The Video Project Ch. 02

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Anna’s phone rang a few months after their video project was posted.

“Hello Anna, it’s Craig. You remember how you suggested that our viewing clientele might like to join you in our next production? And after the cameras stopped, I asked you if that was just a promotional statement, or if you were serious?”

“Sure Craig. I remember. And I remember telling you that I was dead serious. That was the most fun that I’d had in ages, and I was eager to repeat the experience, either with your crew, or with a new group of guys,” Anna assured him.

“That’s something I’ve been meaning to ask you,” Craig stated. “When you say ‘guys’ does that mean we should ignore any requests from women?”

“Women would be fine, too. I was just using the term ‘guys’ generically. But are you getting requests from women?” Anna asked curiously.

“Yes. Admittedly not as many as the requests were getting from men,” Craig explained. “We’ve had a few, and the numbers are rising. But that’s not what I’m calling you about this time. We’ve been winnowing through the hundreds of requests generated by your offer. Some of them are plainly not serious, just being offered in jest. Others seem to be wishful thinking or fantasizing on the part of the submitter. But we’ve identified a group of wealthy men that seem to be dead serious about it, and willing to put their money where their mouth is.”

“What sort of money are we talking about?” Anna asked. And when Craig mentioned the figure, Anna gasped and almost dropped the phone. “That much?” she asked, her voice breaking into a squeak. “Why in heaven’s name would they offer an amount like that? What’s wrong with them?” she asked, suspiciously.

“There’s nothing wrong with them,” Craig said defensively. There was a pause as he cleared his throat nervously.

“Nothing wrong, huh? Then why do you sound so nervous?” Anna asked. “What is it that you don’t want to tell me, Craig? You know I’ll find out sooner or later.”

“Well. It’s just that… I said these guys are wealthy, right?”

Anna was mentally drumming her fingers on a table top, waiting for Craig to spit it out, and getting more nervous the longer he delayed.

“They didn’t accumulate their money overnight,” he continued. “It took them a lot of years to accomplish that.”

“Are you trying to tell me that these guys are old? Is that the situation?”

“Yeah. They’re not spring chickens.”

“How old are we talking about?” Anna inquired, her voice dangerously syrupy.

“They’re in their 60s and 70s,” Craig admitted.

“My God! That makes them old enough to be my grandfather!”

“Do you have a problem with that, Anna?”

She thought it over. The idea was a little kinky. She’d never even seen a man that old, naked. But she supposed a cock was a cock, when you got down to it. And she’d invited the viewers to join her in a video. Doing this, she’d prove she wasn’t joking. She made her decision. “As long as none of them is actually my real grandfather, I guess I have no problem with it,” she told Craig.

“That’s wonderful. We’ll start gathering props for the scenarios, and schedule the time,” he told her, his voice dripping with relief.

“Scenarios? What scenarios?”

“Don’t worry about it, Anna. We’ll explain before we start. As you can imagine, these guys can afford to pay hookers any time they want sex. What caught their fancy was the idea of playing a scene with you in front of the cameras,” Craig said smoothly.

Anna trusted Craig, so she made no further fuss, actually rather intrigued by what she’d be doing. After all, the first time, when she answered the ad, she had no idea she’d be participating in a gang bang. But she’d loved doing it, and craved more.

The morning of the video shoot, Anna washed her body thoroughly, and cleansed both her lower holes carefully, not knowing which ones might come into play. She made certain that her pussy was still smoothly shaved, resisting the impulse to play with herself too much. Dressing in a simple black dress and sandals, she headed for the loft that Craig was using for this. When she got out of her car, the warm breeze pressed her dress against her tits and pussy, making her tingle in three places. She was definitely ready for someone to do something naughty to her.

Entering the loft, she found a small space right inside the door, screened off with a partition. Craig and Mike were waiting for her, and Mike held one of the steady-cams. It’s light blinked on, indicating he was recording as Craig announced, “And here is our star, looking beautiful, as always.” He gave Anna a sweet kiss, which silently expressed how glad he was to see her.

Mike was capturing the kiss, and also panning slowly up and down Anna’s body. This was guaranteed to focus the attention of the viewers on her.

“So, Anna, are you ready for today’s video session?” Craig asked.

“Ready and willing,” Anna answered with a short laugh and a wink. Once again, when she got in front Üçyol travesti of a camera, it was like some exhibitionist switch was activated. She played to the camera easily.

