Triad Ch. 02: First Date

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I drove down to Summerland as the sun was setting behind the hills around Santa Barbara. I beat them there, waiting in front of the restaurant, shivering a bit from the cool, evening wind. I wasn’t entirely sure what I had agreed to. I wasn’t entirely sure how far I would go. Each car that pulled through the lot made my heart beat harder.

Then I saw them. Approaching from the far side of the parking lot, they held hands and smiling brightly at me, as if I was an old friend. Milo was wearing a simple, dark button-down, tie, and black pants. The woman with him, Julia I assumed, was wearing all black: a short dress, tights, heels, and leather jacket. She was beautiful. Her bangs were cut clean at her brow and her red lipstick glowed even across the distance.

I was entirely underdressed. I had on jeans and a sweater over a striped, collared shirt. I was the librarian to their power couple.

As she got closer, I could tell she was in fact the woman on the bed at the party. And all I could think about was some strange man eating out her ass. I gave a quick wave and they came up to the entrance.

“Hi there,” I extended my hand first to Juila. She was tall and I had to look up a bit to smile at her.

Her mouth was wide in a grin. “Pleasure to meet you.”

I let myself wonder what those red lips tasted like.

Milo said, “Honey, this is Allie. Allie, this is Julia.”

“Nice to meet you,” I said. “Good to see you again, Milo.”

He winked at me.

“I’m so sorry I’m underdressed. I though you meant casual,” I said.

“Oh please,” Milo said. “You’re adorable. We could eat you up.”


We were seated at a small, square table off to one side of the restaurant, our little secluded space soaked in the setting sun. I wondered if Milo had asked them to seat us over here. Maybe just a coincidence?

Julia and I sat across from each other, with Milo in between us. We went through the basics: school, hobbies, adventures. Milo bumped my foot once and I pulled back.

Julia ordered red wine and Milo ordered whiskey. The menu was only one page and the prices intimidated me. It would take some time to get used to the California cost of living. I did order one glass of red wine. Any more than that and I probably shouldn’t drive home.

“Julia, what do you do?” I asked.

She smiled at me, “I’m a ballerina.”

Of course she’s a ballerina, I thought. “That’s incredible. Are you with a company, or?”

“Yes, with State Street Ballet.”

“You must be very fit.”

Milo chuckled and beamed at her.

She laughed a little, looking at the table cloth, “Yes, fairly so. I’ve been dancing since I was a little girl. I also teach ballet, too.”

I felt something slight and small against the outside of my knee. It moved slightly, pulling back.

“How long have you lived in Santa Barbara?” Milo asked me.

“Not long. Just a few months, but I’m in love with this area, the hiking, the ocean.”

And so continued our simple, awkward conversation.

At one point, Julia said, “You seem very young. Do you mind me asking how old you are?”

I swallowed, “24.”

“You seem pretty successful for being so young.”

“I guess I’m just good at what I do,” I said. “How old are you two?”

Milo spoke up, “Julia is 31 and I am 39. I turn 40 this summer.”

“That’s quite the age gap.”

“Do mean for us or for you?” Milo asked.

“Both, I guess.”

Julia leaned forward slightly, “Allie, are you nervous?”

“Very much so,” I sighed, almost relieved to express it, hoping it might forgive my shaking and constantly touching my face. “I’ve never been on a date with a couple before,” I explained.

They smiled at each other. “It’s okay, you don’t have to be nervous.”

Milo whispered something to Julia. She looked across the room to a table who had recently been seated with two, young women, maybe friends. Milo leaned into me, “I think they’re eaves-dropping on us.” His eyes were bright.

I felt the same pressure on my outer knee again. I looked over at Milo; he has started chatting with Julia about something. He was hunched forward a bit, his left shoulder dropped.

These little touches were no accident, I realized. He was trying to rub my knee from under the table, the white cloth draped over his advances. No man had ever touched me like this on the first date, these light, secret strokes as his wife sat across from us. I wondered if she knew.

Then Milo caught my glance and smiled at me. “Are you still nervous?” He laughed a little to himself.

“Yes,” I hissed with a smile.

“How about dessert?” he asked. His fingertips brushed across the top of my knee. A tingle ran up my thigh to gather at the crest of my legs.

“Sure,” I said. “You pick.”

“You know,” Milo said. “You can ask us anything.”

