Three Become One Ch. 17

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All characters are 18 years of age or older.

* * * * * * *

I managed to clean out the pool sooner than expected, and as soon as I did the twins were instantly on me…to go for a swim. So, after some careful explaining to the neighbors and some modifications to my backyard fence the girls got their wish and were able to swim in peace – free of any prying eyes.

This was one of the rare occasions where all girls were present except for Gabi. I would later come to realize that making Gabi my own personal flesh light was actually a very fortuitous thing for a number of reasons. Gabi had better access to my home than any of the other girls due to a number of factors. She lived nearest to me, and she had more excuses to be out after school hours than the other girls due to her gymnastics training. On top of all that her mother’s leisure life kept her busy enough for Gabi to get away with not being at home as much as she should have been. It was very easy for Gabi to fib about where she was and what she was doing given that her mother didn’t pay her the amount of attention she obviously needed. Gabi’s small stature also enabled her to come and go as she pleased with less probability of being noticed by potential onlookers such as my neighbors.

I caught on almost immediately that all of these girls were lacking some form of attention in their lives; be it from their mothers or absentee fathers. I think this played some hand in my desire to carefully distribute my time with each girl so that it seemed fair and balanced to everyone involved. On certain days or at certain times I wanted to be with a certain girl or girls, but I would say I only ever acted on these desires about fifty percent of the time…if that. It was more important to me to keep these girls satisfied so that they would continue to satisfy me; lest I end up like Mick Jagger’s lyrics in that Stones song personified.

So on that day when the girls wanted to cool off I sat in a sun chair under the awning by the pool house wearing only a pair of board shorts and some sunglasses. Amber sat next to me with a small round table in between us which held up our phones and other various accessories. She had her chair fully reclined and was lying on her stomach in that same green bikini I had seen her wear previously. The twins were wearing matching pink and white bikinis, and Tiffany was wearing one that had a striped pattern with different shades of blue (it matched her eyes).

I lifted the sunglasses from my face and turned to Amber. She had a rear even black women would be jealous of, and it looked even more enticing in that green bikini she had on. It bubbled out so invitingly, and due to her cheer training and workout regimen she kept it in great shape. Still, even though it looked firm I knew first hand that it was soft to the touch; the perfect contrast to the hardness of my cock…which was quickly becoming erect as I stared. She had an abundance of ass-flesh that looked like it could nearly swallow me whole. And it was my intention that day to find out exactly just how much those beautiful buns of hers could wrap around my full erection.

In front of us Tiffany was clumsily yet powerfully dancing around one of the poles holding up my awning. She had started out just sort of lazily leaning all the way back as she held on to the pole with one hand as she had carried on a conversation with me, but that had been some time ago. Since then she had thrown herself headfirst into actual pole-dancing…of sorts. I love Tiffany, but watching her attempt to do things like hold herself up on the pole and getting inverted only to dismount in the most awkward of ways just wasn’t a sexy look for her. Still, the way her big 34FF boobs jiggled and bounced with her movements did very little to calm my rapidly rising cock…which was almost completely hard.

“Girls!” I said, yelling past Tiffany to the twins in the pool. They were both giddily splashing each other and giggling. But when they heard me call them they immediately swam up to the edge of the pool and propped themselves up on their elbows to look at me.

I immediately looked into their eyes. Those eyes of theirs… they could say things with their eyes I’d never even heard vocally. On this occasion, however, they told me exactly what they were going to say before the twins even spoke it: yes, daddy?

“Yes, Daddy?” they asked.

“One of you run inside and get me a beer, and the other one of you go inside and get me the massage oil.”

“Yes, Daddy!” they answered, as they obediently pulled themselves up out of the pool; dripping wet.

I smiled to myself as I watched them walk off toward the back door and listened to the sound of their wet feet walking across the hot concrete. Barking orders at my girls was becoming easier for me, but it was especially more so with the twins. They had a way of assuring me that I could tell them to do anything and have no doubts that they would do whatever I asked of them. It was in their body language. Just as Keçiören Escort Bayan they could convey any number of thoughts with their eyes they could convey an equally countless number of things using the rest of their gorgeous, teenage bodies.

“Amber?” I asked of the redhead on her stomach next to me.

“Hm?” she said, lifting her head slightly as she turned to me. “Yes, Daddy?”

