The Surrogate Host

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Big Tits

The Surrogate Host: It’s All About Business


“This is Larry.”

“Larry, it’s Shannon. Are you coming to my party?”

“Pamela is in Washington. So, if I do, I’ll be alone. Who’s coming to help me get over my absent Congressional spouse?”

“Maybe me. Really, my idiot husband decided he didn’t want to help so he is heading off to Vegas. I am so pissed. Would you help me host?”

“Well if you want me to be the substitute host I want host privileges.”

“What are host privileges?”

Let me share a bit of history. Shannon and I have known each other for almost ten years. My wife is a member of the US House of Representatives and is in Washington a good bit of the time. Pamela and I have an agreement regarding extra-curricular sexual activities. Basically, have fun, be discreet.

We have socialized with Shannon and her ‘idiot’ husband on occasion. He has tried to put the moves on Pamela but she has absolutely no interest in him. Actually, he is a pompous ass.

Shannon and I have flirted (nothing serious on my part). I have shown her some attention that her husband does not. She has taken this to mean that I am interested. She has some potential but has been put down so much by hubby that she has little self-esteem. A very vulnerable woman. Shannon is in her mid-fifties, quite petite. About 5’2, 110 pounds with shoulder length light brown hair. Cute, maybe? Nicely padded lips, lips you could feel around your cock. She tries to look younger with the GAP clothes she wears and her hairstyle and makeup.

“As the surrogate host, I get all the privileges that your husband has, like picking out your clothes for the evening.”

“You’d really do that and help me?”



“Now that we have your role defined, who is coming – pardon the pun. I want to know what the odds are for an old guy like me to score.”

“Well, everyone is single except one couple that started seeing each other exclusively. Then there is Margie, probably as horny as ever; Jonathan who is very artsy and probably gay. You know Thom, as boring as ever. Tami – I think she is finally over her last divorce. Oh, one more couple. I think they are swingers, yech.”

“And the dress code for pre-New Years Eve is…?”

“Casual, jeans,”

“Shannon, no, no, no. Dress is sexy, flirty, and classy. Call them now and get that corrected. I don’t do slobs.”

“Yes, sir.”

“I do adore such good students. I may not have to take you over my knee.”

“I’m sorry. Please.”

“OK. The party starts at 8, I’ll be there by 4. Bye.”

The day of the party came. I showered, dressed in some black, Italian slacks, sock less loafers and a black silk shirt. Grabbed a red and black silk smoking jacket and a nicely wrapped gift for my hostess.

Ding, dong.

The door opened and there was Shannon wearing a short, blue leather skirt and a multi-colored cashmere sweater. She grabbed me, pulled me into the house while giving me a passionate French kiss.

She said, “I am so happy to see you. I thought you wouldn’t come.”

“This is for you, but we’ll get into that later. As for ‘coming’ that is up to you. Let’s get started with the bar set up, appetizers and a play area.”

We spent about an hour on that and everything was ready for the guests. There was a dark, intimate dance floor, slow, sexy or should I say ‘saxy’ music, couches surrounding the dance floor.

Finished, I said, “Ok, my sweet, let’s get you ready. Take me to your boudoir.”

She led me to their bedroom. “Where is the bath?”

We went into the bath. There was a nice deep tub. I started the water running.


“But, I, but.”

“I have host privileges.”

She walked back to the bedroom, unzipping her skirt while kicking off her loafers. Next she pulled off her multi-colored top. She stood before me in a white bra, pantyhose and white panties. Shannon looked at me quizzically.

“Didn’t your OB/GYN ever tell you that the vagina has to breathe? You’ll get yeast infections if you keep everything covered that way.”

She unclipped her front hook bra and let it drop to the floor.

“Very nice,” I said, as I flicked at a nipple with my finger-tips.

She grabbed the pantyhose and panties at the waist and peeled them down, backing toward the bed to sit down and take them off.

“The bush has to go.”

“How will I explain that to Les?”

We walked back to the tub. I felt the water. Perfect. She held on to my arm and lowered herself into the tub. I went to the bedroom to get some bubble bath and to the kitchen where I filled a flute with a dry champagne.

I put the bubble bath in the tub and held out the flute.

“You treat me so well,” she said.

Shannon never had children, her breasts were firm and well shaped. No scars.

She enjoyed her ‘mini-spa’ treatment. I helped her out and helped towel her off.

Back to the bedroom. I told her to lie down on the heated bath towel and to lift her knees and spread her legs. She complied, kozyatağı escort bayan saying, “Take me.”

