Tied, Teased and Pleasured

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‘That was a great party,’ observed Lizzie. ‘And thanks to my matchmaking attempts, Fiona and Ben really seemed to hit it off.’ Having finished in the bathroom, she made her way towards the dressing table in the corner of their huge bedroom, to tie up her hair. It was part of her nightly routine.

‘Mmmm,’ agreed William. He was lying on their king-sized bed in just a pair of boxer shorts, admiring how extremely edible his girlfriend looked. Lizzie was wearing only a short, silk camisole which left very little to the imagination…or at least, left very little to his imagination. Standing up, he stalked over to join her, gathering up her long hair into his hands and gently tipping her head back to look at him. ‘I’m more interested in us hitting it off, to be honest…’

‘Oh yeah?’ grunted Lizzie, her eyes naturally closing as William began to handle her hair, before plaiting it down her back. It was such a soothing feeling, although she knew whatever his plans were would ultimately be nothing like as relaxing. The thought of what his wicked mind was undoubtedly scheming made her lips twitch into a small smile.

‘Yeah,’ he confirmed. Reaching for a ribbon, he tied the end of the plait securely. Briefly, the two lovers gazed at each other through the reflection of the aged mirror. ‘Put your hands out in front of you,’ he ordered gently, breaking the spell. Swallowing down her natural response, Lizzie did as she’d been asked. She wasn’t stupid. Earlier that evening, she’d rather daringly offered him whatever he wanted tonight, as payment for her earlier transgressions. Clearly, whatever followed was what he wanted.

Biting her lower lip gently, Lizzie watched William select two scarves from her near-side drawer, before starting to securely fasten one around each of her exposed wrists. Swallowing, she glanced up into his jet-black eyes which looked almost gleeful, brimming over as they were with exhilaration and desire. An unspoken conversation took place between them in that moment; this might have been sold as Lizzie’s payment, but William’s only real goal was her immense pleasure. Probably with a decent measure of denial thrown in, at least at first, if past experience was anything to go by.

‘Follow me, prisoner,’ he instructed, tugging gently on the scarves so that Lizzie was led towards the bed, her arms stretched out in front of her. ‘Lay down on your tummy,’ he added more gently.

With her heart pounding fast, Lizzie did as she’d been asked, finding herself swallowing regularly, in order to moisten her dry throat. Before she knew what was happening, William had loosely placed each of her hands beside a bedpost, so that her arms were stretched up at either side of her head. She hadn’t been fastened to the bed, but she had a fair idea he wished her to remain in that position.

Lying face down and refusing to glance behind, Lizzie instead relied upon her other senses. She heard William collect something from the bathroom, before sitting down on the edge of the bed beside her. Highly aware of his presence, Lizzie still jumped at the unexpected touch of his fingers on her hips, as he began to roll her sheer camisole all the way up and over her head, leaving her entirely naked.

‘Fuck, you’re gorgeous,’ sighed William, his eyes drawn to her shapely buttocks and long legs. ‘I’m crazy about you,’ he added, in such a pained manner that Lizzie knew he was speaking the truth.

Seconds later, she felt his warm hands, dripping with massage oil, starting to distribute the aromatic liquid across her entire body. Then commenced the most relaxing massage ever. Taking increasingly deep, satisfied breaths, she revelled in William’s highly talented hands driving out every ounce of stress from her body. He spent considerable time focussing on the deep-set muscles in her neck, shoulders and ass, which always held the majority of Lizzie’s tension. This tender care was coupled with his fingers occasionally grazing teasingly down her sides, near to her breasts, or along the very tops of her thighs. It acted as a clear reminder that, although he was very happy to spend time solely on relaxing her, she had so far only encountered the first act of tonight’s performance. More would be required of Lizzie in due course; she had no doubt about that.

‘Turn over,’ he said at last, his voice nothing but a low, deep grumble, after such a long spell of silence.

Half-heartedly, Lizzie struggled to obey. In her highly relaxed state, her limbs felt boneless, as though they were made of rubber. Her brain had turned woolly and vacant. One thing Lizzie was incredibly aware of, however, was the extent to which William’s loving massage had turned her on; her abdomen felt hot and heavy and her pussy was encompassed by a low-level throbbing which was setting her senses on fire. God, how she wanted this man. With a smile threatening on her face, she was just about to attempt to open her sleepy eyes and drink in the sight of her lover afresh, when William unexpectedly eryaman escort bayan straddled her hips and securely fitted an eye mask.

