Three Hippy Chicks

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I hitch-hiked alone to an outdoors Allman Brothers concert in Atlanta and wound up sitting next to and passing my pipe back and forth with what appeared to be three sisters, lovely young things very close in age.

As Duane Allman and Dicky Betts were trading guitar licks as only they could, I could not take my eyes off these girls–classic hippy chicks wearing peasant tops over their braless breasts, faded hip-hugger jeans worn thin in the seat, and flowers in their hair.

I was smiling at them, and they were smiling at me. Lots of smiling and eye contact. A really long drum solo gave us the opportunity to start talking. Turns out they were, in fact, sisters, 18, 19, and 20 years old. When they learned I was there alone, they became even friendlier, touching me a lot and saying I was alone no more. Their names, may God be my witness, were, in descending age order, Shellie, Kellie, and Nellie.

They were so mellow and easy-going, and they laughed at everything I said that was even mildly amusing. They all looked so much alike–freckled fair skin, hazel eyes, long, straight dishwater blonde hair, cute little bare feet, skinny legs, tiny bottoms, and jiggly C cup boobies–that I could not decide which one I liked the most.

When my pipe clogged and I couldn’t get it to draw, I will never forget how they rolled joints. After folding the paper and sprinkling the herb in the crease, she licked it, placed the paper against her breast, and then with one hand rolled it up tightly against her the top of her boob into a perfect submarine-shaped doobie. All three sisters rolled joints this way. I’ve never seen it done this way by any other.

“A boobie doobie!” I announced. They laughed as though that was the funniest thing ever uttered, then put some of the beads from around their necks onto mine.

As the concert went on and darkness descended, they literally surrounded me there on the cool grass as we coolly smoked grass. Eventually, we were in a heap, a leg from one draped over mine, an arm from another around my shoulder, and holding hands with the third. Hands often brushed against various erogenous zones. Very sensuous.

When the 4-hour concert ended after a third encore of Jessica from Eat a Peach, I was wondering just which pair of these chick’s peaches I would sample. We slowly ambled the long walk back to their vehicle, A VW Microbus, no less, complete with hand-painted flowers, Dead stickers, burnt orange, fringed curtains, and a mattress in back.

We all climbed in, Kellie and Nellie getting in the front seats, and Shellie and I in the back, where she opened a large bottle of warm Mateus wine that we passed around as we gurgled smoke through their bamboo bong.

The concert traffic was bumper-to-bumper, so there was no point in driving. We just stayed there in the parked van drinking and talking and toking. For the life of me, I could not determine which of these three hippy chicks I liked the most—they all looked and acted so much alike. Neither could I tell which one liked me the most—all three seemed to like me a lot—so that didn’t help. Aw, hell, Hornyman, DO SOMETHING, I told myself.

So I took a giant hit off the bong and, Shellie being the closest, I motioned her towards me and leaned forward to lock lips with her, blowing the smoke shotgun style into her lungs. She showed no reluctance whatsoever, lingering izmir escort bayan to kiss me softly back as she blew the smoke out through her nose.

“I want one of those,” said Kellie.

“Me, too,” chimed in Nellie.

So I gave each of them a kissing shotgun as they draped their heads over the back of the front seats. Like Shellie, they lingered at the end to give me a very sensuous, soft kiss. Well, this did not help my dicking decision dilemma .

They said they needed to pee, so they left me in the van for a few minutes while they took care of business. I thought they would never come back. When they finally returned, they were smiling as usual, only the smiles seemed a bit bigger. They all tried to say something at the same time, giggled, paused, then all began speaking simultaneously again.

More giggling. All three crawled into the back of the van with me, and , at last, Shellie, the oldest, very matter-of-factly said, “I would like to make love with you.”

Before I could say anything, Kellie said, “I would like to make love with you.”

Then, Nellie, the youngest, said, “I would like to make love with you.”

