They Arrive

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Most people are a little vague about exactly where they where or what they were doing when They first arrived. But I know precisely.

I was a lovely warm June day. There wasn’t a cloud in the sky and the breeze was warm. John and I had walked up to the top corner of the paddock. We regarded it as ‘our corner’ it was shielded by high, dense hedges and woodland on the other side of the hedges. We hadn’t been there long before we were laying down in the long grass and snogging each other’s faces off.

Soon John started to undo my blouse: slowly, button by button. I am not a big girl, if you know what I mean, nor am I a small one. As john says, what you can’t get in two hands and one mouth at the same time is surplus to requirements. My blouse undone to the waist, John deftly unclipped by front clasping bra and my tits sprang loose. Creamy white with rosebuds at the end. John moved his mouth close to my left nipple. He didn’t suck it or lick it. He simply breathed on it. His hot breath made my nipple spring to life: It stood proud like a chapel hat peg. The other nipple followed suit.

John started kissing me again.

I bent my left leg up and flicked off my sandal with my hand. John reached down and took my foot in his hand, interlocked his fingers in my toes, which are long and slender. After a while John disentangled his fingers and started to massage my foot. Then slowly he moved from my ankle and up my calf; then the back of my knee; then my thigh,; then my inner thigh. It was clear where he was heading. I felt a finger trace out the edge of my knickers. I have a wonderfully luxuriant, ginger bush and as the finger moved slowly along my knicker-line I felt it touching stray pubes. It sent a tingle up my spine. Still kissing heavily, I felt John’s finger find and trace out the line of my fanny through my knickers. My gusset was well damp and John lingered on the patch that had soaked through. In my head I was pleading with him to push my knickers to one side and insert a finger or two or three. But John had other plans.

He reached down and unzipped his jeans and slid them off. Then he slid off his boxers. Naked from the waste down is pushed his erect penis against my gusset being careful to align it with the damp patch. Then he moved his attention to my breasts and now very erect nipples, while all the time pushing and straining his dick against my gusset covered, soaking wet hole. He brushed my nipples with the hairs on the back of his hand. Working slowly in a circle he kissed around the base london escort of each boob. The pushing on my crotch was incessant. I couldn’t stand it any longer. I reached down and pulled my gusset to one side. John slipped in all the way on his next push. It felt lovely. He slid it in slowly. He slid it out slowly. Slowly in, slowly out, deep, real deep each time.

“Let me kiss that cock!” I pleaded. John slowly withdrew his member and shuffled up my body pushing his dick up my pubes, across my navel, up between my lush tits and eventually into my mouth. I could taste myself. My God I tasted good.

While I caressed his member with my tongue and lips I reached down and slid my panties off. My skirt followed rapidly. Then I moved my hands up to John’s shirt and unbuttoned it as best I could while maintaining the emphasis on pleasuring his tool with my mouth.

Eventually we were both naked and then sun felt warm on our skins.

I signalled John to move back down to my fanny. It felt so good to feel his rock hard dick in my quim. I pulled both knees up slowly, a bit at a time, to allow him to thrust deeper and deeper into me. Eventually I could feel his bell end pushing on my cervix and his balls smacking on my milk white, inner thighs.

John’s thrusts were getting stronger and shorter. I reached my long arms down and grabbed each buttock with my hands. As he thrust in, I pulled him to me and squeezed his muscular bum hard.

I felt my own climax building as John’s thrusts built up.

I let go of his left cheek and reached further round to cup his balls in my hand. I felt his scrotum tighten as I touched it. I swear blind I could feel the pressure in his balls. Suddenly, like and express train, my own orgasm hit me and to my eternal pleasure I felt John’s balls jumping rhythmically up and down in my hand as he too climaxed and started to pump his load of lovely, creamy, salty, sweet cum in my love tunnel.

Now with each trust I could here the squelching of his cum as he whipped it up into a batter.

Slowly I felt him withdraw his cock. He kissed me on the lips one last time and then slid his mouth down to my tits and my nipples. He kissed and caressed them with his lips and tongue. Then he reached down and dipped a finger deep inside of my. He withdrew the dripping wet finger and drew a line down my body from my cleavage to my clit. I squirmed as he touched my clit. It was feeling very sensitive. Then he went back to my cleavage and followed the line of love juice down my Escort Dubai body towards my still eager fanny. He licked every last drop off my tummy, which turned me on. My response was heightened because I could hear him sniffing all the way, inhaling my lovely erotic, fecund smells.