I put sensitive skin shaving cream on her bush. Taking off the hair and being very careful around her labia, she started squirming and moaning. More so as I rubbed Aloe Vera near her cunt lips,

I took advantage of her openness and bent to touch her clit with my tongue. She came off the bed with a screaming orgasm. I sat on the bed and held her until the post climax whimpering subsided.

“Wow, a first time for everything. Where were you when I was auditioning? I want your cock, fuck me.”

“Later. We must dress you. It’s 7:30.”

She went to her dresser.

“No. Come here, open the box. Everything you need is in there.”

She ripped open the box. There was a dress and heels. What more does a girl need?

“No underwear?”

“Nope. Commando tonight.”

She slipped on the backless dress with lots of cleavage. Next she slipped on the heels.

“Perfect.” The back went down to the cleft. The skirt was about three inches above the knee.

“Bend over.” The bodice dropped down so that an almost blind person could see the curve of her breasts and the erect, pink nipples.

“I can’t go out dressed like a slut.”

“Come here.”

She did and I put on a choker on her then ran my hand up her skirt. I message her clit to another orgasm. I whispered into her ear, “Do you want the spanking in front of the whole group? Touch up your makeup. The show must go on.”

The doorbell rang. We walked to the door.

We greeted the guests. For the most part they were well dressed. The guys’ eyes widened when they saw the ‘new’ Shannon.

“Where’s Lester? Who’s he?” Were some of the questions.

Shannon quickly replied, “My idiot husband decided to go to Las Vegas. Maybe he is suffering from a midlife crises and needs to find some 18 year old to make him feel like a stud. This is Larry. A really interesting kind of guy. He dabbles in all sorts of stuff. Get to know him. I know I am getting to know him better. He has made me feel like a wanted or is it a wanton, sexy woman. Anyway he said he would help me host.”

“Ok, the bar is open. Name it, it is yours. We have planned some fun. If you don’t want to join in, head off to the library and read a book, or go home.” Said I.

We headed off to the bar area and I started mixing drinks. Martini’s heavy on the gin or vodka and light on the Vermouth. Long Island Ice Teas, Margarita’s and Shannon joined me in some Dom Perignon.

People were lightening up; conversation was flowing; they were interacting; getting cozy with one another and even touching.

“Wow,” Shannon said to me as she ‘violated’ my space, “This is the best party ever and it just started.”

I slipped my hand past the waist band of her dress and squeezed her bare ass. She looked up at me, hungrily.

I refilled some drinks and said, “I am going to dim the lights, put the music on. I want to see everyone dancing – with someone they don’t know well.”

The two ‘attached’ men raced up to Shannon. They were really horny for her. Maybe, even fantasizing.

The music was the sweet, sexy sax of Candy Dulfer. I dimmed the lights and watched as the dancers blended into each other.

Each ten minutes I called, “Change partners.’

After the third switch I turned up the lights and said, “Your drinks are freshened. Enjoy the hors d’oeuvres. Did you enjoy the dancing?”

A resounding, “Yes!”

“Ok, while you are recouping I will tell you the rules of our next event, some adult games. There may be some nudity involved. Remember, unless I am asking, ‘NO’ is an answer that must be obeyed. Is there anyone here who has an STD or has tested positive for HIV or is concerned about becoming pregnant? As there has been no response then, I will ask the first question.”

People were tittering and wondering what was going to happen.

“Margie, come out to the middle of the dance floor.”

The other people were sitting on the couches or on the floor in front of them.

Margie was wearing a red, strapless sheath. She is a shapely dark brunette. Red stockings and red shoes.

“Shannon, go out and be ready to help Margie. Margie, what group celebrates a collective birthday every New Year’s Day?”

Margie hemmed and hawed and declared that she had no idea.

“Does anyone know?”

“Guess not. No ‘lifeline’ for you. Shannon, help Margie out of her very attractive party dress.”

Shannon moved behind Margie, unhooked the top hook and unzipped the dress. Gravity being what it is and with a little Shannon help, the dress fell to the floor.

Everyone went gaga. Never would have believed it. Margie stood before us wearing a red bustier that pushed her breasts up; it had garters that were hooked onto red stockings. She wore a bit more than a thong that allowed us to see her nice, pear shaped ass, and some of her pussy that pushed beyond her thong.

“Shannon küçükçekmece escort bayan said to dress sexy, so…”

“Margie, you are a great sport. What is your wish tonight?”

“I want some really great sex!”