I was reminded of that old TV game show I’ve Got A Secret where the panelists had to figure out who the two imposters were and choose the real McCoy, so I said, “And will the real love maker please stand up.”

They cracked up laughing and asked me which of them I liked the most. I told them the truth, that I liked each of them equally. They said that’s what they thought, that they had talked it over, and if I had no preference or objection, they all wanted to make love with me. Oh, yeah, like I would have an objection! That hippy free love concept is not a bad thing, you know?

Well, at this point in my life, I had been in a couple of orgies, which were fan-fucking-tastic, so, naturally, this is what I thought they were talking about. Nellie started wiggling out of her jeans as Shellie slipped behind the wheel, started up the van, and Kellie got in the passenger seat.

Shellie explained, “We’ve got to get back to Cleveland by tomorrow night, which means we gotta leave now and drive straight through. To get there, we’ll be going through Knoxville anyway, so we can take you back to your place. How long from here in Atlanta to Knoxville?”

“Four, maybe five hours, tops,” I estimated.

“OK, then that gives us each about and hour and a half with you,” she correctly calculated.

By the time she said this, young Nellie was nude and pulling off my Earth Shoes. Kellie popped in some Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young, the old V-Dub lurched forward, and Nellie and I lurched for each other.

We were a mobile love-in, and although it seems it would be strange, it was not weird at all. These girls were utterly non-possessive. For example, while I’m making love to Nellie, her ankles bent back to her ears and cooing softly, Kellie passes a joint back to me, smiling sweetly at us as we take our hits, pass it back to her, then Kellie rejoins Shellie singing along to the CSNY tune, “Carry on. Carry on. Love is coming. Love is coming to us all,”

I held off for as long as I could, but when Nellie was riding atop me, I could not help but explode inside her soft pussy as her pink-nippled peaches bounced against my cheeks. She had not yet cum, but as soon as I did, she ground escort izmir down and brought herself to a hard climax, her fair face flushing red.

Still in Atlanta and hungry, we stopped at this place where they made sandwiches on delicious bread baked in clay flower pots. Kellie got them to-go, we scarfed them down as we got on the northbound expressway, and she stripped in back on the mattress with me. With Shellie still at the wheel, Nellie got in the passenger seat putting her top on, but never bothering to put her panties or jeans back on.

Kellie was a bit more assertive, sucking me hungrily up to size again in a 69 as she forcefully ground her clit into my face. She came almost right away, then several more times in this position. Then she scooted forward and impaled herself, facing away, on my sword. She had a very tight pussy, and I was glad I’d already cum in her younger sister if for no other reason than it would keep me from spewing too soon.

In fact, her puss was so tight and her gripping power so strong, that she was able to squeeze my cock so hard that I never came out of her as she rocked forward onto her knees and I followed her up to continue fucking, now in a doggie-style position.

And was she ever the vocal one, amusing me with her, “Fuck me hard, rooster, fuck this hen hard, rooster!” I crowed loudly, and they all laughed.

We were out on the open expressway north of Atlanta, and I’m banging Kellie hard doggie cross-wise in the van, so hard, in fact, that it began to sway back and forth.

“Hey, you guys, turn around before you tip us over!” shouted Shellie from the driver’s seat.

So I twisted Kellie 90 degrees so that she was facing the windshield, head actually between the two front seats.

Nellie was now watching us closely; she was only a foot from her sister’s head. I reached around and fondled Kellie’s dangling boobs, and as I did so, looked right into Nellie’s eyes. Staring into mine, she was sucking on her index finger. Then down it went to her pussy and back into her mouth. Cool, she was tasting the cum I had deposited there a little while ago.

Well, I just fucked Kellie silly in that same doggie position for at least an hour, she cumming over and over, until she clamped down with her vice-pussy and milked me for an incredible, extended orgasm. Nellie never took her eyes off us, and even driver Shellie took her eyes off the road to watch my climactic expression in the rear-view mirror. When I finally pulled out of Kellie, it made the loudest vaginal sucking/fluttering sound I’ve ever heard.

