The Tease Gone Bad

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I first saw her across the lecture hall. Her looks pushed all the right buttons…. Tall, willowy, long dark curls and lips a man would die for. When she walked, there was this particular sway to her hips which spoke volumes about her self assurance. I knew right away that I needed to get to know her in the biblical sense of the word.


I wasn’t even in this course. I had seen this guy and he looked very interesting. I needed to know who he was, and how to see him again. I wanted him to think he saw me first and had to pursue me.

This is the story of our sexual awakening, the slow burn from a naive young couple to the time we first had sex.

This is Dan’s story, but I feel the need to put my two cents worth in regularly. Dan feels the story is about sex, and it is, but it ignores the months of wooing and romancing that made the sex possible. It also speaks little to the foundation we built to last a lifetime.


After three years of being a dedicated nerd, it was time to socialize a bit, and getting serious with Sarah seemed like a very attractive proposition.

Our first date was remarkable, if only for what it lacked. A movie on campus, a tea in the Student Union after, and then a chaste walk home to my off-campus room after accompanying Sarah back to her dorm building. No visitors there, and a chaperone on the doorstep!

The first time I kissed her was probably on date number six, or so. Yes, I was inexperienced and slow! Another movie, although this time I had picked a good one. Some romantic comedy which ended with everyone feeling good about everything.

We walked the usual walk back towards her dorm room. On the way, we usually strolled through a small park and sat on a quiet, secluded bench and talked. As she sat beside me, I turned and my face brushed her hair. Oh, how good she smelt.

She looked up towards me, and as she looked up, I cupped my hand along her jaw and bent down to touch my lips on hers. That was it.

We didn’t linger, but as she drew away, she gave me the most interesting look. Not quite a smile, but a look of “I’m interested in more if you play your cards right”.


He kissed me. Well, it was a pretty chaste kiss, but a kiss never-the-less. He had taken long enough. I liked it. It tasted good, a bit of a tease, and I wanted more, but I was in no hurry. I was in this for the long game. Already I knew I wanted him wanting me, and I could be very patient.

I looked at him wondering just how good he would taste when the time was right. Well, something to look forward to.

After sitting for a while with his arm around my shoulders, he walked me the rest of the way home.


Same park bench several days later, and I thought that maybe Sarah might be interested in something a little more visceral. As we talked, I leaned into her, so that we could each feel the other. I could smell her, and feel the heat from her body.

I tried to steer the conversation towards something a little racier than the weather, or flowers, or minutiae of daily life. But I wasn’t very good at steering conversations, and Sarah was, so I felt a little lost.


Dan was trying to make the conversation sexier. I could tell. Was he trying to turn me on? He shouldn’t have tried so hard, because I was so wet for him that if he had known, he probably would have had a seizure.

I needed to put him out of his misery, so I turned and looked up at him, put my hand around his neck and pulled his lips into mine.

Last time was so chaste, and I didn’t mean for this time to be the same. I opened my lips and probed his lips with my tongue. He caught on quickly and soon we were tongue fencing, gently at first, but then with increasing vigour.


Sarah caught me totally by surprise, but I was, oh, so pleased. I had been imagining this moment for weeks now, and I was all in.

I put my free hand on her waist, then slowly moved it up to her side until I was just touching the side of her breasts through her dress. As I touch her there, I felt a bolt of electricity come from deep inside me and head straight to my groin. My cock, folded up in my drawers, strained to unravel with every beat of my heart.

How did she learn to kiss like this? As my groin screamed out for release, her tongue teased mine. She nipped at my lips, pulling at them playfully. She rested her hand on my lap, exacerbating my situation in my drawers.

Shortly, she stood, pulling me with her. Sarah turned to face me, reached up with both arms and pulled me to her in a full-on frontal embrace.

She paused from her kisses and whispered in my ear that maybe I needed to “adjust” a bit of my clothing! I looked down to see myself straining in the groin, and felt a wave of heat flush over my face.

Again she whispered to me that, “It was all good and normal, and she would take my situation as a huge compliment”. At the same time, she put my hand down and placed antalya escort it over her groin, and I could feel the heat emanating from her.