Eventually he had his face buried in my lush, ginger bush. I raised both knees again to allow him better access. His tongue flicked my clit briefly and then moved on, tracing out the outer and then the inner labia: sucking and kissing them every inch of the way. Then he put a finger inside of my again. As before the finger didn’t linger. It was in and then out again. This time he ran his dripping finger straight down my wet slit and onto my perineum (that deliciously sensitive stretch of skin between the base of the fanny and the bum hole). He slowly traced down my perineum. I could feel the soft hairs on it flexing under the gentle pressure of his finger. I pressed the soles of my feet to the ground and raised my bottom slightly. John’s lubricated middle finger worked its way between my bum cheeks and then pressed against my bum hole. I slowly lowered myself and his finger easily wriggled up inside of me — all the way up to the third knuckle. Then his mouth moved down onto my slit and he licked from the base of my perineum up the length of my crack to my engorged clit. He began to gently caress and kiss it. Then moved back down to the base of my slit and slurped some of his cum mingled with my juices that were slowly oozing out of my fanny. Then he ran his tongue back up my hot slit and lashed my clit with his tongue. He alternated between cream pie and clit for what seemed like a pleasurable eternity. I found myself pistoning my bottom up and down — shagging his finger as my second organism built and built. “Oh my god, my God, I’m coming again John. Please don’t stop.” I squealed as it hit, even bigger and better than the first.

John withdrew his head and pushed his slightly flaccid cock back up my fanny. Then he withdrew it again, now coated with our combined juices. I pushed john off and rolled him on his back. I stood up looking down at his naked body and semi-erect dick. I faced him, spread my legs and straddled his body. A glob of cum oozed out and travelled slowly down from my fanny on a thin thread of cum. I carefully and quickly moved forward and managed to deposited the drop directly into John’s open mouth. He smiled at me. Then I shuffled back to my position over his genitals and slowly lowered myself into a squatting independent escort girls position. I reached down, took hold of his cock and peeled back his foreskin. With a sudden rush, I unleashed a hot, powerful stream of piss and washed the spunk off him. The heat and force of the piss on his bell-end clearly turned him on because he started to swell again.

While I was doing this he reached for my skirt and fumbled for the pocket, where he found a tube of lub. He unscrewed the lid and liberally coated his index and middle finger. Then, while I was still pissing, he reached down and around me and worked his two fingers into my willing arse.

I shuffled forward and lowered my arse onto his quickly hardening cock. It went in easily and I started to ride it. All the while my legs were spread wide, my snatch facing John who bent his head to look at my wares. With one hand I reached around and cradled his scrotum and he reciprocated by reaching forward and fondling my fanny and clit.

My legs started to tire so after a little while I ended up on all fours with my arse in the air. John was behind me pumping his now rock hard cock in and out of my arse. He was tiring too and it was looking as though he wouldn’t cum a second time. So I asked him to stand up, legs slightly spread. I took up position standing behind him and reached around to work his dick. It’s funny but have you noticed how you can tell when a man is getting ready to cum. Their cocks, which are already large and hard, swell and become even stiffer and bigger. Well John was getting there. I quickly jabbed one of my fingers up my fanny and then suddenly pushed the well lubed finger up John’s anus. I wouldn’t have thought it possible but his already taught penis jumped to attention and before you could say “Fuck me. Look at that” it started to quirt, what seemed like gallons of a thin, milky cum with such force that it landed three or four feet in front of him.

After that we were more of less done. We laid down side-by-side head to foot and gently nuzzled each others genitals; licking and kissing each other gently for five or ten minutes.

After that I rolled onto my back and closed my eyes to try and re-live our session. My hand wandered, without any conscious thought, down to my pussy and started to caress and fondle. When I opened my eyes the sky was still clear blue and cloudless. Then I lay with my mouth open as a spaceship about 100 metres wide slowly materialised out of thin air. At first there was nothing. Then there was a slight grey haze. Then a sort of translucent shape. And before you could say “fuck me stiff” there was a real, live, solid space ship hovering a few hundred feet above us.

They had arrived.

But what had they seen before they declared their hand?

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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