doseage.


“I’ll give you another tab if you let me stick it up your butthole.”

Her eyes darted around the room and her mouth was slightly open.

“However, I’m taking mine regardless.” I said.

She thought for a second and in all of a sudden, she got up on her hands and knees on the bed, and used one hand to spread her cheek. I immediately licked my pointer finger and rubbed that little pink asshole. I finally stuck my finger In- which created a strange grunt from her. I slid it in and out- feeling the walls of the kaçak iddaa canal every time. I finally stuck the tab of acid to the tip of my pointer and slid it into her hole- leaving it in there. She got down to her original position- not pulling her pants up. Spreading her again, I started to lick her ass- tasting the acid on her hole.

“Hey, April?”

“Uh, yeah?”

“Can I fuck you?”

“Right now??”

“Maybe in the next hour, when it’s absorbed?”

“In my butt?”


“Uh…. I don’t know… Your finger was the only thing I’ve ever had put in my butt…”

“You’ve never been touched there?”

“No…. Well, not before today, I guess…”

We fell silent and I started to lick her ass again, but this time I slid a finger into her pussy. She started to moan as I slid it in-and-out while my tongue was doing the same to her other hole. I did this periodically until the acid absorbed. She then started laughing uncontrollably, and that’s when I climbed on top of her, and pulled my cock out. I spread her ass to see her little pink, moist, tight, little shit-hole. I guided the head of my cock into it- finding it readily hard to penetrate.

“Wait- please…” She grunted.

For some reason I stopped.

“Yeah, what is it?”

“Hahahaha what *snicker* are you doing??”

“I’m putting my manhood into your butt- baby. Just like we talked about.”

“Hehe- kaçak bahis it hurts!”

“It won’t for long- I promise!”

She began laughing again, and I ( once again) climbed up to the position- spreading her cheeks. I opened my night stand drawer and found some petroleum jelly. I took a smudge and stuck it in the hole- also spread around it, as well was my cock. I put pressure into my first forcing penetration- and the head began to sink into the small, pink hole. She started to make strange dissatisfied grunts- long ones. I was about halfway in her ass when she began to spread her cheeks and lie down all the way, her face cringed in pain. Finally, after adding more jelly, I was pumping the girl’s ass.

“You like that? Well, do ya?!”

“P-please… Ugh- not… That…. Hard!”

“Ok, for your sake, I’ll slow down.”


As my front slapped against her cheeks- her face went from twisted pain- to peace and enjoyment. She no longer made painful grunts at every thrust. I shot my load deep into her anal cavity, and I climbed off, totally stripping her pants off for her comfort. She took a break and began watching tv again.

I spread her again to look at her stretched asshole- cum leaking out of it. She left to the bath room not much later (probably for the cum), then returned, still pant-less.

After awhile of watching tv, she turned back to look at me;

“Lick my ass again!”

And, let me tell you friends, I obliged fully.

Thank you for reading.

April, and the Protagonist are fictional characters (once again). Written by SpeedDesire, September 2013.

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