“I want to point out to our viewers that Anna has not been briefed as to what we’ll be doing today. She only knows that she’ll be doing separate scenes with four elderly gentlemen, helping make their fantasies come true,” Craig explained. “We’ve even set up the space so she can’t see the sets ahead of time. And here is your first costume change,” he concluded, handing Anna some clothes.

Anna examined them, finding a T-shirt, panties, and a pleated skirt. She turned her back to the camera, raising the hem of her black dress, giving a good view of her ass as it came into sight. As the dress lifted free from her head, her long, black hair cascaded onto her back. Fully naked now, she turned to the camera and asked, “Do you have a hair scrunchy I can use?” She took the red one that Craig handed her and raised her hands behind her head to trap her hair into a sleek ponytail. She knew that her upraised arms would display her tits to good advantage, and knew that Mike was also giving potential viewers a loving look at her bald pussy.

Satisfied that her tresses were under control, Anna stepped into the white cotton panties, pulled on the T-shirt, and put on the pleated skirt. Smoothing down the skirt, she told Craig, “I guess I’m ready.” She had no clue as to what scenario she was about to enter, but she was excited to find out.

Craig moved the partition slightly, and Anna stepped into what looked like a man’s study, or den. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw Jeffery and Vince with steady-cams, recording, but she ignored them and focused on the elderly gentleman in the chair near the desk.

“Ah, there you are, Anna,” he said sternly. Pointing at some papers on the desk, he continued, “I received a report of your progress from the college, and you seem to be doing poorly, to say the least.”

Catching on, Anna said, “I’m sorry, Sir. I’m really trying to do my best. I hardly attend any parties or anything.”

“I’m afraid sorry is not good enough,” he rebutted. “When we entered into the agreement whereby I was to fund your education, we clearly spelled out the penalty for insufficient progress. Come over here and get across my knees.”

Anna swallowed nervously. “You can’t mean… you wouldn’t… I’m a young adult now… you can’t!” she blubbered.

“I can, and I will. You agreed to my terms, young lady. Come here. Now!” he demanded.

Anna, shuffled forward, dragging her feet, the personification of reluctance, until she stood next to him. The man took hold of her wrists and dragged her down and across his lap. Vince and Jefferey moved silently to get better angles as the scene unfolded.

Pressing down on Anna’s back with one hand to hold her in place, the man flipped up the back of her skirt, uncovering her panties. He hooked fingers into their waistband, and yanked them down to Anna’s knees, baring her ass cheeks. Vince’s camera angle provided a view of Anna’s labia, peeking between her thighs. Jeffery’s camera was focused on the shocked expression on her face as she was so swiftly exposed.

“Now, it’s no use struggling, young lady. You know this is going to hurt. Maybe this will teach you to apply yourself to your studies with more focus,” the man said. With that, he drew back his hand and gave Anna a firm smack on one of her ass cheeks with his palm. The ‘crack’ of flesh on flesh echoed in the room. Anna’s eyelids flew wide open, and she gasped in pain. Before she could cry out, though, his hand swatted her other ass cheek.

“Owww!” Anna yelled. She jerked on his lap, and cried out with each subsequent swat. Her ass cheeks visibly reddened, and real tears formed in the corner of her eyes, at first. But, as her body became used to the spanking, the sensations changed. Also, the man was pausing now between slaps, and rubbing her ass cheeks sensuously. Anna began moaning softly, and wrapped her arms around his nearest leg.

“What’s this?” the elderly man, intoned. “Are you getting turned on by this?” His hand went to her labia, and the camera zoomed in as his fingers pried them apart, revealing her freely flowing juices. “You’re getting my trousers all wet! Get up, this instant.” As she scrambled off his lap, he said, “Get your skirt and panties off, before you ruin them.”

Still obviously aroused, Anna did as she was told, until all she wore was the T-shirt. Her nipples poked forward, pushing the material into raised mounds.

“I cannot believe that what was to be your punishment gave you so much pleasure. Bend over my desk. I want a better look,” he said with mock gruffness.

Anna had an inkling of what was going to happen next, so she quickly complied. Placing her hips at the edge of the desk, she draped her torso onto its top, and grasped its edges with her hands. Turning her head to look where Jeffery Alanya Travesti was holding one camera, she spread her legs wide apart, which gave Vince and his camera a fantastic view of her wet cunt.

