The Rowing Team

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Alex Grey

My name is Kevin and I am a member of my college’s rowing team. One weekend we were participating in a race, when my mother and my aunt Betsy decided to attend. It was a great weekend as we finally came in first and had defeated a rival team we had never been able to beat before.

After the racing victory, beer and champagne were broken out. We were partying along the bank of the river into the evening. I was talking to my aunt as my teammates were entertaining my mother with rowing stories. It was so hot that day that the guys and myself liked to run around without our shirts on.

I asked my aunt if she wanted to take a walk along the river with me. She said sure and we took a trip down the path fronting the water. My aunt Betsy was my mother’s younger sister. She was around 36 as I recalled. She had been divorced a couple years now.

I had just broken up with my girlfriend a few days previous to that race. Stacy, the girl I was seeing, got tired of being second fiddle to my racing so she told me it was her or the rowing.

I chose the rowing, and now here I was escorting my aunt around. As we walked I had my hand on her back, showing her the place where we regularly raced. We stopped walking and for some reason I lowered my hand to Betsy’s ass. She was wearing shorts and a t-shirt that day.

My aunt made no attempt to have me move my hand. I was so horny from breaking up with my old girlfriend, I didn’t know what came over me at that moment. I moved in close and kissed Betsy’s mouth.

“I don’t think you should be doing that Kevin,” my aunt said.

It was now or never for me. I placed a hand on her chest. Betsy had big tits, her bra always seemed too small to contain all that chest. As soon as I touched her shirt, Betsy let pendik escort out a sigh.

I moved in close and kissed her again. Betsy didn’t tell me to stop this time. She opened her mouth and our tongues touched. Betsy began to run her hands all over my bare chest. After a few minutes of passionate kissing, I pulled Betsy’s t-shirt off and I undid her bra.

Her tits were even larger that I imagined. They fell to her chest. I started to kiss her large nipples as I unzipped her shorts. My shorts came off soon after, and there we stood in the dusk, naked.

I pulled Betsy to the ground and my hand touched her pussy. Betsy was dripping wet. I went back to kissing her tits as I pushed my middle finger into her wet hole. I wiggled my digit around inside her. Betsy spread her thighs for me as I finger-fucked her. It didn’t take long before Betsy came.

I felt my hand getting wet as she sprayed me with her love juices. This was getting so wild! Here I was naked in the grass with my aunt. My cock was raging hard. I am average length, 6 inches or so, but I am pretty thick.

As my aunt had cum, I rolled over in between her legs.

Betsy’s eyes got big.

“Not that Kevin!” “You don’t have a rubber,” Betsy said.

There was no time for finding a rubber now. I pushed my cock right past her pussy lips and I easily sunk into Betsy’s passage.

“Oh God Kevin!” Betsy screamed out.

I didn’t let her recover from my cock entering her. I started driving my cock in and out. Betsy lifted her legs up. I took hold of her ankles and brought them up over my shoulders. Her knees were pressed against her huge cans as I began to penetrate her.

Her juices were coating my big balls as I shoved my cock in further. Betsy and I maltepe escort started to build a rhythm as I pounded her oozing pussy.

SLAP,SLAP,SLAP, my balls were dancing off her cheeks.

“Oh Christ Kevin,” Betsy said, “Fuck me harder!”

I gave my aunt my whole length now, pummeling her pussy.

I told Betsy I was close to cumming and I was going to pull out now.

“No, don’t pull out yet!” Betsy was crying out.

Betsy brought her legs around my back and held on for dear life. I slid my cock in one more time, really hard. I couldn’t hold back one more second. I shot my hot load into my aunt’s greedy cunt.

I kept pushing into her and more and more cum came squirting out. I was filling her belly with every drop of my seed. We kept fucking for many more minutes until I felt my cock getting softer.

I stayed in my aunt’s pussy until I finally slipped out of her.

There we were in the dark now, all fucked out. Betsy’s and I got dressed and started to walk back to the gathering. As we were walking, Betsy told me to drive over to her place later that night.

We got back and my mother and Betsy drove back to my parent’s house. When I got back to the dorm, I got into my car and drove directly to Betsy’s.

Betsy was waiting for me. We went directly to her bed. Betsy told me it had been so long since she last had sex. Betsy and I fucked all night long. She was easily the most experienced lover I ever had.

Once in bed she took my cock in her mouth and made me hard. We then fucked all night and into the early morning hours. I came in Betsy’s pussy three more times that night. Betsy told me she had multiple orgasms each and every time I came in her.

I woke up the next morning and got dressed. kartal escort I drove back to the dorm. As I was pulling into the parking lot I saw my mom getting into her car.

“I dropped by to see you Kevin but you weren’t here,” my mother told me.

“I have some errands to run, I will stop back another time,” she told me.

I went up to my room and my roommate Jim was on his bed.

“Kevin, I need to tell you something,” Jim said to me.

“It’s about last night,” Jim said.

“What about last night?” I asked.

“Well, we were all drinking when I leaned over and kissed your mother’s mouth.”

“What?” I asked.

“Your mom kissed me back,” Jim told me.

I was in a bit of shock as he told me his story.

“We were away from the others when this happened,” he told me.

“What else happened?” I asked Jim

“Well, your mom touched my crotch,” Jim said.

“Jesus!” I replied.

“I guess we got a little carried away,” Jim said.

“Your mom unzipped my shorts and pulled my cock out,” Jim said, sheepishly.

“Did you fuck my mom?” I was ready to punch my roommate at this revelation.

“No Kevin, but she did suck my cock,” Jim said.

“I’m sorry, I couldn’t help myself Kevin, I was so horny!” Jim went on.

“What else happened,” I asked. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing.

“Only that Kevin, we didn’t fuck then,” Jim blurted out.

“What do you mean by, then?” I asked.

Jim then told me that my mother had sucked him off and took his load down her throat. Then the bomb dropped. Jim said that my mother came over to see him this morning. He had just finished fucking her in his bed. She was just leaving as I pulled up.

My head was spinning right then! I wanted to beat my roommate to a pulp, but then I caught myself.

I had spent the whole evening in my aunt’s pussy, I didn’t have much room to get mad at Jim. I could only think that this was going to be one wild summer among family and friends!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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