I had to piss, so we pulled off at the next rest stop. Well after midnight and pitch black in the Northern Georgia hills, I ran to the john in nothing but my Earth Shoes. When I got back, Kellie was in the drivers seat with her peasant top back on, and, like Nellie still in the passenger seat, bare-bottomed, only with a red bandana stuffed in her crotch to catch my drainage. Shellie was already completely naked on the mattress in the back, so I climbed onto it with her, not even bothering to remove my shoes.

She had the bong loaded, handed it to me, and just as I fired it up, she sucked my dick down in one big gulp. She was definitely the BJ queen of the van, and although all three sisters were very similarly attractive, I’d have to give her the best-looking honors, too, with a slight izmir escort edge. Shellie was slightly taller, had a bit more curve to her body, very prominent, cinnamon-brown nipples, and a somewhat darker complexion. We made love in every position in the book, and between each change, we’d do oral. I believe she loved to suck cock every bit as much as I love to eat pussy.

In the mean while, I noticed that now Kellie, one hand on the wheel, was tasting my leftover cum with her other hand, and Nellie was still sucking her index finger while gazing, as though mesmerized, at me and Shellie in our frequently changing positions. I interrupted her hypnosis by asking she twist a number, so she did, using the trusty boob-doob technique.

It seemed like I had been making love with Shellie for the better part of my life when I spotted a sign that indicated Knoxville was 12 miles away. She had cum twice, both times from oral, and I was beginning to doubt if I ever would. I was at once giving directions to Kellie to my apartment, which was just off the expressway, as I was thrusting Shellie missionary with all my might. The microbus pulled into my parking lot.

“We’re here,” announced Kellie

With a determined look in her eyes, Shellie pushed me back onto the mattress, and once again gobbled my cock into her wonderful mouth. I summonsed Kellie and Nellie into the back with us. Without a hint of hesitation, they came back, each assuming an Indian-style position sitting on either side of me as Shellie continued sucking and slurping loudly on my now well-used tool.

I reached up with one arm to expose Nellie’s soft young breasts. She pulled her top off over her head, and Kellie did likewise. As I caressed the two sets of breasts, they rubbed their clits, which reminded me of Shellie’s nubbin, so I kicked off my shoes and put my toe to work on it. My hands worked their way down to Kellie and Nellie’s pussies, gradually inserting one, two, then three fingers in each, thrusting in and out as they made little circles on their wet clits.

I wanted to cum so bad, was close, but just not there. “Please make me cum, Shellie,” I literally begged.

On cue, she looked straight into my eyes as she sucked just a bit harder, and, the piece de resistance, tickled my balls with the tips of her fingers. There was a moment of silence, then The Who’s My Generation blasted on the radio, which put me over the top. “People try to put me down, just because I g-get around,” screamed Daltrey. KA-BLOOEY!!! I erupted in an ejaculatory celebration the sensory equivalent of midnight New Year’s Eve.

Shellie swallowed every nano-drop of my semen and just kept sucking and swirling her tongue round and round, making this an orgasm that defied time, while Nellie and Kellie, with a little help from my fingers, brought themsleves to climaxes. Before they wound down, Shellie finally popped her mouth off me, grasped it firmly in one hand, spread her legs wide to reveal her red swollen pussy, and, staring trancelike at my penis in her fist, frigged herself with the other hand until she, too, came a big one.

Smoking one last boob-doob while we knocked the bottom out of that Portuguese wine, exchanged contact information, and kissed goodbye. We wrote a few letters back and forth, but I never saw them again.

When I walked in my apartment naked with my clothes in one hand and duffel bag in the other, my roommate was still up watching TV.

“You thumbed a ride from Atlanta nude?” he dead-panned.

“Not exactly. You see, I met these 3 hippy chicks at the Allman Brothers concert, and …”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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