‘What are you doing?’ gasped Lizzie. Feeling much more alert now, her eyes snapped open, but it was too late. All she could see was darkness behind the mask.

‘You know exactly what I’m doing,’ replied William’s lustful, honeyed tones. ‘I’m cashing in my promised payment of whatever I want. That is still the payment you’re offering me, right?’ he asked, the amusement in his voice undeniable.

‘Yeah,’ grunted Lizzie, now switching to panting through her mouth, as sexual desire surged through her veins. William then took hold of each of her wrists in turn, tying the scarves firmly around each bedpost on either side of her head. Almost instantly, all thoughts of Lizzie’s relaxing massage vacated her brain. Something even more pleasurable was on the cards now, and she didn’t want to miss a second of it.

‘Good,’ replied William, the existence of a smile on his face audible through his tone. ‘I’m just contemplating whether I ought to purchase some vibrating nipple clamps to our collection of toys, after the conversation I overheard you having with Fiona earlier…’

Lizzie found herself opening her mouth to respond. Most unusually, however, she couldn’t find the words so allowed her jaw to tighten shut once more. Her body was less capable of disguising her needs though. Her nipples had hardened considerably at the mention of the new toys William wanted to purchase and a surge of goosebumps shot across her chest and down her arms, tightening the skin considerably in their wake.

Lizzie didn’t have too long to consider William’s idle threats though. With an incredibly delicate fingertip touch, he had started to run his hands down the inside of both of her exposed arms. Starting at the wrist, he skimmed down her inner arm and across her ticklish armpits, before looping around her throbbing breasts and heading back up again. Her skin felt unbearably sensitive and Lizzie naturally fought against the position in which she found herself by struggling to break free. Unfortunately, due to a combination of William’s weight across her hips and her securely restrained hands, she had no option but to simply take what he was giving her. Surprisingly, despite how unbearably ticklish the entire experience was, there was no doubt it was turning her on. Lizzie could literally feel the arousal streaming within her pussy and down onto the bed sheets below.

‘Oh stop!’ came her gasping, half-laughing cries, as she failed to free herself from her shackles. ‘I can’t bear it!’

‘One tip in the future then,’ replied an amused-sounding William. ‘Improve your negotiating skills. Never offer someone anything they want in return.’

Taking pity on Lizzie’s desperate situation, William ceased tickling her, instead rotating his oily palms around her breasts instead. This was interspersed by occasionally rolling her nipples, which had hardened into bullets, between thumb and forefinger. Rocking her hips as best she could in response, Lizzie groaned pleasurably as her clit started to pound. It felt like there was a current set up between her nipples and pussy; each time William stimulated her breasts, pleasure washed down through her body, ending up focussed directly on her clit. To say she felt sexually frustrated was a massive understatement.

‘Fuck me,’ demanded Lizzie. If she hadn’t been blindfolded, this statement would have been accompanied by a pleading look, which never failed to win William around, but that particular tool had been removed from her repertoire tonight. Perhaps that was the reason he’d chosen to blindfold her in the first place, pondered Lizzie perceptively.

‘I certainly intend to,’ confirmed William, dismounting Lizzie to momentarily walk across the room, collect something and return. ‘Not yet though.’

What that something was soon became very clear, when Lizzie felt a further restraint being applied to one of her ankles. Her limb was then stretched wide and tied off at the edge of the bed, leaving only her one remaining leg free.

‘What are you planning?’ she groaned, struggling against her bindings to no avail. Whatever William had in mind, she was there for the duration.

‘Sometimes, I think it’s kinder not to know, don’t you?’ he replied cryptically. ‘Just understand that you are mine tonight…mine to tease and torment as I see fit.’

And then, pulling off his final item of clothing, William settled himself between Lizzie wide open legs. Allowing his thick cock to nestle against her wet, engorged lips, he gently folded the rest of himself over her, before his mouth claimed hers as his own. Their kiss was long, deep and satisfying; tongues moving lovingly against each other in order to deliver maximum joint satisfaction. As their passions ignited, an imprisoned Lizzie found herself frantic to pull William even closer to her wanton body. With all but one limb immovable, ankara escort she wrapped her only free leg firmly around his waist, in an attempt to trap him and pull him inside. Her action made them both groan with denied pleasure, as William’s cock sank deeper into the slippery mess and their rocking hips encouraged him to slide more firmly against her. Yet, not once did William make any attempt to enter, always remaining firmly against her swollen exterior. Unable to bear it any longer, Lizzie broke their kiss.