I thought back to our kiss on the veranda at the benefit. I wanted to kiss him again.

“So how many…others have you two seen in the past?” I asked.

They thought about bahis firmaları it for a moment, punching numbers in their eyes.

“Two women regularly,” Julia said. “One girl was a grad student at UC Santa Barbara. We saw her for a while, but I think it just fizzled out and we wanted different things. Then the second was an accountant. We got along really well with her, but then she moved to Oregon.”

“And how long have you been doing this?” I asked.

“Oh about four years.”

“And how do you usually do it? I mean where do you…”

“Well we don’t particularly like to have our outside partners over at our home. That’s our private space. So sometimes we use our parnters’ homes or a hotel.”

“Sometimes at parties,” Milo smiled. “It’s fun to listen to everyone else while we’re locked in a bedroom and nobody knows…Usually nobody knows.”

I swallowed.

“Oh that was you?” Julia asked. She laughed a little and put her hand on Milo’s arm. “Honey, you didn’t tell me this was that girl.”

“I’m really sorry about that,” I said.

Julia smiled at me, “It’s really alright. Milo likes to be so private because of his job, but I don’t mind. It can be fun to get caught by such a pretty, young woman.”

My cheeks got hot, but it was not unpleasant. My body was starting to warm and I felt bolder. “So you are seeing multiple people at the same time?” I asked.

“No,” she said. “We don’t really have the time to take on multiple partners. We like to stick to one at a time.”

“So the man at the party?”

“That was one of our long-time friends. We see him frequently but only sometimes do we have fun like that. I guess he’s an exception; we do see him on and off.”

“Where did you meet him?”

Milo said, “I went to college with him at Cal Poly. We lived on the same floor freshman year and stayed close.”

“Is he, he’s not…married is he?”

“Yes, he is,” Milo said. “His wife is lovely. I also went to college with her. They both

live in Santa Barbara now.”

“She knows?”

“Of course,” he said. “She was at the party, too. She was waiting downstairs for a bit and then joined us after a while. She likes to watch once we get going.”

“Didn’t you know people there?”

“Yes, most of the people there,” Milo said. “But that’s one of the reasons it excites us. And why we have to be incredibly discreet.”

“How did this start? I mean, this seems very strange to me.”

Milo nodded, “I know we don’t have your typical, monogamous marriage. Some people tell us, if we loved each other, then how could we possibly desire anyone else, but I don’t think that’s realistic. Julia and I love each other very much and we are very secure and satisfied in our relationship. We don’t use outside partners to fix anything. We do it because it excites us.”

Julia said, “We don’t believe in the fairy tale. We are partners, but we understand we can’t always meet each other’s every, single need. Sometimes it’s nice to get an extra hand every now and then. It doesn’t mean we think there’s something missing in our relationship, it just means we acknowledge our limitations and both like to explore and experience new things together.”

Milo said, “We don’t like to live by the normal rules. We sort of make up our own rules that work for us. It takes a lot of communication about our limits, our fears, our fantasies, but we think it’s worth it. We are constantly growing and changing and we want to change together.”

“One big rule is that we are always together when we go out to dinner or play. So it’s never just one-on-one with an outside partner. Does that make sense?” Julia said.

“Yes, it does,” I said.

“We know what we like,” Julia said. “And it works for us. We enjoy it and we enjoy sharing it with others. “Is this too much information at once?”

“It’s okay. It is a lot, but I think I’m understanding.”

“Are you feeling any more comfortable?” she asked.


“So…do you have any ideas for the evening?”

Like sex? “I’m not sure. What do you think?”

“Whatever you want,” Milo said.

Could I sleep with them on the first date? How crass? I was here to learn, not fuck them. But I could feel their subtle desire pouring across the table toward me, and I was incredibly tempted. I did want to learn. I moved all the way out here, away from my family and friends to experience something new and different. The same reasons they gave.

I scooted further under the table. Milo didn’t have to reach nearly as far now.

I ordered another glass of wine.

He rubbed my knee and then slowly up my leg for the next forty-five minutes. I liked our dirty little secret, him stroking me as I chatted with his wife and other tables filled up around us. Julia must have known by now, and I began to suspect he was stroking her, too.

“Tell us about your past experiences,” Milo asked.