The elderly man stepped close, and knelt down for a better look. Once again his fingers pried open Anna’s labia, but this time, he slipped two fingers into her now sopping pussy. “Such a little slut you are, young lady. You’re so wet. It’s amazing. I haven’t seen a woman lubricate so freely in a long time.” He moved his fingers in and out, finger fucking her slowly. “Do you like this? Should I continue doing this?”

Anna moaned louder. “Yes! Yes, I love it! More please. Maybe another finger?”

The man used his free hand to spread Anna’s glowing ass cheeks even farther apart, giving a clear view of her ass hole and cunt as he inserted three fingers into her vagina, palm up, and worked them in and out. His thumb pressed his little finger into his palm. Then he twisted his wrist, palm down. Now as his fingers fucked her cunt, his thumb and little finger nudged her clit with each inward thrust.

Anna was panting now, and her knuckles whitened as she gripped the edges of the desk more firmly. Her thighs and ass muscles were quivering. “Oh hell,” she moaned. “That feels so good! Your gonna make me cum. Your gonna make me cum! Oooooooooooo!! Almost!” she cried.

“When you start cumming, I’m going to suck on your cunt, you little slut!” the man declared. “Cum! I want to taste your pussy!” His fingers fucked her insistently.

“Aaaaaah!” Lifting her head and upper torso so she faced the ceiling, Anna cried out in orgasm. The man yanked out his fingers, covered her pulsating cunt with his mouth, and started sucking. At the same time, he slid his hands up Anna’s torso, beneath her shirt, and grasped her breasts. From the motions seen through the T-shirt material, it was clear he was kneading her tits as he sucked at her labia and cunt. “Fuuuck!” Anna screamed as she creamed all over his face.

The scene artistically faded to black but the sound continued, the gasping moans of Anna blending with the obscene slurping sounds of the man sucking, still dining on her cunt and labia.

Craig announced, “Cut!” Anna raised herself up off the desk on wobbly legs, turned, and hugged and kissed the man that had satisfied her so well orally.

“Thank you so much,” she told him. “Was that what you wanted? Do we need to do another take?”

Laughing, he replied, “That was more than I’d hoped for, my dear. I don’t think my heart could handle another take. You were delicious, and I enjoyed making you cum like that.”

Craig handed Anna a towel, so she could wipe off and dry herself, and then gave her the next costume. Its material was a cool sky blue in color, but it was very gauzy and delicate. Anna stepped into the almost transparent thong panties, and slipped on the loose, baggy trousers. Craig helped her into the stretchy bra. A sleeved bolero-like garment completed the outfit. Jeffery recorded her as she changed her clothes.

Anna looked down at herself. The outfit hid nothing – her nipples and pussy were slightly veiled, but still quite apparent. Her belly was completely bare. “Let me guess,” she said to Craig. “A harem scene?”

Craig smiled and winked, and opened the partition to the next section. Sure enough, it looked like something out of the Arabian Nights, with ornate pillows, and opulent brassware that gleamed everywhere she looked. Reclining on the pillows was an elderly fat man, dressed as a sultan, she assumed. He wore only a headdress, a colorful bolero jacket, and a loincloth below his pendulous abdomen. Gary was unobtrusively running a camera in a corner. Anna assumed Vince and Jeffery were trailing behind her, taking new camera angles.

As if on cue, music started playing, a mixture of flute, drums, tambourine, and stringed instruments. A wild, exotic sound that made Anna’s body want to set her hips into motion.

“Ah, there you are, girl,” the fat Sultan commented with a smile. “Dance for me. Dance to make my lust rise.” He clapped his hands for effect.

Anna was glad to do so, the music was so enchanting. She raised her hands above her head and let her hips begin to sway erotically. She was glad she’d taken those belly dance classes a couple of years ago. They now came in handy as she rippled her belly, vibrated her hips and shimmied her shoulders. She could feel her breasts bobbing and straining at the flimsy gauze as her shoulders moved. The ‘sultan’ was staring with appreciation, his eyes darting to her belly, her crotch, her legs, her breasts, and even her face. Anna smiled at him, and moved her head in quick motions to make her black ponytail flick through the air.

She danced in a frenzy, letting the wild music inspire her movements. In case he was an ‘ass man’ so to speak, she executed a slow turn, offering him a view of her rippling ass cheeks through the transparent trousers. Konyaaltı travesti She felt the first trickles of sweat at her armpits and belly. The gauzy material was beginning to cling to the moisture of her skin. When she’d finished her turn, her pupils dilated as she saw he’d removed his loincloth.