‘Fuck!’ she almost shouted, her frustration undeniable. ‘I need you! Fuck me!’

‘Oh, I know exactly what you need,’ replied William, sounding stern. For the first time, Lizzie was glad she was blindfolded. She had an idea that her lover would look pretty intimidating around about now. ‘You need a little lesson in timekeeping.’

‘But, that client meeting wasn’t my fault…’ began Lizzie, as she attempted to justify why she’d been late home. But she knew he was right; the day before that, she didn’t have anything like as good an excuse. Time had just slipped away from her.

‘I don’t need to hear your attempted justifications,’ interrupted William, levering himself up from Lizzie’s body and bringing her outburst to a rapid end. ‘Why don’t you use your mouth for something more useful instead?’ And with that, he eased himself up the bed before lowering his cock towards her.

With a groan, Lizzie moved her mouth towards his location, using the scent of her own arousal as a beacon towards the direction she needed to head in. Aiming towards her extended tongue, William guided his cock forwards until just the very tip met her. Immediately, Lizzie moaned deep in her throat, attempting to lick around the head and give him the kind of elation of which they both knew she was easily capable.

‘Mmmmm, that’s my good girl,’ growled William, his head thrown back as pleasure took over his senses. Gradually, he fed himself in deeper, enjoying the sensation of Lizzie’s playful tongue and lips helping to drive him on. Lazily, he dropped his spare hand down to her tummy where he circled it around. Each movement forced Lizzie to groan against his cock, as her body twitched and flinched outside of her control. She was so turned on now that every touch was simply agony, pushing her closer and closer to the edge.

Playfully, William began to stroke her neatly trimmed hair, already smeared with arousal. Lizzie naturally opened her legs wider to assist him, but without success. William was clearly not yet willing to end her torment and allow her to experience the bliss they so often enjoyed. In retaliation, Lizzie backed her mouth away from him.

‘Oh, that’s how it’s going to be, is it?’ smirked William. ‘I don’t come, unless you get to come?’

‘Something like that,’ grinned Lizzie, feeling enormously satisfied that she’d ensured he wasn’t getting everything his own way, even in such an exposed and vulnerable position as the one she found herself.

‘Very well,’ he agreed. Rising back up to his feet, William made his way towards a far cupboard and Lizzie heard some shuffling and moving of objects. She had no doubt he had returned to the bed carrying some of them with him; she just had no idea what they might be. Suddenly, Lizzie gasped at the feel of William’s warm mouth encompassing one of her throbbing nipples. Using all the knowledge he already possessed about pleasuring Lizzie, he applied his tongue, lips and teeth, ensuring she was soon a squealing, vibrating puddle on the floor.

As he pulled away, the warmth was replaced by a compression, followed by almost instant release. Lizzie gasped loudly, exhaling with a long, low groan as once again, the pressure was returned and then removed. She didn’t need her vision to know that William was applying a clamp to her throbbing, wanton nipple, in the most teasing, protracted way possible. She also didn’t need him to touch her, to appreciate that his actions were making her incredibly wet. She could feel the arousal flowing now; before she’d encountered William, she’d had no idea such treatment of her body could cause such indescribable pleasure. She knew well enough now though.

‘I want your nipple aching to feel the pain,’ he grunted, his tone thick and heavy with lust as he watched Lizzie twist and spasm beneath him. Over time, a powerful, unyielding compression set in and Lizzie knew that he had fully released his plaything upon her body.

‘You bastard,’ she grunted, not sounding entirely convincing that this was anything like a punishment for her, but William was not to be distracted.

Instead, he replied with a single phrase, before concentrating his attention back onto her other already throbbing nipple.

‘One of three.’