“Don’t be embarrassed about this next question…but…is that the same bikini you wore when I hosted that pool party?”

Despite my ordering her not to get embarrassed I noticed her face becoming red anyway. This wasn’t a bad look for her, but given that she already possessed beautiful and fiery red hair it probably wasn’t the most flattering of situations for her either; not unlike Tiffany’s amateurish (yet still inexplicably sexy) pole dancing.

“Umm…ummm…well…ummm…” the eighteen year old redhead stuttered.

“Am, I told you not to be embarrassed. Just tell Daddy the truth. You wouldn’t ever lie to me, would you?” I asked of her, authoritatively.

“No! Of course not!” Amber said, quickly, as if out of sheer instinct. “I just…umm…I just…just…”

“Answer Daddy’s question, Amber.” I said, projecting more power in my voice as I directed that entire verbal ‘assault’ of mine right at her.

“Yes…Daddy.” She said, a bit uneasily.

“Yes, you’ll answer the question?” I asked.

“Yes.” Amber replied. “I mean, no! That was my answer TO the question.”

“So your answer to my question is…yes?” I asked of her.

“Yes. My answer is yes.” Amber said, a bit more confident in this ‘answer.’

“So this is the same bikini?” I asked.

“Yes, Daddy. It’s the same.” She said. She didn’t have any shortcomings in her tone when she spoke, but I did see her hang her head a bit.

“I thought so.” I stated. “I’m glad I got to see you in it again. The last time I saw you wearing it I didn’t get the chance to tell you how sexy you look.”

At this she suddenly became more self-conscious. She turned red again, and stole eye glances from me briefly before shyly turning away.

“Really, Daddy?” she asked, looking up at me for a moment before brushing her red hair back behind her ear.

“Really.” I said, smiling down at her in an effort to make her more comfortable with my praise.

It didn’t work. She blushed harder. She was about to speak when we all three heard the back door open. Both twins then emerged from my home carrying the items I had asked for. They were dryer now, as they had grabbed a couple of towels before heading inside. I figured they had done that because they knew that whatever water they tracked into the house was a mess they were going to have to mop up, or clean, or whatever.

“Here you go, Daddy!” the twins said as they approached my chair, bent down and handed me the items I had sent them for. As they did this they deliberately offered me generous views of their cleavages. In fact, they made sure their faces weren’t even level with mine. I knew what they were doing, but despite the fact that their huge breasts looked like juicy melons ready to burst out of their bikini tops I did my best to keep my mind focused on my original goal.

“Thank you, girls. You can go back to swimming now, if you want.”

“Thank you, Daddy!” they said as they leaned down and kissed me on my cheeks. “But…I think we’d rather sunbathe and dry off for now.”

“That’s fine.” I said as I watched the two of them lay some towels out on the ground while I twisted the top off my beer. Meanwhile, Tiffany was still awkwardly dancing around the awning pole.

“You know, Tiff…” I said before taking a sip of my beer. “Maybe this new venture of yours to become a stripper isn’t really in your best interest.”

Tiffany looked at me with intrigue in her bright, blue eyes.

“Hm?” she said. “What do you mean, Daddy?”

“What I mean is…you don’t seem to be very good at it. But if it’s something you really want then by all means, keep at it. I’ll even help you any way I can.”

At this all four girls started to giggle.

“She’s not trying to be a stripper, Daddy!” one of the twins managed to laugh out.

“She’s not?” I asked.

“No, I’m not!” Tiffany said. “Unless you want me to be, Daddy?”

“I want whatever you want for yourself, Tiff. And…what exactly is that, by the way?”

“Daddy…” the other twin said. “She’s just exercising.”

“Exercising?” I asked. “What do you mean?”

“Pole dancing is a great way to gain strength. Lots of girls do it.”

“Yeah…” Tiff said, agreeing. “What they said.”

“I see…” I said. “Well, that explains why you weren’t doing so well. None of you girls look like you could lift fifty pounds, let alone your entire bodies.”

“Gabi can…” Amber said, matter-of-factly and causing everyone to turn to her.

“Hmph.” The twins said as they crossed their tiny arms over their giant chests and turned their heads to Escort Eryaman the side. I found the gesture to be a very cute one.

