Three Friends

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Mark was elated when he realized he had better than average odds with Cassy that night. He had always thought that Cassy and his partner Frank had a thing going, and never really thought he stood a chance with her. Now during their going away dinner Cassy had been more than just friendly to both of them and suggested that they all go back to her place after dinner.

Mark and Frank had worked for the last year in Asia on a big project for their law firm. Now they were to head back to the states, and probably wouldn’t make it back to this part of the world for some time. Cassy had been a big help to them during their entire stay. She had not only been a great legal secretary at the office but she had helped them to find apartments when they first got here, helped them with all the different customs and language barriers and always provided a kind ear when they needed someone to vent to.

Cassy was a young girl in her early twenties, very petite, with long black hair that ran straight down her back and ended at about her waist. She was friendly, energetic and intelligent. She also had a local boyfriend, but that never stopped her from making out with Frank. Mark had been attracted to her ever since he met her last year, but thought he was really too shy to have a chance with the young hottie.

Her apartment commanded a beautiful view that over looked the city at night. This confirmed Mark and Frank’s suspicions that Cassy probably came from a rich family and was just working at the law firm because it gave her a chance to meet foreigners like them. She poured them each a glass of wine and put on some music. They sat around for about an hour sipping the wine conservatively, talking, and relaxing to the music as they took in the good view of the city lights from her balcony.

Cassy and Frank were making out on the couch. Mark looked on a little uncomfortable. Cassy said her long skirt was killing her and pulled it off, sitting on the couch in a silk blouse, half way open, and white cotton panties. Her and Frank were really getting into it. Then Cassy turned from Frank and looked across the dimly lit room at Mark. She smiled and nodded to him. “Hey!” she said, “come on over here Mark. I want to give you a good-bye present, too.”

Mark joined Cassy and Frank on the couch. He sat on her left. Frank was on her right. Since he was the new comer Cassy turned to him and kissed him on the lips. izmir escort bayan Her arms went around him, and he gently took her in his arms.

Their tongues were in each other’s mouths. She was holding onto him tightly, her little body pinned to his chest. He ran his hands up and down her lower back, feeling beneath her silk blouse, and then slipping down to feel the elastic at the top of her panties. After a moment his hand had slipped under the elastic and was at the top of her buttocks. His index and middle fingers ran down the crack and lightly kneaded between the two soft cheeks.

She turned back to Frank. “Help me,” she told him, and moved her body out on the couch, her lower body stretched towards Frank. He knew what she meant and reached down for her white panties. Taking them in his large hands, one on each side, he slowly pulled them down her legs, past her knees, and then slipped them off her ankles. As Frank did this Cassy went back to French kissing Mark.

Mark looked down from his close embrace of Cassy to see her long brown legs and the big trimmed patch of pubic hair between them. Cassy spread her legs for Frank, but at the same time she continued to lick inside Mark’s mouth with her wet tongue. Frank held her legs up in the air and moved between them. As he came for her Frank licked her inner thighs and made her moan as she kissed Mark. Then Frank’s head was buried in her pubic hair, and Mark could hear the lapping sounds his tongue began to make as he licked her vaginal opening.

“Help me get out of this shirt,” she instructed Mark. He was more than happy to comply. Reaching down he found it easy going to unbutton the silky blouse the rest of the way and bring it open and falling down her slender shoulders. Beneath she had on a white bra. He fondled her breasts between the sheer material for a moment then she reached behind her and unfastened it. After she took off her bra she was completely nude between her two friends.

“I want to taste myself in your mouth,” she told Frank. He got up from between her legs and pulled her across the couch to him. They embraced in a long French kiss, exploring each other’s mouths. While they were kissing Mark was rubbing his hands over every crevice of the beautiful naked body before him. There was not any fat on her body. It was hard, but soft at the same time as only a young girl’s body could be. He watched Cassy’s beautiful escort izmir buttocks come up, and saw admiringly between them the tight hair covered mound of her vagina.