Lizzie knew exactly what to expect, but that didn’t make William’s next actions any easier to take. After teasing her other nipple for some time with his mouth, a second clamp was torturously attached. Immediately, her sincan escort bayan thoughts became even more clouded. Despite her impressive intellect, it became impossible to think clearly when William made her submit in this way. And he knew it. Against her will, the joint compression made Lizzie roll her hips, frantic as she was to receive some form of relief. She was desperate to come. Again. For the second time that same evening her sexual needs were governing every decision she made. What was it about William that made her feel this way? He got her; absolutely and completely. He knew exactly what she needed in bed, and used that knowledge against her every single time, until she was literally begging him for release.

‘Two of three,’ he stated. And suddenly, the purpose of his counting became clear.

‘No, William!’ she gasped, as realisation struck her. ‘You wouldn’t!’

But William merely chuckled in response.

‘Wouldn’t I?’ he replied. Grabbing her spare ankle, he swiftly secured it high on the bed to ensure her legs were stretched incredibly wide for him. The position ensured her pussy was presented fully open, awaiting whatever dirty deeds he had in mind.

‘Oh fuck,’ grunted Lizzie, already physically shuddering at the sensation of William’s probing, playful tongue exploring her slick, swollen flesh. Continuously switching it up, Lizzie never knew what was to follow; that long tongue pushing inside her, his fingertips nudging teasingly around her clit without ever really touching, his agile fingers curling deep to caress an intimate location which would have her signing up to absolutely anything…just so long as he never, ever stopped. One thing she could be sure of though, he purposefully wasn’t allowing her to orgasm, until he was good and ready.

‘Want to come for me?’ he asked at last, his tone thick and low, subconsciously divulging to a still blindfolded Lizzie, the depth of his own arousal.

‘You know I do!’ she yelped. Lizzie was more than aware that he’d been knowingly edging her for the longest time. She could have orgasmed ten times over, yet instead, William kept leading her up to the very precipice, allowing her to taste a hint of elation, before pulling her back from the ledge she so desired to fall from. As a result, her entire body was trembling violently, her throat was as sore as hell from all her pleading, and every breath had been transformed into a laboured groan.

Pushing her swollen lips up and open with his thumbs, William lowered himself down again. Fixing his mouth firmly around her over-sensitized nub, he sucked gently but continuously. The change in Lizzie was instant. Her pelvis rose up from the bed, grinding against him in ecstasy, as her increasingly noisy cries filled the air.

‘Oh fuck! Don’t stop! Please don’t fucking stop!’ Lizzie begged, as she was catapulted towards the pleasure she so urgently desired. Unfortunately, as usual, William didn’t take her instructions well. Just seconds before an orgasm was set to rip through Lizzie’s quaking body, William removed his mouth, replacing it with the final clamp. Instantly, her overdue orgasm subsided once again. Thanks to his extended teasing, Lizzie’s clit was now so engorged and prominent that it had become a relatively easy target, despite its slippery state. It only took William a couple of attempts to adequately capture it. Ignoring Lizzie’s cries, he very gently released the clamp, allowing the compression to gradually take effect.

‘Three of three,’ he said with satisfaction. Sitting back on his haunches, he took a moment to admire his handiwork and the frenzied state Lizzie had descended into. Her hands were bunched into tight fists with beads of sweat forming on skin, and with every involuntary spasm of her tummy muscles, he wasn’t sure he’d ever seen her look more enticing.

‘Oh. My. God.’ That was all Lizzie was capable of uttering as her brain emptied of any thoughts. All that existed right now were three throbbing sites on her body and an incredibly formidable urgency. A need to orgasm. A need to release. Her mouth had started to tremble, her tone fraught and pitchy, her breaths short and panting. And yet she lay incredibly still, untouched by William, simply waiting, powerless to do anything more.

‘Good girl,’ he praised, as he sat back to observe his girlfriend whom he had so easily incapacitated. ‘And now you’re going to come for me.’

‘No! I can’t move!’ she yelped, as William’s fingers dragged through the copious juices that were free flowing onto the bed below.

‘I know,’ he smiled, understanding that she couldn’t physically move because of the restraints, but that she couldn’t mentally move either; the intense pressure being exerted on certain parts of her shaking form were making her brain weak, numb and impossible to navigate. Without giving her any more thinking time, he stroked gently through her arousal before pushing two fingers slowly inside.

‘Fuuu-uuck,’ she grunted, as the futility of her situation truly sank in. She was utterly helpless, destined to be relentlessly and continuously pleasured by William for as long as he saw fit. A zing of adrenaline shot through her already overloaded body at the pure deliciousness of that thought.

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