The Throbbing Cooks

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She was Andrea Parker, but no one ever called her that. Everyone, even her family called her Summer. She was just nineteen, no longer a girl but not exactly a woman. She was somewhere in between, where she managed to maintain the charms of both. She could pass for much younger when she wanted to, but she was otherwise experienced well beyond her years.

Summer was a natural blonde, but kept her hair dyed a vibrant red. She was petite, with small but firm breasts that hung perfectly on her frame. Her ass was, in her estimation, her best feature, although men and women alike were known to argue with her about that. Some said it was her soft features, others were more interested in her tits. But to Summer, it was her ass.

Summer saw herself as the last generation off a dying breed: an honest groupie. She was up front about what she wanted out of life, and certainly about the bands she idolized, and she generally managed to get both. Her mother often warned her about her “sinful lifestyle” and told her that she should give up “Satan’s music”, but Summer knew that she and her mother weren’t actually all that different. They were both happier on their knees; the specifics about what they were worshipping didn’t really matter.

One last look in the mirror. Her top was tight enough to accent her breasts while low enough to show them off at the same time. Her skirt was just long enough to cover her ass, giving anyone who cared to look (and many did) a view of her thong and a promise of what was hidden under it. She applied another layer of lipstick, then tucked the rest into her purse. She liked wearing bright lipstick at concerts; it gave her a sense of accomplishment to see the color left behind on a stranger’s cock.

Tonight, she’d be seeing one of her favorite local bands, The Throbbing Cooks. Her plan was very simple; it wasn’t like anything complex was really needed. She had bought the cheapest tickets she could find- that was enough to get her into the venue. There were always people in the better seats that didn’t show up for one reason or another, so she’d do whatever she could to get closer to the stage. It had become a bit of a game for the young woman, and it wasn’t unusual for her to get right into the first five rows. Sometimes, she even found her way backstage. Those were her favorite shows. It really wasn’t really much of a challenge, either. Few security guards could resist a quick blow in exchange for looking the other way. She tried to pretend like the idea didn’t make her as wet as it did.

The vibe outside the venue was electric. The audience was mostly on the younger side, with most being Summer’s age or slightly older. Most were already drunk, with a few more well on their way. Some seemed to be using something harder, too, but Summer kept her distance. Drunks she could understand, but the junkies were unpredictable.

She made her way through, knowing that men and women alike were mentally undressing her as she passed. Good, that’s exactly what she was going for. She’d had both, but she still preferred the former to the latter. She gave a little extra wiggle in her walk, taking pride in the heads she turned.

“Hey, babe,” one of the younger men called from a pack as she walked by. “Fuck the show, how about you sit on my cock instead?”

Without missing a beat or a step, Summer fired back, “Sorry, I don’t take charity cases.”

The young man turned bright red and swore under his breath while his friends laughed.

Summer smiled to herself. IT was all part of the experience.

She found her place in line, joining the others waiting to get in through that gate. There were others, but she chose the one closest to the stage. After all, that’s where she intended to go. The bored ticket taker scanned her ticket and waved her through the turnstile. That led summer to the first security guard- the one that would search the ticketholders for booze or drugs. Most of the time, they didn’t really care as long as you took the time to hide it well. It was a sort of truce.

The guard was a muscular black man, easily twice Summer’s age and size. His shirt was several sizes too small, which showed off his thick chest and biceps and made him look all the more intimidating. He smiled when she stepped up to him.

“Hell, you ain’t got nowhere to hide nothin’,” he laughed. Heads turned to confirm that he was correct. “But if you were, I’d sure like to find it.”

Summer smiled back at him. She licked her lips, teasing him with the slow, sensual motion. “Maybe you should look then,” she purred.

The guard laughed again, shaking his head. He didn’t respond, but instead ran his hands over her body in a gesture that almost looked like he was searching her rather than feeling her up. His hands brushed against her breasts and down her hips; the touch made her nipples stiffen against the thin fabric of her top. She was pretty certain she just earned a place in another man’s spank-bank.

