Three Friends in College

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When I started college, I still looked like a junior high student. I was small at 5’6″ and had not filled out very much. I only weighed 125#. My first-year dorm roommate, Alex, was not much larger than me, but he had more facial and body hair. He kept his hair long. It wasn’t long before I let my hair grow some. My dad pestered me every time I was home to get a haircut. Mom thought I looked fine and explained that personal grooming choices were a rite of passage to college students. As long as I dressed well and had proper hygiene, Mom said I was great. That helped a lot, knowing that my Mom was understanding of my feelings. Dad was also, but he excelled in the role of the strict father.

As I began blending into some study groups, I forced myself to talk to girls. It wasn’t easy for me. All I had to do is look at some of the girls’ boyfriends to get a stark reminder of reality. I could not work up the nerve to ask anyone out, fearing rejection more than pity. I tended to associate more with the nerdy guys, heavier girls and some who were sort of ‘mousy’. That being the case, I developed some social skills and also realized that none of us are perfect. Although some of the hot girls and guys did appear so. By forming friendships with others, I learned not to judge so readily. I should have learned that earlier, but I was so caught up in my own insecurity that I rarely identified with others.

In my third year, I met Huerta. Her family was of German heritage. The great grandmother had emigrated from the old county and married a fellow immigrant. While reveling in the freedom of America, they held a strong affinity for their roots and passed this down to children and grandchildren. Huerta didn’t particularly like her name, but I thought it was lovely. She was slightly chubby, but mostly just solid. She wore jeans and simple tops most of the time. It appeared she tried to dress almost androgynously. She was 5’8″ tall and probably weighed about 160#. Not lost on me was the fact that she had very large breasts which she did her best to hide. She wore loose fitting tops in warmer weather and flannel shirts in colder. She had a lovely smile and very pretty eyes. She had played softball and soccer in high school and was active still in college intramural sports.

Huerta had several classes with her friend Andrea. They eventually shared an apartment with two other girls. Usually in groups, they would be together. You could say they were like sisters, just not the sorority types. Getting to know both of them turned out to be a real lifesaver for my social life. Both girls were outgoing with either guys or girls. For some reason they accepted me without labels. When I needed study group help in my own field, it was either Huerta or Andrea who networked me into a group. Between study groups and off campus tutoring, I managed to keep in the top half of my class. My grades were very good and my social calendar was vastly improved.

As we grew closer, I gravitated mostly to this pair of friends. Over time we shared our thoughts, wishes and even some secrets. Andrea was definitely the prettiest of the two. She was 5’5″ with a pretty figure. Her smile and eyes were so attractive. She was a large B cup or maybe a small C. I didn’t know the difference then. She was probably the draw at the local off campus bars. Huerta was more content to engage males on an intellectual basis. She did nothing to dress up when at social gatherings and was content to let Andrea have the spotlight. I began feeling closer to Huerta while not distant from Andrea.

They both probed and pushed me to date girls. They even set about pointing out some likely prospects. I was deathly afraid to approach any of these candidates feeling like they were way out of my league. Huerta’s main line became, “You can’t hit the ball until you swing at it”.

One night while we were studying and drinking coffee, the girls were again trying to get me to approach some girls they thought I might like to go out with. Some I knew and others they knew. When I would not commit, Huerta said, “You are not gay are you Garrett?”

I turned twelve shades of crimson and exclaimed too loudly, “Hell no, I am not gay.”

Almost every head turned my direction. I could have dropped dead in my tracks. I sat back down and brooded. Shortly, I bid farewell to the girls and began to leave.

“Come on, Garrett”, Huerta said, “I was just kidding, Honey. Please don’t be mad at me, okay?”

Andrea added, “Please, Garrett, sit back down. She is like that. She always tells me I look like a dyke when I put my hair up and wear sweatpants. She didn’t mean it that way, Baby, she is just teasing. We both really dig who you are. Plus, your shyness is just so sweet.”