After turning away from her to release the strangle-hold my shorts had on me, I turned back to see Sarah walking away from me, slowly down the path. I knew the evening was over, but I would replay it over and over again in my mind. On my walk home, my balls ached like they never had before.


As Dan’s hand brushed my breast, I tried ever so slightly to turn towards his hand. Each time he touched me, I shivered and felt a gush down below. If I wasn’t careful, I felt I might just float away.

I put my hand in his lap, a wondered if I might provoke a reaction, but the reaction was already well underway, straining against its chaperone.

I stood, pulling him with my a suggested he might want to just make a minor adjustment for his comfort, and poor Dan flushed as I had never seen anyone do before. I had to make him more comfortable with the idea that the effect we had on each other was normal. I guided his had to my groin, so he could know he was doing a major job on me.

But this was enough for now. I didn’t want us to get too carried away and slowly turned for home. Hopefully, next time we had the chance, we could be somewhere a little more private. I had some ideas I wanted to try out!


As it was, it was quite a while before we were able to be together again. Mid-term exams and we were both very motivated to do well. Uncooperative (not on purpose) housemates and wildly busy schedules left no free time together. It would just mean that when it happened, it would be that much sweeter.

When Sarah finally did come over, it was all worth waiting for. From the moment I saw her, she had this glint in her eye, and I knew she had something up her sleeve. She tried to behave normally, but there was this tension in the air.


We finally made it back to Dan’s flat. What a nice evening it had been, and now, there was no one else at home. He showed me around, being quite the gentleman, but there was something that I needed to talk to him about before we got so involved that it was too late.


Sarah said that the way things were going, she was interested in pushing past some of the tamer encounters we had already had, but I needed to understand something important. She explained to me that pregnancy would be a disaster for both of us, but especially her. That she was not on the pill, because she had been the year before for “acne,” but that she had had a really bad reaction to it. If we were going to get partly undressed, one of us always had to have underwear on, for a chaperone. No exceptions!!


Dan was okay with what I said. He was sweet when he said that just being with me was wonderful enough, that sex could wait until we were both ready, and prepared for it. He was so sincere and warm about his feelings, I could feel myself getting wet just listening to him. I was almost ready to strip there right before him, but that might have been pushing my luck.

He took my head in his hands and gave me a long, slow and very delicious kiss, following it with kisses down my neck. Oh, the shivers!!


I led Sarah into the bedroom. What better place to get comfortable? We sat on the bed, and I turned to face her, kissing her gently on the lips again.

I gently pushed into her, and soon we were lying side by side on the bed. Knowing what she had just said to me, I wondered if she was ready to get mostly naked with me this evening.

Well, the only way to find out was to press on, and so slow began exploring her body with my hands and lips.


When his lips started trailing down my neck, I undid the top couple of buttons of my blouse, hoping Dan would take the hint, and he did. He slowly started unbuttoning me, his lips following his fingers. I had a front clasp bra on that evening, and that too was undone by his fingers, and the feeling of his lips edging towards my breasts was electrifying. I wanted to just tear my blouse off, but I stilled myself to be patient.

I did my unbuttoning of Dan’s shirt, and soon we were topless, side by side. Soon we were exploring each other in a way I never thought possible.


I couldn’t believe the feeling of Sarah’s fingers on my skin. Every nerve ending felt alive, and as she followed her fingers with kisses, those nerve endings felt like they were on hyperdrive.

I wanted to kiss Sarah everywhere, and started from her neck, down her front as her naked flesh was revealed. She moaned when I unsnapped her bra, helping me shuck off her blouse, then attacking my shirt.

My hands slid down her naked back and I wondered at the smoothness of her skin. I continued lower, to the edge of her butt, and I pulled her towards me.

Her nipples were petite, but as I began kissing a caressing her breasts, her nipples became larger and darker, flushed with her alanya escort excitement. Her moaning was driving me crazy, I think almost as much as the feel of her fingers on my chest.

I felt like the moaning was an open invitation to get on with it, to push the boundaries more.