She wandered through the halls and merch avrupa yakası escort tables while the opening act played. If you get a new seat too early, you risk a latecomer pushing you out and raising a fuss. So, she would wait until she could be reasonably certain that the empty seats would stay empty. She sopped by the ladies’ room, recognizing and greeting some of the other girls who were playing the same game, and hung out with them for a while. None of them were in a hurry; things tended to happen with they were supposed to happen.

“Any bulls tonight?” Summer asked, applying a fresh coat of lipstick and touching up her mascara. A bull, in the sense they used it, was a security guard that couldn’t be persuaded. They were the real hardasses and were best avoided.

One of the other girls rolled her eyes. Summer thought her name was Lilly, or something like that. “Gate C,” she said. “That bald fatass.”

One of the other girls groaned. They all knew who she was talking about. But at least he’d only kick you out; the worst ones were the assholes that would cum on your face before kicking you out. Exchanging sexual favors for access was one thing, but there was nothing worse than a liar.

“Sounds like they’re done,” another girl said. She was a tiny, dark-skinned woman; conservatively dressed with soft hair that fell just to her shoulders. She looked sweet and innocent, which was exactly why she carefully chose that costume. She had the ‘this is my first time doing this’ act down pat.

Summer strained her ears. “Yeah, you’re right.” The music was gone, replaced by the loud murmurs and laughter of the crowd. It was the traditional break between acts, when people would try to get as drunk as they possibly could before the show started again. That also meant that the bathrooms were about to get very crowded.

“Good luck!” Lilly smiled to the other girls. She took one last look in the mirror to adjust her tits before heading out. The rest followed, before they each went their separate ways. They all had their own strategy, but mostly worked alone.

Pre-recorded music blasted over huge speakers, which were strategically positioned throughout the venue. Even though it was a no-smoking show, a thin haze of cigarette and pot smoke collected at the ceiling. She made her way to her preferred gate right before The Throbbing Cooks would be going on. She straightened her hair and adjusted her outfit. Perfect. This was going to be easy.

Summer was confident. It wasn’t just for show- she was very much in her element. She strolled down a short flight of stairs and onto the arena floor. She made her way right up to the stage, which was protected several large security guards. It was also mobbed by people trying to beg, plead, or bribe their way past.

“Amateurs,” Summer mumbled to herself. Newbies always went straight for the stage. There was no way anyone was getting in that way- there were too many people watching. Too much attention. Summer, being more experienced and subtle, had a different idea.

Just to the right of the stage was a tall fence, which was partially obscured by a torn blue tarp. It was the area reserved for those on official tour business- the roadies, photographers, guests, things like that. In Summer’s point of view, that included groupies as much as anyone else. It was an area strictly off limits, unless one had some sort of service to provide. Summer most certainly did.

She made her way just inside, seeing no one at all. For just a moment, she wondered if she had gotten lucky. Perhaps, this time, it would be even easier than expected. But she didn’t see the security guard until he suddenly appeared on her right. He grabbed her arm- tight enough that she knew he was there, but not so tight as to be uncomfortable. Immediately, she knew that he must be new to the field.

“Excuse me, miss,” he said. He was clearly doing his best to sound authoritative, but the effect wasn’t entirely convincing.

Summer turned quickly. The man was tall and good-looking. Maybe twenty-five years old, with short-cropped brown hair and deep blue eyes. Former military, Summer was sure. His smile was warm and inviting. She let him explore her body with his eyes; his smile grew even wider.

“I’ll need to see your pass for the area,” he said, suddenly remembering himself.

“I don’t have one,” she replied, very matter-of-factly. Some girls tried the “damsel in distress” bit, while others pretended to be lost and confused. Summer found that the honest approach worked better for her.

“I’m afraid you’ll have to leave, then. This area’s for pass holders only.”

Summer smiled. “I know. But you’ll let me stay anyway?”

The man looked amused. “Is that right? How you figure that one?” For the first time, she noticed a slight southern twang in his voice.

“Because,” she explained, as if she were explaining something that was very obvious, “you haven’t had your cock sucked right in a bağcılar escort long time, and I’m willing to do it.”

The man froze for just a moment. Summer knew that he had been warned against accepting offers like that, but she also knew just how hard it was to resist one when it actually came up. She flashed him her most seductive smile and licker her lips slowly, knowing what it would do to the last of his defenses.