“Any volunteers?” I asked. Hands went up from both sexes.

“Well, Margie, it looks like you have some great options.”

“Let’s take a guy next.”

I selected Jonathan. Shannon thought he was gay. He is about 5’10”. Thin with a luxuriant head of dark hair. He was wearing a very trendy jumpsuit.

“Shannon, assume your position. Jonathan, who was the Detroit Tigers second baseman in the second game of the 1932 World Series? You don’t know? Does anyone? Guess not. Shannon, would you be so kind as to help Jonathan take off his Jump Suit?”

Jonathan kicked his shoes off while Shannon, being very theatrical, undid each snap giving the audience a view of a weight lifter’s body. She stood behind him as she bunched the material at his waist and then slipped it down over his pouch and onto the floor.

Jonathan did a winning boxer’s prance about the floor. Everyone was astonished to see how well he filled out the pouch on his very brief black briefs.

“Shannon, better check to see that everything is real.”

She stood very close to Jonathan and pulled his briefs out. “Wow, this is for real.” She reached in and squeezed it, saying, “Oh does this feel good.”

Jonathan went and sat next to Margie.

“I understand there are two couples here, lets take the male from couple number one and the female from couple number two and see what we get.”

“You are?”


John was mid-forties, light brown hair, almost 6′. Wearing slacks and a polo shirt.

“And you are?”


Samantha looked 35 but was in her mid-fifties. 5’6″ auburn hair maybe 130 pounds. She was wearing a sexy little mini-dress. She had long legs so that the skirt was midway between her knees and her cunt. It buttoned from stem to stern. The first 5 buttons were undone.

Shannon was standing next to me with her arms around me.

“What was Dr. William Beaumont most noted for? You can put your heads together for the answer. Nope, wrong answer. I think you should help each other.”

John went to Samantha and started unbuttoning the mini-dress. When he spun her around to lift it from her shoulders we saw that she was unencumbered by a bra. Nice set of mammaries. She was bare legged and had on peek-a-boo white lace panties.

Samantha dropped to her knees in front of John and very lewdly undid his belt and threw it across the room. She started massaging his cock through his pants and she moaned loudly, while licking her lips. Then the zipper was down and the pants pulled to the floor. John was wearing white boxers, his polo shirt, black socks and shoes. They went off with Samantha pulling John by his boxer covered cock.

A roar went up from the guests.

“Hey, Larry, what about you?”

“Next up are the mates of John and Samantha, Gladys and Dave.”

Gladys was in her late forties, 5’4″, with dyed blonde hair about 110 pounds. She was wearing a black sleeveless dress with a high neck and back. Knee length. Quite conservative. Dave was wearing a supple leather pant with a suede cowboy vest. No shirt. He was 6’2″ probably 195 pounds. Blonde and blue.

“Ok, same rules as your mates. One question that you can put your heads together to come up with one answer between you. Who was President Lyndon Johnson’s mistress?”


Dave turned Gladys around so he could unhook and unzip her dress. It dropped to the floor and she stood before us wearing bra, panties, pantyhose and shoes. Conservative all the way through. Maybe that would change. She started back to sit down and Dave called her back.

“What about me,” he said.

She rushed back and stood in front of him while she undid the buckle and unzipped his leathers. She put her hands on his waist and started slipping off his pants. He had on no underwear. His flaccid circumcised cock was starting to come to attention.

“Honey,” he said, “there is a zipper on each leg so you can slip them off leaving the boots on.”

Gladys dropped to her knees and undid the zippers and finished the job of taking off Dave’s pants. He reached down to pull her up so that her mouth was on a level with his hardening cock. He ran it around her face rather sensuously.

“Ok, let’s move on. We have two more people that are fully clad besides Shannon and me.”

“Tami and Thom, come on down,” I said.

“Larry, I don’t know how you have gotten us so involved and hot, but we want to do a semi-striptease, OK?”

Everyone applauded. I found some bump and grind music and said, “Now, no complete nudity.”

So they both started to move to the music. Tami is a busty babe – probably body by Dr Fisher. 59, 5’5″, blonde and hazel. Maybe 120. Killed two husbands and divorced two. Quite well off.

Thom is a dirty blonde in küçükyalı escort bayan his early 60’s. Usually no sense of humor. An accountant. As they are stripping while dancing with each other, Tami is wearing a low cut cocktail dress that Thom has unzipped. She is wearing thigh hi’s, hi cut panties and a really fully bra. Thom just completed a kick that included his trousers. He was wearing dark colored Jockey shorts and a … oops, there went the white shirt.