“I’m not sure if there’s much to tell,” I said. “I’ve had a few boyfriends in high school and college. They were all nice, but it was kaçak iddaa never that serious.”

“Why do you think?” Julia asked.

I sighed, “I think we always wanted different things. They wanted to stay in the Midwest, close to family, and just do what they’re parents did, and that scared me. I’ve always wanted something different, to see new places and try new things. They were so vanilla, and I just didn’t want that.”

“You like adventure,” Milo said, maybe a question, maybe a statement.

I nodded. And his fingers brushed against the top of my thigh, slowly dipping down into that hot spot between my legs. I was wet now and I wondered if he could feel it. My breath came heavy and I started to lose focus on the conversation. Julia said something and I had to ask her to repeat it.

“Are you having a good time?” she asked.

Milo fingers pressed against my clit and I shook.

“Yes,” I gasped.

Julia smiled. “Do you like to try new things?”

He pressed against my clit again and again I gasped.


My hand clenched a fistful of the tablecloth. I couldn’t believe he was touching me like this in public.

“Would you like to spend the night with us?” she asked.

I could barely focus on her words as her husband worked my pussy through my jeans. I nodded. Milo released me to pay the check and we left.


Julia sat in the back seat with me while Milo drove us. I didn’t know where we were going. I was breaking every rule my mother taught me as a child. But I trusted them. I trusted these two strangers and I wanted their trust in return. I felt the same blind curiosity I did the night of the party. My body hot and aching for new sensations, new images, like an addict returning to his addiction with delight after a too long respite.

“Allie, you’re going to love this home!” Julia suddenly cooed, taking my hand. “It’s right on the cliff overlooking the Pacific. It’s just gorgeous. I think the moon is bright enough tonight to really see the view.”

I stared at Julia’s face. She was maybe in her late twenties, early thirties. She was gorgeous with dark hair, dark eyes, and those bright, red lips. I was cute, I knew, but no one had ever called me gorgeous. I focused on her mouth. I had never kissed a woman before.

Julia smiled at me, “You look very beautiful,” she said and for a moment I saw her looking at mouth and then back at my eyes. I knew exactly what she was asking. I leaned forward a little and she mirrored me.

Our lips touched lightly at first. Everything about her was so soft. Her lips, her cheek, her hair, her hands. As we gently explored each other quietly, I began to understand—her femininity was intoxicating.


The home was a small mansion. Three-car garage, four bedroom, fountain in the entry way, and a grand piano in the foyer. Across the formal living room was floor to ceiling glass, overlooking the back patio, small grassy yard, and the twinkly lights of the moon bouncing across the sea.

Julia took my hand and pulled me through the house to the backyard. I followed her down this little path that ended at a small, cliff-side patio with large cushioned couches and fire pit. We sat there in quiet conversation, awing at the vast, dark ocean and the steady sound of soft waves crashing against the cliff below.

Milo joined us a few minutes later with a bottle of wine and three glasses. He started the fire as we sipped and chatted and shared the intimate details our past relationships. Sex, what positions I’ve tried, I’ve liked. My past boyfriends, my fantasies, my experience.

“Do you prefer to be submissive or dominant?” she asked me.

“I’m not sure,” I said. “I like to be equal, I guess.”

She smiled, “It’s just for play.”

I wasn’t entirely sure what she meant.

“Have you ever been with two other people at once?” Julia asked.

“Never,” I said.

“Have you ever wanted to? Fantasized about it?”

“Not really.”

She seemed disappointed.

“Not until recently, I mean,” I said and she smiled.

“Do you like spanking?” she asked.

I thought of Julia, ass up, skin pink as the man spanked her over and over again.

“Seems like it might hurt.”

“Not really,” she laughed. “It stings, but only for a second, but it mostly feels good I think.”

“Then maybe.”

“Do you have any reservations about being with a woman?”

“I don’t think so.”


“Hm, maybe not this time.”

She went through a long list of things, some I had never actually heard of before. It would have normally taken me months to open up to girlfriends about these details. But something about their cool calm, something about confessing to people I hardly knew, that gave me immunity. I felt I could tell them all of my secrets and they would keep them safe for me.

“We’ll go really slow,” Julia assured. “And if at any point, you feel uncomfortable or just don’t feel good, then tell us and we’ll stop. Do you understand?”