Huerta spent plenty of time apologizing to me that evening. Finally, I asked her to stop. The apologizing over and over was more hurtful than the original question. When we left for the evening, she told me to come to her apartment the following erotik film izle afternoon. I didn’t know until that time that Andrea had a class and an activity that evening. Her other roommates were also involved in the same activity. I arrived at their place around two o’clock. Huerta met me wearing what for her was a very revealing nightie. I was shocked. She also had on makeup which was somewhat unlike her.

“Shocked, Garrett?” she asked.

“Well, actually, yes, Huerta,” I stammered.

“Honey, I feel so bad about embarrassing you last night that I want to make it up to you.”

She led me back to her room and closed the door. I still had that inquisitive look on my face. She smiled and walked over to me and kissed me firmly on the mouth. I was shocked again. The texture of her lips along with the feel of her lipstick was almost more than I could stand. She continued the kiss getting more intimate until I felt her tongue tracing inside my lips. This was the first time ever that I had been with a girl like that. She broke the kiss and giggled.

“Relax, Honey, I am going to apologize in a different way today. I am going to give you the chance to show me how wrong that little jibe was.”

She grabbed both my hands and placed them on her breasts. Then she pushed herself closer to me. She rubbed her silky panties against my crotch. I was hardening, but I was afraid that this was going to be a problem. My little cock is barely four inches when I am hard and just a little nub when I am soft or cold. I froze with all these thoughts creeping into my head. She reached for my belt and undid it; followed by my button and zipper. She then pulled my jeans down my legs until my tidy whities were in full view. My cock was sticking out front making a small tent in the briefs. Huerta knelt down and took my shoes off and then pulled my jeans down. She guided my legs out one at a time and then threw them onto the floor.

She helped me out of my shirt and then pulled my briefs down. When I stepped out of them, all I had left was my socks. My cock sprang out. It was still small, but I was hard as I had ever been. She grasped my little member and said, “See, Baby. I knew you weren’t gay. You just need a little jump start. After massaging my cock and balls, she guided my hands under her nightie and moved them again to her big round breasts. I had no point of reference at that time, but later learned that she wore a 42, G-cup bra. She cooed as I touched her breasts. She took her top off and stood in front of me in only her pink sheer panties. She was a sight. They were so beautiful and sexy on her. Now some studs might not appreciate a thicker woman, but since this was the first woman I had seen near naked; I certainly was mesmerized by her ample bust. Her areolas were probably over three inches across and her nipples were hard as pebbles. The nightie was attractive, but I really loved her panties. The gentle swell of her hips created a perfect landing point for the top of the panties. The high-rise leg openings left little to the imagination.

She guided me to the bed and had me lay down. She then kicked off her panties revealing a full bush of dark brown pubic hair. She slipped onto the bed beside me and rubbed my cock. Again, we kissed. She guided my hand to her pussy and spread her legs wider. I felt the warm folds of her sex and the moisture of her arousal. She had experience and I had none. Knowing this, Huerta had me mount her and guided my cock into her. As she gently pulled my hips forward; I spewed my cum into the entrance of her sex. I felt like an explosion had rocked my cock and then almost as quickly, I started going soft. What a failure I was. Huerta began rubbing her vaginal lips and clitoris with my considerable amount of cum. She had me touch her hand while she masturbated. She grew more intense and started humping her own hand while mine rested on hers. As she became more animated, she suddenly squealed and came to a shattering orgasm.

After half an hour, my little cock was still flaccid. It had shrunk to its miniscule soft size. Huerta got up and put her panties on. She then straddled me and began moving her breasts across my face. Not knowing what to do, I just lay there without moving. She took the initiative and held each breast to my mouth, indicating for me to suck her nipples. With her help, I pleasured her nipples until she finally stopped.

“Okay, Garrett, you are a virgin no longer. Now you can work on some staying power. And we definitely know that you are not gay, even though that is not a bad thing today. Also, let’s just keep this between the two of us. I don’t want it to ruin our friendship. I am not saying that there will be no repeat performance in the future, but I think you need to concentrate on finding a sweet girl who matches your personality.”