“That doesn’t surprise me.” I said to the twins. “By the way…I want you girls to start looking into a way for me to see Gabi compete.”

“Aahck!” the twins scoffed. “But Daddy! You haven’t even come to see us cheer yet!”

“And I will. Just as soon as the proper opportunity presents itself.” I said, trying to put the twins’ minds at ease. “You two can start working on that as well.”

“Yes, Daddy…” they said, a hint of defeat in their sing-song voices.

“Anyway…” I said. “So…pole dancing, huh? Gotta say…that’s news to me.”

“Oh, yeah!” Tiffany said, excitedly as she sat down with her legs around the pole. “There’s even classes about it. It’s just like spin class!”

Upon hearing this the twins both looked at each other, smiled, and then stood up to look at me with ominous expressions on their faces.

“Daddy…did you mean it when you told Tiff that you would help her any way you can?” they asked of me.

I took another swig of my beer before answering. I have to admit…I felt almost like a hero coming to the rescue when I spoke my next words.

“Of course.” I said, confidently.

“Sooo…” the twins continued. “If the rest of us wanted to learn how to pole dance you would help us out too, right?”

“If that’s what you girls wanted…then sure. I guess so.” I said, suddenly feeling like I was being set up.

The twins began bouncing up and down giddily. Both girls reached down to Tiffany’s hands and pulled her up.

“Tiff…let’s go inside for some girl talk…” they said. “You don’t mind, do you, Daddy?”

I took another drink of beer and turned my head to Amber and her shapely rear.

“Not at all.” I said, reaching down to my bulge and readjusting myself in my shorts.

Seeing this gesture of mine caused the twins to sigh as they and Tiffany began walking off in the direction of my back door. They kept their heads turned back, looking at me as long as they could.

I, on the other hand, paid them hardly any attention as I turned to the side of my chair and slid off; taking to my feet. I set my beer down and took the bottle of oil in my hand. I then knelt down next to Amber and raised the massage oil, downturned, over her curvaceous body. Amber turned her head to look at me. She saw what I was doing, and made no attempts to alter the situation in any way.

The oil poured down over her, and after a sufficient amount had covered the beautiful redhead I set the bottle down and started to rub the liquid into her smooth, flawless skin. My fingers traversed her back all the way down to her jutting posterior. I felt the buoyant flesh of her buns filling my palms as I squeezed down over them…my hands tingling and my imagination overflowing as I did so.

“Mmm…” the busty redhead moaned.

“You have such a beautiful ass, Amber…” I whispered as I leaned down over her.

“Thank you, Daddy!” she said.

Amber’s supple young body became more and more lustrous until her entire backside was shimmering. Her pale light-colored body looked amazing with the sheen of the sun glistening off her; as if the fiery red strands of hair draped down over her back had been given their color by the sun itself.

I gave her ass one last, sensuous squeeze before instructing her.

“Turn over for Daddy.” I ordered her.

“Yes, Daddy…” she said.

She did as she was told, and as she turned herself over I was once again greeted by the sight of her enormous flesh balloons overfilling that emerald bikini of hers. They looked like huge watermelons attempted to be covered up by green fauna. The giant orbs jiggled and settled into place atop her chest as she made herself comfortable; fully aware that I was going to start rubbing her body with oil once more.

And rub I did. I started on her neck and worked my way down to her prodigious bust. I felt the swell of her bosom filling my hands as my fingers caressed her skin. I even got oil on the fabric of her bikini top when I pushed her generous breasts together from the outsides. My hands traveled down her abdomen and around her hips as they made their way between her beautiful legs. I rubbed her legs down like I was touching a woman for the first time. She writhed under my fingertips, arching her back and begging me for more with her body.

“Ohh….mmm…” she moaned out.

My hands made their round trip back to her chest, only this time I pulled the cups of her bikini down so that her big melons spilled out. I began to rub and squeeze her big tits with my oiled hands…making them shine with the same luster as the rest of her amazing body.

She moaned particularly louder when I pinched her nipples.

“Mmm! OH! MMMM! Daddy! DADDY!”

“I think you have such big, amazing breasts, Amber…” I said to her as she arched her back more, pressing more of her chest into my hands.

“Th-thank Sincan Escort Bayan YOU! Daddy! Mmmm!” she screamed.