She turned around and stopped kissing Frank long enough to motion Mark forward. “Come on, Mark. I want you to have a taste next,” she said as she spread her legs for him. Mark fell down between her outstretched legs as Cassy went back to kissing Frank. Mark could smell her female wetness. He stuck his tongue out tentatively at first to taste between her lips. The taste was very sweet, and so was the fragrance as his nose rammed into her vulva. He pushed her lips apart with his fingers and inserted his tongue inside of her. She pushed against his face with her pelvis grinding into him.

Cassy pulled away from both men and laughed. “Enough of this guys,” she said watching them. “Why am I in my birthday suit here when you guys are still dressed? Come on take’em off guys.”

This made both Mark and Frank get up off the couch and stand before her. Mark pulled his t-shirt off over his head, and Frank quickly started to unbutton his shirt. Mark stepped out of his shoes and undid his belt. He was embarrassed when he saw his erection protruding from under his jeans. In fact his hard on was so stiff that he had a hard time pulling down his pants over it.

He stumbled backward and almost fell on the floor, but saved himself that embarrassment and kicked the jeans away. Naked as Cassy was he sat down next to her on the couch. They took each other in their arms, one of her hands reaching down to take his eight-inch erection in a loving grip. Both of them watched Frank take down his pants and walk over to join them on the couch. Frank worked out and had a muscular body. He also was hung with a twelve-inch penis, which also sported a girth of six inches when it was fully erect as it was now.

Cassy got up from the couch and kissed Frank. He sat down before her. She got on her knees and he held up his dick for her. She greedily put her hands around his monster and held it steady to give her lips a chance to suck down on it. For a second Mark watched Cassy giving head to his friend. Saliva was running down from where she licked the tip and middle. She struggled to get him all in her mouth, but he was just too big and she had to settle for about nine inches.

Frank caught Mark watching his blow job and laughed. He motioned izmir escort for Mark to come around behind Cassy and fuck her. Mark got up from the couch quickly. He looked down to make sure his dick was still there and got himself positioned with his dick in his left hand and the fingers of his right hand probing up inside her vagina.

Mark entered Cassy, slowly lowering himself until his shaft was all the way inside. He held onto both of her slim hips and got a good grip as he started to pump in and out of her. At first he had to suppress an urge to come in the first minute of the penetration, but fortunately he won this battle and was able to gain some strength as he pounded into her. He had a good view of her firm little behind as it bobbed up and down with his thrusting and with the head she was still giving to Frank.

“Just don’t come inside me, okay Mark?” asked Cassy, taking Frank’s distended member out of her mouth just long enough.

“You got it, Cass” Mark said rubbing her shoulder for reassurance. She felt so good to Mark as he explored deep inside of her with his penis. He knew he was about to come but wanted to hold back. “You want to switch with me, partner?” Mark asked Frank.

“That’s a plan, man,” Frank responded and reached down to pop his dick out of Cassy’s mouth. Mark pulled his cock out of her vagina. Both men switched sides with Cassy. Frank rubbed up and down her opening for a few minutes with the tip of his penis, teasing Cassy but not penetrating her. Cassy licked Marks balls and licked all the way up from the base of his penis to its tip, once again tasting herself on his flesh.

When Frank finally entered Cassy Mark could feel her shudder. She took his dick out of her mouth long enough to gasp. She was about to climax, but so were both men. She went to work on Marks penis, deep throating him, he could actually feel her start to suck the semen up from his balls and down the shaft of his penis. He threw his head back and moaned deeply. He could no longer fight it. “Ok if I come in your mouth, Cass?” he asked urgently. She nodded that it was all right, and never stopped sucking on him. This was a good thing too, because the first jet stream of come had erupted from the tip of his penis into the back of her mouth. Right at that moment Frank pulled out of her and a huge gob of come shot out of his cock and hit the wall five feet over Marks head. Cassy pulled Mark’s cock from her mouth and a few shots of come hit her on the face and in her hair, and she cleaned off the rest of his member with long laps of her tongue.

“I’ll miss you guys,” Cassy told them, and they both hugged her tightly.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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