When I left her, I wondered if my experience was a good thing or not. I had failed miserably at sex but I had a taste now and vowed to film izle do better the next time. I certainly hoped for a next time whether with Huerta or another girl like she suggested. Whenever we were all together after that Huerta would steal a glance when no one else was looking and tease me. Sometimes she would lick her lips in a certain way. Other times she would touch her breasts slightly and smile at me.

Huerta and Andrea were both sophomores when I met them. When I graduated, I moved back home for a while until I found gainful employment. Losing contact with my college friends was the worst part of graduation. I was working with a large accounting firm putting in my slave days just like everyone else. A year later, Andrea got an internship there. I didn’t see much of her, but she kept me up to date on Huerta. Huerta was interning in Philadelphia. I got her number from Andrea and gave her a call one evening. Just like she always was, Huerta was happy to talk to me.

She asked about my love life. I was embarrassed to tell the truth, so I told her that I was dating some and had a few possibilities of some relationships that might go to the next level.

“Just what I thought,” she said, “Not getting any, huh?”

I stammered a weak response and then tried to recover.

“Ok, how about you Miss Social Butterfly.”

“Well, Garrett, I actually have been getting some. I work a lot, but I have two guys who I see separately who fill in quite nicely. They know we are not exclusive and everything is out in the open. We go out socially but mostly is comes down to fucking.

“Now, YOU are lying.” I said.

“Okay, I will send you a picture of both of my guys. When you get the text, be sure and send me pictures of your girlfriends.”

I tried to talk my way to the next subject, but Huerta would have none of it. I did manage to catch up on other friends we had in common. When we signed off, she reminded me that the text with her boyfriends’ pictures were on the way.

“You better respond quickly, Buddy, or I will know you bribed some girl later on. Cheating is not fair. If you like I can even send you a video of one of my guys fucking me.”

I was stunned at this suggestion. I mean, we were close, but I didn’t think that close. She seemed to talk to me like I was Andrea on the other end of a girls only conversation.

In short order, two pictures appeared. The guys were good looking. In a way, I was happy for Huerta. In another way, I was jealous that she was so open about her sex life. She had called my bluff and now I was defeated.

And all I had was my trusted right hand. I was friends with several women at my work. Andrea and I had dinner together a few times, but I didn’t get the feeling that she would be interested in me as a lover. I just had the memory of my first time with Huerta.

To my surprise, I got a package in the mail about two weeks later. I opened it to find a CD. Curiously, there was also a sealed plastic bag containing some material folded up. I opened it and realized it was a pair of panties. There was no note, but the package was post marked Philadelphia. I knew it was from Huerta. I remembered the boast she had made about showing me proof that she was getting some dick. I was afraid to put it in my computer. But I was also curious, so against my better judgement, I opened it.

I was stunned to see Huerta at first just moving away from the camera. She was in just her bra and panties. As she moved away from the camera, I noticed that her figure was quite a bit more svelte than I remembered. At this point I realized that the panties in the bag were the ones she had on in the video. She reached around and unclasped the four clasps of her bra and dropped it. I wondered how she had lost weight in the middle without losing some in the bust. She blew a kiss to the camera and smiled. I knew it was a kiss to me, teasing me. She had on baby blue bikini panties. When she dropped her panties, I was also amazed to see that she was slick below the waist. Gone was the full body of pubic hair. She again smiled for the camera/(me). Apparently, the new job was upscale and she wore perfect makeup. The little too chubby Huerta had lost some weight and was quite attractive.

She walked over to the bed in the background and approached the guy lying naked. His cock was straight up and appeared to be twice the size of my little one. Huerta leaned over him and took the entire length down her throat. She stayed down on him for a good while until she pulled back and coughed. When she recovered, she did it again. The guy was humping her mouth, rather throat, as she took him so deep. I had never seen anything like this. I had very limited access to porn so at that time it was like a fire in my groin to see this.

She let his cock go and mounted him cowgirl style. She then proceeded to fuck him with abandon. He grabbed her waist, her hips and her big round breasts. I could tell when she came, for she lurched seks filmi izle backwards and put her hands on each side of her lover and let out a moan. Then she got right back to fucking the life out of his big cock. Apparently, he was ready to cum. She moved off him and took his cock in her lips. I saw him lurch and pump his cum into her mouth. As she swallowed his load, the guy appeared to be in ecstasy. After taking his cum, Huerta moved up and kissed him squarely on the mouth. If he had any reluctance at all, it didn’t show. I swear she French kissed him deeply. I had never thought about tasting my own cum.