I pushed my knee between her legs and rolled us over so I was on top. Pressing her breasts to my chest, I felt like I had never felt so content and satisfied with anything before in my life. I wanted to stay glued to her forever. Little did I know at this point, that this was just the appetizer for a life long feast.

I moved my other leg between hers, so now I was pressing my member on her delicate parts. She wrapped her legs around mine, holding us together tightly, and rocking against me.


Dan kissed my breasts and nipples, then was on top of me. I think l swooned from pleasure. I was going to have to stop him before I lost control. I heard load moaning, then realized I was my voice, involuntarily responding to his caresses.

He nudged my legs open, and I felt him press on me down below. I didn’t want him to look at what I was sure was a big wet stain in my crotch, but he settled himself on me, and I could feel his straining member pushing on me. Oh, what a different feeling this was, and as he slowly started thrusting against me, I entered a whole new world of sensations.

I felt his hand on my bare stomach between us. Again electric sparks seemed to flash from his hand to my groin. I think he was part contortionist because he was still almost glued to me. He flicked the top button of my jeans open and inched his had under my waistband, and as he touched my bush, I felt my whole groin weep more. Could I get wetter? But as his finger reached my cleft, and started circles around my hood, a small voice in the back of my head told me that if I didn’t slow him down now, I probably never would. But I didn’t want him to slow down. Whatever he was doing, I wanted him to push harder and faster. My wetness was different today as it always was when I was ovulating. It was copious, but also thick and tenacious, making the friction between Dan’s finger and my parts incredibly smooth. Dan was drawing something out of me that was going to erupt in an incredible unstoppable explosion.

Dan paused. I think he thought he was going to take my jeans and panties off. I had to stop here or I never would.


This was wonderful. Sarah was so soft, and wet down there like she was oiled. Her moaning was driving me wild. I wondered if I could get her pants off, to better explore her, but as I pulled my hand away, and sat back on my knees to hook my fingers in her jeans, she grabbed my arms and held them.

I understood too much too quickly. She pulled me back to her, leaving no space for my arms between us, but pushed her groin against me. Soon we got into a rhythm, and our discovery of the joys of “dry humping” had begun.

We didn’t get beyond that this night, and neither of us reached a climax, but it wasn’t for lack of enthusiasm.


Later as Dan gave me a peck good night on the steps of my residence, I whispered in his ear that we had lots of time, and lots to explore, and I would anxiously wait until next time.

And so it became not a habit, but not anything extraordinary to tease and torture ourselves this way over the next few weeks and months. I don’t know how Dan didn’t insist on more, because more than once I thought the hell with it, and was ready just to strip naked and let him take me, to hell with the risks.

Then there was this one time when we came pretty close.

Things had started pretty much as usual. Lots of kissing and hugging, a bounce around on the bed then our tops off with more caressing and kissing, whispering sweet nothings to each other.


I almost always kissed down her tummy to her waist, then tried to stick my tongue under her belt. Usually, I was rebuffed, but this night, I felt her hand by my face, and she pulled her belt out and off. I unsnapped her jeans, sat up and slowly slid them off her legs watching her watching me the whole time.

Fair enough, and so much more to kiss and touch. Her thighs were a beautiful off-white colour, like a year-round tan, with just a bit of fine, peach fuzz hair covering them. She didn’t shave down below, and not her legs either. I tried to stay away from her groin for as long as possible, to tease her with anticipation but I couldn’t control my self for too long, and soon enough I was feeling her bush through her panties. I tried kissing her through that fine silk layer, and by the sound of her breathing, I think I was doing pretty well.

Sarah pulled me to her, but on the first thrust as we usually did our “humping,” she pushed me away.


Dan’s belt buckle stuck into a very sensitive spot. This would not do, so I pushed him up and undid his belt, pulling in out in a rapid fashion. I thought, “Why alanya rus escort not,” and undid his jeans, and he pushed them down, then off over his ankles. I pulled him back down on me, and oh, this “dry humping” was on a whole new level. All the extra skin to feel, I could feel his member so much better through the two thin layers that separated us. But I could feel it pointing sideways, so next time we came up for air, I pulled his waistband, reached in and gently directed him skyward. I thought he was going to have a seizure when I touched him.