“Are you serious?” he asked, looking around quickly. His cheeks flashed pink.

Summer giggled. It wasn’t her natural laugh, but it was one men liked to hear. “I’m very serious. Take me somewhere private and I’ll suck your cock. Suck you ’till you cum. Then you let me stay up front. Deal?”

The man looked at her again, running through the options in his mind. From the expression on his face, Summer could see which choice was coming out the winner. He looked around once again, then down at Summer.

“Okay, babe,” he grinned. “Deal. Come on.” He pulled her by the hand, leading her behind the stage and off to the side. There was a small passageway that was normally closed to traffic, and they followed it to a small closet just down the hallway. The man opened the door, flipped on the light, and pushed her inside ahead of him.

“Just a blowjob,” Summer reminded him.

The man nodded, closing the door behind them. “Fine, but let me know if you change your mind.” Another grin.

Summer liked him. He seemed genuine and nice, for a security guard willing to swap blowjobs for access. But such was the game she was playing.

“You gonna show me that cock of yours?” she asked. She was starting to get excited; even though she had a goal in mind, she also enjoyed the process.

The man unzipped his pants and fished out his rapidly-hardening cock. It was average in length and girth; Summer was pleased, but not entirely impressed. All the same, she knew what he wanted to hear.

“Wow!” she said, opening her eyes as wide as she could. “I hope I can take it all in!” She knew she could, but the stranger had no way of knowing that himself.

“Let’s find out.” He put his hand on her head and pressed down gently. Summer allowed him to push her to her knees. On the way down, she grabbed a nearby stack of rags from the shelf and put them under her knees. Once properly positioned, she grabbed the base of his cock and gently licked the tip, drawing a light moan from its owner.

“Do you cum a lot?” she asked, looking up at him.

“Yeah,” he replied, clearly proud.

“I don’t want to get cum all over my top. I think I’ll take if off.” She suppressed a grin; she knew exactly what she was doing. The man only nodded, and she pulled the garment up over her head.

“You don’t want to get it on your bra either, do you?” he asked, hopeful.

Summer smiled. Clever boy. “No, you’re right. How considerate.” She reached back and quickly undid the clasp, revealing her firm breasts to him. She didn’t bother looking up; she knew he was staring. “You ready for the best blowjob of your life?” She didn’t bother waiting for an answer; she knew what it would be. She grasped the base of his cock and held it in place as she slid it into her mouth.

Summer knew her craft; she took great pride in giving the best blowjobs that many men had ever experienced in their lives. This anonymous security guard was no exception. He had to rest his free hand on the wall, the other being loosely pressed against the back of her head, in order to stay upright. She pulled his entire shaft into her mouth and worked it over with her tongue, making sure to tease and pleasure every inch of his soft flesh.

She worked enthusiastically. She wasn’t there to make the experience last or to have a good time. She wanted him to cum, so she could get back to the concert. She moved slightly to allow him access as he leaned down to caress her nipples, growing them to tiny points of pink flesh.

“Fuck, that feels so good,” the man moaned. “Goddamn, you suck cock so damn good.” Summer could hardly hear him, but he continued with barely-intelligible streams of encouragement and pleas. He had one hand on her tit and the other behind her head, pulling her head onto his shaft.

Summer moaned; it wasn’t that she was getting any pleasure from the experience, but she knew what the sound of a woman’s moan would do to a man when his cock was in her mouth. She reached up with one hand and fondled his balls through his jeans, lightly caressing them as if she were preparing the load that she hoped to swallow soon.

“Oh, babe,” he moaned again. “That’s amazing. You’re gonna get my cum in no time. Fuck yes, take it all,” he said. It was the only sense of warning she had before he pushed even deeper past her bright-red lips.

Summer had long ago overcome her gag reflex. But, all the same, she wasn’t fully prepared for his cock to press so deep into her throat. But she relaxed and looked up at him, her eyes as bahçelievler escort sweet and seductive as she could make them. He looked down at her, clearly enjoying the sight of the girl on her knees, his cock in her mouth.

She pulled away from his cock just as she felt it swell and twitch. A thin stream of precum connected his cock to her lips. “You can cum in my mouth, but I don’t want it on my face. Okay? Cum in my mouth, I’ll swallow it all.”