I nodded, “Okay.” kaçak bahis

Milo and I were sitting on either side of Julia and I noticed he had been rubbing her leg in his silence, gently squeezing up and down the inside of her thigh. As the conversation quieted, his hand went up to cup one of her breasts, pulling her dress down, relieving her breast entirely. I saw her nipple dark and hard for just a moment before his fingers covered it, pinching and pulling. They started to kiss and he did the same to her other breast. Her hand came down to his crotch and started to work at his buckle, unzipping him.

I tossed the rest of my wine back and leaned into the couch, watching for a while in a heady shock. The fire was warm on my face and the couch comfortable and I could feel myself grow wet and hot as I watched them.

I had expected Milo to be the dominant one. He was the one who caught me in the hallway, teased me, kissed me on the veranda, and invited me to dinner. But I understood now, that although Milo was dominant, Julia was really the one in charge. She was the center of attention during their rendezvouses. They were all for her.

Julia leaned over to take his cock in her mouth, one hand firm at the base while her tongue flicked at the head, then dragged up and down the base then sides of his shaft. Milo’s hand was buried underneath her dress now. He leaned his head against the back of the couch and watched me as his desire grew.

After a few moments, he nudged her to sit back up. He moved to his knees on the wooden floor and slowly spread her legs, keeping eye contact with her. A snake to her Garden of Eden, trustful and tempting and wanting to spoil her soft body. She leaned back more and gave him ample access. She pulled her dress up enough so I could see the shadowy cleft where her thighs parted. She wasn’t wearing panties and his mouth met no resistance as it dipped beneath her dress.

Her moans started almost immediately. I worried some neighbors might hear us, but I realized their estate was fairly large and the waves crashing against the cliffs below us would probably scatter any sounds that traveled too far.

Julia reached out and caught my hand, opening her eyes to look at me.

My mouth parted and my vision blurred a bit in pleasure. She put her hand on the back of my neck and pulled me gently in for a kiss. She drew my other hand to one of her breasts. They were firm and perk, her skin soft against mine.

She pulled her mouth away. “Do you want to taste them?” she asked.

I looked down at the gentle slopes of her breasts. As if possessed, I merely nodded and descended onto them, first kissing the tops and the sides and then finally closed my lips around one nipple. She arched and gasped under my mouth, her moans growing to cries. I bit down gently and she got louder, I sucked harder and she get louder. I rolled the other nipple in my finger and she grew even louder. Milo adjusted and started to use his fingers with his mouth and she began to buck against us. I was drunk on the sudden power we had over her body.

I caught her nipple between my teeth and tugged and suddenly she arched violently, crying out, her hands reaching out to hold onto us as the climax crashed through her. I licked her nipples gently, savoring the sound of her cries mingled with the crashing waves in the darkness below.

Milo came out from between her hard thighs, breathing heavy, mouth slick with her cum, eyes disoriented in low light. It was an erotic sight.

“Let’s go inside, baby,” he said to Julia. “I need you.”

She nodded and together we slowly gathered our things and made our way toward the house. Milo caught my hand in his and brought it up to his mouth, kissing it, sucking on the tip of one finger and then another. And then he thought better of something and stopped, facing me, he pulled me in for a kiss and I could taste his wife’s juices sweet on his lips. My knees nearly buckled.

It was quiet and warm inside their big house. It felt as though we were the last three humans on Earth and we could play until the end of time.

“I think it’s your turn,” Milo said.

They both turned toward me, Milo in front and Julia behind. Milo began to kiss me while Julia pulled my hair away from my neck and nibbled on my skin there. Her arms came up behind me and took each of my breasts in her hand, squeezing them and kneading them, pinching my nipples. I was weak now in their arms. I knew they could probably do whatever they wanted with me and I would eagerly welcome it.

They began to undress me and then each other and within a few minutes we were all a naked mess on the bed. Milo laid back and Julia crawled over him, taking his cock in her mouth again and she rolled and squeezed his balls in her hand.

He looked at me, “Can I taste you?” he asked, almost begging.

I nodded and crawled over to him. He helped me up to straddle his face and I steadied myself on the headboard. I didn’t want to put all my weight on him, but he growled liked I was teasing him and pulled on my thighs until I was sitting on his face. He devoured me immediately. This was not the slow and deliberate Milo I knew, this was eager Milo who lapped at my pussy voraciously, as if I was his first drink from a long, desert trek.

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