The ‘sultan’ clapped his hands again, calling out, “Enough!” The music ceased instantly. “Come now, girl. Service me with your mouth,” he commanded.

Grateful to let her body cool down after those strenuous exertions, Anna sank to her knees near his hip. With a slight amount of dismay, she found that she had to press the lower edge of his abdomen up towards his chest to give her access to his groin. His ball sack looked perhaps a little larger than normal, but his penis was quite small, almost tiny. It was still flaccid, so she hoped she could inspire it to enlarge somewhat. She easily sucked the whole penis into her mouth.

Anna was pleased to hear the sultan sigh appreciatively as she went to work, tonguing and sucking his cock. The flicking movements of her tongue made his rod of flesh bat back and forth in the space between her cheeks. She tasted the salt of his sweat, and inhaled his musky, but not unpleasant, scent. It might’ve been her imagination, but his cock seemed a little longer, and a little fatter, although it all still fit in her mouth. She longed to play with his balls, or pump his dick with her hands, but he’d commanded she only use her mouth.

After several minutes of being sucked upon, the sultan was wheezing and making small jabbing motions with his hips, obviously turned on by what Anna was doing. He clapped his hands again, stating, “I am ready. Prepare her.”

To Anna’s surprise, huge, strong hands gripped her at her waist, and lifted her bodily off the floor. She looked, and it was Mike, wearing only a loincloth, his muscular body gleaming in the light as if his skin had been smeared with body oil. Looking like a harem guard, but hopefully not a eunuch, Mike carried Anna to a padded bench and placed her face down onto its surface. The bench was high enough that her knees reached the floor next to it. The next second, Anna’s trousers and panties were yanked down to her knees. The second after that, Mike was prying her ass cheeks apart with one massive hand, while the other began smearing some slippery, gooey substance on her ass hole.

Anna groaned aloud as Mike’s finger began poking and probing her anal opening, stuffing the lubricant through her puckered anal ring. One of the cameras zoomed in to show the digital violation of her rosebud. Anna gasped loudly, shivering as Mike’s finger finally managed to shove the lubricant as deep as it could reach. He never uttered a word during this preparation process.

The ‘sultan’ had moved in behind Anna’s feet as he explained, “You saw and felt, girl, how small my male member is. It’s obvious that a cunt wouldn’t give me enough friction to pleasure me. But your ass hole should be perfect. Therefore, I will use you anally, as is my custom.” Mike was still holding her ass cheeks well apart, keeping her anus dilated as the sultan stepped forward and straddled her knees.

Anna felt the head of his cock touch the sensitive tissues that comprised her anal ring. She gripped the far legs of the bench, with her head turned toward a camera. As the cock was shoved into her rectum, she cried out, “Owww! It hurts!” Of course, it did not – she was hamming it up a little, letting a look of pain and dismay show on her face. She whimpered for effect, moaning, “You’re so big in my ass! It fills me!”

With a pleased smile on his face, the sultan gripped her hips as Mike moved out of the way. He began fucking her ass heartily, his big belly wobbling as he bucked his hips forward and back. His ball sack slapped Anna’s labia and clit as his belly impacted her ass cheeks with each stroke. The slaps on her clit made it engorge with more blood, and begin to pulsate.

Anna groaned and sucked deep breaths, as if she was trying to relax her anus and dim the ‘pain’ she was experienced. Gradually her expression transformed into arousal, and pleasure. This she was not faking at all. The contact of his flesh – all of it, balls and belly – gently slapping her cunt and ass was generating pleasurable sensations. His small cock fit her rear tunnel beautifully, letting her contract her muscles to sheath it tightly, with no pain at all. Pinned to the bench, she could do nothing but submit to his fucking. And that act of submission was exciting, as well.

The room was quiet, except for the panting breaths and the slap of flesh on flesh when suddenly Anna’s hands gripped the bench legs tightly. “Ahhhh! I’m cumming! You’re making me cum!” she cried. And she was! Her cum dribbled from her open cunt, anointing his ball sack, which now made sounds like ‘splat’ as it wetly slapped her cum all over her labia and clit.

The sultan grunted and thrust several times, inspired by his triumph of making this woman orgasm from his anal attentions. The feeling of conquest triggered his own release, and he made unintelligible, guttural sounds as he spewed his semen into Anna’s ass. His penis may have been small, but his balls delivered a hefty load of sperm.

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