The man nodded his head, agreeing to her very generous conditions.

Satisfied, Summer leaned forward again, re-enveloping his cock with her wet mouth. She released the grip on his shaft, using only her lips and mouth to hold him in place.

The stranger moaned again, then pushed his hips forward. He pushed his cock as deep into her mouth as he possibly could and held the back of her head tightly. She looked up at him, and their eyes met as he came in her mouth. She could feel it shoot against the back of her throat and running down into her belly. She took control, bobbing her head and working her tongue over the tip to make sure she left him empty and satisfied. That, after all, was their agreement.

Several thick loads of cum coated her tongue and filled her moth, and she dutifully swallowed all of it even as more was added. Again, the man shuddered as the orgasm rippled through his body, and Summer kept him in her mouth until he was done. Only then did she tighten her lips around his shaft and pull away, drawing the last few drops of cum from him. His cock left her mouth with a satisfying wet smack.

Summer looked up at the man, who was swaying back and forth, almost as if he were going to fall down any moment. She didn’t say a word, allowing him to enjoy the orgasm. When he finally opened his eyes and looked down at the kneeling woman, he still seemed very far away.

“Holy shit,” he panted, suddenly remembering to breath. “That was incredible.”

She smiled. “Thank you,” she said simply. In reality, she had been sucking cock for years. She had a lot of practice. But she didn’t tell him that; she’d let him feel special.

She slowly rose to her feet and wiped the last bits of his cum from her lips with the back of her hand. She cleared her throat of the last dribbles of his sperm before putting her bra and top back on.

The struggled to put his cock back in his pants, the chuckled softly. “Your lipstick’s on my cock,” he observed idly.

Summer smiled. “So it is.” She paused. “Now, I upheld my part of the bargain. Your turn”

The man blinked once or twice, trying hard to remember what he had to do. After a moment, a flash or recognition came over him. “Right, yes.” He reached into his pocket and pulled out a laminated card, which was attached to a bright-red lanyard. “Here, this will get you in.”

Summer studied it carefully. It was a VIP pass, from the current tour and for the correct show. She had learned her lesson before, so she made sure it was real.

“It’s a VIP pass,” he explained, as if she hadn’t seen one before. “We always have a few extras for any special guests that might show up. I guess you’re definitely a VIP,” he added with a grin. He paused for a moment, then flashed a sheepish grin. “You wanna get something to eat later?”

Summer smiled and kissed him on the cheek. She didn’t bother answering- he knew what it was. She turned and walked away, slipping the pass around her neck and leaving the room while he composed himself.

She could still taste him in her mouth, and her nipples and pussy were aroused and tingling with desire. She loved giving head and swallowing cum; it made her feel slutty and sexy and entirely alive. She ran her tongue around her lips, stealing a quick glance in a golf cart’s side mirror to make sure she was still presentable. As she exited the fenced-in area, she caught a brief glimpse of Lilly and flashed her a smile.

Lilly glanced at the pass around Summer’s neck. “Nice job,” she said, nodding with genuine respect.

“Thanks,” Summer replied. “Any luck?”

Lilly shook her head. “Not yet.”

Summer hooked her thumb towards the gate behind her. “New guy,” she said simply.

“Is he already empty?”

“Yeah, but give him a few minutes. If he has another pass, I bet you can get it out of him.”

Lilly smiled and bounced towards the gate. Summer hoped that she’d be successful; she seemed nice.

The lights dimmed and people started cheering. There were shouts and whistles, and the distinct buzz of a cable sliding into a guitar jack. Summer’s stomach fluttered. Her heart started beating faster. She loved the energy right before a show started. She made her way to the VIP section, finding an empty seat right before the pyrotechnics momentarily blinded her. The lights came up and the music hit her like a wave.

The Throbbing Cooks, as always, owned the stage. Their lead singer, who’s name probably wasn’t actually Panther, prowled from one side to the next as he launched into their current big hit, ‘Honeypot.’ Summer scanned the guys in the band for her target, wondering if she could possibly build on her success and take things one step further.

They were typical rockers. Tattoos, long hair, tight pants. They were cut from the same cloth, but it was a cloth that Summer liked very much.

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