“Alright, it’s time to start the dancing.” I dimmed the lights and started the Candy Dulfer sound. “The Jacuzzi is hot and just outside. Let’s go for it.”

People were in all stages of undress. They were dancing closely. Rubbing cocks and cunts together.

Several of the women came over and asked me to dance. I suggested that they ‘dance’ together.

Shannon was with me. She stretched up to kiss me passionately. We did. I slipped her shoulder straps down. The dress fell to the floor. She was naked, a shaved clam, hard, erect nipples and wearing her pumps and black choker.

As we danced and rubbed against the others, she unzipped my fly and reached in to stroke my unencumbered cock. I moved her over toward Dave who was dancing with Margie, wearing his vest and cowboy boots. His erect cock showed that he wanted the naked Shannon.

Margie was no longer wearing her thong and the top of her bustier had been rolled down so her nipples were exposed. We switched partners. As I danced with Margie, I kneaded her asscheeks. She was stroking my cock.

Shannon and Dave were off the floor. She was bent over the arm of a couch and Dave, his vest flapping, was furiously pounding her from the rear. I guided Margie over to the fucking couple. I pushed her down and she crawled between their legs. She started licking their genitals while stroking her own exposed, open cunt.

I found Gladys and Thom and brought them over to where Shannon, Dave and Margie were playing.

“Gladys, you are too well dressed. Time to change that.”

As she looked at Margie’s inviting cunt she was mesmerized. On auto-pilot she peeled off the lingerie, she dropped to her knees crawled between Dave’s legs, pushed away Margie’s hand and started licking her cunt. Margie held Gladys’s head in place and directed it.

Tami came over to watch the action.

“Tami, help Thom get it up so he can drill Gladys.”

Tami grabbed Thom, dropped to her knees taking his briefs down at the same time. She sucked his member and while using her finger tips to massage Gladys’s cunt. Gladys was sopping wet when Tami guided Thom’s thick cock into the available cunt. Each time Thom would push forward, so would Gladys, burying herself into Margie’s cunt.

I gave Tami a hug while she reached into my open fly to play with my cock. Meanwhile I put my hand down the front of her panties and stroked her clit.

“Tami, Shannon has never tasted the delicacy of another woman’s cunt. Get on the couch in front of her and give the opportunity.”

Tami was off in a flash, dropping her panties as she went.

I found the missing three. Jonathan, he of the big pouch, was lying on the carpet with Samantha riding him, encumbered a bit, with John’s cock in her mouth.

I poured myself another Campari and watched the scene.

Shannon was in a headlock from Tami. Shannon’s orgasms were thus muffled. Dave had just ejaculated in Shannon’s cunt. Margie reached up and pulled Dave’s cock in her mouth to suck the last of his semen. All this while she was having wave after wave of orgasm from Gladys munching on her clit. Gladys reached back and squeezed Thom’s balls just as he started to pulse in her cunt.

While they were in the final throes of enjoyment, I went into Shannon’s bedroom where I liberated some short nighties, some of Lester’s flannel shirts and towels from the bathroom.

Upon my return people were cuddling with each other, and fondling.

Shannon, Tami and Samantha came over to me. They hugged and asked to ‘take care’ of me.

“Maybe we’ll draw straws,” I said. “First, here are some clothes and towels. While you are ‘dressing’, I’ll pour flutes of champagne to celebrate this occasion.”

Shannon slipped on an unbuttoned man’s shirt and served the drinks.

There was a fire in the fireplace that lit the room with dancing shadows.

“Did everyone have fun this evening?”

There were resounding ‘Yeses’.

“Have any of you participated in parties like this before?”

Dave and Samantha said, “We have.”

“How did tonight compare?”

Samantha said, “This was the best experience we have ever had. The way you MC’d, directed. Got us all to play and didn’t just use this as your own, private fucking domain. You also didn’t encourage bi- or homosexuality with the men.”

“Some of you, who don’t know me, asked what I do when you came to the party last night (it was almost 2:00 AM). I am a successful entrepreneur with businesses in many industries. My wife is a Member of Congress and she is aware of the planning for my next new business, a national chain of mansion or estate locations, private, screened and membership owned Lifestyles clubs. She is also aware of the need for privacy and security in clubs such as these.”

“Shannon told me who would be here. Each of you was researched and determined to be the perfect ‘hands-on’ focus group. You have proven our selection system to be accurate. Give yourselves a round of applause.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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