I asked if I had hurt him, and he shook his head. I asked if I could touch him a little more, and he nodded, as if in a dream.


Sarah lifted my jockeys off my dick, exposing it to her for the first time. She leaned in close, and I could feel her breath on my cock. Wrapping her hand around the base with one hand, she slowly rubbed my foreskin around and down, exposing my glans, which by this time was hugely swollen. I don’t ever think I had seen it so large and swollen. A drop of very thick fluid was gathering at the eye, and Sarah gently touched her finger to it and rubbed it around my head with her finger.

I held still. I wanted to thrust at her, to take her and enter her, the tension in my cock was so great. I could hear myself breathing heavily. I put my hands around her head to pull her closer, but she didn’t want to take me in her mouth. I let go of her, not sure if I would lose my balance and much to my surprise, she leaned forward to lick the end of my cock.

There was silence, then she leaned forward and proceeded to kiss me from head to base. I could feel the stirrings of an orgasm starting, but before it grew past the point of no control, she flipped my jockeys back over me and pulled me down on top of her.

She whispered and cooed in my ear about exploring each other, and soon we were thrusting at each other with increasing vigour. Again I thought I would ascend that height, and go over the edge, but I couldn’t quite realize it. Sarah too seemed very close to the edge.

I pushed away and again kneeled to kiss her through her panties. I tried to pull her waistband down as she had done to me, but as I got past her bush, she stopped me. Not deterred, I tried from below, burying my face in her crotch and worrying my tongue under the edges of her gusset. I could taste her and it added vigour to my efforts, but Sarah closed her legs before I could get near her delicate parts and I was shut out.


I was ovulating, again, and I knew that if I just went with the flow, Dan would be in me before I could stop him. Why did all the really good stuff happen when I was ovulating? When he kissed me around “there,” I could feel my will power melting away, so better not let it get that far.

But I didn’t want Dan to just stop! Maybe if he kept his jockeys on, he could explore a bit more with his tongue. If I kept my legs together, or if I held his head, it would be okay. So I held his head and guided him back to my crotch, wondering just how he would respond. I didn’t have to wait long before it was back exploring me, and gradually I relaxed my legs.

With his head buried in my nether regions, his hands would cup my breasts, and as he played and tugged on my nipples, I began thrusting against his face. It didn’t take him long to try removing my panties again, and this time I let him pull them down to my knees. Safer, I thought, to keep me from just opening wide open for him. I might just have been too big a temptation.

For someone who had never given oral sex before, Dan seemed to know exactly what to do, running his tongue along my lips as far as he could reach. He zeroed in on my hood, finally, and proceed to send me into lower earth orbit.

I wanted to rip off my panties to give him all the access he needed, to just let it go. I wanted him to use his tongue and his fingers, but with my knees cuffed together, this wasn’t going to happen.


The dam panties were cramping my access. I reached down and pulled them lower, and off one leg, and Sarah opened wider. I thought this was fantastic, but instead of continuing what I had been doing, I thought if I lay on her and pressed my cock against her through my jockeys, she might enjoy it even more.

A few gentle thrusts and Sarah looked down in alarm. We both looked, and my jockeys were soaked through, almost shear with the moisture from her, and oozing from me. It felt like there was nothing there, besides my tip was almost out of the waistband. I had been sure if I could just have humped with her a bit more, it would have been out, and we would have had nothing between us.

She pushed me gently up, and off, saying it was too much and too dangerous.


I knew I couldn’t leave him that frustrated. Wound up, yes, but I didn’t want to be cruel. Was sat up and I leaned forward to push him down. I gently pulled his jockeys off and glided his cock into my mouth. I hadn’t done this before, and despite a girlfriend telling me a banana would be good to practice on, I hadn’t.

So I gently pulled with one hand wrapped around the base of his cock, and let as much of the shaft as I could manage slip in and out of my mouth. I gagged a bit. This would take some practice!

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