I was turned on seeing the sex and ultimately turned my attention back to the panties. I placed them to my nose and could still smell the musky smell of cum. It was not unpleasant. I supposed that she had put the panties on at some point after the video stopped. Maybe she and her lover had a second go because the aroma was unmistakable. I was hard and horny now. I pulled my clothes off and started masturbating with her panties. As I stroked my little cock, I was amazed at the soft silky feel. I remembered how I wanted to put on my sister’s panties when I lived at home. No one was there to stop me, so I pulled on the damp panties and hiked them up so my hard little dick was encased in them. I lay down and stroked the outside of the panties pleasuring my little dicklet. I did this for a while until the urge overcame me. I grasped my dick through the panties and hunched my hand until I spewed a rather large load of cum. My cum oozed through the panties.

Once I finished cumming, I ashamedly took the panties off. I hadn’t thought about what I was going to do with them. On a whim I held them to my nose and smelled the aroma mixed with my fresh cum. Then the video came to mind where Huerta kissed her boyfriend after he had cum in her mouth. Without waiting to talk myself out of it, I licked my cum from the panties. I would have guilt immediately, but I swallowed the cum. The taste was not at all unpleasant. It was not bitter. In fact, it had almost a neutral taste. The thickness was most pleasant. While I knew that most of my emission was in the material, there was still enough pooled on the fabric to get a good idea of what the whole load would taste like.

I burned with afterglow and embarrassment. I remember screaming at Huerta that one time that I was not gay. Now here I was tasting my own cum. I immediately went to the bathroom and washed out the panties. I threw them in the garbage can. I was so conflicted after this that I had trouble getting to sleep. In the morning, I intended to take out the trash. However, when I looked at the sexy baby blue panties, I removed them and washed them out again. I hung them to dry in the bathroom. I still thought I should throw them out, but something made me not do it. I was still burning with regret from the night before. I was feeling bad about myself, but then I remembered how intensely I had cum. I just had to throw them out. But I didn’t.

Several days later, I came home from work all horny thinking about the video that Huerta had sent me. She was definitely a free spirit and apparently even more so than she was in college. I fought the urge but eventually took the panties from my underwear drawer and put them back on again. I had less conflict this time. I posed in front of my mirror imagining I was one of the lingerie models. I turned my ass sideways and looked over my shoulder to see how they fit me. Since they fit Huerta well, they were a little baggy on me. This became a common event. I would masturbate with the panties on or pull them off and cum in them. Usually, I would eat my cum before it soaked into the material. Slowly I lost all my inhibitions about what wearing the panties meant. As I learned to enjoy them more, I began wearing them all day under my slacks. The feeling was intense. Every time I sat down in my chair, I could feel my ass slide in the satin like material.

One day Andrea came by my office and told me that Huerta was coming into town for a visit. She suggested we all get together during the long Labor Day weekend. I was excited to see Huerta but I had a little unsettled feeling wondering how she would approach the subject. I knew that she would not be shy about bringing it up. I just hoped she would not do so in front of Andrea. Then the thought hit me. What if she asked for them back? I knew I hadn’t stretched them but the repeated washing and wearing them all the time surely had deteriorated the elastic and material. Would she notice? Or would she even ask me about them?

Saturday morning Huerta arrived. Andrea picked her up at the bus station. They called me to come over. I put on my usual briefs and jeans. When I arrived at Andera’s, Huerta greeted me with a kiss on the lips. We snacked a little and caught up on our jobs and such. We were planning on going out to dinner that evening. I was afraid the topic would turn to dating and it did.

Huerta and Andrea were sitting on the couch when Huerta finally posed the question.

“So, Garrett, when do we get to meet the new girlfriends?”

“Stop teasing me, Huerta. You know I was lying about the girlfriends.”

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