In the back of my mind I quietly thanked myself for sound-proofing the backyard as much I could. Amber and I hadn’t even started fucking and she was already screaming bloody murder. I decided not to take any further risks with the neighbors hearing, and so I stood up and walked around her sun chair so that I was standing in front of her face. I pulled my shorts down, and watched as Amber’s eyes widened while my cock sprung free…fully hard.

The look on Amber’s face was one of fixation. I knew that she knew what I wanted, and that I was going to have it. And so once I started to step forward and shove my cock in her face she instinctively met me halfway while opening her mouth. A moment later she had her soft, velvety lips wrapped around my cockhead, and not long after that she was sucking me cutely while gazing up at me and asking me with her eyes if she had done right by me.

She had.

I reached down to her beautiful red hair and gently caressed her head through those fiery strands. She let her eyelids fall for a moment as she responded to my touch and the realization that she had done exactly what I wanted her to. By the time my hand had slid its way down the side of her face to the back of her head she had her eyes wide opened once more; looking up at me as if asking me for more direction.

I moaned out as I felt her lips around me, applying suction as if Amber was competing for some kind of award.

“Oh fuck…uhhhh….”

Amber was now almost sitting completely up. She was sucking me as if she had been deprived of oxygen and my cock had the only supply in the world. I reached down to her redhead with both hands now; applying pressure to her and forcing her to take more of my cock into her mouth. She began to slurp almost immediately, and it wasn’t too much longer after that that I began to penetrate her throat and she began to choke. I forced her down even further, and she started to tear up as I shoved my entire cock into her throat.

She made almost no noise as her teary, watery eyes looked up at me from down below. It was almost like she had been afraid to make any noise at all; like the slightest change in the situation would cause it to halt. This made me feel as if she not only wanted this, but like she wanted me to want that she wanted it. Here I was violating her throat so bad it was making her cry; yet she somehow wanted me to continue.

I took pity on her and pulled my cock out of her mouth entirely. I exited her, dripping in saliva, as she coughed, swallowed, and gasped for air. She began breathing in the air around her as eager as she had been to suck my cock. For several moments she pulled her gaze from mine as she, once again, let her eyelids fall. I stood there, watching her regain her composure, as I stroked my cock.

Finally, she looked up at me, her face a mess.

“Daddy?” she asked.

“Yes, sweetheart?” I asked in return as I stroked my cock just inches from her pretty face.

“Why did you pull your cock out of my mouth?”

I smiled down at her.

“Daddy needed you to take a quick break. Rest is important; especially when it comes to pleasing Daddy.”

Amber nodded.

“Okay, Daddy!” she said, smiling through her watery eyes. Despite the physical distress I knew she was feeling, her tone and everything else about her was cheery. I could tell that she was being genuine; and (this may sound a bit odd) it’s always been the little gestures like those that have captivated me most when it comes to my girls.

After hearing her enthusiastic response I reached down for her red hair again and pulled her head into me as I shoved my cock toward her. The poor girl must have thought of my cock as a battering ram. She opened her mouth, obediently, and took the full length of me into her throat without any obstacle whatsoever. Of all the girls in Fuck Club Amber definitely had the longest way to go when it came to blowjobs, but that certainly wasn’t a disadvantage to her. All the girls in my Fuck Club easily outshined any other woman I had ever been with, and the fact that I had been a first to them in so many different ways provided me with something no other woman had ever really been able to give me: pride.

“Good girl, Amber…” I said as my cock rammed into her throat. I caressed her hair and head as she stared up at me; her mouth full of my thick meat.

“Kuhh! Kahh!! KHH!” the beautiful teen gagged.

“Do you like sucking Daddy’s cock, Amber?”

With some difficulty, she managed to nod her head up and down even though my cock was filling her throat almost entirely.

“You know, when I was little I used to watch these cartoons. And there was a very desirable woman in them by the name of ‘Red.’ I think I’m going to call you that every now and again; as a sort of nickname. Are you okay with this?”

Once more, Amber managed to nod her head.

“Good girl…” I said as I reached down and grabbed one of her monumental tits. The big orb felt massive in my hand as she sucked my cock.

“Khhh! Kuuhhh! KHHH!” Amber gagged, her face dripping with tears.

“Just like that, Red…” I told her. “Suck my cock. Suck it, Red!”

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