The Sexy Babysitter

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I’m John and this is my story:

When I was 7 my father died and my mom became ending becoming a party all night type of person. We eventually moved to a different city and my mom took her partying to new levels where she would leave me and my little sister for days sometimes. My mom wasn’t totally irresponsible because she had hired many babysitters to watch of the years. So at least we were watched and cared for.

Several years later when I was 15 I felt like I didn’t need a babysitter to watch me and my sister and I argued with my mom over it and she disagreed and ultimately got her way as she decided that I was too immature to be left alone and watch over my little sister. I wasn’t happy with the decision, but I changed my opinion quickly when I met the new girl she hired. Her name was Kayden , she was 19 in college trying to get her degree. She was very a beautiful blonde teen with sexy eyes and a cute smile and slim body. She had boobs that weren’t huge like the pornstars in the movies, but they weren’t small like other teens her age. Her ass wasn’t big but it was nice and round, not flat like many girls I know. To sum it up she was a goddess. She was also a nice sweet girl, not mean and grouchy like the other previous babysitters. She had babysat me and my sister many times, but none more memorable than this time.

One Sunday night my mom left around 9:00 PM and she was going to be gone until around 1:00 PM the next day. This was probably the 4th or 5th time she had watched me and my sister. My little bursa escort sister went to sleep around 9:30 PM, but I didn’t go to sleep as early as her as it was summer time. I was just chilling in my room playing video games and I was thirsty so I walked out of my room with my 360 controller in my hand to get a drink out of my fringe.

As I walked out I saw Kayden on the couch with only a T-shirt on, no pants and no panties. She was laying back and rubbing her pussy while letting out silent moans. Surprised and excited by the sight I dropped my 360 controller and she jumped frighteningly and grabbed a blanket nearby to cover herself up. She then begged “Please don’t say anything to your mom.” I walked up to the couch and sat right next to her and replied with “Kayden I wouldn’t do that to a beautiful innocent girl like yourself, but I wonder why you would be doing that.” She then replied with “Well, innocent girls want to have fun too you know.” I decide to make a bold move and reach for her pussy under the blanket and insert my finger and I say “Does the fun have to stop?” She smiles and says “No, it doesn’t”.

I push my finger in deeper and moans saying “I want to eat my pussy.” I push the blanket aside and begin to work my way down and begin licking and pushing my tongue inside her pussy as she does a loud moan that drives my cock in to the biggest erection of my life. Kayden quickly takes notice and says “I guess it’s only fair I return the favor.” She then proceeds to unzip my pants and whips out my dick and begins bursa escort bayan to give me the hand job ever before she licks my balls while working her way my shaft to my head and then puts my head of my cock inside her mouth and sucks and slobbers all over it. She then removes her T-shirt revealing her nice boobs and says “I want you inside of me.” So she climbs on top of me and kisses me before inserted my dick into her nice young pussy and begins to ride my cock slowly. She starts going faster and faster as I let off a loud moan and then she yelled at me saying “You better not cum yet.” And slows down and then says “Let’s go somewhere else”

I then pick her up and carry her to my room and set her down in doggy style position. I then played with her ass a bit and then she said “Stop teasing me and just give it to me!” So I insert my dick in her pussy and begin to fuck her senselessly. “Spank my ass while you fuck my brains out baby.” She moaned and then I begin spanking her ass as she demanded while I fucked her pussy from behind. She then said “I want you look me in the eyes as you pound my pussy. So we switch up to missionary position and she gave me a kiss right before I inserted my dick and proceeded to fuck her. We just kept on going faster and faster and moaned louder and louder not caring that we could wake up my little sister. Kayden looked me in eyes and said “Cum in my pussy baby.” I explode in her pussy as I give her one long last kiss before I pass out.

I wake up asking myself if it was just escort bursa a dream, but I quickly realized it wasn’t because I was still naked. Kayden walked in my room with panties and a bra on and said “Your finally awake, come on let’s take a shower, your dirty.” I followed her into the shower and removed her bra and panties for her as we washed each other off. I put soap all over her booty and tits and rubbed her cilt. “Fuck me in my ass baby.” I grabbed my dick and pushed it her butthole as she asked and fucked her slow before she said “Take no mercy on me, fuck me harder.” I fucked her as fast as could. We both came in minutes, me quickly pulling out just in time to come all over her ass.

After that we finished washing up and got out and got dressed. Kayden made of both breakfast as she usually would and we talked and laughed having a goodtime until my mom came home and then I hugged and said goodbye. This wasn’t the last time my mom went out partying so this wasn’t the last time Kayden babysat me and it wasn’t the last time we fucked either.

The end


Please leave feedback as I always want to know what you guys (possibly girls) think about my story. The girl in this story is based off of my favorite pornstar Kayden Kross and the story is just one of my pure fantasies. Also the funny thing was the story was gonna be a whole lot different ( probably worse too), but my power went off before I could save it so I redid the story. I’m sorry if you liked my incest stories , but I’m probably not gonna write those type of stories any more as I’m trying to get over the incest fetish I have.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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